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C.928 annihilationMar 06, 2023

Chapter 928 Eliminate the soul

At around 9:30 p.m., when the whole game had reached more than 110 hands, Li Xiangping had just judged the situation. Just when he felt that he had a slight advantage, the dog's unexpected move appeared on the computer screen. superior.

Li Xiangping immediately got rid of all distracting thoughts and nervously analyzed the intention of this move.

It's finally okay, this game is now in the middle and back games, so the means at this time are more specific, not as abstract as the sequence game, so although this move was unexpected, Li Xiangping only used less than 3 In a matter of minutes, I immediately understood this move.

This is one step Guanzi Shoujin.

is a very subtle and subtle kind, so hidden that even Li Xiangping and Lao Shi ignored this move.

At the same time, this can be regarded as a "winner hand", which is the kind of method that can only be used when you feel that your situation is unfavorable.

It is precisely because of this that Li Xiangping felt a little proud when he understood this move—

Since the dog has even used this method, it can be seen that before this, its judgment should be the same as itself: before the global 112 moves, the global situation should be that its own white is dominant.

First explain why Li Xiangping thinks this way.

The move of    "master" appears in the lower right corner of the board, which was previously occupied by Li Xiangping's white.

It is now the stage of Daguanzi. Since there is a "two-way stand" before black chess, the most common ending means for black chess in this place is the legendary "extended leg".

Use this very classic and valuable Guanzi Shoujin to compress the white corners to the greatest extent possible.

In Li Xiangping's previous calculation, he thought that black should play like this, and regarded that "big stretched leg" as the dog's right.

However, the current dog did not follow the usual routine. When playing "extended legs", it first came to a "penetrating point" in the corner of White, which is the black 113 that Li Xiangping just saw.

Just looking at the means, this move is indeed very sharp, it seized the flaws in the white chess form, and also seized the fleeting opportunity—

The follow-up method of this move is a "fighting the tiger all the way", and after this "fighting the tiger all the way", there will be a partial robbery fight, and then Black can use this robbery fight to get rid of his own The chess pieces go back.

Once black completes this task, it means that once black wins the robbery, then in this part, black will break 5 more white chess.

But conversely, once Black loses the robbery, the local loss is also very large. The most straightforward loss is that the original right to "extend your legs" no longer exists. Chess "reverse".

This is the reason why    Li Xiangping did not consider this method.

He thinks it's the dog's "winner" and that's why.

What do you say because of this method? People often say "kill a thousand enemies and injure eight hundred", but this method is clearly "kill eight hundred and injure one thousand".

The "big stretched legs" officials are very valuable, at least they have about 8 backhands, and in some special cases, the value may be even greater.

However, in order to take advantage of 5 more officials, you risk losing 8 yourself.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, as the dominant party, it will never take this risk.

This is not only the reason for "win chess without causing trouble", but once such a method is realized, it is equivalent to giving the disadvantaged side a chance to turn the tables, which is not desirable in most cases.

And everyone knows that dogs like to "win chess without causing trouble". Numerous practical examples in previous lives have proved that once a dog gains an advantage, it will immediately switch to "safe operation" mode.

Especially at the Guanzi stage, often instead of picking the most valuable chess to play, choose the safest and least risky Guanzi to play.

Therefore, such as today's "killing eight hundred enemies and self-injuring one thousand" tactics, it can't see it at all when it thinks it has an advantage.

From this, since the dog made such a desperate move today, it proves that before it made a move, its judgment should be the same as Li Xiangping, that the current situation is that black is at a disadvantage.

And thinking that he was able to force out the dog's winning hand, there is nothing to say, Li Xiangping certainly has reason to be complacent.

"Xiangping little friend be careful, our time has run out, start counting seconds immediately."

Lao Shi's voice pulled Li Xiangping back from his complacency. When the computer's countdown sound came from his ears, Li Xiangping couldn't help but smile bitterly--

The game has only been going on for an hour and a half, and his one-hour reserve time has already been used up. On the other hand, the dog has only used up half an hour.

And among them, he also "forced" the opponent to take a chess "long test" for 10 minutes.

So at this moment, Li Xiangping immediately made up his mind, if he can win the second generation of dogs today, and then officially challenge the third generation of dogs in the future, don't consider the competition system within 2 hours.

At least 3 hours per party to start, it would be better if you can arrange two days with the dog.

After Li Xiangping flashed such thoughts, he once again got rid of all distracting thoughts, and then concentrated on thinking about how to deal with the dog's winning hand.

We cannot underestimate this kind of official jie, this type of jie is actually very complicated.

In fact, among all the robbery contests in Go, there are two kinds of the simplest robbery contests. One is the so-called "single-piece robbery".

is as simple as "single-chip robbery", but in fact it is the legendary "big catastrophe in the world", because once you encounter such a catastrophe, you can also think about "no calamity".

In addition to these two kinds of robbery, Li Xiangping believes that the most complicated is today's official robbery.

Because of this kind of robbery, in addition to calculating the amount of robbery, you also need to consider how to deal with the robbery and how to open the robbery. Every move is related to the number of points.

In addition, you even have to think about the way to rob.

For example, in today's game of chess, after the dog's "penetration" shot, the next robbery was inevitable.

But how to fight this robbery? Big fights into big calamities or small calamities? This choice is in the hands of Li Xiangping.

To tell the truth, Li Xiangping really didn't want this option, because it was a very difficult problem. As long as there was a slight error in the choice of each step during the period, the advantage that had been accumulated through hard work in the past would likely be ruined in an instant.

But there is no way. Since the dog has thrown this problem now, it is impossible to avoid it. No matter how difficult it is, he must catch it, and he catches it in the urging of the countdown.

The first step in taking over this puzzle is to determine the next robbery method.

Before entering the countdown, Li Xiangping had actually considered three ways to open the robbery, so in the next minute, Li Xiangping had to make a decision to determine which plan he should adopt to start the robbery.

Fortunately, this choice is not difficult.

Because of the three robbery schemes placed in front of Li Xiangping, the first one is the safest and most conservative. The advantage of this robbery method is that it can control risks and at the same time minimize the value of the entire robbery.

But if Li Xiangping chooses this plan, he must take a "loss" step first, and then he can make a robbery plan.

This was categorically unacceptable, and Li Xiangping rejected this plan within a second.

Because in front of dogs, Li Xiangping did not think that he was qualified to "control risks".

I feel sorry for myself who worked so hard in front of me for more than 100 moves, so I accumulated a half-to-one-and-a-half advantage, and then just because of one of the dog's winning moves, I just returned Ichimoku to the opponent?

What's more, even if he loses the game, the robbery still exists, and Li Xiangping can't quickly figure out whether he can win.

Therefore, this plan was directly thrown into the garbage by Li Xiangping.

The second robbery plan that Li Xiangping thought of, it was the cruelest and most dangerous.

Once this plan is adopted, if Li Xiangping can win, everything is easy to say. Not only will the dog's "penetration point" be directly abolished, but also the right of black to "extend his legs" will be lost, and even once the white chess wins , and there are additional benefits of around 6 chess.

But if Li Xiangping is defeated, the entire white corner will not be alive as a whole, and the entire lower right corner will be changed from the surname Bai to the surname Hei immediately.

This is actually a "big catastrophe in the world". Just "the world's catastrophe" doesn't matter, the key is to open such a catastrophe, it is obvious that the white chess burden is heavier, and once the burden is heavy, there will definitely be fewer robberies that can match it, so there is a high probability of not winning.

Therefore, Li Xiangping also quickly rejected this plan.

This conservative robbery plan is not good, and the most unrestrained robbery plan seems to be inadvisable, so Li Xiangping's choice is not difficult, within 10 seconds, he has locked the third robbery plan--

This is a middle-of-the-road robbery plan.

This solution does not need to damage the eyes first, but also ensures the safety of your own corners. It is indeed the most suitable or even the only choice at the moment.

But this scheme also has a disadvantage.

That is the next robbery process, which will be a very long process.

Now there are more than 110 moves. According to the characteristics of this kind of official robbery, it can be foreseen that there will definitely be a stop-and-go. Both sides need to rob and end the game. It is likely to take 200 moves before this robbery can be seen. Find out.

“55, 56, 57…”

In the urging of the countdown sound, Li Xiangping fell.

What he just made was a "group".

This move looks ugly and a bit wretched, but Li Xiangping knows that this move is a necessary step to "pass the door". It's round, and then you can focus on the dog to start a robbery fight.

In the face of Li Xiangping's "group", the dog responded almost without hesitation, but just before Li Xiangping was about to officially start the robbery, Lao Shi's voice suddenly remembered:

"Little friend Xiangping, before the official robbery, can you consider taking that step to "break"? I think now is the right time."


After hearing the reminder of the plug-in, Li Xiangping had a flash of inspiration and immediately understood what Lao Shi meant:

"Haha is very good, Ding'an brother, wonderful, really have you, this hand really kills the soul, hehe, I believe that after this hand, the dog will be doomed today."

(end of this chapter)