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Perhaps it was Zhao Yesang's unhesitating answer that touched Pei Changkong, so Pei Changkong went against the original idea of ​​"I don't care what happens after I put a variable in it", and asked Zhao Yesang back. .

Pei Changkong also realized the gaffe he had just made, and quickly returned to his original tone, saying, "Hmph, of course your life and death have nothing to do with me, but if you bite me again after committing a stupid thing, you will slander me. It's unpleasant that I ordered you to do such a stupid thing."

"As for your request..."

"The casting method of the Dark Sword Puppet? I know the approximate casting method, but it is only a vague concept. If you expect to rely on this kind of thing to reproduce the Dark Sword Puppet, then you are very wrong."

"And, whoever was able to forge it, has probably disappeared from the world forever."

But unfortunately, this person is currently on the phone with you...

Zhao Yesui complained in his heart, and then said, "So, Governor Pei promised me?"

"Yes." Pei Changkong said calmly: "Dispose of the three people on the list, and I will tell you the approximate casting method of the Dark Sword Puppet."

"Since you were able to say that kind of high-sounding words just now, then these three people should be in line with your philosophy."

At the same time, Zhao Yesui heard a prompt from the game of Destiny:

[Personal hidden task treason or not task progress has been updated]

[The fourth ring: Beheading to the Dark Swordsman Liu Wanyu has been completed]

[Additional goal: Obtain Liu Wanyu's corpse (1/1) and the corpse (1/1) has been completed]

[The fifth ring mission has been opened]

[Fifth Ring: Killing the characters on the secret list (0/3)]

Zhao Yesui glanced at the task panel, and finally let out a light breath.

"Sure enough, Pei Changkong really knows about the Darkest Sword Puppet..."

He originally just came to talk to Pei Changkong with the mentality of giving it a try, but he didn't expect that he would actually be able to get the corresponding clues.

But it also means that the task has become more complicated.

Because, since Pei Changkong knows more about the Darkest Sword Puppet, it means that her role in this incident is completely different.

On the surface, as Pei Changkong said, every country in the world now wants to know the information of the Darkest Sword Puppet, and Daxia is no exception.

And now, Pei Changkong obviously has important information, but he didn't report it to Daxia at all, so it's no wonder that Daxia Longque would suspect her of treason.

"Pei Changkong, Imperial City, New Roman Empire..."

Zhao Yeshou was silent for a few seconds, and then said in his usual tone: "Then thank Governor Pei first."

"As soon as a word is spoken, it is difficult to chase after the horse. Since Governor Pei has said so, he must not break his word."

"Don't say these eight words, it's disgusting." Pei Changkong may have PTSD for Zhao Yessao's "a single word is hard to follow", he sneered and said, "Don't be so happy so early, those three people can It's not easy to deal with, you don't play tricks until you capsize in the end, it's really a big joke."

"This will not bother Governor Pei."

After getting the exact clues of the main quest, although it is only half of it, it is a good start. Zhao Yesui's tone also became relaxed: "In addition, where does Governor Pei plan to hand over Liu Wanyu's corpse?"


Pei Changkong's tone became stiff: "What did you say? Lieutenant Colonel Liu Wanyu's corpse?"

"Yes, I have already asked someone to pick it up, and it should be there soon."

Zhao Yesui smiled and said, "Do you want to recycle it with the sword puppet that has been fed? That always feels a little weird."

After assigning their respective tasks to Yu Asakami and Ivanov, Zhao Yesui asked Yu Asakami to steal Liu Wanyu's headless body to improve the completion of the task.

To this end, he also spent a lot of time before this, extracted the genetic information on Liu Wanyu's head, cloned a corpse, and then re-engraved the scars with memory.

It might be possible to hide it from Pei Changkong by handing it back like this, but it was obviously impossible to hide from the game of fate, so Zhao Yesui chose to bother Qianshang, and asked him to replace the prince with a civet cat and exchange Liu Wanyu's body.

By now, it should be in hand, so the previous quest progress will show as completed.

Pei Changkong obviously did not expect Zhao Yesui to be so conscientious. At this time, he was still thinking about sending Liu Wanyu's body back, but after all Liu Wanyu was her subordinate, after she was silent for a while, she still said:

"Send it directly to the embassy."

"Just tell them that this used to be a soldier from Xihezhou, and they will know what to do."

"Of course, if you think this may expose your identity, you can do as you said before."

Directly to the embassy?

Zhao Yesui didn't say anything, just agreed: "No problem, as long as you don't set a trap especially for me, Governor Pei, I can send Lieutenant Colonel Liu Wanyu's body to the embassy."

"Against you? You really treat yourself as an important person."

Pei Changkong clicked his tongue, and then said, "Besides, what you do is quite to my liking..."

"Unfortunately, he is a black-hearted profiteer."

...................................................... ......................................

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Chapter 459 What is the age of still using traditional bamboo slips

In the afternoon, Zhao Yesui stood on the streets of the imperial city, wandering aimlessly.

It looks like a street jerk.

In fact, he was contacting Miss Guide to find the location that Pei Changkong told him.

After Zhao Yesui agreed to Pei Changkong to be her scavenger, Pei Changkong accelerated the efficiency of transportation.

After all, what she said before, needing to give Emperor Hezhou face, is only "should be given in name".

As the governor of Xihezhou, he has 600,000 soldiers. At the same time, because Hezhou is still in a wartime state, he is in a state of military control. Many things can be handled specially. It can be said that Pei Changkong has the power as the governor of Xihezhou. is infinite.

In this case, it was not difficult for Pei Changkong to transport twenty sword puppets that were about to be scrapped.

The only difference is how much she is willing to pay for it.

Obviously, the three people on the list that will be handed over to Zhao Yesui are worth paying extra for Pei Changkong.

Therefore, in the afternoon, Pei Changkong told Zhao Yesao the location of the twenty standard sword puppets that had already been delivered.

Of course, Zhao Yesang wouldn't just go there recklessly. Although he had a good chat with Pei Changkong, he had to be defensive. Of course, Zhao Yesang chose to contact Miss Guide first, and then through Miss Guide. The ability to explore the grass first.

"Miss guide, how is the situation?"

Zhao Yesui asked, "There are indeed only twenty sword puppets there, and don't they look like they are guarding there?"


The guide lady agreed and said, "Sir, there are indeed twenty sword puppets in the place you mentioned, and because of the remote location, there is no one in a radius of 100 meters."

A radius of 100 meters is already quite a terrifying range, especially in the city, so big that Zhao Yesui wondered how Pei Changkong found such a large open space.

Of course, even so, he wouldn't pick it up himself.

Although it is true that there is no one, who can guarantee that there is no surveillance around?

Therefore, Zhao Yesui of course chose to let the puppet take it.

When passing an alley, Zhao Yesui waved his hand and put down the little spider puppets.

The spider puppets quickly found the sewer under the control of Zhao Yesui and filed in.

After doing all this, Zhao Yeshao let out a light breath and said to Lin Yi, who was beside him with a stern face: "Miss Lin Yi, why don't you speak, you have slept for too long, are you still not awake now?"

Lin Yi gave him a cold look and said nothing.

Because it was time for Lin Yi to communicate with Daxia Longque, Zhao Yeshou released Lin Yi from the blood coffin, and then watched kindly as she completed the communication with Daxia Longque.

Of course, there is no need to be so cautious, because Lin Yi still has Zhao Yesao's flesh-and-blood worms in her body, and even if she wants to betray Zhao Yesao, she can't do it.

However, Zhao Yesui would not underestimate any human being, especially the elite of the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow like Lin Yi.

Maybe she came up with a way to bypass the limitations of flesh and blood worms and transmit information in this short period of time?

Zhao Yesui has always estimated the enemy based on his own ability, which is more secure.

Seeing that Lin Yi didn't take care of him, Zhao Yeshou didn't take it seriously. This was exactly what he wanted, and he didn't really want to communicate with Lin Yi.

In the end, Lin Yi couldn't bear it anymore, and asked Zhao Yeshou, "Have you taken refuge with Pei Changkong?"

Zhao Yeshi raised his eyebrows and looked at Lin Yi in surprise: "Why did Miss Lin Yi say this? Haven't I already reached a friendly cooperative relationship with Daxia Longque? Why do you think I would go to seek refuge again? What about Pei Changkong? The three **** slaves are not very popular, and the three **** slaves in history did not end well."

"Besides, that's 'Chunjun', my mortal enemy, why would I want to join her? Or, how could she accept my allegiance?"

Lin Yi is of course someone who knows the relationship between Pei Changkong and Zhao Yeshou, or Zhao Tu, but recalling her experience last night, she still gritted her teeth and said:

"Then why did you suddenly lock me in that thing again?"

Lin Yi glared at Zhao Yeshou and gritted her teeth: "If it wasn't because I couldn't hear what I said next, why would you lock me up?"

This is indeed a very obvious flaw. At that time, Zhao Yesui was communicating with Pei Changkong, and then he locked Lin Yi in the coffin of blood.

If it wasn't for a ghost in my heart, there was absolutely no need to do this at that time.

Not to mention Lin Yi, even if another ordinary person was here, he would still doubt what Zhao Yeshou did.

However, Zhao Yesui didn't care what Lin Yi guessed.

Now that Lin Yi is under his control, there is no way to transmit information to the outside world. Therefore, even if Zhao Yeshou generously told Lin Yi about his cooperation with Pei Changkong, Lin Yi could only try to kill Zhao with his eyes. Night robe, other than that, can't make any effective response.

However, with Zhao Ye's cautious personality, she still doesn't reveal the slightest on the surface: "You are wrong, I just thought it was getting late, Miss Lin Yi, you should rest earlier, otherwise, there will be dark circles under your eyes. , did you know that after the age of 30, the changes in appearance brought about by staying up late will be irreversible..."

Lin Yi looked at Zhao Yesui quietly, not believing a single word of what he said.

Soon, Lin Yi interrupted Zhao Yesao and said, "Okay, I believe you."

do you believe me? I don't believe in myself.

Zhao Yesui looked at Lin Yi, wondering what medicine she was selling in the gourd.

Sure enough, Lin Yi quickly said: "Then, Mr. Chen should still remember our original agreement, right? Although it has nothing to do with the task I am currently performing, but since you insist on helping me, I can't do it. So reject your kindness."

"So, Mr. Chen, I hope you can help me collect evidence about Pei Changkong's treason. If you can collect relevant evidence, then Daxia Longque will give you a reward that will satisfy you."

At the same time, Zhao Yesui heard a prompt from the game of Destiny:

[A new branch has appeared in the hidden task treason or not]

[Faction: The Great Summer Dragon Sparrow issued a new task to the player Ye Lin]

[Big Summer Dragon Sparrow - Mission of the third ring: Collect evidence about the treason of Pei Changkong, Governor of Xihezhou, the completion of the mission will be determined by the evidence collected by the player]


Although Destiny Game had reminded Zhao Yesao before that he joined two factions at the same time, but when the quest prompt really popped up at this time, Zhao Yesang still had a strange feeling in his heart.

Sure enough, an upright person like me is still not suitable to be a second or fifth child...

Zhao Yesui originally wanted to reject Lin Yi sternly, because Pei Changkong can provide him with more help at this stage, and even if he rejects Lin Yi, there are many reasons. Pass the information out.

However, Zhao Yesui suddenly thought of a possibility.

Is it possible, I mean, just possible.

—Can I ask Pei Changkong to provide evidence of his treason?

This idea is simply out of the blue. Regardless of whether Pei Changkong is treasonous or not, Zhao Yesui is simply blatantly provoking her by making such a request to her.

If Pei Changkong really betrayed the country, then this kind of action will make Pei Changkong kill Zhao Yesao.

If not, then it proves that Pei Changkong is loyal to Da Xia, and such suspicion of her will also lead to death.

But Zhao Yesui will not fall into the inherent thinking.

He is thinking about a problem now.

How to identify evidence of treason?

Daxia Longque just asked Zhao Yesao to collect evidence of Pei Changkong's treason, but to identify such a powerful official of the frontier as Pei Changkong, it would definitely need a lot of evidence.

Of course, based on Zhao Yesui's experience, this kind of powerful minister is generally not overthrown by the so-called "evidence", and only politics, not the law, can overthrow her.

So, what exactly counts as evidence is intriguing.

Treason, how to treason, and which country is treason, there are also many opinions.

Zhao Yesui didn't forget that he was a player, so of course he wanted to take advantage of it.