A huge explosion sounded, and the particle bomb rolled up a crimson flame, burning the air out. The space around the Cesha ground prison was distorted at a speed visible to the naked eye, and nearly one-fifth of the ground buildings were destroyed in the explosion.

The warden Mu Qing stood on the aircraft floating in the air with a livid face. Different from the black uniforms of the regular troops, the armbands and collar badges were sharp blades dripping with blood.

"Your Excellency, this is a conspiracy."

The eight arrested infiltrators all had high-explosive particle bombs on their bodies. Once they got close to the target, they would detonate immediately. The speed was extremely fast, which caught the guards of the ground prison off guard. The identities of these people are unknown and their intentions are unknown. Are they simply sabotaging the prison or is there another conspiracy? Mu Qing's face began to turn black.

"The only thing that can be determined is that the transport ship that the infiltrator is on does not belong to the imperial establishment, but has special approval procedures."


Mu Qing tightened his thick eyebrows, the emperor is currently in Saixia, whether this conspiracy is against the emperor, Mu Qing dare not jump to conclusions.

"Extinguish the fire, continue to search for suspicious persons, and enter the first-level alert in the ground prison, prohibiting all outsiders."

"Yes, Your Excellency!"

Mu Qing turned around and left. This incident is very strange and must be reported to the lord.

The aircraft was parked in front of the lord's mansion. After the explosion, the guard of the lord's mansion became more stringent. Looking at a group of patrolling soldiers passing by, Mu Qing's brows became even tighter.

Harlan? Edrich has already received information, including the origin of the infiltrator that Mu Qing could not find out. These people were mixed into Sai Xia on Goodwill's transport ships, and their real identities were probably Mars' soldiers. Like Mu Qing, Harlan was equally puzzled by the intentions of these people. Could it be just a revenge terrorist incident? Obviously it doesn't make sense. Was it planned by Goodwill? Although he knew about Soran Edrich's dealings with Goodwill, Harlan still had no faith in the cunning governor. When the explosion occurred, he immediately ordered a strict monitoring of the goodwill that had not left Saixia, and cut off all contact with the outside world.

"Lord Lord, it is the subordinate's dereliction of duty."

Mu Qing's words are the same as his behavior, meticulous, without any sophistry and shirk. Harlan? Edrich didn't intend to punish him heavily for it, but he had to make a gesture because of Soran Edrich. Even if the emperor himself didn't care, he wouldn't think of other possibilities at all, but Count Reichardt, who was far away in Ivan's summer palace, would not easily expose it. The Prime Minister, whose brain has been rigidified by the dogma of the nobles, will be thoroughly investigated for any behavior that violates the emperor's dignity and endangers the emperor's safety.

"The punishment will be made by His Majesty. During this period, all your duties will be suspended."

"Yes, my lord!"

Mu Qing turned around and left, even though he had already made preparations to face Harlan? With such an obvious excuse, Edrich couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

Not long after Mu Qing left, the four patrolling guards turned to the right side of the lord's mansion and sneaked into the shadow of the inner wall of the lord's mansion. The lord's mansion was also heavily guarded, but the intruders who had received strict military training skillfully escaped the inspections and guards, and kept climbing along the decorations on the outer wall. They must succeed, this is the last chance, the chance for the eight comrades in arms in exchange for their lives!

Harlan? Edrich's monitoring of Goodwill did not affect His Excellency the Governor's good mood. Although he could not communicate with the outside world, it did not prevent Goodwill from handing over the battleships that Shang Ping needed. The information of these battleships was stored in his personal communication. Except for goodwill, no one knows the exact location of these battleships. Including the number of warships, weapon performance, demand for energy ships, as well as the number of shipboard personnel and the requirements of the operator, Goodwill handed all these data to Shang Ping without reservation.

"500,000 warships, 360,000 cruise ships, and 150,000 supply ships. The weapons are mainly large-caliber laser cannons and particle cannons, as well as turrets with various caliber combinations. This weapon is a secret of Shangdu. Research and development, not even the imperial fleet."

Goodwill blinked, standing behind Shang Ping, his hands resting on Shang Ping's shoulders, the light screen in front of him has been connected to Goodwill's communicator, and the electronic simulacrums of different types of warships, cruise ships and weapons of various calibers are constantly changing. appears on the screen. Dazzling.

"Are you satisfied with what you see?"

Goodwill clicked on the screen, a battleship was magnified, and every detail was accurately presented. Shang Ping watched it intently. Even though he had already seen the power of the Imperial Fleet, he couldn't help but be excited about this battleship.

"Father, have you corrupted all the taxes in Shangdu?"

"Baby, are you complimenting my ability to accumulate wealth?"

"…if you think so."

"Don't worry, these ships were not bought and built with embezzled money."

"That's good."

"You have to try to believe me, baby."

"And then you sell it again?"

"forget it."

Shang Ping began to seriously check the information of the warship, and calculated the load of the warship that needs to be equipped with personnel and energy compartments. Goodwill has already given him some data, but Shang Ping still likes to calculate by himself. He has studied related courses, and there are also relevant data in the materials Soran Edrich gave him. In comparison, Shang Ping has to admit that the use of warships and the configuration of troops by the Imperial Fleet are almost perfect.

After getting acquainted with all the battleships and cruise ships, Shang Ping closed the light. Turning his head to look at Goodwill, he said, "Father, the captured officer Mars, and the following officers will have brain chips installed. Two commanders and a staff officer will continue to be detained in Saixia."

"Baby, it's not a good habit to be too soft-hearted."

Goodwill was obviously not satisfied with this decision. His initial plan was to accept all clone troopers. To be able to serve in Edgar's flagship, he must have absolute loyalty to Mars. If he simply installed a brain control chip, Goodwill would Not sure if you can fully control them.

"Baby, have you forgotten your friend?"

Goodwill reminded Shang Ping, "The boy who died in Shangdu. If these soldiers have self-awareness like him, then you are in trouble."

Zhou Ting?

Thinking of Zhou Ting at this moment, the long-lost sorrow and dullness hit Shang Ping's heart again. Betrayed Mars, he also betrayed his friend.

"Father, your character is really not that bad."

Shang Ping stood up, strode to the door, stopped and said with his back to the goodwill: "Perhaps, I should completely surrender to the emperor, and then lead the imperial fleet to occupy Shangdu. Anyway, there is no difference between one betrayal and two betrayals, no ?"

Goodwill folded his arms and leaned against the sofa, shaking his head with a smile, "Baby, if you can really fulfill your promise to me and send Mars to me, you don't need the Imperial Fleet, I will give you all the business. Gift. As for whether you want to give it to the emperor or what, I don't interfere at all."


"Well Well?"

Goodwill chuckled, Shang Ping didn't intend to entangle with him any more, he clenched the communicator in his hand and opened the door, but at the next moment, the laser gun pressed his forehead.

The backlit figure made Shang Ping dizzy for a moment, his pupils shrank sharply, and then he was pushed into the door vigorously, the muzzle on his forehead remained motionless, and the door closed again.

The visitor was dressed in the military uniform of an imperial soldier. The shadow from the wide brim of the hat covered his eyes, only revealing the straight bridge of the nose and the slightly pointed chin. The blond hair hung down from his ears, like the afterglow of the sun.

Shang Ping stood without the slightest resistance until the person who came to lift his hat and looked at him with dark green eyes. Goodwill still stood there, but after seeing the boy's face clearly, his expression became serious, and there was a gloom in his eyes.


Shang Ping's voice was a little rough, and when they met again, the boy in front of him seemed so unfamiliar. This feeling is not only for Shang Ping, but also for Austin.

The blond boy always believed that Shang Ping was still alive, but he never thought that he would wear the military uniform of the empire, and easily said that he would turn the warriors of Mars into a group of walking dead!

Is he still Shang Ping? Why did he become like this?

No, now he is the enemy! He betrayed Mars!

Austin bit his lip, pressing all his emotions and surprises in his heart, twisting Shang Ping's right arm neatly, then clasping his neck, firmly controlling him, and pressing the gun to his temple The position, looking at the goodwill that has never said a word: "Sir, I think we can talk."

Goodwill looked at his actions, his expression became unfathomable, "Young man, what do you want to talk to me about?"

Austin looked at Goodwill, his dark green eyes flashed with determination. Shang Ping, who was held by him in his arms, was motionless. His free fighting has never been an opponent of Austin, but he will not be so easily restrained. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at Austin's neckline. He could guess what Austin was going to do. However, he could not succeed, and the end was doomed from the beginning.

Outside the room, three other infiltrators dragged the previous guard into the corner, taking their place.

Suddenly, the alarm bell rang in the lord's mansion, Austin froze, but Goodwill laughed. At the same time, Shang Ping elbowed back fiercely. Taking advantage of Austin's instinct to dodge, he tilted his head to avoid the muzzle, turned around and kicked. The laser gun was swept into the corner of the wall, and the door was pushed open. Soran Edrich, dressed in a silver uniform, walked in. Ignoring the guard's obstruction, he approached Shang Ping and pulled him into his arms. Jian brushed Shang Ping's somewhat red forehead, and gently dropped a kiss, then looked at Austin, who was trapped by the guards. The young man's blond hair was messy, and his dark green eyes were still burning and unyielding.

Goodwill walked over to Harlan who was standing behind the emperor, and said with a chuckle, "In this way, my suspicions have been cleared? Your Excellency Governor, can I return to Shangdu?"

Harlan? Edrich nodded with an ugly expression and motioned for the guards to take Austin and the other three away.

"Please wait."

Shang Ping suddenly spoke up, pulled Soran Edrich's hand away, and said, "Your Majesty, can I have a few words with him?"



Soran Edrich didn't mean to leave, and Shang Ping didn't need it either. He walked up to Austin and looked at him. His brown eyes and dark green eyes were equally clear. The past memories and his youthful years were him. Friends, lovers, and now, all that will be gone.

"Austin, I betrayed Mars, I will lead the fleet to occupy Mars, and I will become your enemy."


"The struggle for power and disregard for human life cost me my mother and unborn sister. I value my life more than loyalty. So, I have no choice."

A warm hand swept a strand of Austin's forehead hair lightly, fell to the neckline, and took out a small communication device from the inside of the neckline, with communication and positioning functions. A smile slowly opened on Shang Ping's face, "Don't worry, Uncle Edgar will not die, neither will Major General Charles, nor will your uncle, Colonel William. Innocent people will not die. "Austin looked at Shang Ping as if he didn't know him, and the smile on Shang Ping's face was still there, "But those who do wrong must also pay the price! Austin, right?"

After the words fell, the communication device fell to the ground and was crushed by the heel of the boot.

"Austin, it is impossible to establish communication with Mars here, and you should not come."

That's all, Shang Ping was pulled away by Solan Adrich, the emperor's blue eyes swept across the blond boy who didn't know his mind, as if looking at an insignificant life, and immediately picked up Shang Ping, the silver The military uniform, the golden sash, and the jeweled medal on the chest stinged Shang Ping's face.

"kill him?"

"No, he's a good soldier."

Shang Ping buried deep in the emperor's arms, closed his eyes, and concealed all his emotions.

Everything will change.

After today, it will be a complete betrayal.