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Moreover, according to Yu Asakami's guess, this time I am afraid it will not be a copycat, but his good teammate.

Players will usually not return empty-handed when they make a shot, and they have to do a task and go back.

Zhao Yesui went out in person last night to discuss the cooperation with him, and it is impossible to go back to sleep after that.

However, this time, with Zhao Yeshou's permission, Asaka Yu was much more relaxed.

After all, Zhao Yesui personally told him last night that he wanted to trouble him to help spread the news about the sword puppet demon...

After getting rid of the shadow of death, Asaka Yu has a rare passion for work.

This is also part of the cooperation he negotiated with Zhao Yesao last night. Since they have all decided to follow Zhao Yesao, the first thing must be done beautifully.

"Show me the information."

Yu Asakami took the information from his subordinates, flipped through two pages, and felt something was wrong.

Because he saw the message of the deceased.

"Liu Wanyu, male, former lieutenant colonel of the 3rd Army Combination Division of Daxia Xihezhou, defected a few years ago..."

These are all information that can be found on the surface.

But what made Yuu Asakami feel bad was what happened next.

"...Because Liu Wanyu is dead, the files about him have been decrypted internally."

"Liu Wanyu is one of the eight supreme dark swordsmen, and holds the sixth supreme dark sword puppet..."

Asakami Yu glanced at the Darkest Swordsman recorded in the documentation, and then at the Darkest Swordsman hanging on his waist, he couldn't help feeling a chill all over his body.

Mr. Ye Lin, this is the beginning of the first attack, and the most dark swordsman?

Could it be that he went out yesterday for this?

Fortunately, I surrendered yesterday. If I hadn't reached a cooperative relationship with Mr. Ye Rin, wouldn't it be me in the newspaper today...?

The corners of Yu Qiangami's mouth twitched, and he stood up immediately, and said to his subordinates in a righteous manner: "It's really abominable, in broad daylight, under the bright sky, in the imperial city, someone would dare to commit such a crime. A vicious incident is truly a distortion of human nature and a loss of morality!"

"These swordsmen, relying on their own strengths, do things wrong, what do they think of the imperial city?"

"Oda, as the organizer of the Sword Puppet Demon incident, I think this is very likely to be another crime committed by the Sword Puppet Demon. In order to avoid similar incidents from happening again, I think we should set an example. The crime of the sword puppet evil ghost is made public to the public, so that the world will know his sins!"

Oda was a little confused. He didn't know what kind of nerves his superior had made, and suddenly became indignant and could only say hesitantly: "This, this is not good, the above has not been determined, and now I will If this matter is announced, will it cause panic..."

"I will solve the above problem, because I have another strong evidence, the sword puppet evil ghost, most likely the criminal who raided the New Roman Embassy in the Imperial City in the early hours of yesterday."

Yuu Asakami's face glowed with a sacred light: "Even the embassy dares to attack, this is no longer an ordinary criminal, you must punch!"

"Xiaotian, this is for the safety of the people of the imperial city. If there is anything, I will take care of it alone. Even if I don't want this skin, I will protect the people. This is my original intention of joining the Imperial City Guard. Oda-san!"

Yu Asakami's second speech made Oda, who had just joined the Imperial City Guard, feel his blood surge, and the sense of disobedience that had just appeared disappeared immediately.

He bowed deeply to Yu Asakami, and left Yu Asakami's office with a sense of mission.

Asakami Yu began to plan a plan to help the sword puppet evil ghost become famous.

"In this case, even if I am finally dismissed early, I should be able to achieve Mr. Ye Lin's goal..."

Asaka Yu's face showed the expression of planning pass, and forgot the heroic speech just now: "At that time, should I go directly to Ji Gong's house, or should I go to Mr. Ye Lin first, and then go to Ji Gong's house? …”


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Chapter 453 The so-called Valentine's Day Chocolate

Early in the morning, Zhao Yesui opened his eyes.

He didn't sleep, but closed his eyes and meditated for a night, deducing his newly created "Wuxiang Sword Canon".

This statement may be a bit fanciful, in more simple and easy-to-understand terms, it is manuscript washing.

Gradually wash out the parts of "Wuxiang Sword Canon" related to "Tai Xu Sword Canon" and replace them with your own, just like melting the lover's chocolate made by Su Yanxi, and then put it in a new mold It is the same as solidification, so that Zhao Ye's own lover's chocolate is ready and can be given to others.

Although this analogy is a bit strange, it is the truth.

It is not difficult to introduce new ones, but it also depends on what this "Chen" is.

The height of "Taixu Sword Canon" is really too high, Zhao Yesui has no way to make a better improvement than this for the time being.

In this case, you can only make the "Tai Xu Sword Canon" into a shape that suits you as much as possible, and become Zhao Yeshou's characteristic Tai Xu Sword Canon.

After taking a light breath, Zhao Yesui stood up, moved around a bit, and took a look at this room that seemed to be very Hezhou.

The space is not small, but the tatami under his feet and Zhao Yeshou's height, when he stood up, he could touch the ceiling as long as he stretched out his hand.

The layout is quite elegant, it can be seen that the owner of the room should be a very careful person, and the dresser in the room proves that the owner of the room should be a woman, or a man who likes to dress up.

There was a neat quilt in front of Zhao Yeshou's face. If he got close to it, he could smell a faint fragrance.

But Zhao Yesui didn't do that, he didn't even sleep in it.

Because this is Himemiya Aya's room.

In theory, it is currently temporarily used as his and Himimiya Aya's wedding room.

It stands to reason that if Ji Gongling is really married, the Ji Gong family will make corresponding arrangements, whether it is to marry or to recruit a son-in-law. However, this time Zhao Yesui is a special case, and it belongs to a flash marriage that no one has told. , so for a while, only Hime Gong Ling's boudoir can be used as a wedding room.

In the early hours of the morning, after Zhao Yesui had dealt with various matters, he originally wanted to go back to the hotel, but after thinking about it carefully, he was considered a married man now. Palace family.

Then, not unexpectedly, he saw Himimiya Aya who was not sleeping.

Seeing that Zhao Yesui was back, she took time to lead him here, and then helped him spread out the bedding, and intimately indicated that he could sleep here for a while after being wronged, and then went back to work.

Her departure made Zhao Yesui relieved. After all, Zhao Yesang and her were not very familiar with her. If he really wanted to coexist awake in a room for too long, he would not be able to hold back.

Of course, it was really impossible for Zhao Yesui to fall asleep like this, so he just sat down with his knees crossed and deduced the sword script for a night.

until now.

One thing to say, this feeling of being under the fence is really not very good. Zhao Yesao has always disliked this uncomfortable feeling. If it wasn't for the main task, he would have run away.

But after all, he has taken advantage of "the young master of the Jigong family", and now Jigongling proposes to let him cooperate with him, which is understandable.

Just as Zhao Yeshi was thinking about what he should do next, someone knocked on the door.

Zhao Yesui knew that Destiny Games had provided himself with a language-speaking plug-in, but the experience of failing to start the sword puppet before still made him subconsciously reply in Hezhou language: "Please come in."

The door opened, but no one came in.

I saw a maid standing outside the door, bowed respectfully to him, and said, "Young Master, Miss, please come over."

Miss Jigong called me?

Zhao Ye raised his eyebrows and said nothing. Just when he was about to leave with the maid, he suddenly noticed something in the corner.

It was a scabbard with a bronze color.

In fact, it is the coffin of blood that has been skillfully processed by Zhao Yesui.

When I came back early this morning, of course, Zhao Yesui brought Lin Yi back with him, but he never found a good opportunity to release her, so far.

And since he was going to enter Ji Gong's house, of course he couldn't bring back the weapon that the "Sword Puppet Evil Ghost" carried when he committed the murder last night.

So, Zhao Yesui had a clever idea and put a layer of skin on the blood coffin. By the way, he made it a little smaller so that it could barely be used as the scabbard of a giant sword, and then pretended to add a hilt to the outside and it was done.

But now, Zhao Yesui thought about it, and went forward to carry the bronze scabbard, and took Lin Yi with him by the way.

Otherwise, if someone suddenly came in and accidentally opened the scabbard, Lin Yi would be found out that it was a small matter, and if anyone was frightened and fainted, it would be a big deal.

The maid bent over the whole time, not letting her eyes meet Zhao Yeshou's, showing her due qualities.

And when Zhao Yesui walked out of the room, she consciously hunched her waist in front of her to lead the way, making Zhao Yesao wonder if she could see the way.

Soon, Zhao Yesui walked to the office of Ji Gongling who had been there before.

He knocked on the door, and Ji Gongyao's voice sounded inside the door: "Please come in."

Zhao Ye pushed the door open, and Ji Gongling was still sitting behind her desk as if she had never moved in the early hours of this morning, last night, and the night before.

"I always feel that Miss Ji Gong is a bit like Yi Zhu, and they both like to work overtime..."

Zhao Yesui sighed inwardly, then stepped forward, and naturally sat down opposite Ji Gongling: "Miss Ji Gong, do you have anything to do with me?"

Ji Gongling raised her head, glanced at him, and said with a chuckle, "Why, is your husband unhappy? Because I didn't go to greet you in the morning?"

Facing Ji Gongling's teasing, Zhao Yesui was now able to keep his face straight: "That's it, so it's not too late for you, Miss Ji Gong, to greet me now."

"Hmph, now, Mr. Yama, you are the one who married me. If you want to be safe, you will be the one to give me peace."

Ji Gongling pretended to be serious, and then burst out laughing: "Okay, I'm not kidding you, how was your rest last night?"

"I didn't rest last night." Zhao Ye said truthfully, "I don't have the habit of sleeping."

In the past, it was because of "sleeping in the same bed" with Nilsyat that Zhao Yesui could not sleep without sleeping. Now, it is because as an extraordinary person, he does not need to rest very much, out of the idea of ​​not wasting time. , Zhao Yesui usually rests only when his body is really tired.

"That's a pity, I made the bedding for you myself."

Jigiya Aya shrugged, and then realized with hindsight: "Oh, that seems to be my futon..."

After realizing this, Ji Gong Ling changed the topic: "It may be because there is no bed, but the old house is like this, it can't keep up with the times everywhere, even in the present world, there is no bed in the shrine, Later, when I became a goddess witch, I persuaded those stubborn old men."

Zhao Yesui blinked and said, "So, Miss Ji Gong, you came to me to ask if I slept well last night? Are you going to ask me if I have eaten?"

"Of course not." Ji Gongling waved her hand, then took out a copy from the pile of documents on the table and handed it to Zhao Yesui: "Of course I'm showing you this latest report on 'Sword Puppet Evil Ghost'. ' intelligence."

Zhao Yesui took it, opened it, and listened to Ji Gongling's words while checking:

"It seems that Mr. Asaka is very efficient. After only a short period of time, he helped our unknown Mr. Sword Puppet Demon become famous."

Jigong Ling said meaningfully: "It is said that he defied all opinions and used his identity as the Darkest Swordsman and the right to use the Darkest Swordsman as a guarantee to persuade the high-level guards of the Imperial City to agree to the The crimes of the 'Sword Puppet Demon' are exposed to the public."

"At the same time, he is also very keen and quick to link Lin Youde, the New Roman Embassy and the assassination of the former Dark Swordsman that happened last night, thinking that it was all done by the sword puppet evil ghost. , the imperial city shook up and down."

"Such a vicious incident has not happened for a long time."

Terrorist activities are not uncommon in this world and this city, but in the vast majority of terrorist activities, the ultimate victims will not be the powerful.

One is because these dignitaries either have very powerful power or have strict security, and the other is because many sponsors of terrorist activities are these so-called dignitaries.

Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, it is often the civilians who end up bearing the most tragic consequences.

And now, in the three consecutive murders, the deceased are all high-ranking people with powerful strengths. How can this make people not panic?

In the past, everyone was doing business in a friendly way, playing chess, and at most, the mud legs below, but now, there is an unruly person who jumps out of the chess game to kill the chess player, and is used to the high-ranking powerful people. Naturally feel fear.

Everyone watching the fire from the other side was happy to see it succeeded, and even had the leisure and grace to blame those whose families were devoured by the fire, saying that they were "too panicked", but when the fire burned themselves, they panicked faster than anyone else.

Therefore, the sword puppet evil ghost incident fermented very quickly.

Zhao Yejia quietly read through the latest information, and had to feel that Yuu Qianshang had spared no effort in promoting this matter.

There is no doubt that this is an act that will risk his political life, as long as there is a slight error, it will triple death in society, politics, and even life.

In this mission, that means out.

But Yu Asagami did it without hesitation, which made Zhao Yesui have no choice but to sigh that Yu Qiangami was really moved by Yan Guo's good teammates.

"Mr. Qianshang is really troublesome." Zhao Ye snorted, and then looked at Ji Gongling: "It seems that our alliance with him is indeed the right choice, but even so, the Imperial City Guard will actually take the initiative. Admitting my dereliction of duty was a surprise to me."

Zhao Yesui didn't say anything to trouble him, because the true identity of the sword puppet evil ghost has not been really revealed, but it is already known to everyone.

"Because this matter involves their two masters."

Ji Gongling chuckled lightly and said, "If you simply offend Daxia's side, or simply offend the New Roman Empire's side, the pressure on the Imperial City Guard will be great, but now, with Yu Asakami's proposal After this point, the high-level guards of the Imperial City suddenly realized something."

"'Since the matter is already so serious, why not make it more serious?' In short, it is to publicize this matter, the more vicious the sword puppet demon, the better. In this case, Lian Daxia An enemy that cannot be solved by the New Roman Empire, what can a guard force with limited combat power do?"

"And there is also a scapegoat who took the initiative to stand up and take the blame. If there is a problem, they don't need to be responsible. The abacus is really good."

After all, Ji Gong Ling was the actual person in power of the Teruchi Taisha Shrine, and she immediately saw through the twists and turns behind the sudden spread of the sword puppet evil ghost incident.

Without the full cooperation of the Imperial City Guard, which is a local snake, it would be impossible to spread the sword puppet evil incident so widely in such a short period of time.

"Uh..." Zhao Yesui didn't know what to say for a while, so he could only say: "Then Mr. Asaka still put in a lot of effort, if it wasn't for him taking the initiative to ask Ying, the Imperial City Guard would also It may not be so quick to make up your mind.”

"If he can use his abilities on the right path, it would be really amazing." Ji Gongling curled her lips and said, "The shrine took a lot of effort to catch him, but he still ran away. I was also rebuked by an ally for this..."

"Forget it, things outside the dungeon will not be brought into the dungeon."

Ji Gongling paused, looked at Zhao Yesao, and said, "In addition, there is one more thing to tell you."

"There has been progress on the follow-up of Lin Youde's incident."

"Because Xihezhou suddenly let go, and instead started to try to help us, the people who were forcibly detained have now been taken over by the Jigong family for the time being."