MTL - I Can Extract My Identity and Join the Death Game - C.381Mar 06, 2023


It's killing bugs.

As long as the bugs are gone, doesn't it mean success?

So, the game of destiny restarted the broadcast information:

[The consecration ceremony continues]

[A power that can be sublimated to divine power has not been detected]

[Leave it to you]

Feeling the black fog that was rapidly consuming, Zhao Ye looked at the blank star from a distance, and Fuzhi mentally understood what to do at this time.

To describe it in words that the player can understand is to consume a skill.

Recalling the previous "Tai Xu", Zhao Yeshao breathed softly, apologized to Su Yanxi, and then chose to use [Tai Xu Sword Canon] as a consumable.

[Player Ye Lin has chosen the skill "Tai Xu Sword Canon"]

[Theocracy "Untitled" is born]

[Current progress: 0.0178%]

The next moment, Zhao Yesui sensed that the star named "Unnamed" sprinkled starlight on him and became his Pleiades.

...................................................... ......................................................

Opening his eyes again, Zhao Yeshou subconsciously covered the location of "Tianshu".

He can perceive that his Pleiades "Unnamed" is using the "Tianshu" as a hub to provide him with shelter.

This is also a matter of course, that is his divine right, who will he protect if he does not protect him?

Although it was still 108,000 miles away from the real theocracy, Zhao Yesao felt incomprehensible.

I...Is this consecrated?

Thinking of this, Zhao Yejia immediately checked his character panel, and it still showed [Personality: Brave/▇▇], which did not change.

Now, Zhao Yesui has finally come to his senses and understands what just happened.

He really performed a consecration.

"So, trying to leave your own divine right in the divine right starry sky, is this one of the steps to confer a god..."

The corners of Zhao Yesui's mouth twitched: "So, what I just did is equivalent to trying to confer a god?"

Although I don't know what will happen if Fengshen fails, I think it won't be without sequelae.

If it weren't for the black mist, his daring actions would have brought an end to this mission.

His end may be worse than that of the puppet master. The puppet master may just become a vegetative person now, and Zhao Yesui may not even be a vegetative person.

By the way, black fog...

Zhao Yeshou stretched out his hand, but found that there were only two chains he could grab.

Chains, that is, the black mist used to seal Nilsyat and let Nilesyat continue to sleep.

But the illegal conferring of gods just now seems to be a very serious matter, so that the consumption of black mist far exceeds the consumption of the daily sealing of Nilsyat.

Zhao Yesao had noticed it just now, but the final consumption had not reached an unacceptable level, so Zhao Yesang did not forcibly terminate the conferred gods this time.

This is probably the most outrageous conferred **** in history, and it is also a conferred **** that is impossible to reproduce.

As far as the result is concerned, Zhao Yesui did not feel any change in himself.

Oh, there are still some changes. The [Taixu Sword Canon] in the skill column has disappeared, and at the same time, Zhao Yesui can't recall the contents of the Taixu Sword Canon.

Sword God Taixu, the most handy skill Zhao Yesui has used all along, announced his retirement from the stage of history in this conferring god.

became the cornerstone of the new theocracy.

[Player Ye Lin has condensed the divine right "Unnamed"]

[Player Ye Lin has lost the skill "Tai Xu Sword Canon"]

[Search exception]

[Player Ye Lin please make persistent efforts and continue to improve swordsmanship. The swordsmanship and battles experienced in the process will affect the final birth of the divine right]

[Player Ye Lin has chosen "Unnamed" as Pleiades]

After carefully reading this news over and over several times, Zhao Ye patted his forehead and finally understood what the conferred gods meant to him this time.

...................................................... ......................................

P.S. Currently due to update (12/21).

The progress is already being fine-tuned, not the progress within the dungeon, but the overall progress.

It was originally planned to be a miracle for one copy, and then one copy for one power, but because the length of the copy is greatly elongated, I am afraid that it will not have to write three million words to be a king, five million words of Yeji, That would be a bit outrageous.

At the same time, it will also cause the perception that there is no progress after so much, so fine-tuning is carried out.

Chapter Four Hundred and Fortieth Instinct Reasoning, My Ingenuity Reasoning

On the whole, this conferred **** is a veritable tasteless rib.

According to Zhao Yesui's guess, Fengshen should try to be promoted to Yedi after the conditions are complete, and the power to be promoted to divine right.

If it were someone else, it might be an unexpected ecstasy to encounter this kind of thing, but it was no different for Zhao Yesui.

It has been said before that miracles and powers are the manifestation of personal images. A person's experience, habits, character, fighting style, extraordinary ability, all will become the cornerstone of miracles and powers. This is also the reason why miracles and powers are often different Same reason.

A normal person consecrates a god, which is to put together everything that he has experienced before and sublime it into divine power.

Zhao Yeshou's words actually made no difference.

His newly acquired divine right "Untitled" cannot be used because it has not really been completed. According to Destiny Games, "Player Ye Rin is requested to make persistent efforts and continue to improve his swordsmanship. The swordsmanship he has learned and the battles he has experienced in the process will be Affecting the divine right that is finally born", which means that Zhao Yesui still needs to continue to hone the divine right like a normal person.

For other people who have not yet determined whether they can be conferred a god, this means that as long as they work hard, they can be conferred a god, which can be said to be a step to the sky.

A future without hope is more intimidating than a difficult goal.

But Zhao Yesui still knew a lot about it. He never thought that he would not be able to reach the realm of Yeju, so this kind of guarantee was meaningless to him.

Ordinary people need to constantly hone, fight, and comprehend before they can condense the divine power. The same is true for Zhao Yeshou, but some of the steps can be replaced by extracting identities.

But what's the difference between me and no god?

If I don't confer a god, can't I extract my identity?

"No, so what the **** am I blocking..."

The corners of Zhao Yeshou's mouth twitched, feeling that he was simply the number one injustice in the world, and that he had consumed so much black fog in exchange for a security.

It's meaningless protection for yourself.

Getting on the bus first and then refilling the ticket is reassuring, but for those with private jets, this reassurance will be greatly reduced.

"If I have to say something meaningful, it's probably to let me make the decision to sink the boat..."

Without this opportunity, Zhao Yesui would not have tried to break out of the "Taixu Sword Canon" for a long time, trying to build his own kendo miracle.

Without him, because "Tai Xu Jian Dian" is really easy to use, and it is very suitable for Zhao Yesao's appetite.

It was difficult for Zhao Yesui to imagine how he could build a kendo miracle comparable to the "Tai Xu Sword Canon". It was an almost impossible task.

Although Zhao Yesui felt that his talent was not bad, if he wanted to distinguish himself from Su Yanxi in kendo, he should wash and sleep earlier.

However, difficulties are not a reason not to do it. The current ease will only bring more problems in the future. This time, the sudden conferring of the gods can be regarded as a disaster for Zhao Ye.

"How, did it work, sir?"

Seeing Zhao Yesui open her eyes, Miss Guide asked curiously, "Have you successfully found a Pleiades that suits you?"

"Well, in a sense, it is indeed the most suitable Pleiades for me."

Zhao Yeshou shrugged and looked at the extra line in the status bar.

[Pleiades: unnamed]

[Affiliation: None at the moment]

[Fitness: 100%]

[Special effect: When connected to the unnamed Pleiades, the player Ye Lin will add a "see through" state, which can more easily detect the opponent's weaknesses, and each attack will also add additional damage to the enemy]

Since Zhao Yesui chose "Tai Xu Sword Canon" as the cornerstone of the new divine power, Pleiades also naturally has the characteristics of "Tai Xu Sword Canon".

"Swordsmanship, supernatural knowledge, etc. are still there, but the sword intent of Taixu has become something strange..."

Taixu Sword Intent, that is, the complete form of the Heart Intention Sword, is the foundation of the Taixu Sword God.

But now, the Taixu Sword Intent, which was originally unstoppable and slashing everything, has changed into a hazy and illusory form, as if there is no fixed form, and it contains infinite possibilities.

This is the prototype of Zhao Yesang's future theocracy.

Originally, I just planned to try the Pleiades, but the result was inexplicable and conferred the gods. Zhao Yesui didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse, but the matter had come to this point, so he could only do his best.

"Tsk, I don't know how much completion it takes to be able to use it... It won't be 100%, right?"

Zhao Yesui glanced at [current progress: 0.0178%], and the corners of his mouth twitched.

If it really needs to be 100%, after condensing the divine power, the divine right can be put into practical use again, it means that Zhao Yesui will be missing a killer before that.

Looking at this poor completion, Zhao Yesui felt that he still couldn't stay at home.

You have to participate in more scenes and draw more identities.

Otherwise, just stay at home and work hard, and you will be able to fill this outrageous progress bar until you practice until the year of the monkey and the month of the horse.

However, before that, Zhao Yejia first had to realize what kind of kendo power he wanted, otherwise he would fall into the same predicament as the current black sun. What a miracle to condense.

After rearranging his thoughts, Zhao Yesui turned his attention to the coffin of blood under his feet.

The Pleiades affair is just a small episode. Zhao Yesui is standing on the rooftop and blowing the cool breeze is not to be handsome, but to advance the hidden task in his current hands.

After [Personal Hidden Mission: Treason or Not] advanced to the second ring, Zhao Yesui suddenly remembered something.

He met Lin Yi in the drainage system and cut her off halfway.

This is of course thanks to the help of the guide, otherwise, it would not be easy to find Lin Yi in the huge imperial city.

But here is the problem.

Lin Yi didn't sleep in the middle of the night, dressed in a sword puppet and came to the drainage system. Of course, there was something to do.

Moreover, according to what she said, it should be related to the purpose of her coming to the imperial city this time.

That is, to investigate the treason of Pei Changkong, the governor of Xihezhou.

However, he was stopped by Zhao Yeshou midway, and brought here, and now he is still sleeping in the coffin.

In order to complete the mission, Zhao Yesui needs to know what Lin Yi's mission this evening is.

So, he kicked the coffin beside his feet, and the blood coffin disintegrated into wriggling flesh and blood, and silently coagulated into a cube, which was put into the inventory by Zhao Yesao.

Lin Yi woke up from the dream, and what she saw when she woke up was the bright silver moon and the clear night sky.

She quickly remembered what happened before she fell into a coma, gritted her teeth and stood up, looked at Zhao Yesao and said, "What did you talk to that imperial city guard?"

"Some of the more private things, Miss Lin Yi, there are always strange topics when men get together. I don't think you want to know about them."

Zhao Yeshou shrugged and said, "By the way, Miss Lin Yi, I forgot to ask you one more thing."

"Why did you go out tonight? And you specially wore a sword puppet. If it's just a normal thing, you shouldn't need to hide your identity."

"So, it's something related to your task of the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow, right?"

Lin Yi didn't want to answer Zhao Yesui's question, but under the influence of the flesh and blood worm, she still said: "I came to the imperial city this time because the organization received accurate information, and the people under Pei Changkong are now Although I don't know the purpose of the imperial city activities, it is very likely related to Pei Changkong's crimes, so I was sent to collect evidence."

Sure enough.

Zhao Yechuang nodded slightly and asked, "So, do you have a definite goal, Miss Lin Yi?"


With a cold face, Lin Yi reluctantly released the information from Daxia Longque one by one.

The game of destiny reminded Zhao Yesao that he had received a side quest again. At the same time, Zhao Yesang felt that [Dazzling Demons] seemed to let out a low cry.

"It seems that I still can't rest this night, and I have to live out the whole time..."

Zhao Yeshou raised his eyebrows and said to Lin Yi, "Then, I'm going to help Miss Lin Yi with your work. Are you going to go back to the coffin before, or go back to the place before you? In the coffin, or go back to the previous coffin?"