MTL - Interstellar Fairy Tale - C.124Mar 06, 2023


It's not good to be questioned, especially when you're pressed on the bed.

Shang Ping tried to move the clasped wrists, and found that in front of Soran Edrich, his strength was not much worse than that of a child. Why didn't he find out a few times before?

Shang Ping rolled his brown eyes, and the black pupils clearly reflected the emperor's superbly fit face. Although he was smiling, he couldn't feel any warmth at all, it was very cold, piercingly cold. This made Shang Ping even more uncomfortable. He would rather fly fighter jets and battleships one-on-one than face the current situation. During the struggle, the corner of the skirt was rubbed up, revealing the smooth and fair calf, entangled with the emperor's black boots, this kind of ambiguity entanglement, like the provocation between lovers, the two people in the room, but who is it? Didn't notice that either.

"tell me…"

Soran Edrich easily controlled Shang Ping with one hand, the other hand stretched out to his mouth, the beautifully shaped lips opened, Xuezi's teeth bit the fingertips of the glove, gently pulling, five fingers, It took a while until he pulled the glove away from Zixi's hand, turned his head, and threw it aside casually.

Shang Ping couldn't control his gaze, it was just a simple action, but it was absolutely seductive. He didn't know what to do, it was just a simple action, but when this man did it, he was unexpectedly attracted, as if the elegance was carved into his bones.

But what exactly does the dictator of this empire want? What kind of answers does he want from himself?

As the cold breath gradually approached, a few strands of silver long hair fell down and slipped across Shang Ping's skin. The smooth and smooth touch made Shang Ping tremble involuntarily, but his voice was very calm.

"Your Majesty," Shang Ping used this title for the first time, and Soran Edrich was also stunned, "My name is Shang Ping, born in the Muse galaxy, Mars, sixteen years old, active in the warship fighter detachment, military rank Sergeant. Twice captured by Imperial forces, if you count this time, the third time, what else do you want to know."

This answer contained an element of anger. Shang Ping didn't know why he had such emotions. After thinking about it, no one could calm down in front of the person who arrested him three times, and then he was relieved.

"You know, that's not what I'm asking about."

The white fingertips slid across the boy, still with a slightly immature outline, which reminded him of the golden magpie twig in the palace garden again, his blue eyes narrowed slightly, as if dissatisfied with the answer he got, but with interest. Explore, sixteen, right?

"You're very interesting, really," lowered his head, looked at Shang Ping, who was suddenly tense, and pulled a smile, gorgeous like a summer flower blooming, "Very interesting."

The cold coffee kiss blocked Shang Ping's breath, and he was astonished, which was the only feeling he felt at the moment.

Why would you kiss him?

Shang Ping can be sure that Soran Edrich's kiss has no taste of desire. It depends on the situation. It's just that he suddenly wanted to do it, and then he did it. This answer made Shang Ping feel unacceptable.

Shang Ping's lack of response made Soran Edrich dissatisfied. His Majesty the young emperor rarely kissed someone on his own initiative. Even in his boyhood, there were many stunning beauties and all kinds of temptations in the court, but it was difficult to blend them. Move Soran Eddrich in the slightest. He is a born royal family, the ruler of a huge empire, and he disdains the decadent and mediocre ruling life of Mene III. What he pursues is the empire's warships galloping in the universe without any scruples, constantly expanding the empire's territory, and expanding the empire's territory as far as he can. In the universe of , imprinted with the great badge of the Edrich family!

Marriage and love are completely dispensable things in the consciousness of the young emperor. The family of Edrich is not absolutely stubborn in the inheritance of the line of blood. The founding king, Solan I, has the same surname as the current Solan II. Edrich, but not even blood dizzy.

Soran Edrich has never tried the feeling of heartbeat, and the burning of **** even makes the emperor feel disgusted. Of course, this does not mean that Soran Edrich is a cold and ruthless person, but, in the eyes of others Come on, there's not much difference between the two either. Fortunately, Soran Edrich is not a complete war madman. This is something that Count Reichardt used to be very happy about. If the young emperor can marry a princess at the right time, even if it is just a simple lover, It will temporarily relieve some nobles who are worried all day long. Without him, the concubines and lovers of the emperors in all dynasties were all women or young people with noble surnames. This relationship is not reliable, but it can maintain a delicate balance between the emperor and his subjects, creating a speculative tie.

This is an excellent means for mediocre monarchs to restrain their subjects. A covenant made by marriage is used to prevent conspirators from trying to usurp the throne. If a prince is born, this covenant will be strengthened. For a wise dictator, this kind of covenant is a means to appease his subordinates, and he needs an executor. However, it was clear that Soran Edrich did not intend to do this, which was one of the reasons why the worried Empress Dowager Yilan would chatter in the Emperor's ear whenever she had the chance.

If you must find someone...

Soran Edrich suddenly had a very absurd thought. Looking at Shang Ping, who was pinned down on the bed, unable to move, but tensed, and could knock himself unconscious again at any time, he smiled slowly. It would be a very good idea for the court officials who were doing nothing all day to be too busy to advise him. The six hundred and seventy-eighth Governor Huo Xing suddenly appeared this time, and he must have come prepared. Then, he can put forward some harmless conditions.

Thinking of this, Soran Edrich let go of Shang Ping's wrist, put one hand on the side of Shang Ping's face, and raised Shang Ping's chin with the other hand, "Or, another question, you and the six hundred and seventh Governor of the Eighteen Stars, what is the relationship?"

"Don't you say?"

"He's my father."

Shang Ping thought about it for a few seconds and said the answer without any hesitation. It was not without doubts that Goodwill brought him to Namu this time, but after seeing Solan Edrich, Shang Ping no longer had any other doubts.


No wonder he survived.

Soran Edrich lowered his head again, stuck out the tip of his tongue, and licked the corner of Shang Ping's mouth. Soon, the garden of Ivan's summer palace might no longer be boring.

At this moment, the goodwill has been taken to another reception room, and the guards outside have epaulettes and collars that are different from those of the Namu soldiers, indicating that this is the guard of the emperor.

"It's Mayer. It's an honor to meet you, Your Excellency."

"Where, a lieutenant general of the empire called me an officer, it should be my honor."

Goodwill looked at the young general standing opposite him, and was slightly different from Lieutenant General Mayer's slightly touched expression at the moment. If he remembered correctly, not long ago, the two sides just had a life-and-death battle. Why is this young man? Will show such an expression?

From the moment Lieutenant General Mayer learned of Goodwill's identity, he had an ambivalence of admiration and resentment towards the black-haired governor. He was full of admiration for Goodwill's ability, but this man dared to challenge the emperor's authority. The audacity was enough for Mayer to blast his head off with a laser gun. However, Soran Edrich didn't do anything to the goodwill, and only ordered him to be taken to a reception room, which made Meyer's expression complicated, but secretly relieved.

Admiring the strong is the inherent tradition of the imperial soldiers, which is somewhat similar to Mars, but fundamentally, Mars' culture also has some kind of gentleness of the earth age, the soldiers of the golden empire, but naked conquest and Violence is on the table and is proud of it.

If Admiral Ida is standing in front of Goodwill at this moment, then Goodwill will be vigilant to restrain all emotions, but now it is Mayer who is here, which makes Goodwill think of his son involuntarily. It's a weird state of mind.

The waiting time was a bit long, and the goodwill had enough time to look at this reception room. It was not luxurious, but it was comfortable enough for calm thinking. While thinking constantly, he began to worry about Shang Ping. It was his mistake to not consider the emperor's strange attitude towards Shang Ping before, but the next thing must be under his control. What's more, this is also an opportunity for Shang Ping. I believe that Shang Ping can handle it well. After all, he is his own son. If you can use it, it is not an advantage.

Perhaps the young emperor should have a new understanding of him. If he is not a simple war madman or an iron-blooded dictator, then what conditions can impress him? And what he wants to do next requires the participation of the empire. Naila Hartra is dead, it does not mean that the connection with the Muse is broken, and the betrayal of his planet must be paid!