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Zhao Yefu adjusted it and said, "It's visible, but are you sure it's all right? Can't that Shen Ying Demon show us the fireball technique necessary for demons?"

"No problem, Shen Yi Demon is a typical magic insulator demon that can only attack physically. This is the Scarlet Blood Plain, and there are no obstacles. As long as your driving skills are good enough, theoretically it can't touch you." Lu Shi Xi replied: "In addition, this kind of hunting mission generally only has one mission target and one enemy in a scene, so don't worry about being affected by other monsters."

Zhao Yesui prayed silently for her knee, but he knew very well that the other party didn't want to have too much physical contact with him, so he didn't break this point, after all, this is people's freedom.

After they did this, three minutes passed quickly. With the removal of the transparent barrier, Zhao Yesui saw the whole picture of the surrounding terrain.

Indeed, as Lu Shixi said, this is an open plain, and you can't see any protruding obstacles when you look around. It is probably a terrain that will make off-road players ecstatic.

With the removal of the barrier, a behemoth with a height of more than three meters also descended on this plain.

Zhao Yesui looked back at it. It was a dark red demon with dense scales all over its body. The iconic horns showed its identity as a demon, and the most conspicuous thing was that the pair behind it was too large. Huge, sarcomatous bat wings.

"No wonder you said that it can't fly. I think if this thing can fly, then the old man of Plant will not be so angry that he will open his coffin."

Lu Shixi didn't expect that Zhao Yesui would still have time to complain under such circumstances, so he couldn't help but patted him and said, "It's time to go, it noticed us!"

Just as Lu Shixi had said, after the Shenyi Demon had passed the initial confusion, he soon noticed the two Zhao Yesao not far away.


The strange roar spread all over the field, Shen Yimo swung his legs, burst out at a speed that did not match its huge body, and started chasing after the two of them.

Zhao Yesui just pulled down the joystick calmly, and the wheelchair rushed out like an arrow from the string, and then suddenly stopped the car. The sudden acceleration gave way to Shixi, who could not maintain his balance all of a sudden, accompanied by inertia. He fell into Zhao Yeshou's arms.

Facing her questioning eyes, Zhao Yesui replied seriously: "It's really not a strategic brake. It's the first time I start it, and I don't have much experience. If it doesn't turn off, it's a success."

First time...on?

Lu Shixi was stunned, she suddenly hoped that this was really just a strategic brake.

Zhao Yesao didn't delay any longer, he moved the wheelchair, and suddenly shook off Shen Yimo. After Zhao Yesao observed Shen Yimo's speed for a while, he slowed down again, keeping a distance not far or near. safe distance.

"And then, do you have any countermeasures?"

Zhao Yesui said while manipulating the wheelchair: "This wheelchair can run at this speed for about 30 minutes. During this period, we have to figure out a way to kill the guy behind."

"I declare in advance that I am a professional life player for the time being, and the combat power can be ignored. In fact, I think it is more realistic for you to go up and take a sword."

I also want to go up and take it with a sword. . . .

Lu Shixi took a deep breath and looked at Shen Yimo, who was chasing after him, and began to shout in a strange language that Zhao Yesui had never heard before.

If it is translated into Chinese that everyone can understand, it is roughly as follows:

"Violet Zackley!"

"Isabel Kyle"

"Tony Stark!"

"Stella Cuihua!"

"Angel baby!"

After shouting like this for ten minutes, Zhao Yesui had already mastered the control skills of the steam wheelchair. One drifted past the boulder thrown by Shen Yimo, tilted his head and looked at the road that was already hoarse and completely lying on top of himself. Shi Xi asked, "So, what are you doing? Trying to scare it off with your aura?"

"......real name."

Lu Shixi breathed a sigh of relief before saying, "As long as we call out the Shen Ying Demon's real name, we can temporarily expel it back into the abyss. This period of time is enough for us to figure out a way to kill it completely."

"Then are you using the exhaustive method now? Try syllable by syllable?"

Zhao Yesui thought about the probability of trying to find a Chinese name in this way, and couldn't help but gasped: "Is there any more reliable method?"

"No, I remember the coat of arms on it, it's Arsfart's War Slave Mark, that guy always likes to twist the real names of demons of the same race into a fixed number, it should be able to try it out before we stop. ."

Lu Shixi tried his best to prop up his body and was about to continue his attempt when he heard Zhao Yeshou's uncertain voice:

"Real name...?"

"Or let me try it?"

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Chapter 24 Can't Death Note be a roll call?

Lu Shixi pondered for a moment and asked, "Do you speak abyssal language?"

"No." Zhao Yeshi answered truthfully.

"..." Lu Shixi took a deep breath and explained patiently: "For demons, only speaking their real names in Abyss language has the effect of the law, and the transliteration of Celestial language or other languages ​​is not enough. It doesn't work."

"Oh, but I think it should be fine."

Zhao Yesui looked at the black fog in his hand and set the target to Shen Yimo behind him. The result was not unexpected. With Daya's recovery at the same time, there was no way to kill it directly. dead.

But the other party's real name has been shown in front of Zhao Yesao.

This is Heiwu's retention skill. Every object locked by Heiwu will reveal his real name to Zhao Yesao. Zhao Yesao has also explored the composition of the name given by Heiwu, and the results obtained after investigation. surprise him.

Name means a person's first and last name. Name is a specific name symbol given to each individual by human beings to distinguish individuals. Because of the name, human beings can communicate in a normal and orderly manner, so everyone has a name that belongs to him.

In other words, a name is a sign used to distinguish a creature from other creatures.

Most of the names Zhao Yesui got through the black fog were colloquial names such as "Chen Baobao 12138334" and "Lin Xiaosan 77777". After in-depth investigation, Zhao Yesang gradually realized that this was probably the first birth of these people. The names were given at the time, and the numbers were used to distinguish them, that is to say, this was the original name.

Then, isn't the original name of the devil the real name with the effect of the law?

After hearing Zhao Yesui's answer, Lu Shixi couldn't help but glance down at him. After examining his calm expression for two seconds, he asked, "Are you sure?"

"Sixty percent." Zhao Yesui replied.

"That's good." Lu Shixi agreed decisively with Zhao Yesui's proposal.

Never underestimate a player, this is the consensus among players. It is precisely because they are both players that they can better understand what this group of fourth natural disasters can do.

"Just flip the joystick and let it run at maximum speed, and the big guy behind won't be able to react for a while."

Zhao Yesui cooperated and handed over control of the wheelchair, stood up from the wheelchair, faced the hot wind, and shouted to Shen Yimo behind him:

"Clark Alsfalter Wayne Dark Gold 98!"

This name seems to affect some kind of mysterious and mysterious law, Shen Yimo's body suddenly paused, and then he let out an unwilling roar, but in the end he could only watch his body gradually fade until it disappeared.

Zhao Yesui and Lu Shixi breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, and after confirming that Shen Yimo had disappeared, the wheelchair under them slowly stopped, Lu Shixi jumped first, took a breath, and asked Zhao Yesao: " How did you do it? If it is related to your ability system, you don’t need to answer.”

"Well, it's not something that can't be said." Zhao Yeshou replied with consideration: "I have a skill similar to a roll call, and I can know the name of the enemy."

No problem, the Death Note is a book, and the roll call is also a book, so the Death Note is equal to the roll call, and the argument is valid.

Lu Shixi didn't bother about Zhao Yesui's skills. This was also a tacit understanding between players. She was concerned about another thing.

"Then can't you tell me sooner?"

Lu Shixi looked at Zhao Yesui quietly, and said in a hoarse voice, "Or is it fun to see me shouting?"

"You didn't tell me the use of your real name before." Zhao Ye spread his hands and said innocently: "If you don't tell me, I thought you were using some skills."


It seemed, as if, it was.

After thinking about it for a while, Lu Shixi nodded slightly and said: "Sorry, it's my problem. I didn't share information with you when I have formed a temporary alliance with you. I hope you can forgive me."

This girl has a good attitude... Zhao Yeshou shrugged and said, "It doesn't matter, in terms of general rationality, we are just strangers, and you have no obligation to be responsible to me."

Then the scene fell into a brief silence, until Lu Shixi broke the silence.

"Sign a contract."

Lu Shixi opened his mouth and said: "Beware of this, we are restraining each other, we can only score six points if we are very strong, and the dungeon that could have been passed can only end bleak in the end."

"It's better to sign a contract under the witness of the game of destiny now, form a temporary team, and then break up the team after the copy is completed. What do you think?"

The contract provided by the game of destiny is the most preferred object for players to do something that requires notarization. After all, it is a question of whether they can beat those top players, not to mention whether they are reliable or not.

In contrast, the game of destiny has absolute credibility and relatively effective binding force, and players will naturally give priority to the contract provided by the game of destiny.

Zhao Yexuan thought about it and agreed to Lu Shixi's request. After a while, Lu Shixi sent a contract through the game of destiny.

The general content is that Party A (Lu Shixi) and Party B (Zhao Yesao) shall not take any active or passive actions that are harmful to the other's life in this scene, and shall not disclose the player's identity of the other party to a third party. This agreement is maintained until Up to seven days after the scene ends, there is no penalty, and it is only constrained by the coercive force of the game of destiny.

Zhao Yesui has seen a reminder about the contract of the game of destiny in "Notes for Beginners", especially emphasizing that this contract is not inviolable, but for newbies who can read "Notes for Beginners", it is possible to do this kind of thing There is no need to spend such a large price to calculate your newbie.

Seeing that Lu Shixi took the initiative to pay the contract fee, Zhao Yejia also agreed to the contract, and was able to sense that there was an invisible **** falling on him...


Zhao Yesui was stunned for a moment, because this **** melted silently when it was stained with black mist, but the contract was also established.

Lu Shixi was obviously relieved, and took the initiative to extend his hand to Zhao Yeshou:

"Then, happy cooperation."

Zhao Yeshou shook hands with her without changing his face, and said, "Of course, it's a pleasure to cooperate."

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Chapter 25 Appearance Graduation is a victory

"Then, let's take a look at the taskbar first."

After signing the contract, Lu Shixi immediately entered the state and said to Zhao Yesui: "We expelled Shen Yimo, and now the task status should have been updated."

Zhao Yechuang nodded slightly and looked at the task bar. The task status has indeed changed.

[Special Scene: Night of Crimson Frenzy]

[Task Type: Hunting]

[Mission goal: Kill Shen Yi Demon]

[task status updated]

[Shen Wing Demon Clark Alsfalter Wayne Dark Gold 98 has been temporarily expelled]

[There are still 11 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 35 seconds until the Shen Wing Demon Clark Alsfalter Wayne Dark Gold 98 will come again]

[Mission goal: Completely kill the Shen Wing Demon Clark Alsfalter Wayne Dark Gold 98]

Lu Shixi seemed to have read the task bar a long time ago, and when Zhao Yesui raised his head thoughtfully, he said to Zhao Yesao: "You should already know the status of the task? We only have less than a dozen of them. It takes hours to prepare, and when Shen Yi Demon arrives next time, according to the rules of the hunting mission, it should not be able to be expelled again with his real name."

"Fortunately, we have mastered its real name, and we have mastered the method for it."

"For example?" Zhao Ye raised his eyebrows.

"For example, engraving the real name on the weapon can make it have the special attack effect on the Shenyi Demon." Lu Shixi said, and took the sheathed sword from the inventory and handed it to Zhao Ye. sleeve of a robe.

[cut dust]

[Grade: Normal]

[Type: Weapon/One-Handed Sword]

[Status: Transmuted]

[Special effect: Unstained - this sword will never be stained by filth]

[Remarks: The maid with a sword in front of the Dagan Dynasty wore a sword—until the palace was broken, the maid with a sword was besieged and died because the sword she was wearing was too obvious and was mistaken for a master in the big house]


Zhao Yesui carefully looked at the attributes of the sword, and then hesitantly asked Lu Shixi, "This has been transformed...Is it the one I imagined?"

Lu Shixi turned his head unnaturally and nodded silently.

Absolutely, it turns out that this fate game also has the function of illusion, you are still a looker with big eyebrows!

Transfiguration has a special meaning in online games. To put it simply, it is to cover the appearance of good-looking equipment when one piece of equipment looks good but has bad attributes and another piece of equipment has good attributes but does not look good. On another piece of equipment, in order to achieve the purpose of satisfying both appearance attributes.

In other words, this [Cut Dust] is a useless but good-looking weapon.

In all fairness, it is indeed a beautiful sword, and even Zhao Yesui, who doesn't know much about swords, can't help but think of playing with it when he sees it.

However, now I really want to go to the battlefield. Usually, I can play handsome with appearance weapons. At this time, I am playing with my life.

"Then what, are there other swords, knives, spears, etc.?"

Lu Shixi shook his head.