The palace complex on the west side of Ivan Palace is the oldest building in the entire palace. It was originally a wedding gift from Solan I to Queen Charlotte. Ivanxia is a bright star in the imperial language. Solan I gave this most beautiful star to his queen and only wife. Roland II, who came to the throne later, expanded the entire palace on the basis of the original palace, including the palace group on the east side and the central palace group surrounding the imperial bell. After Heine I completed the last expansion, this magnificent palace complex gradually became the center of political power of the empire. The original Hemershah Palace was gradually forgotten in the history of the empire, and now it is only used as an emperor and a member of the royal family. Vacation and leisure places. Few people remember that this was the starting point for the great Soran I to rule the empire. From here, a lord who only owned two or three small and medium-sized galaxies created the greatest glory in the universe. Its descendants ruled the largest territory in the universe, and in the slowly flowing years, continued the glory and splendor of the Edrich family.

Shang Ping was carried by Soran Edrich and walked in the long corridor of the palace. The burgundy carpet was spread on the marble floor, and the walls were inlaid with golden wall lamps, and the portraits of the members of the Edrich family were hung on the walls. It is not only the emperor's portrait that is eligible to be displayed in the Ivan Summer Palace, Shang Ping even saw a large number of women and men in military uniforms, but not the emperor's military uniforms.

These men have blue eyes, just like the emperor.

Soran Edrich's pace was slow and graceful. After changing the hurriedness before, he seemed to have noticed where Shang Ping was chasing, slowed down, and even began to explain to Shang Ping that a certain worthy person from the Edrich family was in a good mood. Respected members, not just emperors.

Indeed, most of these portraits are only displayed in the palace complex on the west side. The palace complex on the east side, as a place for the emperor to work and rest, is not suitable for this arrangement. The central palace complex was the place where emperors were crowned, royal weddings and grand banquets were held, which was obviously inappropriate. Shang Ping had never been here before, so it is not difficult to understand that he would be curious.

Shang Ping didn't know how to react, and he always felt that the picture was a bit strange now. Shouldn't the emperor put him down first?

He was indeed taken aback by Soran Edrich's enthusiasm just now, calmed down and didn't feel inappropriate. On the contrary, the enthusiasm of the emperor made him more sure of what to do next. But now... skeptically, he looked at him leisurely, and leisurely introduced him to the emperor of Haini I. Shang Ping couldn't help but tap the golden epaulette on the emperor's coat.

"His Majesty?"


"I..." Shang Ping opened his mouth, what should he say next? Could it be that your destination is not the bedroom? Just kill him. Although he was only thinking with the habitual thinking of a man, it really made people... unable to say anything.

Shang Ping's embarrassment pleased the emperor, a flash of clarity flashed in his blue eyes, he lowered his head, approached Shang Ping's ear, and chuckled, "Aren't you nervous?"

"Don't be nervous." Shang Ping replied reflexively, and then he thought that something was wrong. He was just nervous, where was he nervous? That's all that's been done, is it useful to be hypocritical now!

Do not doubt, this is indeed what Shang Ping said. And it was said inadvertently. As a result, the emperor was in a good mood, and his pace increased significantly. Shang Ping made an ostrich to dig his own grave annoyed. The servants and maids on both sides of the corridor could clearly see the charming smile of the emperor. Occasionally one or two female officials passed by, and their eyes widened in surprise. His Majesty, who has always been indifferent to them, can actually smile so charmingly? However, this smile is obviously only for the black-haired boy in his arms. Once he looks at other people, those blue eyes will always only exude an aura of indifference.

Everyone began to re-evaluate the weight of this civilian princess from an alien galaxy in the emperor's heart. Even if he refuses to let go of his body to please him, he must not be offended. The court ladies who dreamed of the emperor's favor were even less likely to act rudely. When the emperor walked by with Shang Ping in his arms, they all bent down their slender waists, and the wide skirts embroidered with exquisite patterns spread out like flowers, dazzlingly beautiful.

Shang Ping did not miss the beauty of this moment, let alone several "beautiful views". He is not jealous. From a purely male point of view, these beautiful flowers are indeed pleasing to the eye. Very strange, he began to envy Soran Edrich. It's no wonder that so many people want to be emperors, wake up and take control of the world, and lie on the knees of beauties, what a good thing... not to mention so many beauties.

This mentality is not right, it's obviously a scam... Shang Ping immediately started serious self-criticism.

In Shang Ping's wild thoughts, the emperor had already carried him straight into the bedroom. The layout of this bedroom is different from Soran Edrich's grand and luxurious in the palace on the east side, and it has a soft and extravagant atmosphere. Before Shang Ping could sigh at the ruby ​​inlaid on the wall lamp, he fell into the soft bed after a whirlwind.

The golden palace-style four-poster bed, with the red curtain hanging down, against the white and soft quilt, looks like the most luxurious pigeon blood stone. Soran Edrich knelt on one knee on the edge of the bed, and put his snow-white gloved hand on Shang Ping's face. When Shang Ping tried to sit up on his elbow, he pressed him back.

"His Majesty?"

Soran Edrich smiled softly, the smile spread from his blue eyes, and along the corners of his pale lips, he brewed the most poisonous and alluring honey, captivating the viewers' minds, as if heaven and earth Everything in the room no longer exists, only the charming silver star in front of him.

Shang Ping involuntarily stretched out his hand and gently touched the corner of the emperor's lips, as if he wanted to determine whether this beautiful scene was real, but he woke up when a warm touch returned from his fingertips. The next moment, his hand was gently held, The other party didn't seem to exert any force, but Shang Ping couldn't break free.

Soran Edrich turned his head sideways, kissed, and lightly branded Shang Ping's palm. Holding Shang Ping's hand, he slid from his eyebrows, the corners of his lips, one by one, as if to give Shang Ping a wordless confirmation.


"Ah?" Shang Ping is still a little confused, and he still can't come back to his senses. Soran Edrich's beauty is not something that can be easily endured. Sure enough, beauty tricks are indeed a big killer!

"I said," the emperor put Shang Ping's hand on his face slowly, turned his head slightly, and said with a smile, "Are you satisfied with what you see?"

He must be hallucinating!

Shang Ping was stunned, and Soran Edrich laughed out loud. The whole person simply leaned forward, covering the top of Shang Ping, biting the fingertips of the glove, and slowly pulling the snow white from his hand, but he didn't want to, the skin under the cloth was even whiter. Transparent in general.

With one hand, he pulled the silver hair that was hanging down in front of his head behind his head, and the suffocatingly beautiful face slowly approached. Shang Ping's heart was beating like a drum. But still so?

He continued to take deep breaths, still unable to calm down. On the contrary, the cold fragrance inhaled by the nose is more intense and refreshing.

The emperor seemed to have made up his mind to make Shang Ping difficult, he was not in a hurry, he slowly unbuttoned the collar of Shang Ping's military uniform, one after another, the white fingertips were as light as flying butterfly wings, and occasionally brushed A part of the skin on the neck is as light as nothing, but it can always cause a burst of numbness.

"His Majesty…"

Shang Ping's voice had a hint of hoarseness that was hardly noticeable, and the next moment, a finger blocked his lips. The emperor was still smiling, his slender legs resting on Shang Ping's, he straightened up, looked at Shang Ping condescendingly, and elegantly unbuttoned the first button of his coat. The edge of the sash on the waist slid across Shang Ping's waist, an indistinct red mark, but no pain was felt.

Shang Ping couldn't help swallowing, he wasn't sure what exactly Soran Edrich wanted to do? For a moment, Shang Ping even wanted to press back directly, but then he felt that he had been hit in the head by a meteorite.

The emperor's next actions confirmed all his guesses. The luxurious coat was thrown out of the bed at will, and landed on top of Shang Ping's military coat.

The heavy bed curtain hangs down, separating the inner and outer worlds.

Shang Ping felt that it was getting harder and harder to breathe, and the hot kiss fell, wrapping his whole body like lava. The snow-white shirt was crumpled at the waist and elbows, tying his hands, unable to move, and his skin was even more hot.

Everywhere the silky satin palm slid across, causing a soft shudder.

The uncontrollable breathing began to intensify, and his vision became hazy. The scent of cold fragrance gradually descends along the neck, depicting the flexible body of the young man, the thin texture covers the cream-colored skin, with an unconscious seduction of Sid Hall, which makes people love it. .

The enthusiasm for the reunion after a long absence was all put into this unbearable intensity.

Shang Ping uncontrollably arched his waist, his sensitive waist, and one hand, he could grasp it as much as he could.

Conquered by this terrifying beauty, there is no escape, no escape. The golden tassel hanging down from the bed curtain smudges arc-shaped golden light and shadow with the shaking of sight, intertwined with the flying silver hair, charming and intoxicating.

Shang Ping stretched out his hands, firmly wrapped around the emperor's neck, and inserted his fingers into Sid Hall's silver hair, feeling the silky coolness, but it did not relieve the scorching heat around him in the slightest.

The slender calf was entangled in the snow-white brocade, and the gushing enthusiasm almost swallowed him.

The black hair scattered, and the white hand gently wiped the sweat-soaked forehead. Then, there was another fierceness that seemed to devour him. When the last moment came, the emperor raised his head sharply, and then, the silver hair that was slowly falling lingered in the Shang Dynasty. On the flat skin, a light kiss, gentler than ever, made him close his eyes in fatigue and sink into a dark dreamland with peace of mind.

When everything was calm, the bed curtain on one side was pulled up, Soran Edrich put on his shirt and coat, picked up Shang Ping, who was wrapped in the sheets, kissed the pro-Shang Ping's forehead lightly, and pressed the bed The head of the summoning bell, the attendant was already waiting outside the door.

"Your Majesty, do you want to take a bath first?"

"Well, I don't need a maid, and I don't need a servant either."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Shang Ping was still sleeping, unaware of what was going on.

The court etiquette officer is checking all the details of the emperor's wedding with his subordinate officers. The time is a bit rushed, but it does not prevent him from taking care of every detail. Originally, all this should be reported to the emperor, but the future queen just arrived not long ago... Forget it, I hope that tomorrow, His Majesty the emperor can get up on time to go to work.

In terms of punctuality, His Excellency the etiquette officer still has confidence in His Majesty the Emperor.