MTL - Interstellar Fairy Tale - C.134Mar 06, 2023


After Holhold's trip, the emperor and his party boarded the battleship and headed to another frontier galaxy of the empire, Sesha.

The Sai Xia galaxy includes the main star Sai Xia and its 18 satellites. Most of the planets are dry all the year round, the ground lacks vegetation coverage, and the animals are very rare, so they are not suitable for human survival, but this galaxy is one of the main power stone producing areas of the empire. As the largest prison planet in the empire, the main star Saisha provides a large amount of free labor for mining. All prisoners or political prisoners who are identified as unsuitable for clone transformation will be sent to major mines to engage in mining work. Until death can leave the mines that carry the glory of the empire and support the warships of the empire. To these people, this galaxy is the demon that devours their lives.

Sesha's lord is Harlan? Edrich. As the emperor's cousin, Harlan? Aidrich has a leader of three medium-sized galaxies and two small galaxies. Cessia is one of three medium-sized galaxies. The power stones produced by Sai Xia every year accounted for one-sixth of the use of the empire's space fleet. Calculated based on the empire's territory and the number of planets containing power stone mines, this was a terrifying number. The Sai Xia galaxy originally belonged to Haini III, and was later given to the underage illegitimate son Derain by Haini III? Edrich. After the death of Heine III, Soran Edrich gave this galaxy to Harlan? Edrich. There is no shortage of criticism among the royal family members, but it does not affect the friendship of the cousins ​​in the slightest, of course, the premise is Harlan? Edrich has always remained loyal to the emperor and will not be corrupted by the power and money in his hands.

From Holhold to Cescia, the voyage reached 1,600 light-years, separated by two galaxies, a large galaxy and two medium-sized galaxies. Because of their involvement in the previous border governor's rebellion, the rulers of these planets and most of the nobles were executed. The new lords are busy restoring the number of citizens and the economy of the planet. They are not yet able to receive the emperor and his family. If you make any more requests, simply report the situation, Soran Edrich sent a message of condolences, and directly ordered the fleet to go to Sai Xia.

On the way forward, the fleet encountered a sudden particle storm. Shang Ping witnessed these black battleships. With their huge, streamlined hulls and accurate calculations, they passed through the storm zone without the slightest stagnation.

How strong are they?

Shang Ping has now obtained permission from Soran Edrich, except for the energy cabin, the turret and the combat armor cabin, and a few special places, he can move freely in the flagship, and no one will intercept him. However, eight times out of ten, he would be followed by one or two attendants sent to him by Soran Edrich, which made Shang Ping very unaccustomed. He tried to ignore it, and it worked.

At this moment, Shang Ping is standing in front of a huge screen in the flagship independent observation room. The emperor's flagship has many such independent observation rooms, which are separated from the emperor's command room. Each performs its own duties and keeps in touch with the main control room at all times. As a supplement to the main control room, the clearest picture captured is sent to the command room. on the home screen. The observation room where Shang Ping is located is mainly used to observe the surrounding environment of the fleet, to ensure that the air route is unobstructed, and to avoid the meteorite group hidden in the darkness. Visible particle storms are not terrible, but the meteorite swarms hidden in the darkness will always cause the fleet to encounter minor troubles.

Suddenly, a gray planet appeared on the screen, and the monitor kept zooming in on the planet until the surface of the planet could be clearly seen like a gale passing by, devastated, and could not see any breath of life, as if it was piled up with the ruins of death. made.

"This is where?"

"This is the main star of the Muna galaxy on the border of the empire. It was originally a prosperous galaxy no less than Horhold. It is famous for producing high-quality warship materials and laser gun materials. The previous lord was originally a genius in designing weapons, but unfortunately inherited Those who were greedy for profit, participated in the rebellion of the frontier governor, and all the families and followers who participated in the rebellion were killed. This is the end of the betrayal of the empire."

The attendant standing behind Shang Ping said these words in a flat, emotionless tone. Shang Ping paid attention for a moment. Everyone in the observation room seemed to agree with this sentence. For rebels, greedy people and conspirators who tried to covet undeserved power, they would not give any mercy, even if this galaxy Countless civilians were also involved.

Shang Ping didn't plan to continue this topic, and lost interest in staying in the observation room. The attendant seldom commented on Shang Ping's actions. As long as he can accept it, Shang Ping can do whatever he wants. This is the power given to this boy by His Majesty the Emperor, and the privilege of the emperor's lover.

Shang Ping returned to the room. Soran Edrich had not made any ambiguous or outrageous actions in the past few days. His usual attitude made Shang Ping a little confused, but he was happy to pretend to be confused. The etiquette teacher and several other teachers admitted that Shang Ping was an extremely intelligent student. They had nothing to teach him. If His Majesty the Emperor wanted Shang Ping to study further, he could only ask the royal instructor from Ivan Summer Palace. . However, those instructors who came from aristocratic families are generally engaged in the work of teaching the imperial concubines and the heirs of the emperor. Even the Princess Aifu and the illegitimate child Derain, whom Haini III favored, have never been recognized by these people, and even if Haini III personally ordered, no instructor is willing to give the Grand Duchess and His Royal Highness the "Second Prince". Attend class.

If Soran Edrich really handed Shang Ping over to these people, then everyone in Ivan's summer palace, including the emperor's direct descendants and attendants, would re-evaluate Shang Ping's position in the emperor's heart and his future .

However, the current attitude of the emperor is not clear, perhaps he is just on a whim. This black-haired boy may just be the emperor's lover, after all, his identity is a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Shang Ping was unaware of the complex gazes of several teachers, or it could be said that he deliberately ignored them. All the lessons came to an abrupt end, and he found himself with nothing to do. Before arriving at Sai Xia, Soran Edrich didn't have much time, and Shang Ping suddenly became very free. Fortunately, this didn't go to his head. things" hostages.

But that didn't stop him from doing something privately.

After a period of close observation, Shang Ping had a certain concept of the performance and personnel configuration of the imperial warships, including the maximum range of the fleet, the number of turrets, the lethality of weapons, and the personnel configuration of the fleet. Although this was based on the fleet that Soran Edrich was on this tour as a parameter, the summary of this data was still invaluable to Shang Ping.

Shang Ping once deduced countless times in private, to defeat such a fleet, even if it is only to maintain a situation of neither losing nor winning, how many warships, personnel, firepower configuration and logistical supplies would be required for Mars' cosmic fleet to invest, and the huge data obtained. Let Shang Ping be speechless for a long time.

"What if it's a cheap dad?"

Shang Ping was lying on the bed, earnestly deduced every step of the imagined battle, took the middle value of the maximum battle damage and the minimum battle damage, and the conclusion reached was still unbelievable for Shang Ping. With such a result, even if it loses the entire Mars, no, the entire Muse galaxy, it is very difficult to achieve both losses. If it is replaced by a fleet of goodwill, with the support of anti-war artillery, there is a possibility of a war.

"These monsters... are they really invincible?"

Shang Ping angrily turned off the virtual screen, lying on the bed without saying a word. Little did he know that the deduction he had made appeared in front of Soran Edrich without a trace. Soran Edrich narrowed his eyes slowly, looking at the actualized battle scenarios and detailed data on the screen.

At this moment, the Mars voyage fleet is plagued by bad luck, and has encountered attacks from different pirate gangs several times in a row. Due to the continuous operations and the need to be careful to avoid the border cruise fleet of the Golden Empire, Major General Edgar and Major General Charles had bloodshot eyes, and they did not rest for two days and two nights. Colonel William knew that he could not replace the job of any commander, and could only secretly pray that this bad luck would pass soon. In any case, the preset coordinates agreed upon with the Lord Merchant Group are close at hand. As long as they arrive safely, they will be able to get supplies again, and the fleet can also take the opportunity to rest. If they were discovered by the border cruise fleet of the Golden Empire at this time, they would have no chance of escaping.

Another wave of cosmic pirates was repelled, and as the other party evacuated, Major General Charles and Colonel William breathed a sigh of relief, but Major General Edgar frowned deeply.

"Edgar, what's the matter with you?"

After several coordinated operations, the relationship between Major General Charles and Major General Edgar has eased. For Major General Edgar, who is an outstanding soldier, Major General Charles sincerely admires him.

"I always feel that something is not quite right." Major General Edgar threw the light pen in his hand on the table and clasped his hands behind his head, "I hope I think too much."

Even so, Major General Edgar's brows did not loosen.

"Edgar, what's going on?"

Major General Charles' tone became serious, and Major General Edgar expressed his worries even though he was just guessing: "Charles, have you noticed that the pirates you encountered recently, every time they attacked us, they didn't seem to be fighting hard. With all their strength, they don't seem to want to rob us, but to consume our ships, in other words, to weaken us. Moreover, judging from their fleet command, although still loose, it can also be found in it Some clues, they are not like pirates, but like a group of soldiers who deliberately hide their sharpness!"

Major General Charles and Colonel William looked grim as they looked at the number of battleships destroyed and the consumption of energy supplies listed by Admiral Edgar on the virtual basis.