"However, before that, Miss Guide, you have to promise to keep a secret for me."

...................................................... ......................................

Imperial City, Daxia's embassy in Imperial City.

Lin Yi stood in his room, held the Daxia Dragon Sparrow Sword in his hand, and said softly, "Be famous for the capital of the gods, and conquer the nine districts."

The next moment, a grey sword puppet appeared on her body.

This is a layer of "camouflage" temporarily applied by the swordsmith on the sword puppet, which can cover up the real face of the sword puppet. Although it is really easy to fight, it will be easily discovered because of the unique performance and sword skills of the sword puppet. But if it is only used to temporarily cover up the identity, it is enough.

After moving his body, Lin Yi opened the window and turned out quietly.

Avoiding the patrolling guards in the embassy, ​​Lin Yi came to the urban area at night, found a sewer, and jumped in.

This drainage system, known as the "underground temple", provides the best shelter for criminals, while also enabling many things that can't happen on the bright side.

Even if it has become the ghost it is now, the imperial city still has the most basic discipline. Like an unregistered swordsman who roams around the city after wearing armor, he will soon be discovered and listed. for emergency.

Every true swordsman is a potential destructive factor, and only one person can teach the whole city a painful enough lesson, which is one of the reasons why terrorist activities are repeatedly banned.

-Because the terrorist activities initiated by the extraordinary are too difficult to prevent and too difficult to stop.

The reason why Lin Yi chose to use the drainage system to move this time was to prevent his traces from being discovered.

This time, she came with the secret mission of Daxia Longque. Even her colleagues in the embassy didn't reveal anything, so of course she couldn't be discovered by others.

After recalling the intricate drainage system map in his mind, Lin Yi began to move.

The sword puppet galloped through the drainage system at a very fast speed, but because the silencer function was turned on, the drainage system was still silent, as if nothing had happened.

Maintaining a low power can eliminate the sound, which is the most basic "function" of the sword puppet as a weapon of war.

"Turn right, the third fork in front, turn left, and then go forward 200 meters to leave the drainage system..."

Lin Yiyu recited the route she had already familiarized with in her heart, and moved through the drainage system. Suddenly, when she stepped into a fork, she suddenly stepped on her footsteps, forcing her galloping figure to stop.

Because a swordsman appeared in the passage ahead.

Dressed in a scarlet sword puppet, a swordsman like a demon.

"Sword Puppet Demon...!"

Lin Yi's pupils contracted violently, and she immediately thought of the file she saw just yesterday.

She couldn't help but think too much, because the first impression of the swordsman in front of him was exactly the same as the testimony of the witnesses in the file.

Moreover, there are not many sword puppets with this unknown scarlet as the main color, and there are very few in the imperial city at this moment. It is natural to think of sword puppet evil ghosts.

Lin Yi stared at the scarlet figure, raised the sword, and then began to step back cautiously.

Regardless of whether he is the "Sword Puppet Evil Ghost", this time he will meet the swordsman, which proves that the mission has an unexpected flaw. In any case, the mission should be aborted.

But the scarlet figure suddenly moved.

He started running towards Lin Yi.

After realizing this, Lin Yi took a deep breath, let the sword puppet operate at maximum power, and rushed up against the scarlet figure.

When swordsmen fight, leaving their backs to the enemy is a taboo among the taboos.

Because the swordsmen who can control the sword puppet are definitely the best in swordsmanship. In this case, running away in a panic will only leave their weaknesses to the enemy and die faster. The only way to survive is to meet the difficulties. On the other hand, this is the only way to win a chance of life.

The two sword puppets charged each other in the long and narrow passage, and the distance of hundreds of meters passed in the blink of an eye. The next moment, the two long swords staggered and slashed together.

With just this sword, Lin Yi realized that the opponent was by no means an opponent he could match.

The opponent's sword puppet has to win the big summer dragon bird sword puppet on her body.

The opponent's swordsmanship is better than her swordsmanship.

But what she didn't expect was that just after this sword, a dazzling light suddenly lit up in front of her eyes.

That is the brilliance of thunder.

The domineering Thunder broke through the defense of the sword puppet in an instant and submerged into her body.

Lin Yi only felt that she lost control of her body in an instant, she could only twitch instinctively, and she could not even hold the sword in her hand.

At the same time, she heard a chuckle:

"Now we're even, Miss Lin Yi."

...................................................... ......................................................

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Chapter 434 Goo kill!

Evened out......?

Lin Yi felt that the voice was a bit familiar, but with her whole body paralyzed, she was unable to tell where she had heard the voice before, so she just followed the instinct honed in countless trainings and let go of her grip on the long sword. The hand, and then changed the hold to the grip, caught the long sword again, and slammed into the scarlet swordsman in front of him in the posture of iron mountain leaning.

There is no way to use the fine sword move, the only thing that can be done is this kind of sacrifice move, in order to gain a chance.


What she hit with all her strength was like a steel plate, and she was a sheep without horns, and the long sword in her hand was directly held by the scarlet swordsman in front of her.

For a swordsman, this is a blatant shame. Since he can be shot with bare hands, it proves that the opponent also has the ability to kill her with one blow.

So, is he humiliating me...

Lin Yi raised his head and wanted to see the appearance of this scarlet swordsman, but the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow Sword in his hand had already been snatched away, forcibly breaking the connection with the sword puppet.

Losing the connection with the sword puppet, the armor on the body seems to have lost its spirituality.

At the same time, Lin Yi heard a calm voice:

"Remove your armor first, Miss Lin Yi."

At this time, Lin Yi, who had just been confronted by Zhao Yeshou's [Mastering the Five Thunders], was ruthless and gradually regained consciousness. She realized later that she had heard this voice where she had heard it before.

It's just that at that time, the positions of the two sides were exactly the opposite of what they are now.

And now, it's easy to attack and defend.

"Zhao Tu...!"

Lin Yi's pupils contracted violently, staring at Zhao Ye's robe, not moving, let alone removing his armor.

There's nothing wrong with this calm tone that makes people wonder if he has done something wrong. It's the tone of Zhao Tu who was clearly under the control of the Great Xia Longque, but he was still able to talk freely.

However, Lin Yi did not relax because he realized that the "Sword Puppet Demon" was Zhao Tu.

Because, that was Zhao Tu, "The Devil Casts the Ghost".

Lin Yi never thought that just a contract could make Zhao Tu truly belong to their side. If someone thinks they can make a lion fighting out of the wild obediently with just an iron chain, then what will happen to her? It is probably a Chinese meal that has been reduced to a lion.

Moreover, the chains that can restrain Zhao Tu are not on Lin Yi at the moment.

Only the eldest princess of Xia, who holds the "Tianquan" component in the core position of the Big Dipper, can restrain the "Tianshu" on Zhao Tu, and Lin Yi has nothing to do with Zhao Tu.

Therefore, after realizing that Zhao Tu is the "Sword Puppet Evil Ghost", Lin Yi's first reaction was that Zhao Tu was going to betray.

This is also a matter of course. According to the thinking of normal people, since they have deliberately covered their faces and started to kill people, then of course they have to do some shameful things.

So, he came to me specially now to kill me...!

Lin Yi quickly came to this terrifying guess.

Although I don't know what Zhao Tu intends to do, it can't be for good deeds. The only thing I have to do now is to pass on the news that Zhao Tu is a "Sword Puppet Demon".

Lin Yi quickly put his own life and death aside, just looked at Zhao Ye's jacket coldly, and lifted his armor.

Facing Zhao Tu, who is still holding a sword puppet, she will definitely not be an opponent. In this case, instead of maintaining a tough attitude, it is better to do as Zhao Tu said and relax his vigilance.

However, the moment Lin Yi lifted the armor, Zhao Yeshou stretched out his right hand, which was covered by the scarlet gauntlet, and pinched the lower half of Lin Yi's face.


Before Lin Yi could say anything, Zhao Yesui had already skillfully dislocated her chin, preventing her from closing her mouth, and then stuffed a flesh-and-blood worm into her mouth.

Lin Yi didn't even have time to make the classic action such as buttoning her throat, because the moment the flesh-and-blood worm entered her mouth, Zhao Yesui manipulated it into a place that Lin Yi couldn't notice.

After the feeding was over, Zhao Yesui calmly helped Lin Yi perform chin repositioning surgery for free, then patted her on the shoulder and said, "Okay, it's over."

Lin Yi subconsciously took two steps back, stared at Zhao Yesao, and said in a deep voice, "...What did you feed me?"

"Of course it's my special sleeping black tea. As long as you eat it, you will become my slave. You no longer have free will and can only act according to my will."

of course not.

Although theoretically, Zhao Yesui's current technology can achieve this, but he is not interested in this aspect.

As for his obedient believers, Qi Heng didn't know how many there were in the sky, so why would he be kidnapped from outside?

Therefore, what he gave Lin Yi was only a special version of the flesh worm that could make Lin Yi keep silent about his identity as a "sword puppet evil ghost", which also included some side effects, such as not being able to take the initiative to inform the big summer dragon bird. Secrets about "Zhao Tu" and more.

But who knows, after hearing Zhao Yeshou's words, Lin Yi did not hesitate to move the poison hidden in his teeth.

If Zhao Yejia hadn't sensed this in advance through the flesh and blood worm, in two seconds at night, he would probably only be able to get one Lin Yi's corpse.

Although to him, it doesn't seem to make any difference?

Anyway, even if he dies, Zhao Ye's jacket can be pulled up again, at most it just takes a little more work.

What is a necromancer, flesh and blood sacrificer, a double-material extraordinary person (tactical back)

However, after all, he was the one who threatened her. If Lin Yizhen died, it wouldn't sound good. Zhao Yesui could only manipulate the flesh-and-blood worm, make it materialize, and wrap the poison again.

And then absorbed it without hindrance.

This is a flesh-and-blood worm that has been cultivated for many generations and cultivated by the Tianmo Palace. Of course, it will not be poisoned by this level of poison.

Zhao Yesui has always adhered to the principle of "power itself is not wrong or wrong is the person who uses it", so after obtaining the allegiance of the Tianmo Palace, Zhao Yesao only needs to pay the cost price for the secret biography stored in the Tianmo Palace. It can be exchanged, so the accomplishments of flesh and blood magic and undead magic have advanced by leaps and bounds.

There are faint signs of bringing the two together.

After rescuing Lin Yi from death in a thrilling way, Zhao Yesui looked at Lin Yi, who was probably surprised at why he was still alive, and fell into contemplation.

"I'm super, what kind of image do I have in your hearts..."

As soon as I heard that I was going to become my hot weapon, I took poison and committed suicide without hesitation. Am I so scary?

Yes, it must be Zhao Tu's problem!

It must be because his reputation is so stinky that people are afraid of me, otherwise, in other worlds, people would obviously eat pot pulp to welcome me!

After thinking about it, Zhao Ye took off his armor, then looked at Lin Yi who looked "as expected", and said to her, "Miss Lin Yi, did you misunderstand something? I'm not here to kill you. ."

Those who want to kill and silence usually say that they are not here to kill and silence...

Lin Yi was nervous, watching Zhao Yesao vigilantly, while looking for an opportunity to convey information.

Afterwards, Zhao Yeshao sighed lightly and said, "Let's talk somewhere else."

Lin Yi still stared at Zhao Yeshou, but after considering the pros and cons, she nodded.

Although I don't know what this murderer is thinking, if I go against his will at this time, I should be dead. Even if it's just to better perform the task, I should make excuses with him temporarily.

She tried to stand up straight and confront Zhao Yesui, because showing weakness during the negotiation would undoubtedly put herself at a disadvantage.

But with her physical quality, it is not something that can be eased so easily after taking a hard-fought [Mastering the Five Thunders], even if Zhao Ye keeps his hands.

Therefore, all Lin Yi could do was to stare at Zhao Yeshou to make himself less vulnerable.

Zhao Yesui turned around and was about to leave, but found that Lin Yi hadn't followed. Looking back, he understood the general situation.

He thought about it for a while, and said very gentlemanly, "Otherwise, I'll take you away?"

As if hearing the most terrifying words in the world, Lin Yi took a step back subconsciously, but soon the paralyzed body could no longer move.

Looking at Lin Yi, who seemed to be affected by the halo of fear, Zhao Yesui could only sigh that Zhao Tu was indeed a great villain, and that he who could accumulate virtue and do good deeds all his life could also experience the feeling of being feared by others.

"Please don't get me wrong, Miss Lin Yi."

Zhao Yesui said seriously: "I don't want to carry you, nor do I want to use any actions that will make people misunderstood. After all, I am a married man now. If I am seen to have any intimate actions between you and me, My wife will be very upset."

—And the guide lady is always watching my every move.

He said: "It's just pure, just take you away."

...................................................... .....................................................

Ten minutes later, Zhao Yesui took Lin Yi back to the hotel where he stayed before.