"Give him what the emperor wants."

After a brief father-son meeting, Goodwill returned to the Governor's Office, and Shang Ping followed him noncommittally. No one asked him to leave, and no one stopped him from sitting on the side. He could only bite the dim sum while watching the re-hang The governor wearing a false mask, with a smile on his face, is carrying out intrigues and tricks.

Of course, in Shang Ping's original intention, the word conspiracy is used as a compliment, and I hope his literature instructor will not cry for it.

"However, Your Excellency the Governor, is it okay to inform the enemy of the location of the supply ship?"

"It doesn't matter, anyway, the total number of fleets is already at a disadvantage. No matter how bad the situation is, it will not have much impact."


"It doesn't matter, just do it as ordered, and tell the **** fleet not to rush back to help."

"Yes, Your Excellency."

Watching the deputy commander of the fleet turn and leave, Shang Ping grabbed the half-quick snack and scratched his hair. Does it really make a big difference?

As the besieged party, for safety reasons, the convoy of Puzzle must be far away from the homeland and fight in light-years to avoid accidental injury to Puzzle by the laser cannons or particle cannons emitted by the warships. If the distance is too close, perhaps the Imperial Fleet will not care, but the **** fleet will be tied. If the supply fleet is captured or destroyed by the enemy, and the fleet in battle cannot get supplies directly from Juxing, 200,000 battleships will immediately become lambs surrounded by wolves and be slaughtered. Mutiny is possible. What's the point of fighting? A direct surrender might have been better.

Shang Ping propped his chin, no matter which way you look at it, Naira? Hattera's betrayal didn't seem to be planned in advance, not to mention, having seen the capabilities of the emperor and his staff, Shang Ping thought pessimistically, maybe a betrayal really happened? Spies are not so easy to be.

"Baby, what are you thinking about?" Goodwill took half of the snack from Shang Ping's mouth and threw it directly into his mouth. After chewing it, it tasted orange. Sure enough, it was the same as his preference.

"If you stop using that stupid name, I might tell you."

Shang Ping sighed helplessly, whether it's his adopter Colonel Edgar or the father who picked it up, why do they like numbness so much?

"Okay, sweetie, can you tell me? Maybe you prefer me to call you darling?"

Shang Ping once again strengthened his determination to kill his father, after Shang Yu wisely threw a wink at him. He's his own dad, right? Why does it always feel like he's teasing him? !

The result of the fierce look in his eyes was that the Governor raised his hands and made a gesture of surrender, "I apologize, son, don't look at me like that, I will be embarrassed."

Out of sight is pure! Shang Ping found himself wanting to sigh again? look.

"I don't understand what you're trying to do, does it really matter? Reveal the location of the supply fleet like this? And allow Naira? Hattera's fleet to attack? Don't you worry that this betrayal turns into a real betrayal? ?"

Goodwill smiled and shook his head. After sitting back at the large desk, there were only their father and son in the room, so he could rest assured to tell everything he planned. Shang Ping once wondered why Goodwill believed in himself so easily, and all he got was a kiss on his forehead.

"It's very simple, you are my son."

At this time, Shang Ping's worries pointed to the crux of the problem. Naira? Is Hattera really believable?

"From the beginning, he would have been a real betrayal."


Goodwill leaned against the table, clasped his hands and supported his chin, still smiling, but his eyes were unmistakably serious and cold, "Since that day eleven years ago, I have believed that there is no absolute in the world. Loyalty and inviolability. Naira Hatra is a young businessman, in a very short time, he has obtained wealth and power he never imagined, which feeds his bigger ambition, if he has enough chips, he Anyone who doesn't mind betraying anyone, including himself, can be sent to the devil's table. This is a businessman. And this bargaining chip, for the emperor of the Golden Empire, can be said to be insignificant."

"I don't understand, knowing that he will betray, why..." Isn't this self-defeating?

"Is it still prudent to entrust this task to him? Or pretend to entrust trust to this unqualified spy?"

Shang Ping nodded, now that the attack time of the Golden Empire is getting closer and closer, but Goodwill doesn't seem to be too nervous, and even sent a spy who was unreliable from the beginning? This made Shang Ping's brain almost a mess. He may be able to command a battle alone, but he cannot plan strategically to perfection.

"Son, things are not absolute. I believe that the Madoff Military Academy in Mars will train you into a warrior with excellent military literacy, but it cannot teach you anything more important than fighting. Today, I will teach you, What a delightful thing it is to make the impossible possible. Have you heard of piranhas? It is a fish that has been extinct for thousands of years and lives only on Earth in the Milky Way. However, it is a very Interesting creature."

When the words of goodwill fell, the clock made a punctual sound, and a dazzling white light shrouded the sky over the entire planet. Shang Ping's pupils shrank sharply, and ran to the window at the fastest speed, but was hugged by Goodwill from behind, the man's pointed chin rested on Shang Ping's shoulder, his voice was gentle, "Baby, don't worry , this is activating the outer defense of the star, it is estimated that it is Naira? Hatra has taken the imperial fleet to the rear of the **** fleet formation, do you want to see the result?"

Shang Ping turned his head in disbelief, suspecting that the man's brain was broken.

However, Shangyu suddenly hugged Shang Ping, like a child, which reminded him of the last expedition from Mars. In his long-term memory, only the little baby with the fragrance of milk was holding him tightly. Hands of their own clothes and cute sobbing.

Shang Ping is almost sitting on Goodwill's arm, with his hand on Goodwill's shoulder. Why is this man sitting in the office so strong?

Raising his head, Goodwill looked at Shang Ping seriously and said, "Son, tell me, what do you want? I will give it to you. Those who have bullied you, I will make them pay the price."


The same brown eyes, no longer have any cynical color, full of love and love. Although he lived two lives, Shang Ping couldn't help but hug Goodwill tightly. He really felt the man's sea-like love for his children. Goodwill hugged Shang Ping, walked to a wall with a portrait of the governor, and pressed one hand somewhere on the wall. With the sound of metal friction, a secret door that could allow one person to pass through appeared in the two people's door. before.

Huo Xing's supply fleet has been taken by Naira? Surrounded by Hatra's fleet, Major General Delgar's fleet was the most camouflaged of the Imperial fleet and was notorious for its quick attacks and no prisoners. Although its reputation is not very good, it does not prevent it from obtaining military exploits and killing enemies in previous battles.

After 12,000 large supply ships and 8,000 energy ships were fanned out by nearly ten times as many enemy ships, the Huoxing **** fleet didn't even have time to turn around to help, and the first round of attacks had already destroyed one-sixth of the supplies. The ship, and the crew on board, were not spared.

Delgar sat in the flagship command room, looking at the empty wine glass, "Is it gone?"

"Your Excellency Commander, you shouldn't be greedy."

"Okay." Major General Delga shrugged, "I should have some fun doing such a boring thing."

The hand wearing snow-white gloves waved down again, and another round of laser cannon salvo fired. In response to the previous large-caliber laser cannon, this time the particle cannon on the side of the ship also fired indiscriminately. Despite the counterattack organized by the commander, it was Like a mud cow entering the sea, it won't work at all. In the supply fleet, nearly one-third of the energy ships have been damaged. The tank-shaped hull can exert the maximum load and slow speed, making it the best target for the imperial fleet.

Looking at the fireworks on the screen, Admiral Delgar became more and more bored, and Naira in his own ship? Hattera went from being frightened at the beginning, even with a certain sense of guilt, to numbness and excitement that she was about to receive great power and wealth.

At the same time, the Imperial Fleet had all been assembled. After the Emperor received the battle report from Major General Delgar, he ordered the Imperial Fleet to launch a general attack on the 678th Huoxing.

Life and death are imminent.