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Iwai originally just wanted to beat Zhao Yeshou, but he didn't expect Zhao Yeshou to admit it so readily, and he didn't know what to say for a while.

Although my tone is indeed vicious, but you admit it? ? ? ? ? ?

"You guy-"

After a short silence, Iwai was furious, stared at Zhao Yesao and said, "So, what kind of dirty means did you use to persecute Miss?!"

"Damn, you bastard!"

The anger and incomprehension that had been accumulating for a long time poured out after Zhao Yesao admitted it.

Zhao Yesui said slowly: "Yeah, so what?"

"Also, please call me Young Master."

Seeing that Zhao Yeshou was still acting as if nothing had happened, Iwai could not help clenching his fists, took a step forward, approached Zhao Yeshou, and said word by word, "Young Master? Do you think you are worthy? Use the next method. Twist Miss's will and let Miss commit to your scum..."

Facing Iwai's angry eyes, Zhao Yeshou said indifferently, "Yeah, so what?"

"Mr. Iwai, can you use your brain to think about it, even if I use some dirty means to get Aya to agree to marry me, then, with Aya's character, what is it that makes the Does she accept my offer?"

"And if you rashly do something wrong to me, will her efforts be in vain, and at the same time, will the Ji Gong family suffer a disaster?"

"What did you say? How could the Ji Gong family..."

Although Iwai said so, but after the initial anger, he has calmed down, and he can't help but start thinking about what Zhao Yesui said.

As Zhao Yesui said, in Iwai's cognition, Jigong Ling was a highly skilled politician. How serious would it be if she could make a judgment that "political marriage is necessary"?

For a moment, he couldn't help but fall into hesitation.

Zhao Yesui looked at Iwai, who hesitated, and smiled.

This is the identity he intends to release to the outside world.

Compared with a little white face who came out of nowhere to win the favor of Ji Gong Aya, it is obviously still more pleasing to hear the story of "Miss Ji Gong, you don't want the Ji Gong family to perish... I mean , with higher reliability.

Iwai's expression was cloudy for a while, and finally he snorted coldly and said, "Mr. Chen, you'd better not be so complacent, although I don't know what deal the lady has made with you, but if you think this can make the Ji Gong family If it falls into your hands, then you are very wrong."

Zhao Yesui didn't answer his question, just smiled and said, "Please call me Young Master."


Being disgusted by Zhao Yesui again, Iwai could only sullen his face, turned around and continued to lead the way.

Soon, the two walked to a room, and Iwai knocked on the door and said, "Miss, the young master has arrived."

Jigiya Aya's voice quickly came out of it: "Okay, thank you for your hard work, Mr. Iwai, let Yingxia come in directly."

Iwai opened the door and looked at Zhao Yesao with warning eyes, while Zhao Yesao smiled and repeated: "Please call me Young Master."


Iwai's expression distorted for a moment, but after noticing the gaze of Jigong Ling, he could only grit his teeth and say, "Young Master, please come in."

Only then did Zhao Yesui walk into the room.

And it wasn't until Iwai closed the door for a moment that Ji Gong Ling, who had been buried in the documents, raised his head, looked at Zhao Yesao, and said helplessly: "Mr. Yama, there is no need to play with Mr. Iwai, right?"

"Coercion or something doesn't sound like a good thing, and what if he really takes it seriously?"

"Otherwise, how can I explain the relationship between you and me?"

Zhao Yeshi raised his eyebrows and said, "If he wants to check, he should be able to easily find out that it's just the first meeting between me and you, so I think it's better than the outrageous excuse of falling in love at first sight. It's more reliable to hold your handle."

"After all, I just need to use the power of the Ji Gong family temporarily. We will leave after the mission is over, Ai Chacha, when he really finds out something, we should have left long ago."

Ji Gongling thought about it for a while, and finally had to admit that what Zhao Yesui said was actually true.

Because of the reasons made up by Zhao Yesao, Iwai will definitely not do anything to Zhao Yesang in a short period of time, and he will try his best to satisfy Zhao Yesang's requirements on the surface, and look for relevant evidence behind the scenes.

However, after he found out that this was nothing at all, Zhao Yesui had already drained the residual value of this tool man and ran away.

"Okay okay, I can't tell you..."

Ji Gongling could only sigh lightly, and then said seriously: "Then, let's talk about business."

"Mr. Yama, what kind of help do you need from me?"

This is the reason why Ji Gongling specially invited Zhao Yesui to come for an interview.

Zhao Yesui was well prepared and said, "Personnel, manpower, materials, in short, I need to rely on the influence and power of the Ji Gong family in various fields, so that I can achieve the goal I envisioned."

After speaking, Zhao Yesui sorted out the information about the civilians kidnapped by Lin Youde that the guide had previously passed to him, and passed it on to Ji Gongling.

"Like this incident."

Zhao Yesang said seriously: "If I want to eliminate the impact of this level of evil XING incident, I need the cooperation of all forces, and it is difficult to do this with only one force. "

Ji Gongling flipped through the information that Zhao Yesui had passed on to her, and her expression gradually became serious.

After a while, she looked at Zhao Yeshou, and after a long silence, she asked, "Mr. Yan Mo, can I ask you something?"

"Are you doing this... to improve the quest completion of the side quests?"

"And how much of what you're going to do next is to complete the side quests?"

Ji Gongling's eyes lit up again and again: "The gains outweigh the losses, that's all I can say. With the help of the Ji Gong family's power, going against the Yunding Chamber of Commerce and even more powers is completely unequal to the rewards you can get."

"So, are you doing this really just for 'interests'?"

Indeed, from the perspective of maximizing profits, ending this mission after beheading Lin Youde is the most efficient choice.

In contrast, the rescue of civilians and resettlement, although these can improve the completion of the task, are still more than worth the loss in comparison.

And Zhao Yesui's answer is also very simple.

"But I'm asking with a clear conscience."

Zhao Yesui said calmly: "People die every moment in this world, and sins breed, I may not be able to judge them one by one, but at least, the sins that happened in front of my eyes are in this twisted city. The sins that are piling up in them, I will cut them off one by one and eradicate them."

"Of course, I am still unable to do it alone, so that's why I am seeking your help, Miss Ji Gong."


Ji Gongling looked at Zhao Yeshou, her eyes softened a lot, and after a while, she slowly said, "Mr. Yama, I can accept your cooperation request."

"But there is one condition."

"You need to reveal your identity."

"That's me, the husband of 'Himemiya Ayane'."

...................................................... ...................................................... ......

P.S. It's a bit of a hassle to create two female characters at once... The plot will inevitably slow down... And according to the outline, there is a new Roman female character to appear... ...

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Chapter four hundred and eighteenth spy play house

public identity?

Zhao Yesui was stunned for a moment, and then subconsciously wanted to refuse.

It is conceivable that, as "Himemiya Ayane", if the matter of her marriage is exposed, it will definitely attract a lot of people's attention.

But Zhao Yesui has not forgotten that he is here to do the infiltration mission.


Maybe it's probably infiltrating... right?

Even though I started killing people as soon as I disagreed, married the young lady of the Hezhou Chinese family, and then decided to hunt for the sky on my behalf, but overall, I was still sneaking in seriously.

Anyway, at least it went deep behind enemy lines.

And Zhao Yeshou's identity in this scene is Zhao Tu, "the devil casts the ghost".

After this period of life, Zhao Yesui has realized what kind of existence Zhao Tu is in this world.

To say that it was a rat crossing the street would be a bit too flattering. This kind of evil sword, which is used for wholesale horrific activities, and a well-known magician who spreads evil cultivation methods with a pedantic mentality. Everyone gets it and kills it.

That is, because of dirty political factors, "Zhao Tu" has been able to survive until now.

As far as Zhao Yejiao knows, "Zhao Tu" and "Jigong Lingyin" have a close relationship. Although Daxia Longque has made a double for Zhao Yejiao, it may not be 100% safe. Putting yourself on the table at this juncture is not a smart move.

I'm on a sneak mission.

Jigiya Aya said seriously: "If you want to use the power of the Jigong family legally and without suspicion, Mr. Yama, this is the only way."

"From what you just told me, I can see that what you want to do is very grand, so if you want to get what you want, you need to have the identity to intervene in these things."

"As you said just now, you want the Ji Gong family to intervene in the evil XING incident involved in Lin Youde, save tens of thousands or even more people, and a series of events that follow."

"In this process, of course, I can assist you, but on the one hand, it is inefficient, and on the other hand, in this process, you may not be able to completely disappear from the sight of those who care."

Zhao Yesui thought for a while, and felt that what Ji Gongling said was indeed true.

If I had to say it, from the first time Zhao Yesui got on the car from Ji Gong's house, he had already entered the vision of a caring person.

Although Ji Gongling concealed the news of their marriage, the paper couldn't contain the fire. As long as Zhao Yesui continued to cooperate with Ji Gongling, the news would be exposed sooner or later.

Zhao Yesui didn't plan to further cooperate with Ji Gongling before, and only planned to run away after taking the main quest for the marriage session, so I thought it was okay. Now that we want to cooperate deeply, we can't adopt the previous strategy.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Ye said, "Then, Zhao Tu?"

That's the biggest problem.

Even if Zhao Yesui's identity is a street beggar, she is better than Zhao Tu, and marrying a beggar will at most reduce Ji Gongling's reputation and make her face pressure for a while, but after the scene is over It doesn't matter.

But Zhao Tu's identity will really lead to murder.

I don't know how many people have been displaced because of him, how many swordsmen are used by him to make swords, how many relatives and friends these swordsmen have...

This is in millions of units. Under this base, Zhao Yesui feels that there are 100 people who regard Zhao Tu as his mortal enemy. Even if Zhao Tu escapes to the ends of the earth, he will not die. "Thirty years of Hedong and thirty years of Hexi "The revenge-like protagonist is not too much, right?

What's more, the wanted for Zhao Tu is still not over yet. As long as his identity is exposed, Zhao Yesui doesn't have to think about what tasks to do, and he will definitely fall into the torrent of sword puppets.

Hiss... it doesn't seem like a bad thing?

Then can't I lead a bunch of monsters like the train king and then A together?

However, this is not in line with Zhao Yeshou's aesthetics, because there must be many people who come to crusade against the devil and cast the ghost, but most of them should be people with justice in mind.

If Zhao Ye would kill them with peace of mind and use them as food for the dazzling demons, he really couldn't do it.

"It's a real problem, but it's not without solutions."

Ji Gongling smiled slightly and said, "Wouldn't it be good if we just left out the identities of 'Zhao Tu' and 'Chen Yingxia'?"

"I will release the news. The reason why I married you, 'Chen Yingxia', a little swordsman of mixed blood from West and Continent, is because I want to have absolute dominance after marriage, so I chose a A little guy with no roots."

"In this way, there is no problem in logic. 'Because I have to find a partner, I feel irritated and finally choose a lucky audience to become a couple', although there are still some flaws, but as long as this time is fooled It's alright, nothing else matters."

Seems like... doesn't sound unreasonable?

It is known that "Himemiya Ayane" is the only daughter of the Jigong family's direct line, and is full of ability and talent. Therefore, it is a sure thing that the Jigiya family will fall into the hands of her and her husband.

The only problem is that Himimiya Ayane still has no marriage at this age. In the Asian cultural circle, having no descendants is a very serious matter. It is conceivable that Himimiya Ayane should have been asked a lot in the past. It is not surprising that such a move would be made.

The reason for choosing "Chen Yingxia", the swordsman who entered the imperial city on the first day, can also be explained. An ordinary swordsman who has no roots in Hezhou falls into the hands of Ji Gong Ayane. A soft persimmon that is kneaded at will, so that Himemiya Ayane can still maintain absolute dominance over the Himemiya family after marriage.

For a capable person like Himemiya Ayane, she doesn't need an equally talented husband. In comparison, a mediocre ordinary person is more suitable as her good match.

At the same time, Zhao Yesui guessed that Ji Gong Lingyin has not been married for so long, maybe it has something to do with Zhao Tu. In this case, it is impossible for her to be willing to commit herself to a man, and to reach "Chen Yingxia" Formal marriage can also block Yoyo's public opinion.

Perfect logical closed loop.

If you want to live for a long time, you may find flaws, but only during the time of the scene, there should be no problems.

Speaking of which, I seem to be a veritable spy now...

Zhao Yesui didn't expect that he would actually pretend to be Ji Gongling's husband, and a sense of absurdity rose in his heart.

So, is this a spy game?

"Well, what you said, Miss Jigong, really makes sense..."

Zhao Yesui also got serious. After thinking for a while, he said, "In this way, I can indeed explain my identity and the marriage relationship between you and me, and put aside the connection between me and Zhao Tu."

"But in this way, in the next mission, we estimate that we really have to form an offensive and defensive alliance, because in the eyes of others, we are a natural alliance, even if I say no, they probably won't believe it."

"Have you really thought about it, Miss Ji Gong? Form an alliance with a strange player who doesn't know the depth of it, and face the next task together?"

"Of course." Ji Gongling said seriously: "Since the decision has been made, then I will not hesitate any more."