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When the Thunder Snake tried to pass through [Dazzling Demons], it disappeared like a mud bull into the sea. Seeing this, Liu Wanyu could only grit his teeth and let the Thunder out, trying to make Zhao Yesui fall into a brief paralysis.

Then, he shot out without hesitation and fled towards the outside of the house.

Liu Wanyu had no idea of ​​chasing after the victory at all, and just wanted to take this opportunity to escape.

However, Zhao Yeshou, who was in a paralyzed state in his imagination, sighed softly, and the strong wind, flying sand and walking stones swept in again, blocking Liu Wanyu's way.

Zhao Yesui raised his sword again, pointed it at Liu Wanyu, tilted his head, and said, "Didn't you say it's a good fight to the death? Why did you run away?"

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Chapter four hundred and forty seventh small opening does not count


Liu Wanyu's stern face could not help but twitch, and he didn't know how this person said such shameless words.

You were the one who broke into my house inexplicably, and you were the one who said they were going to fight to the death. Wouldn’t it be okay if I didn’t fight you away?

Seeing that Zhao Yeshou was completely unaffected by his sword skills just now, Liu Wanyu was puzzled, but he still stopped and faced Zhao Yesang again.

Since Zhao Yesui was not paralyzed, his escape would become his own dead end, so Liu Wanyu chose to turn back.

However, he still didn't understand why the sword skills just now had no effect on Zhao Yeshou at all, it was as if he was slashed into the air.

In theory, it's pretty much the same.

Ji Gongling's elixir made Zhao Yesao's black sun pass the final 0.0000001%, and now Zhao Yesang can no longer be regarded as a carbon-based creature.

As long as he understands his own mind, the miracle that belongs to the black sun will condense out, driving his own sublimation.

Therefore, moves that are useful against conventional carbon-based creatures are of no use to Zhao Yesui.

For example, just the flash.

For a normal person, when the line of sight is suddenly occupied by a thunderous light, they will close their eyes subconsciously.

A swordsman with superb swordsmanship might be able to overcome this physiological reaction, but his vision would still be obstructed. In this state, it would be difficult to block Liu Wanyu's next swordsmanship.

However, Zhao Yesui is now a conceptual creature in human skin, and "vision" is just a concept to him, so this flash of light does not have the desired effect at all.

Similarly, the thunder that annihilates matter is enough to destroy life for carbon-based creatures, and even swordsmen who practice breathing techniques must be paralyzed by it.

However, for "Black Sun", although this can still cause damage, the effect is not so significant.

Moreover, there is still a fire of embers in Zhao Ye's body.

As for [Dazzling Demons]...

Although it looks like a sword, the supernatural knowledge that supports its operation is an esoteric legend from the Temple of Heaven, and it is strange that it conducts electricity like an ordinary sword.

All in all, Zhao Yeshou, who was inappropriate in dealing with carbon-based creatures, seemed powerless.

No matter how strong the swordsmanship is, the swordsmen in this world are still only flesh and blood.

However, they encountered Zhao Yeshou, who was beyond common sense.

As a result, the swordsmanship that they had studied against opponents like them in the past was meaningless.

At this time, Liu Zhengyu felt fear for the first time at the unidentified swordsman in front of him.

He is also a swordsman who has participated in many wars and climbed out of the dead, and is no stranger to fighting swordsmen to the death.

But even so, in the face of the unknown existence, it still makes people feel palpitations.

At this moment, looking at the scarlet sword puppet in front of him, a strange thought suddenly rose in his heart.

The sword puppet in front of the person who controls it a human? this just a simple "sword puppet"?

The two sides fell into a stalemate for a while.

Liu Wanyu has just performed a miracle and is adjusting his interest rate to regain his strength. Of course, he will not take the initiative.

As for Zhao Yeshou...

He's still shaking people.

"Su Jianxian, are you awake?"

"Su Jianxian, are you asleep?"

"Su Jianxian, are you free?"

"Su Jianxian, have you eaten?"


Zhao Yeshou held [Dazzling Heavenly Demons] tightly and tried to use it to get in touch with Su Yanxi.

At present, the battle situation is still under his control, Liu Wanyu has no chance to escape, and the force of the "Sword Puppet Evil Ghost" can still be maintained.

If it turned into an imperial city chase in the end, it would be a big drop.

To be honest, if Su Yanxi didn't plan to help Zhao Yesui, Zhao Yeshou could also defeat Liu Wanyu, it was nothing more than a matter of putting in more effort.

But in this case, it would be a distant prospect to use the opportunity of this scene to perfect the divine right.

Without skill experience to obtain BUFF, it is simply impossible to complete the completion of the divine right by yourself.

Moreover, Zhao Yesang never liked to do this kind of thing with half the effort.

Probably spoiled by the identity extraction.

Fortunately, Su Yanxi's temperament is still easy to be soft-hearted, even if Zhao Yesao did something that the jockey contempt for his ancestors, Su Yanxi would not just watch Zhao Yesao fall into danger.

—This is also one of the reasons why Zhao Yesui deliberately made himself look inferior.

If she defeats Liu Wanyu with great momentum, even if Su Yanxi originally wanted to make a move, she doesn't feel that she doesn't need her help because of her appearance.

Just after Zhao Yesui asked a few more questions, he suddenly felt that a warm will descended on him with [Dazzling Demons] as a link.

It was as if someone stretched out a pair of slender hands and took his hands.

"...What you did, wait until you get back."

"Without my permission, I will invalidate the Taixu Sword Canon that I taught you... Hmph, you are so bold."

It was rare for Zhao Yesui to hear Su Yanxi speak in such a serious tone, but no matter how he looked at it, he was just pretending to be serious.

At the same time, he heard a prompt from the game of Destiny:

[The meaning of the special effect sword has been triggered]

[judged as a great success]

[Player Ye Lin will obtain the inheritance of the sword's ultimate meaning that wraps around the body of the sword, assisting the enemy, and then improving the kendo attainment]

From that moment on, Zhao Yesang felt that the familiar Taixu Sword Canon had returned to his mind.

Every move and every style seemed familiar. With Su Yanxi's assistance, Zhao Yesui once again mastered the Sword of Taixu again.

But if you continue to stay in the category of Taixu Sword Canon, then there is no way to develop your own divine power.

Zhao Yesui took a deep breath, and only used the Taixu Sword Canon as a blueprint, using those swordsmanships that Su Yanxi had studied thousands of times and had already reached their peak as materials, and tried to explore their own swordsmanship.

"Too Xu, if you keep going forward, everything is empty. You can see from the very beginning of the sword of mind that either you die or I live. This is probably related to my sister's pure state of mind..."

Zhao Yesui pondered: "However, this actually doesn't fit my character, and it doesn't fit my ability system."

Zhao Yesang's current ability system is mainly composed of the miracle of fire, the miracle of celestial body, the thirty-six swords of Tiangang, and the fire of embers.

The main focus is on endurance and perpetual motion, which is actually not very harmonious with Taixu Jiandian's one-shot approach.

Of course, Sword God Taixu is indeed very useful to use, which Zhao Yejia admits frankly.

In Zhao Yesui's idea, he should not have only one divine right in the future, and the divine right of kendo should become a "weapon" that integrates the divine right of various systems, so that each divine right can be maximized.

In order to achieve this, Kendo theocracy should not have too strong personality, and it should become a shared bicycle that can work no matter what theocracy is added.

—I started thinking about how to cooperate with the multiple divine powers in the future before Ye Di. I have to say that if Zhao Yesui's current thoughts were known to others, he would definitely feel arrogant.

However, Zhao Yejia felt that he was just making reasonable plans for the future that he was sure to achieve.

That being the case, then this should be called "foresightedness" rather than "arrogance".

"Is there a way to keep the Taixu Sword God and make it universal..."

With this thought in mind, Zhao Yesui took out his sword towards Liu Wanyu.

A sword like thunder struck Liu Wanyu.

Liu Wanyu hasn't recovered yet, so he can only go head-to-head with gritted teeth.


The two swords were intertwined, and Liu Wanyu realized in surprise that the opponent's swordsmanship seemed to improve in this short moment.

The ensuing engagement also confirmed his idea.

The deeper he goes, the more Liu Wanyu feels that his guess just now may be true.

Is there really no swordsman in the sword puppet in front of him, but is fighting by instinct?

Otherwise, how could there be such a gap in just a short moment? !

In the eyes of Liu Wanyu on the opposite side, Zhao Ye's gown is open.

From just being ignorant of swordsmanship to now being enlightened by the way of swordsmanship, what is this? !

Referee, he's hanging up!

However, there is no referee in the battle of life and death, no one will come to call for a stop, and no one will complain for Liu Wanyu.

In the flying sand and stone, no one even knew about their sword fight, and the surrounding residents were still enjoying the quiet night without realizing it.

"Clang!" "Clang!" "Clang!"

The speed of Zhao Yesui's sword is getting faster and faster, even if he doesn't use any skills, any miracle, with the blessing of Su Yanxi, just relying on a single six-dimensional, Zhao Yesao can suppress Liu Wanyu.

And Liu Wanyu, who has experienced hundreds of battles and has been honed in life and death, does not say how extraordinary his swordsmanship is, but his strength is solid.


"That is, to make it accept everything..."

"But, can swordsmanship without personal consciousness really be called swordsmanship?"

In the increasingly fierce sword fight, Zhao Yesang's consciousness gradually transcended his body. In the distant star sea, an unnamed star of divine power shone quietly, making Zhao Yesang's thinking unprecedentedly clear. up.

Although Zhao Yesang regarded this conferred **** as a chicken rib, in a sense, he is now a veritable **** of swordsmanship.

Although there is no divine power that a kendo deity should have due to the fact that the divine power is almost nonexistent, but now he is exploring the labyrinth like a map of the labyrinth, and the efficiency is incomparable.

Coupled with Su Yanxi's unreserved sharing, and many battles that Zhao Yesang has experienced before, many battles experienced in the many identities extracted...

In fact, he had already had a vague answer in his heart, but because the peak established by Su Yanxi, Taixu Jiandian, was too high, it was insurmountable, and the feeling of leaping could not be lifted. , it never took shape.

Now, after taking the Taixu Sword Canon as the cornerstone of divine power, Zhao Yesao's thoughts gradually became clearer.

He suddenly stopped attacking.

Liu Wanyu, who was struggling under Zhao Yesao's raging attack, was suddenly relieved, but he did not relax, but continued to stare at Zhao Yesao.

But in places he couldn't see, Zhao Yeshou in the sword puppet slowly closed his eyes.

When he opened it again, there was no emotion in his eyes, only a piece of clarity remained.

He draws a sword.

A sword with no trace like an antelope hanging its horns slashed towards Liu Wanyu.

Liu Wanyu tried to capture its trajectory, but had no way of knowing.

Obviously the speed of this sword is not fast, but Liu Wanyu just can't recognize it, as if it may appear from any position at any time.

Liu Wanyu retreated again and again, and finally gritted his teeth and reluctantly blocked the sword.

However, this is just the beginning.

Each of Zhao Yesang's next swords is so elusive, but it is not random, and it has its own deep meaning.