Asaka Yu glanced at it, there were already two signed names on it, but the remarks in front of him made the corners of his mouth twitch.

[Young Master of the Hime Palace: Ye Rin]

[Wife of the Young Master of the Hime Palace: Hime Palace Aya]

Co-authoring is even clear about this kind of thing...

As he became more and more sure of his guess, Yuu Asakami signed his name.

The contract is established.

From that moment on, Asaka Yu suddenly felt an unprecedented peace.

When Zhao Yi thought about it, the sky widened in an instant.

"Okay, then it's over."

Zhao Yeshou nodded, and said to Yu Qianshang by the way: "By the way, Qianshang, I just have one thing that I need you to do for me."

"What's up?"

Now that everyone has joined this alliance, Asaka Yu can't let it go any further, he immediately cheered up and said, "As long as it is within my ability, I will try my best to do it."

"Not to that extent."

Zhao Yesui thought for a while and said, "Are you now the organizer of the 'Sword Puppet Demon' event?"

"Yes." When talking about this matter now, Asaka Yu no longer felt the uneasy feeling before, and suddenly became confident: "It's me, does Mr. Ye Lin need me to do anything? "

Zhao Yeshou said solemnly: "Of course there is."

"I hope that you can use your authority to publicize the deeds of the 'Sword Puppet Evil Ghost' as far as possible."


Asakami Yu was already prepared, and planned to help Zhao Yeshou completely cover up the "sword puppet evil ghost" thing. Who knew that Zhao Yesui came up with such a sentence, and he would not be able to straighten it directly to Asaka Yu.

Zhao Yesui added: "By the way, as far as I know, he was also responsible for the assassination of the embassy ambassador in the early hours of this morning. You can draw this conclusion through some 'reasonable' reasoning, and then add this matter to the Promote it in the deeds of the sword puppet demon."

Of course I know it's you who did it, after all, the game of destiny has been broadcast three times, and we want us to be careful about you...

Asakami Yu was a little incomprehensible at first, but soon understood why Zhao Yesui did this.

"Is it that kind of exclusive personal quest? There will be a quest that requires popularity, probably an exclusive title quest..."

Asakami Yu finally understood what Zhao Yeshou meant, and followed Zhao Yeshou's words and continued: "So, what is the point of the propaganda? It is necessary to vigorously publicize the bad deeds of the dead, or promote the evil deeds of the sword puppets. Serious crime?"

These are two different ways of completing tasks, one for good and one for evil. Generally speaking, there is no third way.

However, after thinking about it for a long time, Zhao Yesui suddenly chuckled and said:

"Publicize it."

"Not only do we need to let everyone know why the dead died and what crimes they committed, but we also need to let everyone know that the sword puppet evil ghost has never been a righteous partner."

"He will not bring justice, only judgment."


Asakami You faintly realized something, but still couldn't capture the mysterious and mysterious inspiration, and finally decided to do as Zhao Yejia said.

And just like that, a conversation in which both parties were not on the same channel from beginning to end came to an end.

The name of the sword puppet evil ghost is about to fly over the imperial city.

...................................................... .....................................................

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Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty How Can I Conferred God

In the cold night sky, Zhao Yesui stood on the rooftop of an office building, quietly overlooking the city below.

There is also a scarlet coffin placed beside it, which looks quite like the kind of necromancer who carries summoned beasts with him.

Eh... No, I'm the Necromancer, what is like?

However, the coffin of blood was not Zhao Yesui's summoned beast, but Lin Yi, who had been sleeping until now.

After reaching a consensus with Yu Asagami, Zhao Yesui handed him the task of making the "Sword Puppet Evil Ghost" famous, and then left.

The night was still long, and he still had a lot to do.

If nothing else, tomorrow should be the time to officially start the main quest.

At that time, Zhao Yesui may not be as leisurely as he is now.

Therefore, push as far as possible the branch line that can be pushed, so as not to be mixed with the main line when it is difficult to advance.

So far, Zhao Yesui has received a total of four hidden missions.

One is the personal hidden quest [Mystery of the Sword Puppet] brought by Zhao Tu's identity, this one just got new information, needless to say.

One is the mainline hidden quest [Convergence of Wind and Clouds] caused by the rustic girl I met on the way to the imperial city.

Zhao Yesang still remembers that at that time he took the Shinkansen to the imperial city and suffered a terrorist attack on the train. Although he was able to see it in advance and disappeared, Zhao Yesang kept his mind and found it. that girl.

And in the backpack that the girl carried with her, there was a real sword puppet.

According to Zhao Yesui's speculation, the terrorist attack triggered this time should be just a cover, and the real purpose is to cover up the girl's tracks.

After that, an unknown person took the girl away, which also confirmed Zhao Yeshou's guess.

Although he couldn't catch up with the girl, Zhao Yesui spied on the safe house they used to divert their attention, but so far, nothing has been found.

The third quest is the hidden quest in the world [Wazhihua] related to Miss Guide.

To be honest, Zhao Yesui has not yet understood what this task is.

Its mission goal is very mysterious, and it seems that it only needs to swipe the favorability of the guide lady.

However, the way to increase the favorability is very strange. Zhao Yesang honestly thinks that it is not like an option used to improve favorability in the GALGAME game, it is basically Zhao Yesang's personal paranoid remarks.

Moreover, the results of the hidden tasks of this world after completion are not indicated.

Is it finished or not finished?

From the player's point of view, of course it was done, but Zhao Yexuan had a hunch that this task might not be as simple as it seemed on the surface.

The fourth mission is a new mission that was just triggered tonight, [Treason or not].

This is also the only task that is currently in sight.

By reading Lin Youde's memory, Zhao Yesui saw Lin Youde's views on the Governor of Xihe Continent.

Old stubborn stubborn, stone in the latrine, warrior with tough methods...

There is no doubt that Lin Youde is very jealous of this Governor of Xihezhou, so much that he wants to use the "Zhonglong Heye" chess piece to implement the population trade plan to distance himself from himself.

Because Lin Youde is very clear, if this matter is finally exposed and the Governor of Xihezhou knows that it is related to him, even if he is a direct descendant of the Lin family, he will still die.

It's not because of the faction, but simply because he committed a crime, so the Governor of Xihezhou will definitely punish him, no matter how honorable he is or how powerful the family behind him is.

Judging from only one party's memory is definitely biased, but a person who can make Lin Youde jealous in various senses is either a good person in a general sense with integrity and skill, or a person who can be like the light. Dusty neutral character.

No matter what kind of person she is, she will never be simple.

But Zhao Yesui's mission was to meet her.

[Second ring has been opened]

[Second Ring: Please get in touch with the Governor of Xihezhou]

If you just simply get in touch, it's not that difficult.

Because Zhao Yesui had seen in Lin Youde's memory the way to contact the Governor of West Hezhou.

But what will you say after you get in touch?

Liaodang asked her directly, "Hey fellow Taijun asked me to send you a message, are you treasonous?"

......A self-exploding speech no matter what you think.

Zhao Yeshou thought in a different position, if he was indeed a traitor, and someone asked him such a sentence inexplicably, then he would definitely try his best to find out who this person was, and then he would do anything to him.

Maybe that Governor of Xihe Continent would also personally come to the imperial city to kill Zhao Yesao.

It's still a small problem to kill him, I'm afraid she will go to Da Xia and sue Zhao Ye.

Before there is conclusive evidence, even if there is a big suspicion, no one dares to directly attack such a territorial official. Don't you see, even if Daxia Longque wants to investigate the governor of Xihezhou, he will quietly send someone to carry out the investigation. investigation.

And the news that Zhao Yesao is Zhao Tu is still in Daxia's hands. When that time comes, Zhao Yesshou will not help Daxia to clean up the door, but he will be cleaned up.

"Pei Changkong."

Zhao Yesui said the name softly.

This is the name of the Governor of West and Continent, which does not sound like a female name.

Zhao Yesui faintly felt that the four tasks he received seemed to have some inexplicable connection.

They are related to each other, and they move the whole body. If these four tasks are all completed, it is probably time to thoroughly find out the truth of this imperial city incident.

A normal player receives even one of these tasks and they are busy the whole game, but Zhao Yesui is connected to four, although this allows him to understand the complete world view of this task and get more rewards. opportunity, but it also put him in a dilemma for a while.

"The Governor of Xihezhou... Let's assume she has something to do with this incident. Then, what about Donghezhou, or the New Roman Empire?"

Zhao Yesui didn't think that the New Roman Empire would give up its interference in Hezhou. In this state of competition between the two sides, any new variable may break the situation, so the New Roman Empire should also be involved. .


As soon as the new Roman Empire was mentioned, Zhao Yesui thought of something and took a deep breath.

"It won't be... the quest line on the puppet master's side?"

According to the players' respective identities, as the plenipotentiary ambassador of the New Roman Empire to the imperial city, the puppet master should have a good understanding of the layout of the new Roman Empire in the imperial city.

Moreover, the puppet master revealed before that she also received a personal hidden task, related to Zhao Tu, and now Zhao Yesui already knows that Zhao Tu is the creator of the dark sword puppet, so there is a high probability that it is also related to this incident. related.

Zhao Yeshi guessed that the reason why this time is called a team cooperation scene should be that each player represents their respective forces and performs the same task.


"I've already killed the puppet master offline????"

The corners of Zhao Yeshou's mouth twitched, and he couldn't make it right.

If this mission is really what he imagined, then the early offline of the puppet master means that there is one less piece of the puzzle.

What it feels like to be missing a piece of the puzzle, Zhao Yesui has deeply experienced it in the previous scenes.

Although with the character of the puppet master, even if she is still online, she will not honestly share information with them, but false information is better than no information.

However, things have come to this point, and Zhao Yesui has no regrets about the past.

Indulging in decisions made in the past will only make one unable to grasp the present and the future. For now, it is not impossible without a puppet master.

In the past, I was able to get along well when the entire quest line was deleted, but now I just lost a teammate. Can I still play?

After rearranging his thoughts, Zhao Yeshao let out a light breath and touched the bone sword in his arms.

Not unexpectedly received an indiscriminate bombardment from the guide lady.

Miss Guide: "Hey, what's the matter, why can't I see anything?"

Miss Guide: "Sir, how are you over there? I can't see you here."


Miss guide: "Sir... can you say something, I'm a little worried..."

I originally thought that what I was greeted would be a reprimand from the guide, but I didn't expect that it would be the guide's worry.

This made Zhao Yesang's conscience start to ache.

Just now, because I wanted to chat with Yu Asakami about the player, Zhao Yesui temporarily shielded Miss Guide with ember fire, but forgot to explain it to her in advance.

Now it seems that Miss Guide was quite frightened by this sudden shield.

So, is Miss Guide worried about me...

The corners of Zhao Yesui's mouth twitched, and he wanted to fool the guide lady, but now, he really can't be ruthless with such a simple guide lady.