The Governor's Palace is obviously not as simple as it seems.

The huge screen occupies the entire wall. In front of the sophisticated console, three operators are doing final debugging. The four small display screens on both sides of the main screen have been filled with a huge number of warships and fireworks that are constantly erupting in the universe. , except for the occasional click of the instrument, there was no other sound in the room.

"Your Excellency the Governor, the enemy fleet has entered the predetermined position, and our supply fleet is expected to support only another three hours or so."


Goodwill made a noncommittal sound, and the man with the rank of lieutenant colonel on his epaulette seemed to be used to Goodwill's attitude. Before receiving the next instructions, he could only let those supply fleets who had not received any news in advance continue to do so. act as bait.

Shang Ping followed Goodwill, watching the continuously enlarged and clear battle situation on the main screen, even if it was silent, he could still feel the tragic battle on the battlefield.

This is not a battle, not even a disparity of resistance, it is a one-sided massacre, the slaughterers have not even a trace of guilt or pity, and they even start to get bored with this kind of massacre.

From the beginning of the attack, the Imperial Fleet was like playing a game. There was no formation change, no cross-fire of various laser cannons, only round after round of salvos. The supply fleet of its own side was suppressed by powerful strength. Now, sporadic counterattacks will only make the next round of salvos come faster.


Goodwill remained calm, and everyone in the command room was still busy, as if the information on the virtual light screen could concentrate their minds better than the death of their peers on the battlefield.

"Baby, don't worry."

Goodwill patted Shang Ping's shoulder with a smile, his brown eyes, under the illumination of the blue light on the screen, gave off a color similar to bewitching, "Sometimes, a certain amount of loss is allowed. These losses will be a stepping stone to more meaningful victories."

"But, other people know, won't they hold grudges?"

"Why? It's Naira? Hartra did it, he's a complete betrayer. Isn't he?"

Shang Ping's eyes widened in surprise. The professor at Madoff Military Academy gave the students a spirit of bravery. As a soldier, dying on the battlefield or using his own body to open up blood for his peers is a soldier's spirit. glory. At this moment, Goodwill is telling him that these warriors guarding Juxing are just stepping stones?

He is not inexplicably expressing the Madonna complex, if necessary, some kind of abandonment on the battlefield is necessary. However, the words of goodwill are completely contrary to the education he received in two generations.

Goodwill doesn't bother to explain. Shang Ping is an excellent Mars warrior, maybe too good, just like himself more than ten years ago, he can give everything for Mars before his belief is broken.

When it was not the enemy's laser cannon, but the blow from behind, Goodwill embraced the body of his wife, and his beliefs for more than 20 years were fragmented, including his loyalty to Mars, and his fanatical worship of Madoff White White. , were crushed and discarded in the dust of the universe.

"Grow up, child, it may be cruel, but it is the way to survive in the universe. You should not be Mars' war machine, you are the son of my goodwill."

At this time, the supply fleet of the six hundred and seventy-eighth star has been wiped out by the imperial fleet, and only less than 500 supply ships survived under the fire of the imperial fleet. Part of the imperial fleet has stopped shelling. At this moment, it is Naira who is chasing these supply ships. Hattera's fleet of rebels.

Major General Delgar stood up, stretched out of boredom, and was immediately greeted with disapproving eyes from the adjutant.

"Jie, don't remind me of the etiquette rules that a nobleman should follow at any time. This is not Ivan's summer palace, but a battlefield." Curling his lips, Delgar added, "A place so boring is not even a battlefield. ."

"Your Majesty, will you report the situation to Your Majesty?"

"En." Although Major General Delga was indifferent, he was absolutely loyal to Solan II. Seeing the scenes on the battlefield, he couldn't help but say: "These betrayers are all the same, and perhaps there is no need to clean up the battlefield. They won't leave a former colleague behind."

"It's just a bunch of businessmen."

"Yes, merchant."

Major General Delgar extended his voice meaningfully, indicating that the adjutant could send the news of the total annihilation to the emperor's flagship. Just when he ordered the entire team to return, a sudden shock caused the flagship to slightly bump.

"what happened?"

Major General Delgar immediately stepped off the podium, and the operator quickly read the message, clearly positioned the direction of the attack, and sent it to the screen.


Including Major General Delgar, everyone held their breath at the same time, and looked at the three huge black holes that appeared on the screen like a mirage.

"How is this going?!"

The three black holes are in a triangle shape, and the radiation range covers almost the entire fleet, right? Naira that Wing is attacking? Hattera's rebel fleet and part of the imperial fleet had already been affected, and before they could even react, the black hull was torn apart and sucked into the black hole without any resistance. The debris from the battleship explosion affected more battleships, and the remaining more than 100 supply ships began to rush to the black hole directly in front of them. When they were about to reach the edge of danger, they immediately turned around to take advantage of the imperial fleet being attracted by the black hole. Attention, detoured to the left of the fleet? In the emptiness of the wing, miraculously rushed out of the encirclement.

Major General Delgar has no time to take care of the supply ships that escaped at this moment. These black holes that appear out of thin air pose a huge threat to the entire fleet. If there is no way to get out as soon as possible, it is not just a matter of losing some battleships.

Fighting to abandon the right? The wing of the ship, Major General Delgar ordered the rest of the fleet to form a half-moon formation with the flagship as the center, retreat to a safe distance, and return immediately. The imperial fleet, which was about to escape, was blocked at the edge by more than 30,000 fleets equipped with large-caliber laser cannons.

Major General Delgar angrily stared at the blue warships on the screen, calmed down very quickly, and ordered the imperial fleet to change its formation immediately, rushing to the center of the front fleet in a zigzag shape, intending to cut off this fleet from it, to Fight with small units as the benchmark. Lost almost a third of the ships, although some of them were Naira? The rebels led by Hattera, but as a qualified imperial fleet commander, Admiral Delgar still has a calm and sharp tactical vision and thinking.

This kind of warship equipped with a large-caliber laser cannon can achieve the best tactical effect only when it is hit, and the intensive attack can achieve the best tactical effect.

The intercepting fleet was also very aware of its own strengths and weaknesses. When the Imperial Fleet first started to change its formation, the commander ordered the shooting in three steps, not seeking to hit the enemy with precision, but only intending to keep pushing the Imperial Fleet back, behind them. , and three gigantic cosmic black holes.

This tactic does work.

The uninterrupted salvo of large-caliber laser cannons is like setting up a wall of light in front of the imperial fleet, making it impossible for them to move forward, only to destroy, and backward, they still cannot escape their lives, and the suicidal impact can only damage the blue The battleships on the periphery of the fleet, and after a brief stagnation of artillery fire, will immediately be attacked by a more violent column. Except for a few lucky ones, the retreating warships were almost all torn apart by the magnetic field of the cosmic black hole. The slaughter is still going on, but this time, the slaughter and the slaughtered have reversed their roles.

All this happened in less than a few hours. Shang Ping watched everything on the screen with his eyes trembling. This kind of tactic can no longer be described as a strategy. It is vicious and vicious. As bait, they lured the enemy to go deep, leaving no way out. The imperial fleet, which was invincible in Shang Ping's eyes, was now like a lion besieged by the prairie wolves, biting off all its flesh and blood. However, the lion's inherent pride caused the wolves to suffer a lot. When the battlefield finally calmed down, tens of thousands of warships, but less than 10,000 star frigates were cleaning the battlefield.

Shock, surprise, fear, mixed emotions impacted Shang Ping. It's not that he hasn't experienced a large-scale battle, but such a tragic situation made Shang Ping a little terrified.

Injuring the enemy by a thousand, and self-destruction by 800, is this kind of victory really worth it?

Warm fingers pinched Shang Ping's chin, forcing him to raise his head. The same brown eyes looked at him with a little worry, but Shang Ping saw the cruelty and cruelty behind that kindness. This cruelty made him start to be excited, excited for no reason. Perhaps, the crazy factor in the blood has begun to play a role.


"Afraid? Are you afraid of me?"

"No." Shang Ping shook his head, not against his will, aside from the initial mixed emotions, he should be happy for this victory.

"That's good."

Goodwill took Shang Ping out of the command room, returned to the governor's office, and ordered the secretary to deliver a glass of hot milk. After the door was closed, he sat on the sofa and took Shang Ping into his arms.

"Children, on the battlefield, kindness and compassion are the stupidest things. Brightness and chivalry are just written in history for people to look up to. Unscrupulousness and viciousness are the proper attitude toward the enemy."

Goodwill touched Shang Ping's black hair, and the smooth hair slipped through his fingers. He was teaching his son. This may not come from the mouth of a loving father, but it is a shortcut for Shang Ping to grow rapidly.

"Father," Shang Ping raised his head, looked at Goodwill, and said, "I believe you."

Shang Ping's mood is very complicated. He clearly knows that in the end of his life, he will not be able to become a person like Goodwill. He may be smart and capable, but he just lacks the most important ambition. He wants to protect Mars, but he can learn from Goodwill's few words that Goodwill has negative feelings towards Mars. Shang Ping is not a pessimist, nor is he blindly optimistic. Since things are tangled up and cannot be resolved, they simply put them aside. Anyway, he is now in the Golden Empire and can't go back to Mars at all. The cheap dad he picked up has the ability to compete with the empire. The only thing he can do now is to learn more and see more. If there is a chance to go to the battlefield, then, he Will be happy to evaporate the grievances of the previous two captives.

Shang Ping didn't know that a gate in his heart had been slowly opened.

However, Shang Ping suddenly had a whimsical idea.

"Since the imperial fleet can attack our supply ships, where is their supply fleet?"

Goodwill seemed a little surprised, and then gave Shang Ping a fierce kiss, "Baby, you are so lovable!"

At this time, the Imperial Fleet has launched a general attack on Huoxing, but what the young emperor and commanders did not expect is that the **** fleet on Huoxing's side is not like the information obtained before. There are only 200,000 ships. For a moment, nearly 300,000 warships appeared from the meteorite group on the periphery of the empire. These are the directly-administered troops that belong to Goodwill. The merchant ships that guarded Juxing before were, in a sense, just a means to confuse the enemy.

"Five hundred thousand ships."

The battle immediately entered a frenzy. The Contortion Star Fleet was not the Muse Galaxy and the Empire Border Chaos Fleet, especially the direct-controlled troops of Goodwill. It was the trump card in the hands of successive governors. In the few years that Goodwill was in power, the fleet has been expanded and weapons have been replaced. In all aspects, it is enough to compete with the Imperial fleet, not to mention the big killer of Juxing itself.

These pieces of information were presented to the emperor one by one. He was currently going to ambush the Star Supply Fleet. Delgar, who was ambushed, only returned with less than a thousand battleships. Soran Edrich just glanced coldly at Delgar, who was kneeling on the ground. , said coldly, "Got it."

Everyone knew very well, Your Majesty, that they were angry.