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The imperial city of Hezhou has the most advanced drainage system in the world.

If you don't have any superpowers, it's the first time for a normal person to come here. Even if you have a map, you can only lose yourself in the dizzying and complicated route. If you happen to have no communication equipment, and unfortunately you don't meet the staff. , is likely to be trapped here.

And this is one of the reasons why the "underground temple" is called "the sinful nest of the imperial city".

Areas that cannot be effectively controlled by the authorities, and intricate environments, these are the elements that criminals like.

Moreover, it is also the best hiding place for a being with power far beyond mortals.

It is no wonder that this place has become a place for filth and filth, a breeding ground for sin.

A swordsman in armor stood beside the channel, surrounded by the rushing water, and the sound of the surging water echoed in the tunnel.

"What was that just now...?"

The swordsman recalled in surprise the glimpse of his spiritual sense just now.

That's right, at that moment, he had a feeling of being seen.

But there are straight tunnels that are unobstructed before and after. For him who has already put on the sword puppet, no matter how dark the environment is, he can see through the fire. Does anyone know at a glance, where does this feeling come from?

Is it an illusion?

No, not possible.

The swordsman quickly denied this conjecture.

It is this intuition that he has been able to live until now, so there is no doubt that just now, someone saw him through some unknown means.

Thinking of this, the swordsman suddenly felt a little terrified.

"It won't be the sword skills attached to those real sword puppets..."

Unlike standard sword puppets, real sword puppets often have one or more skills that can produce special effects, which are called sword skills.

The swordsman once experienced those terrifying real sword puppets on the battlefield. Compared with the real sword puppets, the standard sword puppets he wears are like paper, especially when the opponent uses sword skills, they can often Do it with one enemy, one hundred or even more great achievements.

So, who am I following?

The swordsman frowned, and immediately quickened his pace, wanting to leave here quickly.

He is very familiar with the nearby route. Because of the need to "eat", he has been in the drainage system for a long time. He knows how to go to avoid the surveillance, or where the surveillance has been damaged before it has time. repair.

As long as, as long as you can get to that place...!

But at this moment, the swordsman suddenly felt that the river was overturned in his stomach. He forced the breathing technique to suppress the urge, but the violent nausea came one after another, so that he could only relieve the facial tension in the end. Sword Puppet, bent down and vomited.

After a burst of hearty vomiting, the swordsman looked at the pink things on the ground, showing an undisguised annoyance, and desperately knelt on the ground, picked up the vomit with both hands, and ate them bit by bit again. In the end, he even lowered his head and stuck out his tongue to lick off the residue.

He completely forgot that he was being targeted, and that he had to leave here immediately.

Because the desire to "eat" has enveloped him.

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Chapter 404 BlackHumor

After completing the "eating" process again, the swordsman regained his sanity and realized what a stupid thing he had done.

"Damn, why is this time...!"

The swordsman ordered the sword puppet to possess his body again, feeling the vitality contained in the sword puppet, but in the end he didn't say anything.

As mentioned earlier, the sword puppet is "alive".

Since it is alive, it will need to eat like a normal person.

As a weapon of war, the sword puppet does not need to rest, but it also needs to follow the law of energy conservation. Since it provides such a powerful force for the swordsman, the price paid is naturally very high.

Needless to say about real sword puppets, except for a few special machines, most of them need to be maintained by swordsmiths on a regular basis, and standard sword puppets are imitations of real sword puppets, and the cost of using them does not decrease but increases.

Real sword puppets have the ability to self-repair and self-supply because they are truly spiritual beings, while standard sword puppets, as imitations of sword puppets, can only be maintained by swordsmen themselves.

In fact, a long time ago, the reason why the terrorist activities caused by sword puppets were not so widespread was for this reason.

After leaving the professionals and professional equipment, it is almost impossible to maintain the sword puppet by itself and keep the sword puppet in the best condition, because in the gray area, the swordsmiths who can maintain the sword puppet and Not much, most criminal swordsmen can't pay the fee, and can only watch the sword puppet state keep slipping.

As for why terrorist activities are so rampant now...

This is to "thank" a certain swordsmith who selflessly spreads the sword puppet maintenance method that everyone can learn and use.

The reason why the swordsman risked killing people in the imperial city, and the "eating" just now, are all because of this maintenance method.

"Can't drag it any longer..."

The swordsman stood up with a gloomy expression and began to run from the tunnel. With the blessing of the sword puppet, his footsteps were light but his body was like a gust of wind. The tunnel hundreds of meters long was just a blink of an eye for him.

But just as he was about to rush out of the tunnel and enter the vast column space, the swordsman suddenly discovered that at the top of the tunnel in front of him, a figure slowly emerged from the solid concrete ground.


The swordsman's pupils shrank violently, he stomped his left foot suddenly, stopped the body that was rushing forward abruptly, and then pulled out the flame-shaped sword around his waist, carefully looking at the figure.

He was someone who had gone to the battlefield, but this was the first time he had seen such a strange situation.

Because... the mysterious person who suddenly appeared in front of me was not wearing armor!

Is it possible to do this with just breathing techniques...

It was like going through a wall, with the feet first, and then the torso. The mysterious man who suddenly appeared in front of him fell to the ground without any hindrance, as if he simply fell.

Then, in the cautious eyes of the swordsman, he shook his head.

"The texture of concrete is really different from the texture of ordinary land..."

The mysterious person who stopped the swordsman was naturally Zhao Yeshou.

He had just moved here from a faraway land with the help of the Heavenly Prison Sword.

Before that, Zhao Yesui had also tested the effect of the supernatural power "submerged abyss shrinking the ground" attached to the Heavenly Prison Sword, but this time, he was walking through concrete, so it was slightly different, and it took a little time.

But it seems that the "vomiting" negative effect just added is more effective than expected. Originally, Zhao Yesui planned to drive the Tianpao sword more after getting used to it, and pursue the attack at a speed of one thousand meters.

As a result, when this dear man found out that he was being targeted, he was as leisurely as taking a walk, and Zhao Yesui caught up with him without much effort.

Putting away the Heavenly Prison Sword, Zhao Yesui calmly looked at the swordsman on the opposite side.

Just like what he observed through the Heavenly Sin Sword, this is a swordsman wearing a sword puppet in the shape of a demon with horns.

The originally dark black sword puppet now revealed a strange scarlet color, looking like it had just been bathed in blood, exuding an evil aura.

And the call of [Dazzling Demons] also became clearer than ever at this moment.

It was telling Zhao Yesui that the "wicked man" was right in front of him.

While Zhao Yesang was looking at him, the swordsman was also looking at Zhao Yessang.

Plaid shirt, jeans, a pair of ordinary programmer's dress, even the face is ordinary, looks like a passerby that can be seen everywhere on the road.

But the weird scene he just saw made the swordsman unable to treat him as an ordinary person.

Moreover, for some unknown reason, when the swordsman looked at Zhao Yeshou, there was a faint sense of fear that he had seen a natural enemy.

"......Who are you?"

The swordsman asked cautiously, "Why did you stop me?"

"Just a passing swordsman, remember it for me."

Zhao Yesui didn't want to talk nonsense with him, just looking at the sword puppet, Zhao Yesang could roughly guess what happened.

The dead man should have merged with the sword puppet in front of him by now.

Well, it's pretty obvious what to do.

After thinking about it for a while, Zhao Yesui took out a cut.

To deal with this kind of scum, he doesn't need to spend more effort.

It just so happened that he also wanted to try what the sword puppet in this world was. He had no psychological burden to try the criminal in front of him.

"One cut at a time."

Zhao Yeshou cut down the first issue, and then recited the sermon in Chinese.

But, nothing happened.


The frightened swordsman naturally heard Zhao Yesao's words. Unlike Zhao Yesao, he had fought with many swordsmen, so he immediately recognized the model of the sword puppet Zhao Yesao used.


Why did he read the sword inscription in Daxia language?

Zhao Yesui also quickly realized this, shrugged his shoulders, and said again: "One period, one kill."

The next moment, the blue-gray sword puppet suddenly appeared, and along Zhao Yesao's body, it turned from illusory to solid.

But before that, the swordsman had already brazenly used his sword!

In real life, there is no invincible time for transformation. Although swordsmen still have concerns, they will not watch Zhao Ye wearing armor.

The flame-shaped sword drew a graceful arc in the air, and the swordsman's figure rose violently, the concrete ground beneath his feet collapsed, and the sharp sword edge slashed toward Zhao Ye's robe.

But to the swordsman's surprise, Zhao Yesui was still in the armor state, but he still lifted the first cut with a heavy weight, and downed his sword.

Even if Zhao Yesao's body is a little fragile due to the Thirty-Six Swords of Heaven, it is only a "short board" compared with other long boards on his body.

The barrel principle does not apply to a hexagonal warrior like Zhao Yesui.

The swordsman did not hesitate, changed his sword stance, and fought with Zhao Yesao for more than ten rounds in an instant, until he noticed that the sword puppet on Zhao Yesao had been armed, he made a false move, wanting to attack Zhao Ye. The jacket fled to the side.

What greeted him was a clean slash.


The first phase of a slash collided with the flame-shaped sword in the air, and the swordsman's body flew straight out like a baseball that was hit, leaving long plough marks on the ground with his feet, so stable lower body.

"No, it's impossible..."

The swordsman stared intently at the one-stage slash held in Zhao Yesao's hand. There was nothing wrong with that, that was the one-stage slash. He once killed a sword using this standard sword puppet on the battlefield. so he can't admit wrong.

But what's going on with this outrageous effort?

In this world's assessment of the strength of a swordsman, the swordsman's own ability is important, but at the same time, he also needs a sword puppet that can perfectly display his strength.

Even a national swordsman, if he only holds a standard sword puppet, he will not be able to exert his own strength.

As for Zhao Yesui...

To be honest, if it wasn't for saving some effort, he could tear the guy in front of him with his bare hands.

"Well, it's kind of interesting..."

Zhao Yesui moved his body, checked his current physical condition, and found that even a standard sword puppet still improved him a lot.

On the one hand, because Zhao Yesui has no other equipment on his body, there will be no conflict, on the other hand, because the sword puppet does have its own uniqueness.

The blue-gray "One Cut" has a flowing beauty. Compared with the bloated sword puppet on the opposite side, it should be taking a specialized path of agility. The sword puppet is tightly attached to Zhao Yesao's body. , without making you feel uncomfortable.

After getting familiar with this sword puppet a little, Zhao Yesui turned his attention to the swordsman in front of him.

And raised a period of one cut.

out the sword.

"Qiang!" "Qiang!" "Qiang!" "Qiang!" "Qiang!"

The blades met several times in the air, and every time they clashed, the swordsman was shocked by the force, and at the same time, he discovered another fact that made him desperate.

The opponent's kendo attainments far exceed his.

Even if the six-dimensional level of the two sides is exactly the same, he is not the opponent's opponent, and even more so in the current state of being almost crushed.

In the stalemate situation, the subtle advantages will be continuously enlarged, then, in the crushing situation, the already huge advantages will be expanded infinitely.

After just a few confrontations, the swordsman couldn't hold the flame-shaped sword in his hand, and the slashes that were stronger than the slashes made his throat feel sweet, and all the insides burned.

In the end, he couldn't hold it any longer, and he flew out like a kite with a broken string under a slash from Zhao Yecang.

At the same time, Zhao Yesui said to himself: "Well, it's almost the same as running in, it's time to end..."