Soldiers who don't want to be generals are not good soldiers, but not all soldiers have the talent to be generals.

Wisdom, courage, determination, resolute and steady coexist quality, it is difficult to coexist in the same person. Even if they have received the most orthodox military command education, they cannot avoid the incompetence on paper and the cowardice of running away.

Shang Ping didn't want to be such a person. A battle with Mars is inevitable, whether it is aggression, betrayal, or just another form of rescue, it is not worth mentioning to Shang Ping. Once you decide, you have to go down the road ahead. Difficulties on the way are inevitable, but they inspire the ambition and fanaticism in man's nature.

"Instinct is a scary thing."

Shang Ping looked at the statistics of the battle on the virtual screen, resting his chin with one hand, with a complicated expression.

Soran Edrich sat opposite him. The emperor of the empire was an elegant and powerful presence at any time. His gaze was up along the emperor's long straight legs. The belt decorated with gems wrapped around the emperor's thin waist. Ping's ears began to turn red, and it wasn't hard to guess what he was thinking at the moment.

This sudden embarrassment made Shang Ping's expression become more and more unnatural. Soran Edrich stretched his hand across the table, raised Shang Ping's chin, leaned over, his lips fell on the tip of Shang Ping's nose, a simple The touch was fleeting, but Shang Ping felt at a loss, even more at a loss than being plundered by enthusiasm.

Soran Edrich's gentleness was always easier to yield than his strength.

"like me?"

This sentence suddenly broke into Shang Ping's ears, do you like him?

Shang Ping was pulled forward by Soran Edrich's strength, and was forced to kneel on one knee on the table, with the other leg straight, but could not share the weight to support himself, so he had to put his hands on the emperor's shoulders. superior. The distance between the two was getting closer and closer, the emperor's cold fragrance was irresistible, and the blue eyes like the deep sea tempted Shang Ping to continue to indulge, as if he had fallen into a beautiful deep pool, unable to extricate himself.

"like me?"

The brown eyes slowly closed, and the pink lips fell on the corner of the emperor's lips. Shang Ping sighed softly with helplessness, "I like you, Your Majesty."

Whether it was sincere or not, Soran Edrich got the answer he wanted and let go of his hand in satisfaction.

Suddenly losing the strength to support, Shang Ping inevitably rushed forward, and the whole person fell into the arms of the emperor. The emperor's laughter flowed from his lips, and Shang Ping buried himself in Soran Edrich's arms like an ostrich, feeling the vibration of his chest, his face was reddish, and his brown eyes were clear.

like him?

Yes, he likes him.

But, that's all.

The Emperor's flagship had passed through the last space-hopping particle, only two days' voyage from the capital. Soran Edrich turned on the light screen again, pointed to a galaxy that was only one space jump away from the six hundred and seventy-eighth star, and said to Shang Ping: "This is the Deco galaxy, a small galaxy composed of eighteen planets. The galaxy, where the lords were executed for participating in the rebellion on the border of the empire, is now uninhabited by humans."

Shang Ping looked at the small galaxy and tightened his fingers. Could it be what he meant?

"From now on, it's yours."


"Yes." Soran Aidrich took Shang Ping's hand, opened his fingers one by one, his lips fell on the palm of his hand, "If you want, I can give you more. It's just for you, understand? ?"

"Understood, Your Majesty."

Shang Ping smiled, then stood up, left Soran Edrich's arms, and saluted the emperor with the most standard military posture, "I will become a veritable major in the empire!"

Soran Edrich pulled his hand down with a smile, and said, "I'm glad you have this determination, but at least learn the imperial military salute first. Otherwise, it's the best interpretation of duplicity."

Shang Ping is embarrassed, Soran Edrich is joking, right?

Goodwill was stunned after receiving the telegram from Shang Ping, and looked at the screen in amazement. Although he knew that Shang Ping would not joke with him, it was too…

"Baby, you said the emperor gave you a galaxy?"

"Yeah, it's just a small galaxy with only eighteen planets."

I $$% & $%%!

Goodwill doesn't know how to describe his mood, just a small galaxy? Only eighteen planets? ! Did he think it was playing a house or playing a Star Wars game?

Looking at Shang Ping's ignorance, Goodwill helplessly propped his forehead and closed his eyes. Should he spread the knowledge about this with Shang Ping? Perhaps he did not know that in the Golden Empire, only the great nobles with titles are qualified to become the lords of the galaxy, even if it is a small galaxy, it is a galaxy! Shang Ping now only has the rank of a major in the Empire, without any military merit, but Solan II gave him a galaxy! If it's just a planet, Goodwill doesn't care, and he is confident that he can help Shang Ping. In the current situation, goodwill is also starting to have a headache.

Is Shang Ping capable of accepting this gift from the emperor?

Sixteen is too young.

"Baby, don't you really know what that means?"

Shang Ping smiled and leaned closer to the screen, smiling at the goodwill with frowning eyes. He rarely smiled like this, "Father, how do you think I have the surname Edrich?"

Goodwill is speechless, well, the son is smarter than he thought. He was purely worrying.

"Forget it, send me the coordinates of the main star of this galaxy, and I will send someone to send the battleship. Do you have any other requirements?"

"Father," Shang Ping put away the smile on his face and said, "You know this is a deal, and only a battleship is not enough, right?"

"Okay, I'll prepare a power stone for you, enough to travel to and from the muse three times."

"Not enough, it takes five round trips."

"...Do you think you're doing galaxy tours?!"

"Father, have you forgotten the energy consumption of the new laser cannons and particle cannons? At the time of the demonstration, the energy consumption of these turrets was twice that of ordinary laser cannons! I am your son, you can't be so mean to me!"


Not wanting to be the first governor in the history of Shangdu to be accused of being stingy, Goodwill gave in.

Two days later, the Emperor's flagship arrived in the imperial capital, and the Ivan Summer Palace welcomed its owner.

The Deco Galaxy also has a new owner. The handover procedure is very simple. The first batch of garrisoned troops soon arrived at the main star of Deco. These clone soldiers, who were different from the imperial soldiers, dressed in white military uniforms, and took over the defense of the main star after arriving. The satellite systems of the remaining seventeen planets and artificial stars were once again. Open, the airports of each planet can be put into use at any time after maintenance. Unlike other lords who took over the galaxy, Shang Ping did not repair the lord's mansion in the first place, nor did he order to accept immigrants, but declared martial law throughout the galaxy. The first batch of 250,000 warships, 180,000 cruise ships, and 50,000 supply ships promised by Goodwill are already on their way to the galaxy. Follow-up warships will also arrive one after another. After all arrived, Shang Ping will go to receive them. Then, the lord of Sai Xia, Harlan? Edrich will send all Mars soldiers implanted with control chips to the Deco system.

Things were proceeding in an orderly manner, and Shang Ping had no time to go to the Deco galaxy in person. After arriving in the capital, Soran Edrich directly boarded the land vehicle and returned to Ivan Summer Palace. Shang Ping did not go with the entourage as usual, but was taken to the emperor's special car by Soran Edrich. The emperor's move caused an uproar among the crew, and the Prime Minister of the Empire, Count Reichart, couldn't help but be surprised. "Your Majesty, is this okay?"

Rao Shi Shang Ping warned himself several times not to care, but he still couldn't turn a blind eye to the burning eyes. It was so terrifying that almost everyone looked at him like they were looking at prehistoric dinosaurs from the Earth's age. I don't know if there are dinosaurs in the Golden Empire?

"It's okay, just get used to it."

Habit? Is this a habit?

Shang Ping felt that the emperor's thinking and himself were in two time and space, but to the emperor, he was indeed an "alien".

Shang Ping was silent.

After a brief entanglement, there is no time to think about it. Soran Edrich had arranged for his court etiquette officer and attendant to take up his post. After the one-day class, Shang Ping sighed that the teachers who taught him before were all angels!

"Your Excellency, please pay attention to your manners!"

Deportment, go to his demeanor!

Shang Ping wanted to yell, these people were just joking, right? Who stipulates that you must pay attention to your manners when sleeping? It's not that he hasn't slept with Soran Edrich! When the emperor slept... also... it seems that Soran Edrich's sleeping time is indeed in line with the so-called manners of the etiquette officer...

No, it must be a coincidence!

Shang Ping walked into the emperor's bedroom with the mentality of seeking evidence that night, and he never heard a complaint from him after the next day.

The etiquette officer was very satisfied, so was His Majesty Soran Edrich, and Shang Ping had to be satisfied even if he was dissatisfied. It was enough to do the stupid thing of feeding a tiger once.

Time flies, and after Shang Ping's tenth etiquette class, Empress Dowager Yilan's flagship arrived in the capital.

Muse Galaxy, Federation of Free Cities

The Commonwealth of Free Cities is having its busiest time of year. After the bad season, the flying dust and the bad weather are gone, the heavy rain for several days has moistened the dry land, the merchants from alien galaxies are arriving one after another, all the ports are busy, landing day and night. The take-off transport ship filled the whole planet with the roar of engines, and the lights of the pilotage made it dark here.

Love Jia? The second batch of Power Stones that Derich had traded with Goodwill mixed in with these transports and took off from the port. After leaving the Muse system, they parted ways with the other transports. The originally planned mining volume was not eye-catching, but the goodwill suddenly demanded that the mining volume be doubled for Aijia? Derich frowned, "It's too sudden, the movement is too big, it may cause suspicion. I'm not the only Derich here."

Love Jia? Derich is not stupid, although she has agreed to cooperate with Goodwill, which requires mutual benefit, and Goodwill cannot ask her to take such a risk.

Goodwill's explanation seemed a little weak, maybe he didn't bother to explain, but the vague message between the lines began to make Aijia? Derich was startled. In the end, goodwill is left to Aijia? Derich's words made her resolve.

"Every merchant knows that giving is always proportional to getting. When a transaction begins, there is no turning back. This is not a simple transaction of goods. Do you want the previous transaction to be in vain?"

Turning off the communicator, Goodwill clasped his hands behind his neck and laughed, "Stupid woman."