With Aijia? Derich's deal is reached, and neither Goodwill nor Novi intend to stay in the Free City Federation for a long time. Love Jia? Derich also did not make any reservations, and she even hoped that the two would leave sooner. The two rarely communicated on the way back, and Goodwill didn't care about it, and Novi also showed a cold attitude. When they arrived at the border of the Golden Empire, Goodwill was transferred to a merchant ship, and Marshal Novi stood in front of the huge screen, watching the merchant ship with the Empire logo gradually disappear, and finally turned into a trace of afterimage in the universe.

"Return to Hallhold."

Marshal Novi's fleet continued to move forward, took off its camouflage, and once again became the bloodthirsty weapon of the Golden Empire. Goodwill is a little restless, thinking about seeing an old friend soon, and his mood is quite complicated. It has to be said that there are very few people who can make goodwill show this expression.

"Governor, the opposing fleet has left the monitoring distance. Are you re-entering the established route?"

"En." Goodwill stood up, walked to the console, and watched the operator re-establish the coordinates. The merchant ship's route was adjusted. The target was not the 678th Star, but the one that was attacked by the Mars voyage fleet before. Lord Merchant Supply Planet.

At this moment, the Mars voyage fleet was almost wiped out. Except for the flagship that was trapped on the supply planet, all the battleships and cruise ships were destroyed, and the fleet members suffered heavy losses. Austin's fighter detachment subtly sneaked into the supply ship of the Lord Merchant Group, and looked at the crew members with the characteristics of different galaxy races, and heaved a sigh of relief. At least, they are now safe.

Major General Edgar and Colonel William were "invited" out of the flagship. Major General Charles tried to resist, was hit by a bomb, and the Major General's anger could not make him resist the effects of the narcotics. What's more, these space pirates in the skin of merchants who take robbery as a pleasure are fully aware of this. Otherwise, how could kidnapping for ransom be done smoothly?

Major General Edgar did not make any physical or verbal resistance, but he did his best to protect the lives of the survivors on the flagship, and the injured could be properly treated. He never compromised the dignity of a soldier and bowed his head, but he made his enemies have to admire and admire him. Even as the defeated side, he still had the bearing of a lion.

"Great guy."

Lorde couldn't refuse Major General Edgar's request, and this man gave him a somewhat similar feeling to Governor Goodwill. Lord didn't think Major General Edgar was capable of killing himself now, the man was a smart one. But Lord didn't want to cause trouble either. Since Governor Shang asked to capture him, can't he give the Governor a corpse? In addition to being a space pirate, Lorde also has some experience in being a businessman. After the arrival of the goodwill, this cautious attitude brought huge rewards to Lord. With this income, Lord's business group will no longer need to worry about their livelihood in the next interstellar year. De is very satisfied.

Admiral Edgar was held in a warehouse on the supply star with the captured men of the Mars Expedition Fleet. There was no interrogation, and no more rigorous interrogation. They were like goods sent to the place of the transaction, waiting in the warehouse for the other side of the transaction to come.

This is what Goodwill sees when it walks into the warehouse.

The proud Mars soldiers, like a group of defeated roosters, lost their beautiful feathers, and scattered listlessly in the corner of the warehouse. Neither the wounded nor the man with intact limbs can see the glory of the past from them. This complicates the sense of goodwill. He resented Mars, who destroyed his faith and killed his wife and unborn child. But he was also a soldier who had sworn allegiance to Mars, and he understood what these people had been through not long ago and what it meant for a Mars soldier to come.

However, he has no regrets.

The brown eyes slowly closed, and when they were opened again, their eyes were frozen like ice.


Apparently, someone recognized him. The person who called his name was Charles, who was still slumped on the ground, not Edgar, who was sitting by the wall and watching him quietly. At this moment, that silent and handsome man is gradually overlapping with the high-spirited friend in memory. They spent the best time in their lives together. From entering the Madoff Military Academy to graduating and embarking on the warship, their life trajectories continued to overlap until they "died" and he adopted his own child...

"Long time no see, Charles, Edgar. I'm sorry to meet under these circumstances, and I don't want it to turn out if I could."

Goodwill did not intend to stop here, and signaled his entourage to take Edgar out of the warehouse, and the rest of the Mars soldiers would be sent to a transport ship, the destination of which was Saisha, the prison star of the Golden Empire.

The angry Charles and the puzzled William were taken away together. The other Mars soldiers didn't know Goodwill, and even William had only heard the name from Diana's conversation with David South. This name has always been associated with a heroic soldier, a clever strategist, and disappeared in a foreign war along with the biggest obstacle to David South taking over as commander-in-chief of the Space Fleet. It was a brutal battle, and there were no survivors. No, maybe there is one now, but he is now an enemy of Mars, at least from his attitude and behavior, William made the above judgment.

"Why are you here, Goodwill?"

"I thought you wouldn't talk to me, Edgar."

Goodwill brought Edgar on his own merchant ship. Goodwill's room was not luxuriously furnished, but it was still different from the style of Goodwill in Edgar's memory, which made him a little uncomfortable.

"Water, or coffee?"


"It's not wise to get angry, Edgar."

Even so, Goodwill still took out a bottle of two-hundred-year-old wine. The deep red wine spun in the crystal glass. A certain node in history freezes.

Edgar threw the wine from the glass, the spicy liquid slid through his mouth, and after a crisp sound, transparent fragments splashed around. Edgar grabbed Goodwill by the collar angrily and pulled him in front of him. The distance between the two was close to zero, and the exhaled breath hit the other's skin, causing a shudder, but no one cared.

"Damn it! What's going on?! How are you here? You arranged it all?! Including those space pirates?!"

Goodwill laughed slowly, and the laughter gradually increased until tears came out of laughter, and the tears rolled down the corners of his eyes. Edgar involuntarily let go of him, took a step back, tripped his calf on the sofa, and stumbled to sit down.

"...Really you? No wonder I find this tactic so familiar...why? You're from Mars too!"

"Mars people? Go to his Mars people!"

The laughter stopped abruptly, and the cold voice of goodwill sounded in the room: "Edgar, a smart person never lies in front of another smart person! Don't tell me you don't know what happened twelve years ago, otherwise , you won't be nearly sent to court martial!"

"No! I don't know! Damn, I don't know!"

"Edgar, I'm not a fool, and neither are you. Also, you're smarter than me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have tried to get to Charles after the incident, or tried to get close to David South, though it failed. After that , you went to the Kanon military fortress, what did you find before that fortress was destroyed?"

"say no more…"

"Edgar..." Goodwill walked in front of Edgar, knelt down on the floor, hugged Edgar's knee, and rested his head lightly on Edgar's leg, "I want to thank you, you Raise Shang Ping safely, he is a good boy, he doesn't look like me at all except for his looks."

"Yeah, don't even look at who raised it."

"...Do you believe I'll throw you on another ship right away?"

"As you wish."

The atmosphere between the two is no longer tense, but it does not mean peace. Edgar may know something about what happened back then, but that doesn't mean he agrees with Goodwill's approach. After all, he is still a soldier loyal to Mars. Goodwill thought of this, but there was nothing he could do about it, and he was grateful to Edgar, but he couldn't stop. Once something starts, it will never stop...

Governor's Palace

With his chin pressed on the folded arms, Shang Jing looked at Insert? In the blue flower in the crystal bottle, the blue petals have not withered away from the soil. On the contrary, in the nutrient solution, the flower picked by the emperor himself is still in full bloom.

"Soran Edrich..."

The name flowing from the pink lips, like a magical note, was deeply implanted in Shang Ping's mind. Shang Ping couldn't guess what the young emperor wanted to do. What does he want from himself?

love? Shang Ping sneered, this is more unreliable than the body. If it is the latter, Shang Ping feels that he may resist, but it will not be too fierce. It doesn't matter if he is cheeky or what, he is a man, not to mention, the other party is still a beauty. However, it is very obvious that the emperor did not think so, nor did he simply have this purpose.

If Shang Ping is really sixteen years old, maybe he is already caught in the net of the emperor, but he is not. The experience of being captured twice and the further understanding of Soran Edrich, this sudden difference in treatment, began to make Shang Ping tremble. He couldn't convince himself that this was just a whim of the emperor. Soran Edrich's attitude had gradually fallen out of the bottom line that Shang Ping could bear. For the first time, Shang Ping had the idea of ​​running away, after he was sent to Soran Edrich by Goodwill as a bargaining chip.

"But, how do you run, can you run away..."

Annoyed, he scratched his hair. The black silk-like hair fell softly on his forehead. Shang Ping knew that Soran Edrich was looking at him at the moment. Even if he knew where the monitoring device was placed, he still did not intend to control it. own emotions. too tired.

"Your Majesty, what do you want?" Shang Ping continued to talk to himself.

what do you want?

Solan Edrich pushed open the door and walked behind Shang Ping, believing that Shang Ping already knew that he was coming, but Shang Ping didn't seem to plan to turn around.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his fair and slender hand passed through Shang Ping's armpit, lifted Shang Ping himself, hugged him in his arms, and pressed his chin on Shang Ping's head, rubbing it lightly. He liked the touch of this black hair, like the finest silk. Also like the softest feathers of the wagtail belly.

"What do you think I want?"

Shang Ping simply leaned back in Soran Edrich's arms, and handed over his entire body weight to the person behind him, suddenly feeling relieved.

"I don't know." Shang Ping suddenly wanted to be honest once, no, maybe it should be said that he has always been honest. He felt that it was not shameful to show weakness to a tyrant. "So, I am a little scared."


Soran Edrich raised one eyebrow, and seemed very surprised by Shang Ping's answer, turned Shang Ping around, lowered his head, and looked at the calm-faced boy, "I didn't do anything to hurt you."

"Your Majesty, it's not just actual harm that scares people. Unknown, unpredictable, and unpredictable behaviors can create complex emotions. Maybe I'm not afraid, just the fear of the unknown. What do you want from What do I get here?"

"...You really don't know, or don't want to know?"


"Shang Ping, my golden wagtail." Soran Edrich lowered his head and kissed the tip of Shang Ping's nose, "How do you want me to treat you? Don't you pay attention? In that case, you will not be able to leave the plug alive. Xia. I won't force you, but my patience is limited, understand?"

"All right."

Shang Ping simply wrapped his arms around Soran Edrich's waist and simply asked, "Your Majesty, what exactly do you want me to be, a lover? A lover? A pet?" No matter which one, come to him It's more of a headache to say than that. However, it is still important to be alive.

"Is that all you think of?"

"I thought I had raised the bar a lot."

"Really?" Soran Edrich smiled, "You can improve a little bit, I don't mind."

Higher? Is this an alternative marriage proposal or encourage him to usurp the throne after his inflated ambitions?

While Shang Ping was pondering whether to change the subject, two transport ships with the golden empire logo, but obviously not belonging to Sai Xia, entered the main star route of Sai Xia, and the satellite sent back a message that the transport ship requested to land.