MTL - Go Legend - ~ Seven uncle new pit opened, let me say a few words hereMar 06, 2023

MTL - Go Legend

~ Seven uncle new pit opened, let me say a few words hereMar 06, 2023

Seventh Uncle’s new pit opened, let’s say a few words here

18 days ago, Seventh Uncle opened a new pit at the starting point. Although the title of the book is very common, it is called "Rebirth 97 Alternative Real Estate Overlord", but to be honest, Seventh Uncle is still very interested in this new pit.

Because there is no accident, this should be the last online novel written by Uncle Seven.

In addition to Go, Uncle Seven has always wanted to write a book related to this major - the **** wrote a book called "Rebirth of Builders" before, and this new pit is ready to fulfill his wish.

This book was extremely difficult to write. A few months ago, when Seventh Uncle and the editor-in-chief of Qiqi started talking about the idea of ​​this novice, the editor-in-chief shook his head and said that your outline is too sensitive. Better than the trial.

The real situation is also true. This book has been uploaded with 30 chapters and 120,000 words, but in this mere 120,000 words, Seventh Uncle has been blocked twice, and 4 chapters have been completely revised and deleted. After reading nearly 30,000 words of content that was considered sensitive, it was reluctantly passed.

It is precisely for this reason that the signing of this book has been pushed again and again. Until today, 2 hours ago, the starting point officially notified Uncle Seven that the book had passed the review and has now been officially signed.

Don't forget that Uncle Seven is also an old author. It took nearly 120,000 words to sign the contract. You can imagine how difficult it was before.

So I also ask Uncle Seven's book friends to go to that book to support it. Anyway, all chapters are free now. If you can collect them, you can collect them. If you can vote for recommendation, you can vote for recommendation. Just a moment.

Of course, it would be better if you could give a reward.

Old book friends should know about Uncle Seven. He had written books for so many years, Uncle Seven never asked for a reward, but the rules at the beginning seem to have changed, especially the reward for the new book period, which now has a very large proportion of the weight. It is related to a series of recommendations in the future, and this is also directly related to the future results of this book.

So Uncle Seven will be thick-skinned today and ask for a reward here. You don’t need to give too many rewards, just one piece of chess at a time, and 100 starting coins is enough. It is said that this weight mainly depends on the number and number of rewards. Of course, what is the specific situation? As an amateur writer, Uncle Seven, Some things are really unclear.

Finally, let’s talk about this Go legend.

I want to say sorry to the book lovers who like this book.

Although this book will definitely not be eunuchs, but from 2009 to 2015, fast-forward is definitely inevitable.

Seventh Uncle now just wants to finish this book and write the story of Li Xiangping going to the dogfighting.

And this process may be very slow, because Uncle Seven is in this state, Xinkeng is not enough to write every day, and now my mind is full of some bridges of the new book. As for Go, let Uncle Seven slow down, I will occasionally Update, I still want to write a wonderful final climax.

Okay, let’s talk nonsense. Once again, please go to Xinkeng to support, thank you all!

(end of this chapter)