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C.902 Phoenix Ancient City---Four Famous Garden CupsMar 06, 2023

Chapter 902 Phoenix Ancient City - Four Famous Garden Cups

After returning to China, Li Xiangping really wrote two chess reviews himself, carefully analyzing his two games this time.

The first game of chess is nothing to say, Li Xiangping honestly admits that he stinks, and that game is a lucky reversal.

Li Xiangping still analyzes his second chess game more.

For this final, the outside world agreed that he was also a reversal, but Li Xiangping himself thought it was not.

Then why not? This requires "pictures and truths".

In the chess review, Li Xiangping cited a large number of reference pictures and change pictures, and announced some changes hidden behind the chessboard.

And then clearly tell everyone that it is precisely because there are these changes that have not appeared in actual combat, so the second set is basically a "complete victory" for him. No matter how the opponent responds, it should always be a little bit worse.

As for these changes of Li Xiangping, let alone ordinary chess fans, even professional chess players have opened their eyes and said that Li Xiangping is Li Xiangping. These changes are not incredible, but at least they are clear-headed Strange, most people can't think of it at all, and most people don't even think in that direction at all.

Li Xiangping succeeded in pretending again.

Of course, this kind of pretence is a bit small, and even this "Asian Cup" champion is just a small appetizer. For the current Li Xiangping, what he values ​​most at this stage is of course the annual event." Special tenth", and now that it is July, the organization of this competition has been put on the agenda.

In fact, after several years of operation, this competition has already formed a certain brand effect.

Especially in the past two years, from the "Three Famous Buildings Cup" to the "Three Famous Mountains Cup", the Go game and the tourism market are closely linked.

Of course, what is more important is the rapid development of our country's economy, and once the economy is optimistic, it will naturally drive the tourism market. Therefore, the mode of holding this competition is a perfect fit for the current domestic environment.

Therefore, although this is a competition supported by Li Xiangping alone, all aspects are willing to continue this competition. And according to Li Xiangping's knowledge, the investment promotion of this competition is progressing quite smoothly, and there are quite a lot of domestic tourist attractions interested in hosting this competition.

Half a month after Li Xiangping returned to China, President Hua called him to the Chess Academy.

"Xiang Ping, do you know what this year's special juban is called?"

"I don't know, what's the cup called?"

Dean Hua said with a smile: "Hey, this year is called the Four Famous Garden Cups."

"Four famous gardens?"

President Hua nodded: "Yes, we have gone through a formal bidding for the title this year, and the competition is quite fierce. In the end, the joint bidding of the four famous gardens such as the Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou was successful. Of course, the Hunan Province's Phoenix Ancient City is still indispensable, so the full name of this year’s competition is Fenghuang Ancient City—Four Famous Gardens Cup Special Tenth Match.”

Old Wharton paused, and then continued to introduce Li Xiangping:

"The size of this year's bonus is the same as last year, the total budget is still 10 million, and the specific distribution plan is similar to last year. I won't go into details here. Anyway, you are also a good money owner. I'm calling you here today. , mainly to talk to you about two things."

"Hua Lao, you said."

"The first is about the schedule, because the title sponsor is different this time, and the schedule is different from the past. According to the sponsors' own negotiation, this year's schedule is as follows: the opening ceremony is still in the ancient city of Phoenix, but Just play a game of chess there, and then you go to Gusu, play two games in each famous garden, and after eight games are played, you will finally return to the ancient city of Phoenix, where you will play the last game and hold the closing ceremony."

Li Xiangping nodded after listening. Of course he doesn't care about such a schedule. He is more concerned about the composition of this year's World League, but before he could ask, Dean Hua took the initiative to say:

"Of course, these are actually sidelines. The most troublesome thing now is the lineup of the United team. Hehe, this year is set for two, and all the ten games of chess are made of two, which brings a certain degree of difficulty to the organization of the game. For example, players such as Big and Little Lee from Korea, firstly, we are not too embarrassed to invite them, and secondly, if we invite them, we may not be willing to come, so after thinking about it, we feel that this year’s lineup will be changed, mainly young players.”

Li Xiangping nodded after listening. In fact, he had this mental preparation for this question. He had this mental preparation since last year's results came out. "

"So is this year's lineup set?"

President Hua shook his head and said: "It has not been finalized yet, because although the majority of players are young chess players, neither the sponsors nor the majority of chess fans would like to see the standard of the game lowered, so people like South Korea's Big and Little Li, and Gu Da-kong Second, we will still try to invite them. One of these famous chess players counts as one. As long as they are willing to come, they are welcome. Only if they are unwilling to come, they will be replaced by young players. Only three candidates have been finalized."

"Oh, which three?"

Lao Hua laughed:

"They are all old people from last year, one is the old senior brother Rui Weiwei, the other is the elder brother Qiu Jun, and the other is your number one fan, Chen Xiaoqiang."

Li Xiangping was also happy to hear it, because it was reasonable to be able to finalize these three first.

These three are all chess idiots who love chess like their lives. They love chess more than face, so it is normal that they are willing to come.

This is especially the Niu Ge Qiu Jun, last year's special tenth, Li Xiangping 7 wins and 3 losses knocked the United team to relegation,

In six of these games, Li Xiangping maintained a complete victory, winning one and three losses in four games with two pieces.

The only 2 chess that Li Xiangping won was the victory over Brother Niu.

Therefore, some chess fans joked that it was precisely because of Brother Niu's defeat that the main culprit of the United team's tragic relegation was the main culprit.

In this way, the call for Brother Niu to play again is very high, which is also considered to give him a chance to correct his name.

After chatting with Dean Hua for a while, Li Xiangping got up to leave, Lao Hua smiled and said:

"What, I heard that Xiangping is going to travel outside?"

Li Xiangping nodded with a smile, this was what he had promised Yaya before, that he would accompany her back to her hometown for a day this summer.

"Okay, then you go and have fun."

In August, Li Xiangping was ready to leave for Yaya's hometown, which could be regarded as fulfilling the previous promise.

"Brother Ding'an, have you been to the Western Regions before?"

"I don't have this one, how about you, little friend Xiangping?"

Li Xiangping smiled: "I haven't been there before, so this time I just went to see it. The so-called desert is solitary, and the long river is sunset. The scenery there must be very different from the Central Plains. The practice can also help.”

"Huh, that's right."

After arriving at the destination, Li Xiangping accompanied his authentic girlfriend, while enjoying the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, while continuing to study the dogfighting method with Lao Shi, and at the same time not forgetting to pay attention to the trends of the whole world chess.

After entering this year, the most active chess player seems to have been replaced by Lee Sedol from South Korea.

Just when Li Xiangping set off for the Western Regions, this year's first world competition "Fujitsu Cup" had just ended. In the end, Li Shishi defeated Chang Hao Jiudan and won his 5th world championship.

Well, it is not easy for Chang Jiuduan to reach the finals again at the "senior age" of 34 years old. Since last year's "Samsung Cup" finals defeated Gu Dali 2-0, South Korea's Xiao Li seems to be full of blood and resurrection. , not only won another championship, but also played an active role in several other world competitions.

Although this is only his 5th crown, it doesn't seem to be comparable to his 14th crown in real history.

But don't forget, this life has the variable Li Xiangping.

Because Li Xiangping holds more than 20 world championships, let alone Xiao Li now, even Da Li's championship has not yet reached double digits.

Gu Dali currently only has 3 crowns.

As for Chang Hao's Jiudan and others, it's even worse. So far, they are still in the ranks of no crown.

Like Chang Hao, there are South Korean Dapu and others. During the same period in real history, they have also entered the ranks of multiple championships. However, until now, they have also never won the world championship.

So in this case, Lee Sedol was still able to grab the five crowns without knowing it, and he really deserved to be the first-class winner and loser.

After spending more than a month in the Western Regions, Li Xiangping returned to the capital again in the golden autumn and September.

And at this time, the members of the World Alliance have finally been determined.

The members of this year have indeed undergone a major change, and the composition has become very young.

In addition to the three mentioned above, the old faces of Gu Dakong Er, Korea Xiaoli and Japan Zhang Xu are all gone.

is replaced by the "Golden Prince" and "Park Tianzi" that have recently emerged in the Korean chess world.

The Japanese chess world sent the same young Yuta Iyama and Ichiri Liao.

As for the other three, they are China's Zhou Xiaoyang, Tang Elder, and Shiyue who is "one-stop per game".

At first glance, the gold content of this lineup seems to be a bit insufficient.

You must know that Li Xiangping himself is only 23 years old this year, and then observing the lineup of this World League, more than half of the players are younger than him.

But Li Xiangping himself doesn't care about it.

Don't forget that this year's chess share is "Determined 2". If there is a chess player who is older than himself, let alone other people's awkwardness, Li Xiangping will be a little awkward himself.

It would be much better to replace it with a young chess player.

The more important thing is that these people are not as famous as the previous ones, but those who have proved themselves in real history are actually on the same level as others.

Especially considering that this time it is to give 2 pieces, and 2 piece chess is different from letting go first, Li Xiangping believes that as long as it is the same level, the training value to himself is actually the same.

The time soon came to the end of September, and the annual special tenth event finally came.

"Hehe Ding'an brother, let's go."

(end of this chapter)