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MTL - Go Legend

C.884 God-level orphanMar 06, 2023

Chapter 884 God-level treatment of orphans

Before entering the game room, Li Xiangping asked as usual:

"Brother Ding'an, to Gu Dali today, is it you or me?"

Originally, in the past, Lao Shi didn't care about it, he basically listened to Li Xiangping's opinions, but today, after thinking about it, Shi Daqisheng said to Li Xiangping:

"Little friend Xiangping, the next two rounds are against Gu Da and Kong Er, right? Gu Da belongs to you, Kong Er leaves it to me, what do you think?"

Li Xiangping was happy when he heard it: "Oh, hehehehe..."

In fact, at this time, Li Xiangping himself certainly doesn't care, he knows the strength of himself and the plug-in.

The next two games are all going to be first. If you and Lao Shi combine the two swords, then whether it is Gu Da or Kong Er, they should not be opponents objectively. strike".

But the two of them made an agreement before the game: this year's special tenth, only four games of 2 pieces will be combined with two swords. As for the other six games of handicap, it is best to face them separately.

There is no other reason, because Li Xiangping and Lao Shi are very clear: If you want to pose a threat to dogs in the future, you must pass the first pass to the top human players.

Only if both of them have the strength to let other humans come first, so that in the future, when fighting dogs, they will take a combination of swords and two swords, so that it is possible to find a chance of life.

So by now, have the two of them achieved the strength to give first place alone?

Objectively speaking, seeking truth from facts, Li Xiangping himself thinks that he has not.

Especially in the face of the current super-class chess players such as Gu Da Kong Er, Korea Xiao Li, and even Chen Xiaoqiang, Li Xiangping or Lao Shi alone can certainly win, but it is not the kind of crushing win.

In other words, Li Xiangping is competing with other top human players in the first stage. If he wants to win, he has to hope that other human players will make mistakes--

is the kind of mistake a machine can't make!

Therefore, what he said here is "achieving the strength to let one go first", which is actually an ideal state. When other top human chess players don't actually make any mistakes, he and Lao Shi can still win alone and dignifiedly.

Li Xiangping believes that only by reaching such a level is it possible to fight the dog.

Of course, the ideal state is always just an ideal state, which can never be achieved in theory.

Just as human beings can never be free from mistakes.

But just as Li Xiangping wanted to fight dogs, it seemed like an impossible task in theory.

Since you choose to do this kind of task, then of course you can only pursue this idealized situation.

5 minutes to 10:00 in the morning, Li Xiangping sat down in the game room, and a minute later, Gu Dali walked in.

So far, Li Xiangping has been out for 9 years, and in the 9 years before that, he and Gu Dali played the most in official competitions.

Not only that, before Li Xiangping's career, he only lost twice in Fanqi competitions.

Once in the second year of his debut, he lost to Ma Xiaofei in a World Series.

The second time was also the World Series, and he was cleared by Gu Dali in the game.

And after that, Li Xiangping seemed to have opened up the second vein of Ren and Du. He had a record-breaking winning streak until he quit the regular game, and now he has used this special tenth as his performance stage.

It is precisely because the two have too many records of fighting and they are too familiar with each other, and they did not communicate much before the game. At exactly 10:00, with the order of Old Nie, the chief referee, the game officially started.

The morning game didn't have much to say, as both sides slowly unfolded on the board.

Among them, Gu Dali, who is in the dark, seems unusually calm today, and he seems to be very confident in himself. When he sees a move, he will never take a step beyond the thunderous pool, posing a posture of practicing kung fu with Li Xiangping.

When the game was closed at noon, there were 46 moves in the overall situation, and neither side had any ideas. Today, there was not even a decent contact battle. The progress seemed bland and the whole situation seemed indistinguishable.

Before leaving the game room, Li Xiangping deliberately ran to the opponent's direction to judge the situation, according to his own judgment:

If this game is split first, then there is nothing to say, your white chess should be considered to open the situation, but since it is to give first, then you must still be behind, and still a lot behind.

Of course this is also very normal.

The opponent is Gu Dali after all, who is currently at the peak.

Therefore, let alone me, I am afraid that even if a dog comes over, he will not be able to regain a stick-to-target advantage within 50 hands.

It is for this reason that Li Xiangping's mentality is quite good. The only thing that makes him uncertain now is:

What did your opponent think today? What strategy and tactics is he going to adopt to compete with himself?

"Hehe Ding'an brother, what do you think the opponent wants to do today? Does he really want to use Kung Fu chess to defend a goal-oriented advantage? This is not like Gu Dali."

Lao Shi responded with a smile:

"This is hard to say, it remains to be seen, but Xiaoyou Xiangping, now it is close to 50 moves, but the opponent still has no intentions, so in my opinion, Gu Dali's chess has improved significantly, you say yes isn't it?"


Li Xiangping then smiled and said, "Haha is very, very good, there is progress, there is progress, um, I hope everyone makes more progress, the better, only because all human beings are progressing, so that dogfighting will be more confident."

After listening to Lao Shi's words, Li Xiangping's state of mind was even more peaceful.

At this time, he even made up his mind: no matter what his opponent thinks today, he will deal with him slowly, never rashly advance, or even take the initiative to attack, and fully cooperate with the opponent's intention.

Even at the end, if Brother Dali can really hold on to a goal-oriented advantage, then he will admit to losing chess, and at least he can see how far he is from the dog.

It's just a pity that the ideal state that Li Xiangping pursued did not appear.

Soon after the game started in the afternoon, with more than 60 hands in the overall situation, facing Li Xiangping, who was as still as a mountain, Gu Dali might be confused or shaken. Anyway, at this time, he finally showed a flaw.

Around 5 minutes after 2:00 p.m., Gu Dali just made a move, which is the 67th move in the overall situation. When he saw the position of Gu Dali's move, Li Xiangping subconsciously reached out and supported the piece.

Well, Li Xiangping is really subconscious.

And to be honest, when he stretched out his hand, he actually didn't even know that he had done this action.

However, his move of the arm was seen by the referee elder Nie today. When he saw his move, Nie immediately got up and went to the research room next door, and immediately began to shout in the observation room:

"It's over! I feel like Vigor is a pill again today."


"Li Xiangping helped the chess piece. When I first came out, he just made a chess piece move..."

Everyone in the viewing room looked at each other.

Others don't know what Old Nie is talking about, but Kong Erjie, Chen Xiaoqiang and the others know, as well as reporter Zhang Da and Lao Xie from "Sports"—

Li Xiangping subconsciously made a subconscious move, which means that he saw a bad move. It was Li Xiangping who thought that his opponent had made a questioning move, so he couldn't help reaching out.

"Which move..."

Everyone in the    research room began to study the current situation, but after the study, everyone looked at each other again, and even the big-mouthed Old Nie refused to comment any more.

Because from any angle, Gu Dali's Black 67 is very normal, and even some masters think that this is a good move that is positive, and this move reflects Gu Dali's style very well.

"The rush attack? The rush attack is no problem at this time, and where else can I attack other than this? How can..."

There is no way, although no one sees the problem at this time, but since Li Xiangping has made the gesture of supporting the child, this deterrent is still very strong, so no one wants to be slapped in the face.

The    laboratory fell into an eerie silence, and everyone wanted to see what happened next.

Fortunately, the progress of the game did not disappoint everyone. After Lao Nie left the game room, it seemed that neither side of the game had a long test. In less than a quarter of an hour, the new chess book had been released.


On the new chess book, it appears that both sides of the game have completed a considerable transition.

Although the number of moves in this conversion is small, the value of the mesh is very huge. Gu Dali discarded the 5 pieces in the lower part of the mid-belly and replaced it with two consecutive moves on the top of the chessboard to threaten the white side on the chessboard. A "high demolition two".

After seeing such a transition, everyone in the viewing room looked at each other again.

Everyone is a master, and everyone thinks they can clearly judge the gains and losses of this conversion.

Gu Dali sacrificed 5 chess pieces, that's right, and these 5 chess pieces still died very cleanly, and they were clean with no robbery.

But the number of meshes here is not of great value. Even if the surrounding virtual meshes are added, it will be in the early 20s.

But the "high demolition two" above is different.

If these two white stones are controlled by black, they will be over 30 eyes anyway.

And even if the two pieces still have a little vitality, it seems that it is completely impossible to do work on the spot.

The only hope is to escape.

But once he fled, Rengu Dali's black chess had just set a net—

You don't have to kill you, it's commonly known as "skin even if you don't die".

You must know that there are only less than 90 moves in the overall game. If you are "skinned" at this time, you will have more than 20 moves casually.

After placing several reference pictures, since he could not find an ideal picture for White, the next player Kong Erjie shook his head, and he decided not to swing:

"Hehe, it seems that today I have to learn how Li Xiangping treats orphans, but then again, if this situation can successfully treat orphans today, it should be regarded as god-level treatment of orphans..."

It's a pity that Li Xiangping in the game room didn't hear Kong Er's words.

He only knows now that due to his opponent Black's 67 mistakes, especially after the transition has just been completed, the suspense of this game has basically disappeared.

Because of Kong Er's "God-level governance of orphans", he had already started planning when he was black 67.

(end of this chapter)