MTL - Interstellar Fairy Tale - C.115Mar 06, 2023


The news that the fleet led by Delga was almost annihilated immediately spread to the entire fleet. From commanders at all levels to the soldiers who controlled the battery, the only reaction was disbelief. Major General Delga, known as the chameleon, was defeated like this. already?

Soran Edrich made no further punishment to Delgar, and the rank of major general was still firmly hanging on the epaulette, but the shame of failure made Delgar's eyes red.

"Your Majesty, please give your servant another chance!"

In the same words, Soran Edrich didn't want to listen anymore, his icy gaze swept across the seventeen commanders in the flagship command room without saying a word.

The battle has entered a frenzy from the very beginning. The battleships on both sides could hardly form a neat formation, and they fought together. The laser cannon and the particle cannon bloomed silently in the universe. suffered the impact of hundreds of shells. The black ships were as strong as the blue ones, but the casualties continued to mount.

The 678th Star Fleet's nominal commander, Wall, sent a reinforcement report to the Governor for the third time. Like the previous two, he was left on the desk, and Goodwill was not even interested in taking a closer look.

"Father, a war of attrition is not a good idea."

Shang Ping's growth is undoubtedly rapid. After Goodwill denied attacking the opponent's supply fleet and listed more than a dozen unfeasible reasons, Shang Ping began to think about the problem according to Goodwill's hope. It may be cruel, but Goodwill is indeed cultivating his son by fighting nearly a million warships outside Huoxing, and using the blood of both warriors to supplement Shang Ping's growth.


Goodwill does not expect that a single tricky ambush can consume a large amount of the strength of the imperial fleet, but after destroying hundreds of thousands of warships, there is still such a terrifying attack power, which makes this battle-hardened man a little scared.

Sure enough, a gigantic empire does have its existence. When a young monarch with great talent and talent is driving this gigantic beast, the horror of this empire is enough to destroy all the enemies in front of him.

"It can't go on like this."

The same words came from the mouths of Goodwill and Soran Edrich at the same time. The difference is that the two took different approaches on how to solve the current situation.

Soran Edrich has disdain to resort to intrigue, the pride and anger of the ruler of a huge empire, awakening the bloodthirsty beast hidden under the gorgeous appearance.

"I don't want to hear any excuses or strategies to lure the enemy and destroy them."

Destroy them with the Empire's largest warships, sharpest artillery fire, and fiercest warriors!

The anger of the emperor will be appeased by blood-staining the universe!

The six hundred and seventy-eighth Star Fleet commander found strangely that the black battleships that were entangled with themselves gradually moved to the sides, clearing a passage in an orderly manner, ignoring the artillery fire that hit the hull. Including Vice Admiral Metz, Admiral Ida and several fleet commanders, through a short strategic deployment, the leadership of the battlefield was handed over to Harlan? Edrich.

Perhaps this fleet commander from a royal family has the same beauty and grace as the emperor, but his cruelty and madness are enough to make his peers tremble.

If not, do Confucian commanders such as Admiral Date and other Confucian commanders do not want Harlan? Edrich is here to break the current impasse.

The huge flagship painted with the royal emblem of Edrich led Harlan's direct-line fleet to appear in front of the Huoxing battleship. The battleship group, these huge war machines flexibly dodged the artillery fire of the Star Fleet and approached at an extremely fast speed. The laser cannons erected on the shoulders and elbows of the mechs did not have much to do with the thick armor of the battleships. Obviously, these fighters A did not intend to fight with these toy-like laser cannons. They approached at the speed of light, flew towards the intended target, and their limbs were fixed on the battleship's carapace like vines. All this happened so quickly that Goodwill didn't have time to alert Wall, and the detonating device of the combat armor itself bloomed in the black universe!

The explosion broke through the thick shell of the battleship, and the shattered fragments of the battleship rushed into the inner cabin with the airflow. The soldiers who had no time to escape were immediately torn into several pieces, and the stumps and blood stained the ground and walls with a metallic luster. The screams and howls were silent for only a few seconds. The young soldier who had his legs torn off looked at the vast universe with godless eyes, muttering something in his mouth, and the next moment he was swept out of the cabin by the airflow and was crushed into pieces.

The suicide attack brought a brief silence on the battlefield, Harlan? With a royal smile, Edrich looked at everything displayed on the screen. The blue eyes similar to the emperor's, showed a bloody, treacherous, crazy color.

The Imperial Fleet would never let any fighter jets go. Like a hungry wolf rushing into the flock, it rushed towards the Huo Xing Fleet, which had no time to reorganize its formation. Even if it encountered stubborn resistance, the balance of war was still gradually tilted towards the Empire.

After the reinforcements of the Empire arrived, the Star Fleet finally had a fatal panic.

"Governor, ask for reinforcements!"

Wall's cry for help was no longer covered up, and Goodwill began to stare at the virtual card, and the situation on the battlefield gradually became clear. If you look at it from above, you can find that the formation of the Imperial Fleet has begun to change drastically, left? Wing and right? The wing's fleet began to disperse, encircling the Huo Xing fleet in a net shape, while the central fleet moved to the rear of the Huo Xing fleet. Obviously, their purpose was Huo Xing itself.

"It's still a bit reluctant." Goodwill sighed, even with the same equipment, the combat experience is not the same.

Shang Ping stood behind Goodwill, and everything that happened in the battlefield did not escape his eyes either.

"Father, here."

Shang Ping suddenly pointed to a certain point in the constantly moving battleship team. Goodwill kept zooming in on the picture captured. Finally, he saw a golden and silver battleship that was different from other command ships.

"This is the emperor's flagship." Shang Ping said affirmatively: "The first time I was caught, I relied on fighter jets to firmly hold on to this battleship, so I didn't get killed by laser cannons."

"The emperor's flagship?" Goodwill pondered for a while. It seemed that the young Solan II couldn't wait to set foot on the land of Huoxing in person. However, "You just said you were caught for the first time? Son, how many times have you been caught?"

Shang Ping suddenly had a black line, is this the point?

"Father, maybe, you can let me try again. They obviously think that they are sure to win, so they will let the emperor's flagship leave the main fleet so easily. If it is from this position," Shang Ping nodded to the right side of the fleet, which was relatively loose. The sequence, said: "From here, there is a good chance to get close to the emperor's flagship, or the command ship in front of him. If I guess correctly, this command ship should also be a royal family, a man named Harlan. No matter which one you have, as long as there is a chance, you can do this!" Shang Ping put his hand in front of his neck in a beheading gesture, and he didn't need to say anything more, he must have understood what he meant.

There is an old saying on earth, catch the thief first catch the king, what about Haran? Edrich, the man who put him in a bird cage and gave it to the emperor, seems to have more resentment towards Shang Ping.

"Actually, you don't need to do that."

Goodwill looked at Shang Ping and said seriously: "I once told you that this mysterious star itself is an artificial fortress. It is equipped with a peripheral shield and has firepower equipment that is enough to protect itself. Even if it can't be resisted, I have it. The way to get out..."

"Do not."

Shang Ping interrupted Goodwill's words and said firmly: "Father, maybe in my whole life, I can't be a person like you, who is wise, sharp, and judges the situation. I have natural weaknesses, and I lack what I need as a superior. However, I am a soldier, and my value can only be realized on the battlefield. What’s more, this emperor and his group of people have bullied me! I will bully me back!”

After speaking, he held his head high, his face was upright, and he looked at Goodwill with burning eyes, as if Goodwill would destroy his pride as a soldier if he did not agree to him.

Goodwill was stunned and amazed, and even was led by Shang Ping's nose involuntarily. It wasn't until Shang Ping appeared at Huoxing's military airport in a combat armor, watching Shang Ping's very skilled operation of taking off and landing, that Shang Ping suddenly woke up, wise, sharp, and judging the situation? This kid isn't going to say he's insidious, cunning, and scheming, right?

But if you are bullied, you have to bully it back. This character is like him, and he likes it!

But bullying? Which **** bullied his baby? that emperor? !

how to bully...

The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became, and then he was furious. He strode into the central command room in the underground of the Governor's Mansion, like a prairie wolf king who had taken away the wolf cubs.

It was the first time for Shang Ping to fly a combat armor. It is similar to the cockpit of a single-person fighter, but it is more complicated to operate. Fortunately, there is a small LCD screen that can display operations. the difference. Shang Ping began to sigh. He felt dizzy from the first time he piloted a single-person fighter jet, and now he can easily start this big guy. It must be said that it is a miracle!


Through the external connection screen, he saw the ground staff at the airport signaling that the energy was full, and the departure signal from the captain of the fighter armor formation. Shang Ping's brown eyes began to be dyed with a touch of frenzy.

At the same time, another batch of imperial combat armor was put into the battlefield. It was slightly different from the previous batch. The previous suicide attacks were all completed by clones. Now they are put into the battlefield, except for one-third of the clones. All are Imperial soldiers with rich combat experience.

The door of the delivery cabin opened, and the expressionless clone fighters and imperial soldiers who were transported in batches began to enter the cockpit. One of the soldiers with black hair and black eyes turned out to be Zhou Ting, who was captured with Shang Ping!