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Was it here?

What was originally here?

Do you mean the crossbow?

Then how did she know the hand crossbow would be here?

The simple five words brought countless questions to Zhao Yesao.

Not knowing whether the other party had left, Zhao Yesui could only think in a sleeping position.

until dawn.

Chapter 9 Su Mingyuan

"On the 14th day of the twelfth lunar month, the Zhenshan Martial Arts Hall came to kick the hall today. It just so happened that I also planned to sell the martial arts hall. I will take this opportunity to settle these trivial matters. After that, I don't need to worry about these irrelevant things."

Zhao Yesui imitated Su Mingyuan's handwriting and wrote up yesterday's diary, but what he was thinking about was what happened last night.

"Last night, the intruder first turned over Su Mingyuan's room from beginning to end, and then it seemed that because he didn't see the pair of brass hand crossbow, he began to look for the pair of hand crossbow, and finally found the hand crossbow in the quilt, So leave."

"There are three questions. One is the identity of the intruder, the second is her purpose, and the third is why did she know the crossbow was gone?"

"The first two questions don't need to be considered for the time being, because there is basically no result, but I have a vague guess on the third question."

"Perhaps, before this, she has already searched Chengping Martial Arts Hall, and most likely not only once, but many times, to the point where she knows everything, so even if there is only one thing missing, she can detect it."

Although this answer was outrageous, Zhao Yesui intuitively believed that this was the correct answer.

"And the reason why she dared to do this should be because she confirmed that 'Su Mingyuan' could not wake up. Those white mists should be similar to anesthetics, tasteless and easy to dissipate. As long as you master the dose, an adult can fall asleep. Until dawn..."

When he thought of this, Zhao Yesui was suddenly stunned, as if there was a flash of inspiration, which gave him a trembling feeling of capturing the truth.

"Wait a minute, I am using Su Mingyuan's body now. Except for the black mist, all body functions are the same as Su Mingyuan's. If I was awake last night, does that mean that when she came in the past, Su Mingyuan is also awake?"

This conjecture made Zhao Yejia vaguely catch something, but based on the information so far, he was far from being able to confirm this conjecture, so he decisively put on the lower limb exoskeleton and went straight to the underground workshop.

Su Mingyuan often conducts miscellaneous experiments here, so Zhao Yesui quickly prepared a dose of anesthesia. In order to ensure the effect, he tried the effect on a rabbit raised by Su Mingyuan. After confirming the effect, he began to give himself intravenous injection.

The colorless medicinal liquid was gradually poured into his body, and Zhao Yecang silently waited for the effect of the medicine to kick in, but five minutes later, his consciousness was still clear, and although his limbs were as weak as before, he still obeyed.

Zhao Yeshou's expression gradually became serious, and he said softly, "Su Mingyuan..."

He got up and destroyed the remaining liquid medicine and experimental traces, lifted the rabbit cage, and returned to the ground.

If he guessed right, the intruder will come tonight.

On the evening of the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month, Zhao Ye put on his diary and slept in his clothes.

Unconsciously, a white fog filled the entire room and gradually dissipated.

Just like last night, the phantom-like existence quietly came to Chengping Martial Arts Hall, carefully checked every inch of Chengping Martial Arts Hall, and then left.

The difference from last night was that Zhao Yesui didn't wait until dawn, but moved to the bed an hour after she left the room, pulled out the steam bottle inserted into the lower extremity exoskeleton, loosened the knob, and Hot steam sprayed out, and a pure white air column shot directly on the rabbit in the rabbit cage, and the originally snow-white fur began to become charred to the naked eye.

Even so, the rabbit fell asleep without realizing it.

"Sure enough."

Inserting the original steam bottle back, Zhao Yesui lay back on the bed, quietly looking at the ceiling, lost in thought.

"Su Mingyuan... That is to say, have you always known?"

"Someone is watching you, monitoring your every move, treating you as a guinea pig, watching everything about you from above..."

"Do you know all of these?"

If Su Mingyuan knows everything as the premise and re-examines the current situation, then the original inherent impression will be overturned.

"A serious person keeps a diary, so, is your diary written for 'them'? Are all your actions, including all your actions, deliberately shown to them?"

If this is the case, then why Su Mingyuan did this is intriguing.

The usual actions are often to cover up his abnormality, so where is Su Mingyuan's abnormality?

Su Mingyuan's seventeen-year life is monotonous like a parallel line, learning steam skills and becoming a steam engineer. If these are all to cover up something, what would it be?

The content of the diary, Su Mingyuan's impression so far and what he has learned...

If all of these are reversed, is it possible that...

"Sword skill?"

When the word came to mind, Zhao Yesui was surprised by his own whimsy.

A person with weak limbs and unable to hold a sword without the aid of an exoskeleton device, how can he practice sword skills? Not to mention that he is still under surveillance, if he makes any behavior that is inconsistent with his external performance, it is estimated that he will be discovered.

But the more he thought about it, the more Zhao Yesui felt that this absurd conjecture seemed to be quite possible.

"Assuming that Su Mingyuan's performance so far is all just a disguise, then what he wants to cover up is a completely different inner image from the image he is showing now, and the reason why the Chengping Martial Arts Academy is targeted may be the It's because of some kind of family secret, which is also in line with the logic of martial arts novels, the orphan protagonist, who has a blood feud and a family secret, so he was murdered by the enemy."

So, what about the sword?

Or, what about Su Mingyuan's sword skills?

Even if he ignores his physical condition, how can he practice swordsmanship without being discovered under surveillance?

Hold on......

Zhao Yesui was slightly startled, he thought of something.

When he first entered this scene, Zhao Yesui experienced a severe cough. At that time, he judged that it was caused by lung lesions, but in the next two days, Zhao Yesang did not suffer much from it. so troubled that he kind of forgot about it.

It's not what he imagined, is it?

Should... no?

Chapter 10 The Sword of the Heart

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. The people from Zhenshan Martial Arts Hall arrived as promised. Zhao Ye sat in a wheelchair and quietly watched them file in. After the last person entered the dojo, he closed the door of the dojo and used the latch to reach the dojo. Staying, the entire dojo has an inexplicable sense of coldness.

Since it was an order issued by the guild to kick the hall, there would naturally be people from the guild who came to supervise it.

At this moment, an old man is asking Zhao Yesui and Bai Kaishan: "Master Su and Master Bai, the rest of the matters have been explained before, so I won't repeat them here. So, are you sure you want to choose unlimited martial arts? "

"I have no opinion here." Bai Kaishan said indifferently: "But it is different on the side of Pavilion Master Su. Is it possible that Pavilion Master Su intends to collapse on the arena like a pool of mud for a duel?"

Unrestricted martial arts, that is, a specific competition system with no restrictions on duels, can be used to duel in any way, except that prohibited items such as steam equipment and handguns cannot be brought into the ring.

The wheelchair was also counted among the weapons by exception, otherwise the weak Zhao Yesui could only collapse on the ring as Bai Kaishan said.

"I have no opinion." Zhao Ye nodded slightly and asked inadvertently, "The sword has no eyes. If there are casualties in the ring, what should we do?"

"Ha, I haven't been on stage yet, so I'm starting to be afraid?" Bai Kaishan laughed and said, "This is not a life-and-death fight. Naturally, you will stop when you decide to compete, but Master Su, you probably don't have a chance to win. already."

Do you stop when you're high or low?

Zhao Yesang took a deep look at Bai Kaishan and the old man beside him, chuckled lightly, and said nothing.

"Mingyuan, don't be brave, it would be bad if something really happened."

Looking at the dozen or so murderous and sturdy men in Zhenshan Martial Arts Hall, Huang Jiming kept wiping away his sweat, and said to Zhao Yesui with a trembling voice, "You are a Xuan-level steam engineer with a bright future, so there is no need to fight with these people."

Zhao Yesui didn't answer him, and after the old man's body search was completed, he turned his wheelchair and went to the arena that was temporarily built in front of him.

His opponent, Chen Wu of Zhenshan Martial Arts Hall, had been standing on the ring waiting for a long time.

This is the first time Zhao Yesui has seriously looked at this taciturn man.

Dark skin, lean body, more like a peasant serving the land than a warrior.

And just as the old man read out the pre-match declaration, Zhao Yesui heard a dull voice.

"Small pavilion owner, admit defeat, take advantage of the opportunity now, and if there is a real fight later, it's not something I can decide."

Zhao Yesao's expression did not change. Although the tone had changed, Zhao Yessang still had some impressions of the voice.

He opened his mouth slightly and asked in ventriloquism, "Chen Wu? Is that you?"

Chen Wu didn't answer Zhao Yesao's question. From the outsiders' point of view, he just looked ahead calmly, and only Zhao Yesang, who was sitting in front of him, could hear his subtle voice: "They bought their lives because they paid for it. So there will definitely be a life left in this ring today. Whether it's your life or my life, they can achieve their goals."

"The ball cards, sponsors, referees, and co-organizers here are all their people. Everything you do is wrong. So, while there is still a chance, admit defeat, the owner of the small hall."


Zhao Yesang didn't think that the other party's purpose was just to cancel the name of Chengping Martial Arts Hall, and what Chen Wu said was a possibility that Zhao Yesang had expected.

The sword has no eyes, and a small hall owner who is hot-blooded but can't recognize his own strength, in order to protect the reputation of his own martial arts hall, blindly duel with others, and finally died in the ring, isn't this a very reasonable thing?

What? Is this unreasonable? Well, the referee and our people have seen it. He hit the edge of the sword himself and was shot eight times in the back to kill himself. We can't blame us.

Zhao Yesui pondered for a moment, and said calmly, "Sorry, I have a reason to stand here."

"No, it's me who should be sorry." Chen Wu's dark face showed a wry smile of guilt: "My wife really needs this money...but now, it's not enough to say this. It doesn't make sense anymore."

"I can hear your firmness. You have something you want to insist on, and I have a reason to do so. Although it may be shameful to say this, I ask you to do your best to attack. If I die here, My wife can get the same money, so I can feel better."

At this time, the old man had also finished reading the lengthy documents. Following his order, everyone turned their attention to the ring.

Chen Wu took a deep breath, put on a stance, and said to Zhao Yeshou word by word: "Zhenshan Wuguan, Chen Wu, please enlighten me."

Zhao Yesui did not respond to him immediately.

He could feel those eyes with different meanings.

Maybe it was because they knew that "Su Mingyuan" was about to die here, and their eyes became unscrupulous.

The disciples had already started gambling, guessing how many seconds Zhao Yeshou could live, and looked at Zhao Yesang with playful eyes. Bai Kaishan's face was as cold as ever, but the curvature of the corners of his mouth and the fluttering eyes could not be concealed. The referee was saying something to Huang Jiming. Huang Jiming's eyes went from stunned to unbearable to indifferent. The whole process took less than five seconds.

All beings.

The only person who feels guilty and regrets that a life is about to be taken away here is the one who is about to become the murderer. I have to say, this is a great irony.

Is this what you have always faced, Su Mingyuan?

Enemies all over the world, no relatives, as if the whole world holds malice towards itself...

- No wonder you were able to endure so much pain and go all the way to this day.

Zhao Yesui looked back at everyone in the ring, and suddenly sneered and scolded: "Shut up!"


The originally noisy dojo suddenly fell into silence, and everyone stared at Zhao Yeshou in a daze, as if they didn't expect him to say such a thing.

Zhao Yesui didn't look at them again, but looked at Chen Wu, and said calmly, "Chengping Martial Arts Hall, Su Mingyuan, please enlighten me."

The old man was the first to react, and immediately announced the official start of the martial arts.

Chen Wu looked solemn, even though he was facing a disabled person, he still maintained his posture and approached cautiously.

Zhao Yesui closed his eyes slightly, and when he looked at Chen Wu again, he had already made up his mind.

As if the pain of thousands of sharp knives passing through his lungs came, Zhao Yeshou's expression remained unchanged, staring at Chen Wu, and opened his mouth.


Chen Wu was stunned for a moment, and then, his whole body was like falling into an ice cave. The instinct from the creature urged him to stay away from the person in front of him immediately, and the martial artist's intuition made him rush towards Zhao Yeshou.

But it was too late.

Like a white rainbow penetrating the sun, a pure white sword energy pierced through his head, castrated unabated, and continued to fly backwards.

Zhao Yesui didn't look at him again, he just turned his wheelchair and turned around, got off the ring, and Chen Wu's body fell with it.

Only that sword energy lasted for a long time, exuding an amazing edge in the atmosphere.

Chapter 11 The Art of the Sword

After a brief silence, the dojo became noisy.

"He's cheating!"

"Referee, I demand that he be checked immediately for prohibited items!"


Compared to them, the old man and Bai Kaishan looked at the remaining sword energy in the arena in shock, and seemed to recognize what it was, both stunned and surprised.

In the face of angry or suspicious questioning from the disciples, Zhao Yesui just said indifferently: "Country bumpkin, haven't you seen Jianwan, haven't you heard of the art of sword-fighting?"