What is it like to be the father-in-law of the ruler of the most powerful empire in the universe?

One day, goodwill was sitting in the office, looking at the invitation card in front of him, and couldn't help but let out a sigh. From his tone, there was no sense of joy at all, and of course, there was no sadness, only a strange emotion that could not be explained.

"Why do I feel like marrying a daughter when my son gets married?"

The occasional inconsistency of goodwill did not affect Edgar at this time. The major general, who had already taken off his military uniform and put the epaulettes and collar patches in a box, did not think that Goodwill was asking him this question seriously. He was most likely talking to himself. Even if this kind of self-talk will make the listener laugh and laugh.

"Edgar, you can't ignore me!" Goodwill complained with a kind of schadenfreude, "Don't forget, Shang Ping is also your son. Now, he is going to 'marry'. Don't you feel it? ?"

"Well." Edgar nodded, still with a calm expression, "So what? Should I be like you?"

Edgar's tone was calm with a trace of innocuous contempt, and Goodwill was choked.

"Have you been bored recently?" Edgar frowned slightly, guarding against any more surprising words from Goodwill. In fact, while saying the word "boring", Edgar's eyes have fallen on the thick stack of documents on Goodwill's desk. These are all tasks to be dealt with, and the governor of the commercial capital, Goodwill, still has time to think about things?

Goodwill shrugged indifferently. He had already reached an agreement with the emperor. After the wedding of the emperor and Shang Ping, the six hundred and seventy-eighth Huoxing would still maintain its apparent independence. The celestial bodies were handed over to Shang Ping. In a sense, as long as Soran Edrich's successor does not try to destroy this man-made celestial body in a feverish manner, there will be no more threats to the existence of the Imperial fleet in the Empire. Of course, this agreement is under the table.

"Speaking of which, Edgar, do you really plan to stay in Shangdu?"

"Yeah." Edgar leaned on the sofa and stretched his long legs leisurely, "I don't plan to go back to the army. In this case, staying here is the best choice."

"Is this your truth?"


"Okay." Goodwill nodded, "However, the youngest son of the Soth family..."

"Goodwill, you promised me, and you promised your son!"

"Don't be so nervous, Edgar, I won't break my promise." Goodwill smiled and supported his chin with one hand, "However, this little Soth has been in constant movement recently. He once tried to get into the ore transport ship to the Muse galaxy. ."

"Didn't you tell him that you would send him back to Mars?"



"Okay, don't stare at me. When the baby's wedding is over, I will send him back. Now that Mars is reforming and the country is in chaos, as a member of the Soth family, he will only add to the chaos."

"Goodwill, are you really goodwill?"

"Nonsense! Even if you want to say that I'm Romeo, you can't be Juliet!" Goodwill stood up and stretched, "But I think, when we come back from the capital of the empire, maybe this blond boy has succeeded. what?"


Edgar paused and looked at Goodwill, "It better not be what I thought."

"That's it," Goodwill smiled viciously, "Dear Edgar, don't you want to attend the baby's wedding? This invitation can be 'accompanied'."

"If it's a wedding, of course. But damn, you're not allowed to wear skirts again!"

"Well, if this is your request, I will seriously consider it." Goodwill held his chin in embarrassment, and then his eyes lit up, clenching his right fist on the palm of his left hand, "How about, this time, you wear it?"

Edgar's face darkened.

Should he beat him up? Or just kill him? Either way, Edgar refuses to admit that he and the creature in front of him were once best friends!

Regardless of whether Shang Ping's father and adoptive father discussed the outcome, the wedding date was getting closer day by day.

On January 1, 1130 of the galactic calendar, after Soran Edrich became Solan II, the second new year ushered in. The distant bells sounded in the Ivan Summer Palace, the capital of the empire, like the depths of the ancient universe. The music sung at the place, thick, but not dull, one after another, impacted the soul of the listener.

The members of the royal family and noble lords who had arrived in the capital not long ago were not surprised by the sound of the bell. The bell in the Ivan Palace is a symbol of royalty. Ringing the bell of the empire just to marry the imperial concubine is not a bad thing, although it is a bit of a fuss. After all, this is the first time that Solan II has married an imperial concubine. Compared with the imperial rulers who used to have wives and concubines in the past princes, Soran II's cleanliness seemed a bit different. Fortunately, this situation is over. The bell in Ivan's summer palace announced that the emperor had ended his single life.

But as the bells continued to ring, consternation began to spread. People who are familiar with the imperial calendar and royal practice count silently in their hearts, until the bell stops abruptly after a certain number, and it is unbelievable that it is no longer enough to express their mood at the moment.

Ninety-nine? !

This is an honor that belongs to the Queen of the Empire!

"How is this going?!"

The noble lords who came to attend the emperor's wedding this time couldn't tell how they felt or what they should do. Are you going to question the emperor? Those who attended the emperor's engagement banquet recalled that the emperor never made it clear that he would marry a concubine or an empress! But everyone preconceived that a commoner from an alien galaxy can only become an imperial concubine!

It is impossible to turn back time, and Solan II is not an emperor who will make concessions in his marriage. What's more, the moment the imperial bell rings, everything has become a foregone conclusion.

"Empire, there will be a queen."

The Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich was dressed in a bright red royal dress with golden lace inlaid with gold and silver tassels hanging from the sash on the chest. Except for a tail ring engraved with the royal coat of arms and ruby ​​earrings hanging down from her neck, she was all over her body. No other superfluous jewelry.

The appearance of the Grand Duchess represents the attitude of the vast majority of royal family members. This includes Empress Dowager Yilan. Since the emperor had a conversation with the empress dowager, the empress dowager no longer dictated the emperor's marriage. Perhaps she also knew that no matter what attitude she took, it would not affect the emperor's final decision. The young members of the royal family headed by Harlan Edrich never expressed any doubts about the emperor's decision. They were loyal to the name Edrich, loyal to Soran II.

The Prime Minister of the Empire, Count Reichart, and a group of cabinet ministers, although surprised, would not object to the emperor's decision at this moment, even though most of their families had their own plans. We're all smart people, and we all know what to do at this moment.

As for the other nobles and galaxy lords, there is no other choice than acceptance and silence.

Of course, there are also guys who can't see the situation clearly, such as Baron Wilder and others. Mayer, the chief of the capital's guard force, was very happy to invite these rich-minded nobles to the guard department for afternoon tea. In Mayer's eyes, they were just ridiculous jumping clowns, and perhaps in the eyes of most people, they were.

As a result, the uproar that should have been set off was vanished into nothingness.

In the Ivan Summer Palace, the protagonist of this incident did not know how turbulent the dark tide was outside. He was now worried about the luxury of the dress and the jewelry and gems that he had to wear.

"Do you have to dress like this?"

Shang Ping stood helplessly in front of the full-length mirror, and now he is only praying that the temperature of tomorrow should not be too high. All pre-wedding anxiety and anxiety were swept away when she knew that she was going to wear this jewel-like dress, sit in the wedding car, pass through the capital, and return to the palace. He was now racking his brains about how to remove a few gems from the dress, and turning a blind eye to the pile of jewelry held by the squire.

Should he be thankful that this is a dress and not a skirt?

Compared with this, the military uniform that he wore to the banquet before was nothing compared to this.

"Your Excellency, this is the fourth revision."

The court etiquette official stood on the side expressionlessly, Shang Ping shivered involuntarily, for some reason, he did hear a little accusation from this seemingly simple statement. God knows, he just doesn't want to show off in a jeweled suit.

In the end, Shang Ping still failed to remove any gems from the dress, and was even forced to wear blue gemstone earrings and gold earrings. Looking at the person in the mirror, Shang Ping twitched the corners of his mouth. Should he be glad that at least Solan Edrich would hang a gem with him?

"What are you thinking about?"

I don't know when, Solan Edrich stood behind Shang Ping and gently fiddled with the black hair that fell to Shang Ping's ear, as if he was amused by Shang Ping's helplessness. Different from the pure silver dress of Shang Ping, Solan Edrich's silver dress has golden trim and patterns, the badge on the chest and the golden ribbon, which contrast with the emperor's silver hair and blue eyes, except for the right ear. The last half-moon-shaped ear buckle inlaid with gems and broken diamonds, the long silver hair is also tied with a gold headband, and the hair is also dotted with gems and pearls strung with silver chains.

Well, looking at such an emperor, Shang Ping is balanced.

Solan Edrich chuckled, and a light kiss fell on Shang Ping's face, "You are so beautiful."

very beautiful? Compared with Solan Edrich, who can be worthy of the word beautiful?

However, looking at the corners of the emperor's mouth, Shang Ping was still a little lost while slandering. Such a gorgeous, peacock-like dress, but also beautiful like this man, will become his?

Touching his heart, and then holding Solan Edrich's snow-white gloved hand, Shang Ping couldn't help but smile. This feeling is really not bad.

The emperor let Shang Ping hold himself, hugged Shang Ping, rubbed his chin lightly on Shang Ping's cheek, and whispered with a smile, "After tomorrow, you will be mine..."

"You are mine too, Your Majesty."

Hearing Shang Ping's answer, the smile in Solan Edrich's eyes deepened.

This is his queen and can only be his.