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No emperor would take the initiative to admit that he had done something wrong until he was forced to do so.

What's more, the birth of the sword puppet evil ghost really has nothing to do with the emperor.

"Is that so..." Miss Guide nodded thoughtfully.

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the next morning.

This day, because Zhao Yesui did another task, it was very late when he returned to Ji Gong's house, so he didn't ask Ji Gong Ling to discuss it again.

It's not because he wants to be lazy, but in this state, cultivating the sword can't achieve good results. Zhao Yesao has never done this kind of thing with half the effort.

So, he meditated for a while to get his spirit back to its best state.

But when he opened his eyes, he found that Ji Gong Ling was holding a newspaper, standing in front of him with a complicated expression.

As early as when Ji Gongling came in, Zhao Yesui had already sensed it, but he didn't speak. Now seeing Ji Gongling looking at him, he asked aloud, "What's wrong, Miss Ji Gong?"

"...See for yourself."

Ji Gongling gave Zhao Yesui the newspaper in her hand with a strange expression.

Zhao Yeshou took the newspaper and took a look. On the front page was clearly printed a line of large characters in enlarged bright red font:

"Emperor Hezhou promulgated the "Heguan Edict" at Heguan Shrine

Zhao Yesui: "?"

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Chapter 471 Does the chat object turn on the voice changer?!


Zhao Yeshou couldn't help but slowly typed a question mark.

He continued to read.

In the end, it was discovered that this so-called "Heguan Edict" was actually the same thing as the Edict of Guilty in Zhao Yesang's impression.

The general meaning is that because I, the emperor of Hezhou, did not govern well, I failed the foundation of my ancestors, so the current Hezhou is full of chaos, and the strange phenomenon of sword puppets and evil ghosts was born...


This content looks a little familiar.

Impossible, absolutely impossible!

But after Zhao Yesui read the entire report, he could only come to this conclusion.

It does look a little familiar.

Just a little bit.

"Sinful Edict..."

The corners of Zhao Yesang's mouth twitched, and he raised his head to look at Ji Gongling and asked, "Miss Ji Gong, is this the latest news today?"

"Of course, otherwise?" Ji Gongling clicked her tongue and said, "Didn't you see the date marked on the newspaper? This is today's newspaper, but it's an overprinted version, because the Emperor Hezhou promulgated the The morning paper had already been printed at the time of the Heguan Zhao, but since there is such exciting news, of course it has to be reprinted.”

"That group of reporters never misses the headlines."

Although Zhao Yesui really wanted to convince himself, this might just be a coincidence. The Emperor Hezhou might be in a good mood today. He went out for a walk. When he arrived at the Heguan Shrine, he suddenly felt that he needed to win over people's hearts and asked the people around him. Who is the most famous in the imperial city recently, and then promulgated this "Crane View"...

But there are too many coincidences here. Not only does the Emperor Hezhou want to issue an edict of sin, he also needs to know the sword puppet demon, and he needs to fulfill the sword puppet demon...

With so many coincidences superimposed, it was really hard for Zhao Yesui to believe that this was really just a "coincidence".

After all, last night, he just casually mentioned the matter of the decree with the guide lady, and the Emperor Hezhou issued it today. This speed is a bit scary.

"...So, what's the situation now?"

Zhao Yesui could only then ask Ji Gongling, "What do people outside say?"

"What else can I do? Of course, it detonated all of a sudden. After all, this is the first time in thirty years."

Ji Gongling shrugged and said with a deep meaning: "If the previous sword puppet evil ghosts were only limited to some well-informed people, then, in the current imperial city, sword puppet evil ghosts should not exist. No one knows what no one knows.”

"Also, since the boss has spoken, of course other departments in the imperial city will do their best to cooperate and publicize the deeds of the sword puppet evil ghost, otherwise it will appear that their boss is useless? What."

"So, I have to congratulate this Mr. Sword Puppet Demon, although I don't know what his purpose is, but with such an appearance, the entire imperial city, even the entire Hezhou, should be named after him. No one knows, no one knows."

"After all, this is big news, and even Dongxi Hezhou will act because of it."

The teasing inside and outside of Ji Gongling's words was about to overflow, and Zhao Yesui could only pretend not to hear, and fell into deep thought.

This script...isn't quite right.

He did think that Miss Guide was a certain force in the imperial city, and even an important figure in the Hezhou royal family. After all, her ability is too special, and if she is discovered, she will definitely not be let go.

However, Zhao Yesui did not expect that Miss Guide would be Emperor Hezhou?

No, not necessarily?

Zhao Yesui tentatively asked Ji Gongling, "Miss Ji Gong, that Emperor she a woman?"

"Hmm." Ji Gongling said with a half-smile, "If it's true, then I wouldn't be so surprised. After all, I have already experienced Mr. Yama's female predestined relationship. Just hooked up with Governor Pei, and me..."

When she said this, Ji Gongling's pretty face blushed, and then she coughed lightly and said, "But, unfortunately, it's not, Emperor Hezhou is a man, and there is no possibility for a woman to disguise as a man, unless twelve years ago The big men who attended the meeting were all blind."

Ji Gongling shrugged and said, "In the tradition of Hezhou, unless all the men with the right of inheritance in the Hezhou royal family are dead, it is impossible to have a female emperor. Although General Messer landed 30 years ago When he was in Hezhou, he killed a large number of members of the royal family, but not to the point of absolute death."

"So, I'm sorry, Mr. Yama, your little thoughts may be in vain."

Zhao Yesui first breathed a sigh of relief, and then fell into a deeper uncertainty.

It is known that the Emperor Hezhou is a man.

I also know that I have been in an online dating state with myself these days, ah no, the guide lady in the online dating state is Meng Meiyin.

After knowing what I told Miss Guide about the edict, Emperor Hezhou promulgated the "Heguan Edict" the next day...


A terrible guess suddenly appeared in Zhao Yesang's heart.

After the holster of Miss Guide, she won't be a big man with her feet, right? ? ? ? ? ?

This guess made Zhao Yesui take a deep breath.

If so, that's pretty exciting.

Because even if the voice can be faked, it is impossible to fake the character shown in the communication.

Those characteristics may be cute on a beautiful girl, but if you put them on an eight-footed man...

So terrifying.

Zhao Yeshou asked tentatively, "Then, does this Emperor Hezhou have any female relatives? The closer ones?"

Ji Gongling glanced at him in surprise, as if thinking of something, shrugged and said, "He seems to be the only son, because of the current special situation of the Hezhou royal family, other members of the royal family, branches, etc., are not allowed. It is close to the imperial city, so there is only one member of the royal family in the huge palace."

"If I must say...he seems to have a mother?"


Zhao Yesui couldn't help but slowly typed a question mark.

It was different from what he had imagined.

Couldn't it be the Hezhou Emperor who turned on the voice changer to chat with him online...?

It can't be the **** talking to me, can it?

The corners of Zhao Yeshou's mouth twitched. He didn't expect to encounter such a thing in the first online chat.

"You don't seem to be surprised by this."

Ji Gongling looked at Zhao Yeshou and said with a smile: "I thought that somehow it became the focus of the entire Hezhou. You will at least become a little nervous, Mr. Sword Puppet Demon? Should I say yes? Are art masters bold?"

" expected this to happen today?"

Zhao Ye said without changing his face: "'s really a bit of an accident, but it's not too surprising."

The sudden guilt of his own edict disrupted Zhao Yesui's original arrangements, leaving him without the mind to think about other things for a while.

Now, he just wants to find out, is Miss Guide the Emperor Hezhou?

Although it is said that it is not a good thing to think about opening the box in online chat, Zhao Yesui has no such idea, but after knowing that the object of his online chat may be a man with a voice changer turned on, Zhao Yesui is a little restless .

Kind of scary, really.

Ji Gongling observed Zhao Yeshou's expression, and suddenly said: "Then, Mr. Yama, do you have any idea of ​​meeting this Emperor Hezhou? After all, according to the information we have obtained so far, he is very likely here. It plays an important role in a main mission, and it’s not a bad thing to meet and get to know a little more.”

Sure enough, Miss Himemiya began to suspect that I was having an affair...

Zhao Yesui sighed lightly in his heart, this is also something that can't be done. Emperor Hezhou did such a big thing inexplicably, but he still made it clear that the horses and horses were coming towards him, saying that it was just unintentional, who would believe it?

and many more.

Zhao Yesui immediately reacted.

Is Emperor Hezhou a man?

So what kind of an affair is this?

Zhao Yesui suddenly became assertive: "Can I meet him? Of course, that would be the best, but how do we meet? Is it a regular channel?"

"The emperor will regularly meet with the powerful Chinese in Hezhou to consolidate his power - although at this time, there are not many left."

Ji Gongling chuckled and said, "The Ji Gong family certainly has this qualification, but my nominal father in this world doesn't like this kind of thing, after all, in his opinion, the emperor is just a puppet. Forget it, what's the point of playing the game of emperor and courtiers with puppets?"

"So, from the memories I have obtained, most of the time this matter was handled by 'Himemiya Ayane'."

"Of course, this kind of thing is a very solemn thing, and idle people can't get in, but..."

There was a bit of slyness in Jigiya Aya's eyes: "If it's the husband of 'Himiya Ayane', then it's another matter. So, Mr. Yama, you are interested in being my husband, Are you going to see the Emperor Hezhou together at the secret meeting tomorrow?"

After all, Zhao Yesui almost forgot that he was still Ji Gongling's husband in every sense.

"Hmm... that sounds reasonable..."

Zhao Yesui thought for a while, and felt that it might be a good choice to meet the Emperor Hezhou.

Because just last night, after he intercepted the list, he became interested in the nominal emperor of Hezhou.

Of course, there may be a little curiosity about the identity of the guide lady.

Just a little bit.

It will not affect Zhao Yesui's decision at all.


"Then I will trouble Miss Ji Gong."

Zhao Yesui said to Ji Gongling, "Is it tomorrow? When is the specific time?"

"Tomorrow morning." Ji Gongling replied: "So, tonight, Mr. Yama, don't stay home at night. If you want to toss me, don't toss it too much, lest I won't be able to get up tomorrow."

"Of course."

Zhao Yesui agreed, and then thought of something, and asked: "By the way, Miss Ji Gong, does your Ji Gong family have any library or something? It seems to store the secret history of the Ji Gong family. Information, records of other people and forces, etc."

"Of course there is, Mr. Yama is interested?"

Ji Gongling raised her eyebrows and said, "I'll let the servants lead you there. Besides, it's not 'your Jigong's family', but 'our Jigong's family'."

Zhao Ye replied in a perfunctory manner: "Okay, we Jigong's family."

...................................................... ......................................

ten minutes later.

Zhao Yesui was led by his servants to the library of Ji Gong's house.

As soon as he entered the door, Zhao Yesui smelled a strange smell, like grease, but much fresher than it.

"Probably some kind of special preservation method..."

Zhao Yesui didn't waste any time, and went straight to the "biography" category.

The reason why he came to Jigong's library was of course to complete the remaining half of the hidden tasks last night.