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In the confrontation between life and death, just a moment of hesitation may decide life and death, let alone complete stagnation.

So, one sword cut in two.

After beheading the first enemy, the Dark Swordsman did not stop at all, and without hesitation he killed the next enemy.

Still a simple sword.

This time, Zhao Yesui determined that the Darkest Swordsman had used some means to make the enemy he was fighting with fall into a state similar to time stagnation.

To be honest, Zhao Yesui thought this was a bit like a miracle.

But how can miracles be performed continuously and seem to cost nothing?

As far as Zhao Yesang knows so far, the reason why miracles are called miracles is that they need to pay a certain price to perform them.

The cost of usage is the most common, which is why miracles are called miracles.

It is precisely because it has a limit on the number of times that it can be used, and at the same time, it can often play a role in turning the tide of the battle after it is used, and the miracle is named after it.

There are also miracles at the cost of other conditions, such as the price of life, the price of memory, the price of a part of the body, the price of the soul, in short, it must be an equivalent exchange in some sense. .

The price paid by Zhao Yeshou's [Steam Hengchang] is the excessive consumption of energy. If it is not backed by the entire Qi Hengtian, it is difficult for [Steam Hengchang] to operate 24 hours a day with only Zhao Yesao alone. .

In any case, miracles are conditional.

But why does the Darkest Swordsman seem to pay no price at all...?

"Don't look at it."

Zhao Yesui had already withdrawn his gaze, drank the last bit of oolong tea, and then threw it into the trash can: "The meaningless battle, not even a famous swordsman, is probably just a boring test."

"Of course, even if there are seven famous swordsmen, the final result should not be big. The only difference is whether this dark swordsman can completely protect the entire headquarters."

If when miracles can be released should be called power.

Even if there is no king-level contribution, it is still enough to decide the battle situation when facing an enemy of the same level.

Of course, only at the same level.

Are the warriors of the Twelve Lans of the same rank... Zhao Yeshou has been kept in the dark for the time being.

He has always been very modest and cautious. In short, if he has never fought, he assumes that he cannot beat him, so as to ensure that he will not overturn to the greatest extent possible.

After watching this battle, Zhao Yesui finally understood why the Darkest Sword Puppet was recognized as a sword puppet that exceeded several generations.

Just relying on this miracle is enough to make all the gods in the world go crazy.

But that doesn't quite make sense.

The difference between miracle and power is the line drawn by the starry sea for countless years. If there is something that can be overthrown in such a small world, then Zhao Yejia can believe that the world will be destroyed in the next moment. The top ones are blocked.

Therefore, the Darkest Swordsman must have paid a certain price.

The battle outside the window came to an end, and soon someone went out to clean the battlefield and compliment the Darkest Swordsman, but the office was quiet.

Zhao Yesui thought for a while, and suddenly realized that he didn't need to work behind closed doors at all.

Isn't there a Darkest Swordsman in front of him?

Zhao Yesui looked at Lin Yi and said sincerely: "Sorry, Miss Lin Yi, I have to trouble you to rest for a while."

Lin Yi didn't realize what Zhao Yesui's remarks meant when she felt a drowsiness sweeping over her. Even after receiving special training, she couldn't contain this drowsiness.

Could it be that there is something wrong with the oolong tea you just drank...?

But it's not black tea, is it?

After putting Lin Yi to sleep, Zhao Yeshou ignored Miss Guide's protest and covered the surroundings with embers of fire, and then looked at Yu Asakami and asked earnestly, "Superintendent Asaka, I remember that you also had the same thing on your body. Carrying the Darkest Sword Puppet?"

"Ah, if there are no outsiders, you don't need to call me that."

After thinking for a while, Asaka said, "Just call me by my name. I've been living in the Yan Kingdom recently, and I'm used to it."

"As for the Darkest Sword Puppet..."

Asakami Yu stood up and showed Zhao Yesao the long sword on his waist: "It's here."

"If Ye Lin...cough, if Mr. Yama wants to see it, take it and see it."

Accidentally said Zhao Yesui's real nickname, Asakami Yu coughed twice, and then handed out the dark sword puppet.

Yu Asakami actually gave me something so precious?

Zhao Yeshou raised his eyebrows, feeling that his relationship with Qianshang You didn't seem to have reached this level yet, but since Qianshang You had given it, Zhao Yeshou also took it.

The moment he started, Zhao Yesui felt a burst of icy aura rushing into the body along the sword, but was swallowed by the fire of embers.

Zhao Yesui could sense that the sword was repelling him.

As if it did not match Zhao Yesao from the root, this Darkest Sword Puppet was doing its best to repel Zhao Yessao, trying to break free from Zhao Yessang's hands.

However, all the struggles were annihilated by the embers of fire.

No matter how powerful it is, it is only a piece of equipment after all. Without the master's control, it is difficult to exert one's own strength.

And there is no swordsman's soul in this darkest sword puppet, so it doesn't have its own intelligence. It struggled instinctively for a long time. After finding that there was no way to break free, he gave up.

Seeing that the Darkest Sword Puppet was honest, Zhao Ye looked up at Yu Asaka and asked, "Yu, did you get the approval of this Darkest Sword Puppet? You know that the Darkest Sword Puppet is based on What are the conditions to recognize the Lord?"

Silently watching his sword puppet be turned into his shape by Zhao Yesang's embers of fire, Asaka Yu had no idea, just thought about it and said:

"I'm not too sure. I was recognized when I first entered this scene, so I haven't experienced any recognition process..."

Asakami Yu recalled for a moment and said: "Also, the other seven guys who have been recognized by the sword puppet are also very strange. Some of them are even just rookie swordsmen, and they can't find anything in common at all."

Seeing that what You said didn't seem to be fake, Zhao Yesui also turned his attention to the Darkest Sword Puppet in his hand.

Only from the point of view of the sword, this is like a work of art rather than a sword used to wield and kill enemies.

The style of the sword is the style of the common sword, Zhao Yeshi thought about it, and then asked: "Does every dark sword puppet look like this?"

"No, the eight most dark sword puppets are all different styles."

Asakami Yu replied: "I saw it during training. The guy who just went out to fight outside the window has the Darkest Sword Puppet in the style of a Roman two-handed sword, as well as Han swords, cross swords, guard rapiers, etc. , are different."

"Similarly, the styles of the sword puppets are also different, and there is no repetition."

The reason why Zhao Yesui asked such a question was actually to know a question that the whole world was concerned about at this moment.

That is the origin of the Darkest Sword Puppet.

More than one generation is a genius, and more than a few generations is a lunatic. No one thinks that Hezhou can develop a sword puppet that exceeds several generations after being blocked for 30 years.

Therefore, the origin of the Darkest Sword Puppet has always been what everyone wanted to know, and it was also one of the reasons why Daxia Longque sent Zhao Yesui to come here.

However, this kind of thing is something that a soldier like Yuu Asaka would not know.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Yesui said to Yu Asakami: "Just like this, you can't see anything... The most important part of the sword puppet is the sword puppet, not the sword."

"Yu, can you summon the sword puppet and let me study it?"

This is a very arrogant move. Saying this to a swordsman and telling a man that I want to go to bed with your wife and discuss life is no different, even more serious.

But Yuko Asakami has never been a swordsman, and the Darkest Sword Puppet in his opponent has no feelings, and this is a quest item, and you can't take it with you after the quest is over. , so he readily agreed: "Okay."

Asakami Yu agreed so happily, but Zhao Yejia was startled and suspicious.

It's not like this situation where the other party agrees to everything he asks for is not unheard of, but at that time the target was Sora and the others, but now Asaka Yu is showing such an attitude, and he has to let him Zhao Yesui felt a little strange.

He just asked casually, and he didn't expect Yuu Asaka to agree, but Yuu Asaka actually agreed to such an unreasonable request, which made Zhao Yesui have to think more.

You don't like me, do you...?

Zhao Yesui took a step back silently, and wanted to run away.

Asakami Yu thought that Zhao Yesui was making space for him, so he held the Dark Sword Puppet and recited softly: "I know everything, love everything, so this world is eternal and echoes endlessly."

The next moment, the dark purple sword puppet appeared on Yuu Asaka and solidified in an instant.

Although he already had the idea of ​​running away, Zhao Yesui still stopped when the Dark Sword Puppet really appeared.

Without him, any craftsman would stop when he saw this sword puppet.

In a sense, sword puppets can be classified as special magical armor.

Of course, Zhao Yeshou can also make a set of steam armor, but with his upgrade speed, it is estimated that he will not be able to wear it by the time he builds it, so after the last test item was destroyed, Zhao Yeshou did not have it. did it again.

My skin is more durable than armor, so what armor should I wear?

But the sword puppet is different, especially the sword puppet cast with [Tianmo Dazzling] as the sword body.

[Tianmo Dazzling] has been scheduled to be a material-souled magic sword for Zhao Yesao, that is to say, [Tianmo Dazzling] will soon become a part of Zhao Yesao's body. The sword puppet cast in this case, the same.

When he saw the Darkest Sword Puppet at this moment, the originally vague conception of the Sword Puppet in Zhao Yesang's heart suddenly became clear.

Simply a puppet of a dream.

Now only after the scene is over to obtain Zhao Tu's identity, Zhao Yesui can start preparing to build the sword puppet.

Before that, whether it is to complete the task or to build a sword puppet, it is necessary to study the sword puppet that has exceeded several generations.

After summoning the sword puppet, Asaka Yu retreated, leaving only the sword puppet standing there silently.

Zhao Yesui took a deep breath, stepped forward, and began to study this darkest sword puppet.

But looking at the sword puppet, he has a feeling that he can't start.

After all, he is not the "Demon Casting Ghost" Zhao Tu, who specializes in the art industry. It is really impossible for a steam craftsman to be proficient in another advanced skill in an instant, and it is a skill far beyond the level of the current era.

"Hey, it seems that I can't complete the task like this..."

Zhao Yesui hasn't forgotten the personal hidden quest that he got at the beginning.

[Personal Hidden Mission: Mystery of the Sword Puppet]

[Mission description: Eight sword puppets that exceed several levels of the current era, so that the eyes of all countries in the world are focused on the island country in the extreme east. There is no doubt that countless sword puppets will unfold around these eight sword puppets. Fight openly and secretly until the dust of their ownership is settled. ]

[Task requirements: Obtain at least one "Dark Sword Puppet", analyze its structure, and understand its origin. ]

This is a task given by Zhao Tu's identity, not triggered later.

Now the Dark Sword Puppet is in hand, at least temporarily, but I have absolutely no idea how to analyze the sword puppet and how to complete the task?

It seems that he heard Zhao Yesang's heart, or because Zhao Yesang stood in front of a disarmed Darkest Sword Puppet and triggered some mechanism. The next moment, a memory flooded into Zhao Yesang's mind. among.

That's hell.

In other words, **** on earth.

The corpses were all over the place, the blood mist filled the air, the wailing of the soul and the moaning of the dying people added a color of despair to this hell.

Fresh blood flowed into a pool of blood.

The bones are stacked, paving the mountain of bones.

At the top of the pile of corpses, someone was holding a bone hammer, silently hammering.

The mourning and dead souls condensed here, hammer by hammer, cast into the sword.

With blood as sacrifice and corpse as the foundation, the most ferocious and evil magic sword in the world is cast.

But for some reason, the swordsmith standing on the top of the mountain had a fanatical smile on his mouth.

It's like doing the greatest thing in the world.

When he saw this scene, Zhao Ye's eyes turned black.

"No, it's you again..."

"Oh no, it's me again..."

...................................................... ......................................

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Wait, maybe there is.

Chapter 438 is very urgent, very urgent

Although he had already guessed in his heart, when he saw this scene, Zhao Yesui still felt that his eyes were black.

He has tried his best to overestimate Zhao Tu's ability to revive, but he didn't expect that this matter was actually related to him.

No, brother, what kind of meme virus are you? Why are the good things not yours? The bad things are definitely related to you?

What kind of pot king are you? Tokiomi is willing to be inferior to you.