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The corners of Ji Gongling's mouth twitched, but when she calmed down a little and thought about what Zhao Yeshou said before and after, she understood what Zhao Yesang meant.

"Mr. Yama, do you mean that you want to be my husband, 'Himeiya Ayane', as a result of this main mission?"

Ji Gongling was really surprised by Zhao Yeshou's whimsy.

Is this what carbon-based organisms can do? ? ? ? ? ?

However, in a sense, this may indeed be the highest status that Zhao Yejia can legally obtain.

"Yes, those positions you mentioned before, such as the special swordsman of the Hime Palace family, the captain of the guard, the general manager, etc., although if they can be successfully obtained, it will be a good result for me."

Zhao Yesui said seriously: "After all, I am indeed a useless person who does not have any identity related to the Imperial City Guard, so even a basic identity is enough for me to complete the task and get a good reward."

"But, since there are better options, why not give it a try?"

"Miss Ji Gong, didn't you ask me what kind of compensation you want? Then, I can give the answer now."

"Just make me your 'husband' in this world, and nothing else. This is a worthless business for you, after all, it's just a nominal identity, no extra what to pay."


Ji Gongling opened her mouth, Zhao Yesui's analysis was well-founded, so she couldn't find a reason to refute.

The meaning of Zhao Yesui is that in this world, temporarily acting as Ji Gongling's "husband" is another kind of identity.

And this actually has no loss to Ji Gongling, because this is only an identity that exists in this dungeon in a special environment. Both of them are smart people, and of course they will not take this seriously. As long as they leave this scene, everything will disappear.

It can be said to be a model of the white wolf with empty gloves.

However, for Ji Gongling, she would rather Zhao Yesui make some material demands, because she is obviously not a master who lacks money...

But Zhao Yesui's request was reasonable and reasonable, so she couldn't find a reason to refuse.

Because she did not lose anything, all she had to pay was a certification in this world.

After thinking for a while, Himimiya Aya said: "This is indeed a blind spot that I didn't expect... If it is purely about status, becoming me, the husband of 'Himiya Ayane', is indeed better than before me. The positions that were offered were much higher even than the ones I couldn't offer..."

She is the second person in the Jigong family worthy of the name, and being her husband means stepping into the core decision-making level of the Jigong family, which is so much higher than the previous positions that are more similar to domestic servants.

Hezhou has always been a country with serious clan habits, and Zhao Yesui's current identity is only a half-blood of Western Hezhou, even if Ji Gongling wants to overcome all the opinions and let him go up to ten levels, it is unlikely. Even if it can be done, I don't know how much more work it will take.

In contrast, "husband", an identity that only Hime Miyaya can decide on herself, is much simpler.

"Yes, and it doesn't need to be maintained all the time. It should only be maintained until the task is settled, right?"

Zhao Yechuang nodded slightly and said, "In this case, although Miss Ji Gong will face some pressure for a while, it will be resolved soon."

Himemiya Aya couldn't help but fell into deep thought.

Zhao Yesui even thoughtfully helped her think about everything before and after, so how could she refuse?

Moreover, it was she who asked Zhao Yesao to be the first. Since this is the case, it is normal for Zhao Yesang to propose to use her resources to obtain a higher degree of task completion...

Soon, Himemiya Aya made a decision.

"Indeed, Mr. Yama, what you said does make sense."

Jigong Ling said seriously: "If it's just compensation for this condition, then I really took a big advantage..."

"Since that's the case, if I push three and four, I'll be too petty."

"Then, just do as you said. During the next mission time, if the mission requires it, then I will always keep with you..."

When he said this, Ji Gongling's expression became strange, and she said with a blushing face, "...the relationship between husband and wife."

"Okay, then thank you Miss Jigong."

Zhao Yeshou doesn't have any special feelings, it's just the mission of the game of destiny, what can I say?

Even a budding player like him doesn't matter, and a veteran player like Ji Gongling shouldn't think it has anything to do with it, right?

"Then let's sign the contract like this."

After Ji Gongling completed the contract for the last time, she handed it over to Zhao Yesui.

Zhao Yesui read it again, and the general content was the same as what they discussed before, but the part about "married life" made him a little puzzled.

"The marriage relationship between Party A and Party B is only a special product under special circumstances and does not have actual legal effect..."

"Therefore, Party A does not need to provide corresponding services for Party B..."

corresponding service?

what is that?

Zhao Yesui blinked, but didn't say anything, just signed his name at the end of the contract.

The witness of the contract is a game of fate, but Zhao Yesui didn't move An Ye out of the idea of ​​asking for trouble. One is because the contract is not that important, and the other is because the Ji Gongling in front of him is obviously not the kind of Suola. Single-celled organisms cannot be fooled by a few words.

If she finds out that there is still a mysterious person in the world that she doesn't know, then it will definitely not be like Miss Magician that nothing has happened. After all, Jigong Ling is the actual power of the Zhaoqi Taisha Society in this world. Those who want to consider their own power.

Ji Gongling also signed the following name on the other side of the contract, and then, Zhao Yesui felt a kind of gentle will descended on this small carriage.

"Then, let's make an appointment, Mr. Yama."

Ji Gongling breathed a sigh of relief, and then said, "It's not too late, let's go get the certificate now."

Get a certificate?

Is that the one I'm thinking of now?

Zhao Yesui was slightly startled, but he didn't expect that Ji Gongling's action force was even higher than his.

Is this going to be certified?

Is it necessary to do this step?

Although it is just a fake identity constructed in order to complete the mission in a mission scene, there will always be a subtle feeling.

"Is it necessary to fast-forward to this step?" Zhao Yesui asked: "If it's just to deal with the task, does it need to be so troublesome?"

"According to the consistent style of Destiny Games, if you just say it verbally, it should not be considered that the task has been completed."

Hime Gong Ling thought and said: "So, there should be some kind of proof that can confirm the relationship between you and me, so that the game of destiny can be recognized."

"If you want to join the Jigong family and become the captain of the guard, then you should need a letter of appointment. As for husband and wife..."

Ji Gong Ling's voice seemed to be a little less conscious: "That's marriage."

"Oh, so, in order to complete the mission, we need to get a certificate to confirm our marriage relationship?"

Zhao Yesui said thoughtfully: "Indeed, this seems to be the most simple and direct way, compared to other methods."

"Yes, since Mr. Yama has already betrayed his original power for me, then of course I can't find any reason to delay."

Himemiya Aya nodded slightly, then pressed a button and said to the driver, "Turn around, go to the city hall, and tell Mr. Iwai to bring my original household registration."

The driver faithfully complied with Himimiya Aya's instructions, and immediately changed direction and drove towards the city hall.

...................................................... ...................................................... ......................................................

The Municipal Office, which is the second-level administrative agency of Hezhou, translates into a municipal government service center, with multiple departments under it, responsible for all aspects of residents' lives.

While in the car, Zhao Yesui quietly watched Ji Gongling dial out the phone to notify in advance, so when the car drove in, officials immediately came to greet him.

Zhao Yesui followed Ji Gongling out of the car, and then watched her smile and chat with the officials who came to greet her, like a duck in water.

Of course, during this process, the official's eyes inevitably turned to Zhao Yeshou from time to time.

Finally, he couldn't help asking: "Miss Ji Gong, is this gentleman your husband...? I don't seem to have heard of this gentleman before..."

His tone was very euphemistic, because in Hezhou's environment, if a person like Ji Gongling had a fiancé, he would definitely make an announcement, but before that, the officials had not received any rumors.

This made him have to think otherwise.

"Yes, Mr. Oda." Ji Gongling said as usual, "Forgot to introduce to you, this is my sweetheart, and also Mr. Chen Yingxia Chen who wants to register with me today."


The officer seemed to have thought of some other place and became suspicious.

Ji Gongling ignored him, but just waited for a while, a car stopped beside her, and a stern man got out of the car, bowed to Ji Gongling, and handed out a small book:

"Miss, your household registration is the original."

After Ji Gongling took it, the man put his gaze on Zhao Yeshou's body, his eyes stern: "Is he the one who is going to be your husband-in-law, Miss?"

"Hmph... doesn't look like a man."

"You don't have to worry about that, Iwai."

Ji Gongling interrupted him, and then without hesitation took Zhao Yeshou's hand and said to him affectionately, "Let's go, my dear."

Although he knew that Ji Gongling was probably showing it to others, Zhao Yesui still felt a little strange.

He really had a whim, and planned to improve his task completion through this kind of side-tracking, but getting a certificate was a bit too advanced.

Although it was in a mission scene, it was the first time in his life.

Marriage for the first time.

Even if it's just a formal marriage.

I always felt...did something very subtle.

The official quickly followed, walked to the front to lead the way, took Ji Gongling and Zhao Yesao to the registration office, respectfully took the original of Ji Gongling's household registration, and then handed over a marriage certificate to them.

Marriage can be simply understood as a marriage registration.

Ji Gongling first filled in her own information and other necessary information, and then pushed the marriage to Zhao Yesui.

Zhao Yesui felt that this kind of atmosphere was really weird. He just wanted to end it early, and hurriedly filled in the relevant information about Chen Yingxia and it was over.

After that, Hime Miyaya used the seal she carried with her to seal the marriage ceremony, and took the reluctant Iwai's seal and affixed it as a witness.

Originally, there should be some tedious steps, but Jigong Ling used the relationship of the Jigong family, so these details don't matter.

The official took over the marriage session, and after checking it carefully, he asked aloud, "Miss Ji Gong, do you have a group photo with you?"

Group photo?

Zhao Yesui and Ji Gongling glanced at each other, and both of them tacitly looked away.

How could there be such a thing, this is the first day they met.

The officials saw their embarrassment. Although they didn't know what the couple was doing, they could only say patiently, "So, do we need to take a picture here temporarily?"

Ji Gong Ling nodded slightly and said, "Then I will trouble Mr. Oda."

Soon, they were led by officials to the place where the photo was taken.

Ji Gongling and Zhao Yesui stood in front of the background cloth, but kept a moderate distance. Seeing this, Ji Gongling could only lean to the left and whispered: "Mr. Give me some expression? Do you feel unhappy about taking a wedding photo with me?"

Only then did Zhao Yesui realize that his face was expressionless, and he could only squeeze out a polite smile.

"Three, two, one."

The white light flashed, and the wedding photos of Zhao Yesui and Ji Gongling were taken.

Afterwards, the freshly released group photo was posted on the marriage session, and the officials checked it carefully and stamped it with the seal at the end.

As a result, the formal marriage of Zhao Yesui and Ji Gongling was announced.

Zhao Yesui heard the prompt from the game of destiny:

[The identity of the player Ye Lin has been changed]

[Current status is: the young master of the Hezhou Jigong family]

[Task completion: 387%]

Zhao Yesui looked at the task bar, feeling like a dream.

I'm... getting married?

...................................................... ...................................................... ......................................................

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Chapter 409: The Bottom Line After Marriage

After walking out of the city hall and returning to the car, Zhao Yesui still had an unreal feeling.

Although it is indeed for the mission, it still feels that something is wrong.