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Seeing that Zhao Yeshou had already learned that her position was exposed, but she did not have the slightest sense of fear. Instead, she continued to ask questions. Pei Changkong couldn't help but feel a strange feeling in her heart. This strange feeling made her follow Zhao Yessang. The words continued, instead of hanging up immediately:

"As you said, even I can't tell if he is Liu Wanyu."

"However, I can answer your last question."

"Liu Wanyu was not sent by me."

"He defected seven years ago."


Zhao Ye snorted and looked at Lin Yi next to him.

Lin Yi was also very surprised, frowning, and said nothing.

According to the information from Daxia Longque, Liu Wanyu did disappear from the army seven years ago, but Daxia Longque came to the conclusion that Liu Wanyu was recruited by Pei Changkong to perform a secret mission, and now Pei Changkong told them , Liu Wanyu has defected?

In this case, the inference just now may not be correct.

If what Pei Changkong said is true, then Liu Wanyu left Xihezhou seven years ago. During these seven years, his experience is unknown for the time being, and why he is hiding in this apartment has become a mystery.

and many more......

Zhao Yesui suddenly felt a sense of enlightenment in his heart.

The murderer is the Darkest Swordsman.

So, if Liu Wanyu is not someone sent by Pei Changkong, then, is it possible that this murderer, the Swordsman of the Darkest Darkness, is Liu Wanyu?

If so, then a lot of things can be explained.

For example, why did the murdered hide out the window to monitor, while the murderer entered from the door openly.

Because this is Liu Wanyu's temporary residence, and after entering the room, he may have found something wrong before he took action.

With this key piece of information, things suddenly clear up.

If you want to find clues by yourself and reason slowly, I don't know how long this step will take...

Zhao Yeshao sighed lightly, and once again strengthened his determination to clear the evil way.

If he hadn't directly asked Pei Changkong this time, he didn't know that he would have to trigger several side missions before he could learn the information about Liu Wanyu's betrayal, and then deduce the information about Liu Wanyu to the Dark Swordsman.

Although Pei Changkong's words can't be trusted, according to Lin Yi's memory, Pei Changkong, the swordsman of the country, has always said that he has never lied to the enemy, and his credibility is very high.

"It seems that you don't know about this... So, have you found anything?"

Pei Changkong was not in a hurry to ask Zhao Yeshou's identity, but said with great interest, "About the discovery of my old department that I haven't seen in seven years?"

After hesitating for a while, because the other party told him a piece of information, Zhao Yesui finally decided to reply to her.

"The murderer is the Darkest Swordsman."

Without saying how he discovered it, Zhao Yesui just said calmly: "In other words, if the deceased is not Lieutenant Colonel Liu Wanyu, then Liu Wanyu is one of the eight darkest swordsmen today."

Just like the "nonsense" Zhao Yesui said to Lin Yi just now.

The deceased was either Liu Wanyu or Liu Wanyu's enemy.

...................................................... ......................................

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Chapter 444 The new rich woman has appeared!

"The Darkest Swordsman..."

Pei Changkong paused slightly, and then said with a chuckle, "It's really an interesting statement."

"In other words, you mean that this former subordinate of mine joined the Imperial City Guard and became one of the eight most famous swordsmen in the dark? It's really valuable information, since that's the case. , I can forgive you for taking improper means to contact me."

Pei Changkong is more reasonable than Zhao Yesui imagined. According to Zen theory, this kind of territorial officials who are separated from one side will gradually form a unique character in their long-term ruling career, which comes from both the environment and the power in their hands.

Should I say it's a sword knot, it's really easier to deal with...

Zhao Yeshao let out a sigh of relief. Dealing with swordsmen is indeed much simpler than dealing with politicians. It seems that many high-level leaders in this world are swordsmen. It is a good thing.

Immediately, Pei Changkong turned around and said, "Then, let's talk about other things."

"Who are you? Why did you go to the residence of my former subordinate?"

Sure enough, it will turn into here after all.

Zhao Yeshou shrugged and said, "I'm just a passing mask... just a swordsman, remember it for me."

But this kind of answer could not satisfy Pei Changkong, she said unhurriedly: "Visiting late at night, you should be looking for my former subordinate for something, right? Are you from the Imperial City Guard? The new Roman order balances. People? Or..."

She said casually: "The person from the big summer dragon bird?"

Even though they were separated by a certain distance, Zhao Yesui could still feel that Lin Yi's spirit was suddenly tense.

No wonder, it was guessed that the matter was related to him, even if the other party was most likely just bluffing, it was still frightening enough.

Soon, without waiting for Zhao Yesui's answer, Pei Changkong said to himself: "Well, it's unlikely. The Imperial City Guards wouldn't have the guts to attack my people, and if the information you just provided is true. , then it is even more impossible.”

"The balance of order... It's possible. After all, they see me as a thorn in the flesh, and suddenly they discover something related to me, and it's normal for them to pounce like a shark that smells blood."

"Big Xia Longque, this is also possible. Those old antiques have never been pleasing to my eyes. There are things that can be beneficial to bring me down in the future, and it is the information that can make them ecstatic."

"So, who are you?"

While Lin Yi was still thinking, Zhao Yesui faintly realized what Pei Changkong was going to say next.

So, he snapped his fingers decisively and let the flesh and blood cover Lin Yi.

In order to avoid being discovered by Pei Changkong, Lin Yi could only glared at him silently, but Zhao Yeshou's determination was very firm, and she was not shaken by her eyes at all.

Soon, Lin Yi returned to the happy old coffin.

"Does it matter?"

Zhao Yesui replied calmly: "Who am I, it doesn't seem to make any difference to Governor Pei, right?"

"Just tell me, what do you want to do?"

"Yes, it doesn't make any difference to me whether you are the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow, the Balance of Order, or the Blood Moon or somewhere else."

Pei Changkong didn't expect Zhao Yesui to be so eloquent. He smiled in surprise and said, "You are someone sent by my political enemy, or you are a world-famous terrorist, it makes no difference to me."

"I just need you to do a little part-time job for me in addition to your regular job from now on."

"How? It's a very tempting proposal, right? You can pay whatever you want. I think a smart person like you should know how to move forward and retreat."

When Pei Changkong was willing to continue chatting with him, Zhao Yesui faintly realized what she wanted to do.

However, he couldn't think of the reason for Pei Changkong to do this.

At the same time, the prompt of Destiny Game sounded:

[Player Ye Lin has encountered the task branch]

[Personal Hidden Mission: Whether there is an additional mission situation for treason or not]

[Important quest NPC sends an invitation to player Ye Lin]

[Join the faction: Pei Changkong? ]

"Hey, the fate game has jumped to prompt, then it proves that Pei Changkong really wants to recruit me..."

The corners of Zhao Yesui's mouth twitched, puzzled: "But what is this for? Couldn't she interfere with the imperial city? What a liar, as the governor of Xihe Continent, how could she not reach out to her? come here..."

As the governor of Xihezhou, you probably have more eyes in the imperial city than I have seen recently. Do you still need me to help you?

Facing this obviously conspiratorial invitation, Zhao Yesui chose to ask about the game of destiny.

Of course, it's not to ask Destiny Game Pei Changkong if she has bad intentions, she doesn't have this function, but to ask Destiny Game another question.

"If I choose to join Pei Changkong's camp, does it mean that I will betray the Great Summer Dragonfinch camp I originally belonged to?"

Zhao Yesui asked: "In the past, I remember choosing between the two camps? So, now, can you only choose one?"

[The task situation is special, and both camps can coexist]

What fate game, actually encouraged me to be the second or fifth boy...

Zhao Yesui felt that as such an upright person, the reason why he became like he was now wandering between various factions as a **** slave for three families must be a problem with the game of fate!

If the game of fate hadn't given him such an opportunity every time, he wouldn't have to go against his conscience and choose to be the second or fifth boy like he is now.

"In that case, there is only one answer."

After thinking about it for a while, Zhao Yeshou said to the phone, "I will offer you my loyalty (which has been offered many times)!"

For now, Zhao Yesui has temporarily divided the main forces within Hezhou into four parts.

The first is the official power of the imperial city headed by the emperor of Hezhou, the second is the power of New Rome, that is, the power of Donghezhou, the third is the power of Pei Changkong of Xihezhou, and the fourth is the Daxia Longque who is trying to intervene in this. .

Judging from a simple strength comparison, the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow may be the weakest among them, because this is Hezhou, and it is beyond the reach of the whip. Even the imperial city, which has been oppressed by various kinds, can mobilize more than the Great Summer Dragon on the mainland. bird's hand.

In addition, it is Xihezhou and Donghezhou.

At present, it seems that Pei Changkong may really have a different heart, which is why Zhao Yejiao divided it from Daxia.

It is precisely because of this that Daxia Longque has become the weakest force among them, because they not only have to fight against the original enemy, but also beware of their former teammates.

But, what does this have to do with Zhao Yesui, who is just here to perform a mission?

As a player, of course, you want to maximize your interests. In this case, you must of course have more friends and fewer enemies. If you can win one party, you can win the other.

And the best way to win over is, of course, to make yourself your own.

Only in this way will the other party let down his guard to the greatest extent possible.

"Oh? Don't you ask me what I want you to do?"

Pei Changkong felt that since the conversation with Zhao Yesui, he seemed to be full of surprises, and he unexpectedly matched up with him.

"It doesn't matter, just pay the reward." Zhao Yeshou replied sincerely.

This is the mindset of most players.

Pei Changkong said with a half-smile, "Even if I ask you to assassinate the Emperor Hezhou?"

"That can only forgive my powerlessness." Zhao Yesui said without hesitation: "And, according to the principle of equivalent exchange, Governor Pei, you can't come up with what I want."

"Or, if you are willing to give me the Zhenguo Divine Sword in your hand as a reward, I can give it a try."

"Even if it is given to you, you won't get its approval." Pei Changkong clicked his tongue and said, "A boring guy, you can't even make a joke."

"Forget it, I didn't think it would make you show loyalty anyway..."

"Then, let's investigate who the corpse is next to you, how about that?"

Investigate the identity of this hapless bastard?

Zhao Yesui moved his gaze to the corpse under his feet. He originally thought that this might be another joke by Pei Changkong, but the game of fate has already given a hint:

[Personal hidden task treason or not task progress has been updated]

[Third Ring: Investigate the true identity of the dead body found in the bathroom of Room 5313]

"I'm super, is it really a task?"

There was a sense of absurdity in Zhao Yesang's heart. Pei Changkong's seemingly casual words actually became a task, which proved that the game of destiny determined that Pei Changkong really wanted him to do this.

But is it any good for Pei Changkong?

Unable to get an answer for the time being, Zhao Yesui could only raise his eyebrows and said, "If this is the first part-time job that Governor Pei offered me, then of course I will gladly accept it."

"As for the reward..."

After thinking about it, Zhao Yesui said, "How about twenty standard sword puppets? This shouldn't be a difficult task for you, the Governor of Xihezhou, right?"

"Only from the point of view of cost, of course it is not difficult." Pei Changkong seemed to have never expected Zhao Yesao to make such a request, so he said in a deep voice, "But, this is a contraband, twenty sword puppets. , do you want to rebel?"

For a mercenary, even a standard sword puppet is a precious item, but for Pei Changkong, twenty standard sword puppets are just the wear and tear index of a week's daily training, which is nothing at all.

This is the so-called status difference.

But sword puppets cannot be measured by value alone. Twenty standard sword puppets, if handed over to twenty well-trained swordsmen, would be enough to set up a mobile team, which could set off a **** storm in the imperial city at the moment.

But Zhao Yesui had no idea of ​​rebelling.