Even with him will be implicated.

Lin Yi also endured the doubts in his heart and said, "Congratulations to the two of you on your good marriage, the Daxia Embassy will send you a small gift as a blessing."

Zhao Yejia accepted their blessings with peace of mind. Anyway, he was indeed married to Ji Gongling, and the marriage was all received.

The arrival of the son-in-law of the Himiya family disrupted the original atmosphere, and it took Yuu Asakami a while to bring the topic back to the case itself.

"It looks like we are the only ones here today."

Asaka Yu glanced at the door, shrugged and said: "Yes, after all, this is the point, and the person who died is an irrelevant person. Even if the death order is given, those big people won't care... ..."

"Indeed." Zhao Yejia nodded in agreement: "The people who will be here now are probably only the people who are directly related, the ambitious people who have no plans, the social animals who have been dragged to the top job, and those who have nothing to do in the middle of the night. I've gone out for a walk on the street."

Three: "..."

Feel offended.

"Mr. Dongjun is astonishingly speaking as always..."

The corners of Asaka Yu's mouth twitched. After silently complaining in his heart, he said, "Cough, since everyone arrived at the scene of the crime at the first time, of course they are very concerned about the situation of the case."

"From the current point of view, this is a very simple murder of a swordsman."

"A swordsman broke into the premises of the Yunding Chamber of Commerce, lurked outside the room of the deceased, then suddenly broke in, killed the deceased after a fight, and finally walked away. This is the general story of the case."

"The only problem now is how to find this swordsman."

At the same time, Zhao Yesui got a hint from the game of destiny.

[Personal side quest: The Mystery of Sword Puppet Demon]

[Quest goal: Hide your identity, and continue to let the name of the sword puppet ghost fly over the imperial city and even the entire Hezhou sky as much as possible. The quest reward will be settled based on the success of hiding and the popularity of the crime]

[Note: This quest will conflict with other players' side quests, please execute with caution]

[Remark 2: Killing is not the only way to solve the problem. In the case of conflict between tasks, mediation can be used to ease it first. Direct killing is not advisable]

[Note 3: This scene is a team cooperation mode, killing teammates willfully will be punished]

"Huh, actually the corresponding tasks will actually be issued..."

Zhao Yesui looked at the task bar calmly, and looked at Yu Asakami and the puppet master's expressions by the way, and found that their eyes had changed at that moment, so they guessed that they should have also received relevant side quests.

However, the task they received should be to find out the true identity of the "Sword Puppet Demon" and bring him to justice. Zhao Yesui's goal was to hide his identity from this chase and continue to commit crimes against the wind. , let the name of the sword puppet evil intensify.

In short, it is a game of cat and mouse. Zhao Yejia needs to hide his identity from being backstabbed by his own people, and also needs to be judged at the same time, which can be described as an escalation of difficulty.


"What do you mean by these three notes?"

Zhao Yesui looked at the three notes below the side quests and clicked his tongue.

What is "killing is not the only solution to the problem"?

Do I look that much like someone who likes to use violence to solve problems?

Also, why bother to emphasize that this is a teamwork mode?

Isn't it a teamwork mode, so I will start with my teammates?

how is this possible.

Even if I wanted to kill it, I had to be able to kill it.

However, does this teamwork mode actually trigger side quests related to players?

So, does it mean that players are not in a unified and united position in this scene, but can switch sides at any time and fight for their own interests?

So what kind of collaboration is this?

"It seems that this time the scene is much more complicated than I imagined..."

Zhao Yesui raised his eyes calmly, just in time to meet the puppet master who smiled at him. The lifeless eyes and this sincere smile made one feel creepy.

"It's not a fuel-efficient lamp..."

"But at least, there is still Miss Ji Gong from my family who can be trusted."

A new son-in-law of the Jigong family expressed his heartfelt emotion and was very satisfied that he could have a strong "wife" as his support.

I, the son-in-law of the Jigong family, make money!

...................................................... ......................................................

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But this month seems to have taken a leave of absence (X

Chapter 421 Killing Zhao Tu

Out of the idea of ​​playing a "pure passerby", Zhao Yesui just said, "Sword Puppet Demon? Who is that?"

Asaka Yu came back to his senses and said, "Oh, it's the crime we've set for this murderer for the time being, and it hasn't been finalized yet."

"Being able to break into this place in front of everyone's eyes and kill Mr. Lin Youde, a famous swordsman, the strength of this murderer is absolutely extraordinary. Logically speaking, it is impossible for such a strong person to borrow nameless, plus There are some complicated political factors, so in the end it is possible to convict with the highest specification."

Speaking of this, Asaka Yu suddenly realized something, frowned slightly, and looked at Zhao Yesao and the puppet master calmly.

He realized that he had fallen into a blind spot of thinking.

In this world, it is almost impossible for a swordsman to simply retreat and practice for 30 years in the deep mountains and old forests, and then go out of the mountains and defeat the world.

Swords are killers, and they need to be honed in life-and-death struggles again and again, especially sword puppets.

It is impossible to become a swordsman by working behind closed doors, so this is the reason why the Imperial City Guards made such a judgment.

However, in this world now, there are visitors from other worlds, players from the game of destiny.

Yu Asakami thought about it carefully, and felt that the style of this "Sword Puppet Demon" indeed matched the style of the players.

In order to find the culprit, the Imperial City Guard has already found Lin Youde's possible enemies one by one, and then investigates the possibility of committing a crime that night. This is the most basic suspect tracking method.

However, in the end, nothing was obtained. The swordsman who had reason and could kill Lin Youde was not in the imperial city at the moment, and the suspect who had reason and was in the imperial city could not do such a shocking thing, and could only be regarded as a crime of passion for the time being.

After all, it is a prosperous world of kendo, and many swordsmen actually have chivalrous hearts. Lu Jian is not flat and draws his sword to help. With what Lin Youde has done, it is normal to meet a swordsman who is not happy with him and kill him at will. .

But for players, the usual means of deciding cases are useless.


Does that need a reason?

He has what I need on him, he is my mission target, he glared at me in the morning, he went out today with his right foot...

Everything can be a reason for players to kill NPCs.

In the present world, there are five hooligans, and players can only follow the rules and laws, but in the scene, it will be different.

The only one who can limit them is the player himself.

From this point of view, is it possible that this "Sword Puppet Demon" is my good teammates...

Asakami Yu felt that there was no trace of his gaze, but Zhao Yesui noticed it early, and by the way, he met the puppet master who was smiling but not smiling.

"Is there something wrong with this woman's brain, she keeps smiling at me..."

Zhao Yeshou curled his lips, but did not speak, because he was here to make up the number tonight, and there was no need to express his own opinions.

Besides, what is he going to say?

The thief shouting to catch the thief is outrageous enough, and it is even more outrageous for the thief to take the initiative to provide clues to solve the case.

Lin Yize meticulously listened to Yu's analysis, nodded slightly, and said, "Well, I agree with the analysis of the police department. So, do you have any opinions on the guard?"

"...Not yet."

Yu Asagami shrugged and said, "The case has just happened. Although we blocked the scene immediately, it is difficult to make a breakthrough immediately."

"Miss Lin Yi doesn't have to worry too much. If there is any progress in the case, I will notify you as soon as possible."

"That's naturally better." Lin Yi nodded.

Zhao Yesui didn't speak the whole time, just watched them talk quietly.

Lin Yi is lying, which is a matter of course.

She is from the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow, and it is unreasonable to work part-time at the embassy, ​​even if the dead person is Lin Youde.

Therefore, she must be here for another purpose.

After a brief exchange, Asaka Yu couldn't hold back any longer.

He has never been engaged in similar work before, and this kind of official-speaking thing is really impossible, so he can only say with a straight face: "Everyone, if there is nothing to do today, please go back first, and we will discuss the follow-up matters. As for the handover with you, I also hope that you can cooperate sincerely with us and jointly capture this criminal."

When speaking, Yu Asagami has always been very unconfident, because he has begun to suspect that this "Sword Puppet Demon" is his teammate. Since this is the case, it is very inappropriate to say such words in front of them now.

It's not because of identity issues. It's a very normal thing for players who are not familiar with each other to part ways when there is a dispute over interests.

Mainly because...there are bad guys among the teammates.

He doesn't know much about the puppet master, but Mr. Dongjun... oh, now his name is Yama.

He had seen Mr. Yama's strength at the beginning. If Mr. Yama was the target of his mission, then Asaka Yu felt that he should wash and sleep earlier now, and don't work in vain.

Just finding the culprit doesn't count as completing the mission, it also requires capturing the culprit.

Asakami Yu didn't challenge his own thoughts, even with the help of the Darkest Sword Puppet, but...

- That is Mr. Dongjun.

It's not worth it to risk your life for a side quest.

Thinking of this, Asakami Yu suddenly felt a little timid.

According to his short-term cooperation experience with Zhao Yesui, Zhao Yesang seems to like to take precautions and take precautions. Then, as a member of the guard, the person in charge of this "Sword Puppet Evil Ghost" incident will be Did he "prevent" it?

Asakami Yu began to seriously consider whether to hang the seal or not.

Facing Yu Qiangami's words that were almost like seeing off guests, Lin Yi, the puppet master, and Zhao Yesui each responded a few words, and then went back to their respective homes to find their respective mothers.

Tonight was supposed to be just for the security team. Everyone who came here has their own plans. As for now, the case has not progressed, and there is no legitimate reason to stay. Of course, they can only go home.

Now that he still deliberately stays, that would be too conspicuous in the eyes of the conscientious.

Zhao Yesui walked out of the Yunding Chamber of Commerce by himself, and by the way reviewed whether he left any clues this time. After getting a negative conclusion, he nodded with satisfaction.

At the same time, the monitor he had just set up began to activate.

Knowing yourself and the enemy, and winning every battle, Zhao Yesui is now a fugitive criminal, and it is of course very important to grasp the movements of the Imperial City Guard, which is an official force.

The miniature steam puppets quietly unfolded, spreading in all directions, and soon spread throughout the entire station.

After doing all this, Zhao Yesui planned to go back to Jigong's house to see if he could have a bridal room... ah no, he was sleeping, but when he was about to take the special car that Jigong's family had arranged for him, by The puppet he arranged suddenly came with a message.

Information seems to come from all directions, and finally converges into a common voice:

"Is this your puppet? It looks interesting."

Zhao Yeshou, who had already sat in the car, frowned.

If there is no deliberate disguise, then he knows this voice.

Just now, he was still in vain with the owner of this voice.

puppet master.

How did she communicate with me...

Zhao Yesui was slightly attentive, sensed it through the steam puppets, and finally found the source of the information.


This sounds like nonsense. The transmission of sound requires a medium, and air is the medium in most cases. In this case, what is the strange thing about the transmission of information through the air?

However, Zhao Yesui faced a different situation.

He was able to perceive through the steam puppets that the gas seemed to have become some kind of "creature" to transmit the voice of the puppet master.

It is not a sound transmission through the air, but activates the gas into an independent individual, thereby making a sound.

Zhao Yesui's first reaction was that you were not wise.

This kind of superfluous behavior is useless except to make his abilities seem mysterious and consume far more energy than normal.

Voice transmission through the air has never been a profound skill. For someone who does this kind of thing specially, Zhao Yesui can only think that she has some kind of quirk, or she just wants to make herself look unfathomable.