In June 1129 of the Galactic Calendar, the Mars Voyage Fleet suffered the most violent attack. The other party is the notorious cosmic pirate gang. This huge group of cosmic pirates is secretive, greedy and cruel. The Golden Empire border guard fleet has launched an encirclement and suppression of it.

Pirates' ships usually disguise themselves as ordinary merchant ships, and are really engaged in space trade. Only when they encounter an object suitable for "hunting", they will stretch out their beast-like fangs. They quietly ambushed behind a stationary meteorite, and the black-gray ship became the best camouflage. The Mars Expedition Fleet did not find them at all, and just passed by the meteorite group as usual.

The accident happened in an instant, and Major General Edgar and Major General Charles both exclaimed in amazement at the same time. Colonel William still had a relaxed expression on his face. Mars had just received news that there was a supply base for the Lord Merchant Group not far ahead, and they agreed that the Mars voyage fleet could go there for a short rest and supply. The sudden sound of the siren put off Colonel William's good mood.

"damn it!"

When the light of the laser cannon illuminates a universe, these warriors from afar find the demon hidden behind the meteorites. These abominable space pirate ships, like sharks smelling blood, swooped towards the voyage fleet!

One side came prepared, while the other was caught off guard.

At the beginning of the conflict, nearly 1,000 warships around the voyage fleet were destroyed. These ships camouflaged with the fleet were real armed merchant ships, without the strong shell protection of warships. Major General Charles immediately ordered the right? The winged warship rescued and returned to the flagship in person to command. Major General Edgar didn't mind Major General Charles' overreaching. Although Charles was arrogant, he didn't make jokes about the lives of the fleet and soldiers.

The brave Charles gave full play to his own advantages, right? The Wing Fleet was like a goshawk that was pounced on its prey, and it firmly grasped the vital points of the pirate fleet. After paying a certain price, the formation of the pirate fleet was finally torn apart, and the wasp-like pirate ship was intercepted by the middle. Major General Edgar closely watched the developments on the battlefield, seized the century, and dispatched all the single-man fighters carried by the flagship and the main fleet. The speed rushed to the space pirates who were intercepted by Major General Charles on one side.

The nimble one-man fighter, modified with terrifying firepower, has become a nightmare for these pirates.

Austin South has become the captain of a fighter detachment, and the rank is officially promoted to captain. He skillfully controlled the fighter jets, and under the cover of the left and right fighter jets, he rushed directly to a warship that was larger than other pirate ships.

"That could be a pirate's command ship!"

News came from the observation plane on the right, and Austin immediately made a decision. A fighter detachment, except for the observation plane and the damaged fighter plane, rushed towards the battleship! The fierce anger poured out, and the other single-man fighters saw the actions of the fighter team, and immediately found the battleship that was escorted by other pirates and tried to retreat, and then rushed on!

Austin guessed right and did it right. This battleship is indeed a command ship of the space pirates. Unfortunately, it is not the flagship. Cosmic pirates are different from the army after all. Although they cooperate and cooperate, they are still a group of rabble in the final analysis, which has also become the life-saving charm of these guys. The destruction of a command ship does not affect all pirates. However, the firepower and bravery of the voyage fleet did have a deterrent effect on pirates. The cosmic pirates finally believed that this "cosmos merchant fleet" of unknown origin but powerful firepower was not just a fluke to be able to defeat their counterparts one after another.

I don't know whether to say it was lucky or unfortunate, the ambush location chosen by the pirates happened to be on the patrol route of the Golden Empire's border fleet. Since neither side thought that this encounter would be so tragic, they invested the greatest firepower support, so that the movement was too loud, attracting the imperial fleet.

"Retreat! Retreat immediately!"

The space pirates fled like frightened hyenas driven by lions.

Like a law, hyenas dare to rob cheetahs, but they dare not provoke lions.

Even though the Mars Voyage Fleet was brave, it was still prey in the eyes of this group of pirates, and the Imperial Fleet was a lion they never dared to provoke easily. They have been bitten by lions and even killed, so they are instinctively timid.

"Commander, the pirates have escaped!"

At the same time, the Golden Empire Border Cruise Fleet also discovered the Mars Voyage Fleet and the space pirates. They ignored the Mars Voyage Fleet, but turned around to chase the space pirates who were fleeing, and fired at these pirates outside the range. In front of the Siyuan Voyage Fleet, one by one, these pirate ships were blown to pieces.

"Did you see it? If we dare to get an axe in front of these guys, these pirates will be our fate. Before the other party can see through the disguise of the fleet, immediately order the entire fleet to hide in the meteorite group, and then get rid of these guys from the other side."

The radar operator in front of the console pinpointed the coordinates where the pirates fled, "Are you pursuing?"

"Pursue?" Major General Edgar threw the military cap in his hand to the podium, but his tone was very calm, "Didn't you see those black warships? Run for your life."

Rear Admiral Edgar ordered the communications officer to connect to Rear Admiral Charles' command ship, and ordered Rear Admiral Charles not to pursue. Rear Admiral Charles was unwilling to dare to make jokes about the entire fleet. Fortunately, the Golden Empire Border Cruise Fleet seemed to regard the Mars Expedition Fleet as a powerful armed business group, and was not interested in them, so they let them go easily.

Major General Edgar looked at the black fleet that was gradually receding, and a shadow was cast in his heart. Faced with the strength of the Golden Empire fleet once again, Major General Edgar's worries deepened.

This short-lived conflict happened suddenly and ended quickly. Luckily, the Mars voyage fleet arrived at the supply point of the Lord Merchant Group the next day. Major General Edgar had to put his worries aside for the time being. Representatives of the German business group began to contact. This place is far away from the Muse galaxy, and the next thing cannot be completely relied on by Mars.

The occurrence of this conflict did not cause too many waves. On the periphery of the Golden Empire border, looting incidents of cosmic pirates often occurred. After all, the 678th Huxing was within the territory of the Empire, and some of these merchants were not very clean themselves.

Goodwill looked at the cause and effect of the conflict, and it was a pity. He didn't know who the commander of the imperial fleet was at that time. It seemed that he should be from aristocratic background. If it is an officer from a civilian background, he will definitely go forward to check it as soon as possible. After all, the firepower of this fleet is too outrageous.

"Proud fleet officer... good luck..."

He tapped on the table with his fingertips, remembering what Shang Ping said to a boy from the Yujia family from the report, moth, dandy, unexpectedly, in just a short period of time, he has grown so much.

Thinking of the Derich who appeared in the Emperor's assassination incident, Goodwill frowned again. If I can survive that conspiracy, others should also be able to. If the opponent is Derich, this possibility is even greater. The spy-professional family, like a spider spinning silk, is entrenched in every corner of the universe it can reach, and its life is just as tenacious. However, after more than ten years of silence, this incident suddenly broke out. What do they want to do?

Goodwill would not think that this was arranged by Mars. He knew about Derich very well. This is a family that must be punished. If they also learned the truth about the destruction of the fleet like themselves, they would probably hate Marr even more than himself. s.

However, no matter what the other party's purpose is, as long as it does not conflict with itself, Goodwill does not intend to intervene.

Should I find a way to bring a message to the baby and let him pay attention?

Hallhold Governor's House

Shang Ping suddenly felt upset, and the irritability caused him to frown.

"Please pay attention to your manners, Your Excellency."

The attendant's face was stern, and his tone did not fluctuate. Shang Ping was even more irritable. He had a good sense of trouble and danger, but had no clue as to what was going to happen, which made it difficult for him to calm down. Having such a guy standing next to him made him even more uncomfortable.

"Please leave me alone for a while, I think there should be no problem, right?"

Shang Ping desperately wanted to be alone for a while, his tone seemed stiff.

"Your Excellency, your etiquette class is about to start, please don't delay for too long."

The attendant left the room, and Shang Ping lay down on the sofa with the back of his hand on his forehead. What happened? Why is he so upset?

After listening to the attendant's report, Soran Edrich was quite surprised that Shang Ping turned the etiquette teacher out of the room. Could it be that the boy finally started to resist? Will it be a little late?

However, when the emperor walked into the room and saw Shang Ping, who had closed his eyes and seemed to have fallen asleep, he dismissed the idea. The boy seemed to be sleeping restlessly, frowning slightly and breathing heavily.

The emperor watched quietly for a while, then bent down and picked up Shang Pingheng, once again surprised by the weight in his arms, why is it still so light? In his sleep, Shang Ping instinctively leaned towards the heat source. This natural behavior made Soran Edrich stunned for a moment, and then he paused as he walked to the bedroom. His blue eyes quietly looked at the boy in his arms, and he returned. Turn around and go to your room.

The emperor's attendant's expression changed slightly, then he restrained himself, and bowed respectfully and closed the door.