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After pondering for a while, Zhao Yesui then said, "Then, why do you want to investigate Lin Youde? Has Daxia Longque got the clues that he colluded with the Governor of Xihezhou?"


Lin Yi said blankly: "Originally, my mission was to collect evidence that the Governor of Xihezhou might be treasonous as an embassy attache, but yesterday's incident happened to Lin Youde, and at the same time, Lin Youde's dirty affairs were also known to us, so The organization suspects that this matter may be related to the Governor of Xihezhou..."

A population trade involving 20,000 people is indeed difficult to do without the consent of the Governor of Xihezhou.

This is something normal people would think of, so it is understandable that the Big Summer Dragon Sparrow would do this.

But Zhao Yesui thought of another thing.

Before beheading Lin Youde, in order not to affect unrelated people, he stood by the window for a while, and then found a good opportunity to scare Lin Youde away.

Before that, he had heard the conversation between Lin Youde and the gang leader Zhonglong Heye.

When Zhao Yesang recalled it carefully, the scene at that time clearly reappeared in his mind.

The texture on the window frame that was being clawed at that time, the ragged Maggies that were faintly visible through the window paper, and the guards of Zhao Yeshou who were always patrolling but could not see the use of "Tianshu"...

"No, that's not the point..."

Zhao Yesui focused his attention on the conversation between Lin Youde and Zhonglong Heye in the room.


"...I don't care what method you use to threaten, kidnap and loot. In short, in a week, I want to see 20,000 qualified 'sacrifices', don't try to use any crooked melons and jujubes. You get away with it, you know the consequences."

"Remember, in this hellish place, there are countless people who want to be the dog of my Lin family. You are just one of the more useful ones. If you can't fulfill your obligations, then I can only treat you well. Cooking a meal can be regarded as an explanation for our long-standing friendship between monarchs and ministers."

"Go away when you know."

"By the way, remember, you, Zhonglong Kazuya, are the team leaders of the Xihezhou underground gang and the Dragon Gang. The reason for this time to hunt down people is because you were fascinated by ghosts and blood spirit sacrifices. Fa- understand?"

"If our stubborn Governor-General asks, do you know how to answer?"


After playing this sentence repeatedly in his mind, Zhao Yesui frowned slightly and said, "No, no, Lin Youde has nothing to do with that governor..."

"Even, he seems to have to avoid the governor, afraid of being discovered by her, so he needs to spend a lot of time using a 'black glove'..."

The authenticity of this sentence, Zhao Yejia feels that it needs to be considered, but there is a great possibility that it is true.

Because Lin Youde has no reason to hide it when he talks to his "black gloves", Zhonglonghe must also know that Lin Youde has done dirty things. In this case, it would be too boring to pretend.

In other words, the governor of Xihezhou may indeed have no collusion with Lin Youde.

At the same time, Zhao Yesui also keenly captured the keyword "dead brain".

Since it is said that the Governor-General is dead brain, it proves that Lin Youde should have hit a wall in similar matters, so he will say this.

In other words, the governor should not support such a thing.

I just don’t know if it’s because I feel that my own interests are violated, or if I really don’t approve of such evil things.

"Things are getting more and more confusing..."

Zhao Yesui frowned slightly, because a task reminder appeared in front of his eyes.

[Player Ye Lin has triggered a personal hidden mission: treason or not]

[Accept yes/no]

[The mission will officially start after the player Ye Lin chooses to accept it]

Accepting the task means taking over this hot potato.

However, a lot of debt does not weigh you down.

Zhao Yesui can't remember how many quests he has received so far. Anyway, if he can't complete the big task, his evaluation will drop. He has not forgotten that he has been warned by the fate game because of "continuously chasing teammates", so let's just play this game. Just screw it up.

The big deal is that I don't need quest rewards. I can get far richer harvests than other players just by extracting my identity!

So, Zhao Yesui simply chose "Yes".

[Player Ye Lin has accepted a personal hidden task: treason or not]

[Please select a faction]

[Governor of Xihezhou/Great Summer Dragon Sparrow]

"Why are there still divisions here..."

Although there have been speculations, when he really wanted to choose a faction, Zhao Yesui still suffered from difficulty in choosing.

However, I had already thought about it before, so this time, Zhao Yesui finally chose Daxia Longque.

[Player Ye Lin has chosen the faction "Big Summer Dragon Sparrow"]

[The first ring of the mission officially opens]

[The first link: Please cooperate with the special envoy Lin Yi of the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow to investigate the Lin Youde incident and find clues about the governor of Xihezhou]


Zhao Yeshou glanced at Lin Yi who was staring at him, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

In theory, I hypnotize the special envoy of Daxia Longque into my own hot weapon, and then take her to complete the task, is it considered cooperation?

After thinking about it, Zhao Yesui clapped his hands and said, "Release the control." "

The next moment, the flesh and blood worms in Lin Yi's body stopped manipulating Lin Yi's brain. After a while, Lin Yi regained consciousness and realized what he had just done.


She looked at Zhao Yeshou, gritted her teeth and said, "What kind of magic did you use to manipulate me?"

"It's just a folk lore that is not worth mentioning."

Zhao Yeshou lightly ignored the achievements of the Tianmo Palace, and then looked at Lin Yi with a half-smile and said, "However, Miss Lin Yi, at least before I release my control over you, what do I want you to do? what must be done."

"Like learning to bark, three times, three times."

Lin Yi covered her mouth subconsciously, but she didn't respond after a while. She looked at Zhao Yeshou with grief and indignation and said, "What exactly do you want to do?"

"I said it at the beginning, I want to negotiate a deal with Miss Lin Yi, or the big Xia Longque behind you, but who knows that you want to commit suicide as soon as you see me, and... ."

Zhao Ye raised his eyebrows and said, "Did you bring unnecessary emotions to work because of your personal experience?"

"As a qualified espionage officer, this kind of thing is a taboo among taboos. Generally, in film and television dramas, people who do this will soon receive a lunch. From my personal point of view, if I really are If the former Zhao Tu had said it, you should have died long ago."

"From this point of view, you are really incompetent. I feel unfortunate for a layman like you in the big summer dragonfly."

Zhao Yesui smiled and said, "If you don't have the patience to talk and laugh with the enemy who just killed your entire family yesterday, don't step into this line of work. Didn't your teacher teach you?"

When a qualified espionage officer encounters a dangerous person like Zhao Tu, it is impossible to use words to stimulate him again and again.

In this way, what Zhao Yejia said was true, and Lin Yi's behavior was undoubtedly immature and mentally retarded in his opinion.

If she was just an ordinary person, Zhao Yesui could still comfort her a few words, but she is a member of Daxia's swordsman countermeasure agency Daxia Longque, and the people of Daxia are behind her, so she dares to be emotional in this situation For use, Zhao Yesui just sneered and sneered.

Lin Yi was silent for a long time, precisely because what Zhao Yesang said was the truth, she had no reason to refute Zhao Yesang.

But at the same time, she also realized a certain word in what Zhao Yesui just said.

"The former Zhao Tu"

Is it different from the current Zhao Tu?

After being silent for a long time, Lin Yi's eyes gradually calmed down when she looked at Zhao Yeshou, and she said seriously, "So, what exactly do you want to do?"

"In the beginning, I just planned to solve the follow-up of the Lin Youde incident, and I just needed your help from the big summer dragon, but who knew that I was involved in this kind of thing somehow."

Zhao Yesui smiled and said, "Since this is the case, of course I can't just sit back and watch."

"I want to investigate this matter with you. I think with my participation, this matter will definitely come to light soon."

At first, Lin Yi was found only to solve the Lin family's affairs with the help of the power of Daxia Longque, so that Ji Gong's family could take over the 20,000 people smoothly, but now, according to the information disclosed by Lin Yi, Daxia Longque should be able to take over in a short time. It is impossible to intervene in the affairs of Xihezhou, so we can only find another way.


righteous you?

Lin Yi looked at Zhao Yeshou who was smiling, and the corners of her mouth twitched.

In this world, if you want to say that the politicians who started the war, the swordsmen who killed countless people, and the bureaucrats who fish the common people are just, then Lin Yi can still believe it for the time being, but the only person who can't be justice is standing by her at this moment. in front of.

He also claimed to be a partner of justice.

What a ridiculous thing.

Lin Yi compared the combat power of the two sides and realized that it was impossible for him to refuse Zhao Yesui's proposal, so he could only say euphemistically: "It's not impossible, but I need to report to the organization..."

"Then there's no need." Zhao Yeshou shrugged and said, "If you report something so important, I'm afraid there will be a big problem, and you can't do it now."

"If you want to report, you can wait until the mission has progressed and then report back. Anyway, you can't tell me any information related to me in any way, and you can't make any betrayal of me."

Lin Yi was a little shaken by Zhao Yesui's confident tone. She glanced at the hidden monitor without a trace, thinking that it might not be the case.

Just as I was talking to you, the video of our conversation was passed to the organization, and now they should have started an urgent meeting to discuss how to deal with the next thing...

Zhao Yesui noticed her gaze and said with a smile, "Miss Lin Yi, what are you looking at?"

"You're not looking at... those monitors you set up, are you?"


Lin Yi was shocked in her heart, but she remained calm on the surface. She frowned slightly and looked at Zhao Yeshou and said, "What are you talking about?"

"It's the monitor you set up to monitor me."

Zhao Yesui said curiously: "But, you don't think I can't find it, do you? Or, do you think I can't make you see only 'no abnormal' videos?"

"Then you must have underestimated me a little bit."

Lin Yi's heart was like falling into an ice cave. Although Zhao Yesang was probably bluffing, Lin Yi really couldn't find a reason for Zhao Yesang to do so.

Because if he can't do what he said, the big summer dragonfinch will find out the anomaly and start to act immediately, which means nothing to him.

After struggling for a long time, Lin Yi raised his head, looked at Zhao Yesao and said, "...Okay, I can agree to your request."

"However, if you make any move to throw your hands on the Governor of West Hezhou, I will send the message out at all costs."

This was her decision after considering the pros and cons.

The investigation into the treason of the governor of Xihezhou is an absolute secret, but now Zhao Tu knows about it, which is a big mistake.

But this is also something that can't be helped. It's not just her. Any member of the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow falls into the hands of Zhao Tu, and the result is the same.

Although Lin Yi is very suspicious of Zhao Tu's integrity, after all, from the current situation, it is more in line with his character and interests to cooperate with the Governor of Xihezhou, but if this is the case, Zhao Tu has no reason to play with her here. , just kill her directly and then contact the governor of Xihezhou.

At this point, Lin Yi can only try his best to make up for it.

Staying by Zhao Tu's side and monitoring his every move to prevent him from joining the enemy is the only thing she can do now.

...Although it seems that even if she finds out, she can't do anything.

"Okay, then it's a pleasure to work together."

Zhao Yeshou chuckled lightly and reached a consensus with Lin Yi unilaterally.

Then, he looked at the first link of the mission.

[The first link: Please cooperate with the special envoy Lin Yi of the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow to investigate the Lin Youde incident and find clues about the governor of Xihezhou]

The case about Lin Youde is very involved. After all, Yunding Chamber of Commerce has been operating in Hezhou for so long, and it is still such a major case. It may be difficult to sort out from the beginning.

At the same time, the intricate forces are also the reason why the Imperial City Guard has not achieved any substantial results so far.

Although it is not difficult to sort out the whole incident and related personnel with Zhao Yeshou's ability, he doesn't like trouble, it is too troublesome to solve the case.

In comparison, he has an easier way.

"...I'll just ask Lin Youde if it's okay."

Zhao Yesui clapped his hands and came to an exciting conclusion.

As long as he has a brain, Zhao Yesui can extract all the remaining memories in his brain. Isn't this much simpler than reasoning?

Intrinsic reasoning? long dead.

The only question is, how to get Lin Youde's head.

"I remember that at the time, I seemed to have nailed his head to the eaves in order to be handsome..."

Zhao Yesui quickly recalled what happened to Lin Youde's head, and couldn't help but start to worry about whether such a violent move would destroy the information.

"Forget it, it shouldn't be a problem."