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As Zhao Yesang gradually understood the historical process of this world, he saw a familiar term in surprise.


In the world that Zhao Yesui originally lived in, steam was the key to the first industrial revolution, and it was also a symbol of the steam era, but it was nothing more than that. With the birth of more efficient energy, steam has gradually withdrawn from the stage of history, and the monsters that operate with black smoke and roar have never returned, and human civilization has entered a new era.

But here, steam seems to be the world's main energy source.

- If this thing that can be used to power most of the machinery and penetrate into all aspects of human life, its functions include electricity and oil and other energy sources can really be called steam.

By the way, the exoskeleton device Zhao Yesui is using at the moment is also a product of steam.

"The technology tree of this world is quite high. Except that it has not yet begun to explore space, it seems that there is no technological difference between the earth civilization around the millennium, and it is even beyond the supernatural realm - if it does not count on the earth, it may exist. players."

Zhao Yesui put the Xuan-level steam engineer professional certificate back on the bookshelf. According to the date, this is the certificate that Su Mingyuan obtained in Taiwu's seventh year, that is, two years ago.

In a world where steam is the main energy source, there are naturally a series of occupations derived from it.

A steam engineer is a profession that develops a series of equipment by driving steam. According to the division of the Dayu Dynasty, it is divided into four levels of heaven and earth, Xuanhuang, and Su Mingyuan can become a Xuan-level steam engineer in the year of his hair. It must be a genius.


Zhao Yesui looked at the textbooks on steam on a bookshelf in silence, and couldn't help asking: "Brother, I remember that your family opened a martial arts hall?"

However, this is not difficult to understand.

Starting from the actual situation of Su Mingyuan, his limbs are weak, he can't hold a sword without the help of an exoskeleton device, and he even has to rely on a wheelchair to walk. Under such circumstances, it is really a fantasy to want to practice martial arts. Come, Su Mingyuan abandoning Wu Congwen can only be said to have chosen the right path.

After roughly flipping through the books on the bookshelf, Zhao Yesui turned his attention to the thick book that was already on the table.

According to Zhao Yesao's guess, this should be Su Mingyuan's diary, or something like steam engineering notes, and after having a general understanding of the worldview and ensuring that there will be no dyslexia, Zhao Yesang opened this book. notes.

However, the content of it made him fall back tactically.

"On the seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, I opened this new diary, and also in order to urge myself to practice the unique skills of the family, and to revive the glory of the Su family. It is my duty to read the ancestor's manuscript at hand.

On the 8th day of the twelfth lunar month, draw the design of the lower extremity exoskeleton. Turning over the sword manual today is a success.

On the 9th day of the twelfth lunar month, we purchased standard parts and original steam bottles.

On the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month, the lower limb exoskeleton model was constructed.

On the eleventh day of the twelfth lunar month, Su Mingyuan, ah, Su Mingyuan! How can you be so depraved! Have you forgotten the martial arts training plan you made earlier? Ancestors once said: 'One cannot step into the same river twice', and it cannot go on like this!

On the twelfth day of the twelfth lunar month, special parts were refined and the lower limb exoskeleton was assembled. Sure enough, my improvement is correct. The Y-shaped design is more suitable for me. After all, I am not one of those warriors. I have to rely on the exoskeleton to improve my power. The X-shaped design is too burdensome for my body.

On the thirteenth day of the twelfth lunar month, it is assembled, it is really beautiful..."

Diary so far.

Judging from the contents of the diary alone, in the eyes of most people, Su Mingyuan is probably a boy addicted to steam and deviant.

However, in the eyes of an outsider like Zhao Yesui, Su Mingyuan just chose a path that suits him pragmatically, which is understandable.

Zhao Yesui is concerned about another point.

"Custom travel notes, strange novels, official printed books, and steam textbooks, at least in the case of this kind of speed reading, no loopholes can be found, especially in terms of the innovative effect of the variable steam on the world, it seems quite Decent."

Zhao Yesang didn't believe in the so-called "system" so much, but after failing to lock it as a dead object and reading through the books on the bookshelf, Zhao Yesang could only temporarily give up the possibility of reality shows and tricks. .

- No matter how bad it is, it will only be a higher mystery.

"In short, we still have to understand the world better before we can make further plans."

Zhao Yesui turned his wheelchair and came to the wooden window. As soon as he raised the window, he heard a heavy knock on the door and a faint voice.

"Mingyuan, Mingyuan? It's me, Lao Huang, are you at home?"

Who is this?

Zhao Yesui frowned slightly, he remembered the **** mentioned in the introduction just now.

Since the mission is to preserve the family martial arts hall, the premise is that the Chengping martial arts hall will be destroyed within seven days, otherwise why should he intervene?

After pondering for a moment, Zhao Yesui pushed the wheelchair out of the room, roamed around the dojo, picked the real sword from the sword stand and hung it beside the wheelchair, but still felt a little unsafe, looked again, and saw it A pair of brass hand crossbows hanging by the target.

Zhao Yesui took it off, came ten meters in front of the target, took a good posture and pulled the trigger, steam spurted out, a thin arrow shot straight out, penetrated the wooden target, and wedged deeply into the wall.

"Sure enough, times have changed, but not completely."

Zhao Yeshou shrugged, re-stringed the crossbow into his sleeve, turned his wheelchair and drove towards the gate.


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Chapter 5 Be Careful.jpg

Outside the Chengping Martial Arts Hall, a middle-aged man was knocking on the door while calling out Su Mingyuan's name.

As time passed by, the doubts in his eyes deepened, and he became suspicious.

"No, since he came back with a bunch of things five days ago, he shouldn't have gone out again... Could it be that they can't wait and have already started?"

Thinking of this, the middle-aged man shivered unconsciously, and the movements of his hands slowed down.

He is very aware of the methods of "those people". If they really want to ignore the law and attack Su Mingyuan, then Su Mingyuan, a craftsman who is helpless, should have drowned in the moat by this time.

Then his own accomplice would lose the meaning of existence. Su Mingyuan could die, just as Huang Jiming could die. In order to seal his mouth, he might be the next one to deal with.

Just when the middle-aged man began to think about whether to carry the train overnight, the mahogany door in front of him slowly opened, and behind the door revealed the familiar Su Mingyuan, who was sitting in a wheelchair quietly looking at himself.

......look into the distance?

The middle-aged man opened his mouth and realized that Su Ming was at least twenty meters away from him.

Because of Su Mingyuan's physical reasons, the door of Chengping Martial Arts Hall was installed with a power device early on. It only needs to press the key to let it open by itself, but it doesn't need to be so far apart, right?

However, after seeing that Su Mingyuan was safe and sound, Huang Jiming was still relieved, with a kind smile on his face, he walked into Chengping Martial Arts Hall with a big smile and said, "Mingyuan, why is it so slow, I can wait, Are you just focusing on making machines and not taking care of yourself?"

Zhao Yesui looked at this familiar middle-aged man quietly, shook his right hand, and didn't turn the wheelchair until he walked in front of him, followed him, and replied calmly, "Yes, I just bought it. I've got a batch of materials, I'm busy, I haven't heard it for a while."

"Hahaha, you are so focused, it's no wonder that Mingyuan you became a Xuan-level steam engineer at a young age, a future warrior, and the future is promising." Huang Jiming walked in front of Zhao Yeshou with ease, and seemed to be interested in Chengping Martial Arts Academy. The structure is very familiar, at least much more familiar than the current Zhao Yesao.

Passing through the lobby and coming to the overgrown courtyard, Huang Jiming suddenly stopped, looked at this barren scene with emotion, turned around and said to Zhao Yesui: "Mingyuan, I won't be selling any more. , this time, the main thing is to talk to you about the sale of your martial arts hall."

"Your father and I have known each other for a long time. I watched it with my own eyes when the Chengping martial arts hall was booming, but now, your sister went to Xianzong to seek Taoism, and you are the only seedling left in your family, and no one beats the martial arts hall Li, look, this weed is almost ten feet tall."

"Since you don't want to be here, and you don't have the idea of ​​reopening the martial arts hall, why not sell this property to Shangqinglou? Nine million fiat, this is the final price they gave. This price is already very high. , Mingyuan, you may not know the market price, even a land of the same size in the capital cannot be more expensive than this. Don't you like to study steam? After you sell this land, you can go to the capital to buy a house, and then Concentrate on your steam skills and stop worrying about money.”

Huang Jiming's words were bitter, and after looking at it for a long time, Zhao Yesui saw that he was indeed revealing his true feelings. Maybe he really has other plans, but at least at this moment, his suggestion to "Su Mingyuan" is sincere.


I, Zhao Ye, are strong-armed, can I be the one who will bow down for the money!

Cough, the main task that Zhao Yesui received was to keep the Chengping Martial Arts Hall. Although I don’t know if it was saved by forced demolition or not, it definitely wouldn’t count if I sold it directly.

And the currency of this world doesn't mean much to Zhao Yesui. He didn't find the existence of the inventory, so he couldn't take anything with him. Obviously, it was better to complete the task.

So, he shook his head and said calmly: "I understand what you mean, Uncle Huang, but please forgive me for not agreeing. Chengping Martial Arts Hall is our Su family's ancestral property. Even if it is now in decline, I don't have the qualifications. sell it to someone else."

Zhao Yeshou said it righteously, Huang Jiming sighed and asked in a low voice: "Mingyuan, think about it again, if you miss this time, there will be no next time... I can tell you. Makes sense, but, but..."

Huang Jiming didn't come up with anything after a long time. If it was Su Mingyuan from before, he might not understand what Huang Jiming meant, but Zhao Yesui could understand what he meant.

If Zhao Yejiao doesn't agree, then there will be no such peaceful business negotiation.

In a civilized society, there are still a series of vicious incidents against nail households, not to mention in a feudal society, a grass-roots person trying to fight against an aristocratic clan is obviously like a mayfly shaking a tree.

But under the requirements of the mission, Zhao Yesui could only fight with them, at least for seven days.


seven days?

Zhao Yesui seemed to have thought of something, smiled slightly and said, "I understand Uncle Huang's kindness, but Chengping Martial Arts Hall is an ancestral property after all. If I sell it like this, I will be stabbed in the spine by my ancestors, and spread it out. It doesn't sound good. So, I still have to cooperate with you a lot, so I have to sell it, so it's reasonable to wait for others to ask. "

Huang Jiming, who was originally unbearable, shook his head and sighed, after hearing Zhao Yeshou's words, he raised his head in disbelief and said, "Mingyuan, what do you mean, are you willing to sell?"

"Sell, of course you have to sell, but you can't just sell it like that."

Zhao Yesui became a riddleman and said to Huang Jiming: "It's not clear, Uncle Huang, please invite the person who wants to buy the martial arts hall and let me negotiate with him face to face, so that we can discuss the follow-up. matter."

Huang Jiming was overjoyed. After all, Su Mingyuan insisted that he would not sell martial arts gyms before, but now he finally let go. Whether it was out of simple emotions or for his own interests, there seemed to be a way to coexist.

So he nodded again and again and said, "Okay, I'll contact the people in Shangqing Building right away."

Chapter 6 Kick the hall?

Things went much smoother than Zhao Yejiao had imagined.

The person in charge sent from Shangqing Building was a rich and fat man. After discussing related matters, he stood at the door and said goodbye to Zhao Yeshou and Huang Jiming.

"Master Su, we have always kept our promises in Shangqinglou. This transaction is based on the contract we just signed. After a while, we will cooperate with you to perform a play to ensure that outsiders will not point out your fault. , as for the price, as we agreed before, nine million fiat, you will not be missing."

Before Zhao Yesui could speak, Huang Jiming nodded again and again and said, "Yes, yes, then of course it would be better, please make this trip."

"No trouble, everyone is doing things for others." The person in charge gave Huang Jiming a meaningful look, got in the car and left.

Zhao Ye looked at the back of his leaving, and shook his head slightly.

It was so smooth, so smooth that Zhao Yesui felt it was unreal.

The condition that Zhao Yesui and the other party just put forward was to wait for a while, let the other party play a play with him, and create the phenomenon that he had to sell the martial arts hall. Naturally, this was just Zhao Yesao's tactic to delay his troops in order to delay the time to complete the task, but the other party agreed, as if he was afraid that Zhao Yesang would not agree.

So, is this the end?

Next, just wait quietly for time to pass, and then you can complete the task and return to the original world...


Zhao Yesui didn't forget that this scene was a punishment scene, so he wouldn't let him go through it anyway.

Therefore, there must be some variables in the future, and even endanger his life, so the mission will have the condition of "survive for seven days".

Seeing that he was still looking at the direction the car was driving away, Huang Jiming misunderstood something, and comforted: "Mingyuan, I know you must feel a little reluctant now, but it will be fine after a while until you have a new life. , you'll get used to it soon."

Zhao Yesui didn't answer him, because just as the car turned the corner and disappeared from view, at the end of the street, a group of people was walking aggressively towards the martial arts hall, and the leader looked at Zhao Ye with icy eyes. The robe, just in line with Zhao Yeshou's line of sight.

Huang Jiming was still comforting Zhao Yeshou, and gradually he became silent. Looking at these people who were getting closer, he asked unconfidently, "Who are they? Do you know Mingyuan?"

"I don't know, but those who come are not good, and those who are good don't come. They are probably looking for trouble."

Zhao Yesao looked at the people on the opposite side. They were wearing the same style of training clothes. The leader was a spirited old man. While Zhao Yesang looked at them, he was also looking at Zhao Yessang.

After a while, the other party was the first to speak to break the dead silence: "Su Mingyuan, Master Su?"

"It's me." Zhao Yesui said calmly, "Who is this old gentleman?"

"The old gentleman doesn't dare to be the owner of the Zhenshan Martial Arts Hall, so is Bai Kaishan." The old man sneered and said, "It's just a small person who has not even obtained the official martial arts hall qualification.

"There is no need to say polite words. We only have one thing here today, and that is to kick the gym!"

Before Zhao Yesui could speak, Huang Jiming said in amazement: "Kick the hall? Did you make a mistake? Chengping Wuguan has not opened for a long time to teach, and now there is not a single disciple in the entire Wuguan. According to the rules, yes don't accept the challenge."

"Yes, your Chengping Martial Arts Hall has indeed taken away a single disciple for more than ten years, but you still hold the title of the official martial arts hall, don't you think it's a bit too much?" Bai Kaishan clapped his hands, and the disciple behind him said He presented a scroll, which he unfolded to show to Zhao Yesui: "According to the rules of the guild, a martial arts hall that has not carried out teaching activities within ten years can be banned by other martial arts halls. Even if it is not our Zhenshan martial arts hall, There will also be other martial arts halls coming, so it's better not to think about escaping, Su Hall Master."

Although he knew that Huang Jiming was not credible, he was the only one who could ask questions now. Zhao Yesui could only look at Huang Jiming and asked, "Is there a rule?"

"It's because of this rule." Huang Jiming hesitated for a while and said, "The number of formal martial arts halls that can be opened in each city is fixed, so in order to prevent martial arts halls from occupying places but If you don't run a school, the guild has set such rules, but it has been a long time since a martial arts hall has done this..."

Thinking of this, Huang Jiming summoned the courage and said to Bai Kaishan: "Master Bai, I already know your intention, but Mingyuan has decided to sell the martial arts hall, so you don't need to be aggressive, Chengping martial arts hall will be a few more minutes later. The day will cease to exist."

"What does that have to do with us?" Bai Kaishan snorted coldly and said, "So what if the Chengping Martial Arts Hall is disbanded? Isn't that a place to be fought by many martial arts halls? And now we have a guild that has approved it. The order for kicking the gym, as long as the gym kick is successful today, the quota for this official martial arts gym will be mine. For this opportunity, I am..."

When he said this, Bai Kaishan consciously lost his words and hurriedly changed the topic: "In short, today you either admit that your skills are not as good as others and disband the Chengping martial arts hall, or accept our kick hall and compete in the arena tomorrow."

"Then what if I don't choose either?" Zhao Yechuang raised his eyebrows and asked in a deep voice.

"Then you just admit defeat, take out the plaque of Chengping Martial Arts Hall and smash it. I will go back and report to the guild and ask them to cancel the Chengping Martial Arts Hall." Bai Kaishan looked at Zhao Yeshou and said, "I don't bully the juniors either. , although you and I are both the masters of our respective martial arts halls, I will only let my disciples fight against you."

"How? Fair enough, right?"


Zhao Yesui didn't angrily rebuke the other's shamelessness, just smiled slightly, and slowly removed the exoskeleton device on his left hand in front of Bai Kaishan, rolled up his sleeves, and revealed the shockingly shrunken arm.

He patted the wheelchair, made a clever turn in place, then stopped and continued to smile at Bai Kaishan.

The silence speaks.

Not only Bai Kaishan, but even the faces of the disciples behind him became ugly.