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On January 16, 1134, the Imperial Rebel Fleet, commanded by General Greg Harminia, arrived in the Tracy System, twelve light-years away from the Kisanna system. This distance may seem far away, but for the counter-insurgent fleet and the rebel galaxy that is facing extinction, it is only the hands of the clock sliding a few marks on the dial.

The Tracy Galaxy belongs to the Kame family, and the current lord is Jero Kame, known as the "noble merchant".

Neither Greg Armenia nor Giovanni Nadeley liked this man. Young Onigre, after seeing the very obvious expressions of disgust on the faces of the two lords, wisely chose not to say a word.

"The route from Norred to Chisanna has been monitored by the Chisanna rebels. This is the only way to get to Chisanna as soon as possible."

Greg Harminia listened to the report of the commander of the navigation ship with a blank expression. He just appeared on the flagship's screen, saluted, and recounted the fact in a tablet-like tone.

Greg Armenia has a grumpy personality, but doesn't get mad at the honesty of her subordinates.

So, the navigation ship commander is safe and sound and continues his work.

"Why doesn't that sly businessman stay in the capital?"

Giovannadella rarely used this tone to express his disdain. In fact, he uttered the words of General Greg Harminia. As for O'Neill, the young man remained silent. Only the slightly narrowed eyes and the clenched and loosened hands from time to time can reflect his restless mood at the moment. After setting sail, Onigre discovered that, as the commander of the counter-insurgency fleet, he was like a decoration, dispensable. No one would listen to him, and he could only endure it.

Jero Kame, who was cursed by Giovanna, was also having a hard time. He raced back into the galaxy as fast as he could, trying to end the stupid deal before the crazy woman did something even crazier. But the communication from the Imperial Rebel Fleet completely shattered his thoughts of peace.

"So soon?" Gero Kamei was stunned for a moment, then muttered to himself with a gloomy expression, "Or does she want to drag me into the water too?"

For the first time, Jerome Came regretted her greed.

He never thought that a simple transaction could make him sink into the mud and couldn't get out.

A year ago, a woman named Diana suddenly approached Jello Kame through a middleman, seducing him with an irresistible wealth.

"Just some transport ships and supplies."

It's not that Jero Kame has never done this kind of thing. The tax paid to the Imperial Treasury every year is enough for Jero Kame to have enough confidence.

In the beginning, it was just civilian materials and small and medium-sized transport ships. The other party was very generous when paying, and Jero Kame didn't mind continuing to cooperate with the other party.

Besides, she was an uncompromising blond beauty.

As the amount of the transaction gradually climbed, Gero Kamei began to let down her guard, and Diana finally revealed her true purpose. She needed weapons, a large number of military laser guns and particle guns.

"This is impossible!"

Jero Kame loudly refused, but lost his voice after seeing the other party type a series of numbers on the communicator.

Well, once again, the greedy nature triumphs over the fear of the unknown.

Jero Kame is still comforting herself, maybe, she's a space pirate? Or is it planning to stage a coup d'état in some distant backward galaxy?

Diana was so smart that she didn't buy a warship from Jero Cameron, not one.

So, Jello Kame can still deceive himself.

It was not until the news of Chisanna's rebellion came and the rumors of Avalanci appeared that the woman named Diana directly demanded that the rest of the trade materials be delivered to Chisanna, which completely shattered Jello Kame's fantasy. . She admitted her identity to Jero Kame without any scruples, and asked Jero Kame that the transaction must continue, otherwise, she would send detailed records of each transaction between the two parties to "people who should know".

Is she a rebel? !

Jero Kame is greedy, but not brainless. When he knew Diana's true intentions, and the other party put it into practice, and achieved good results, Jero Kame began to think about what to do.

He never thought Diana would come out victorious. No one has the ability to get what they should not expect from the hands of Soran II.

Gerokame knew that Soran II's pride would not allow a rebel who challenged his authority to survive. Therefore, after the meeting of the lords ended, he tried his best to stay in the capital, hoping that the Imperial Rebel Fleet would completely return the guy who threatened him to the arms of the **** of death.

However, he miscalculated.

"damn it!"

Jerocame cursed, he didn't want to be threatened by this, but the other party really had his handle. Once the transaction information of the two sides falls into the hands of the emperor, no, even if it is just an imperial soldier, Gerokame will face the most severe situation. He will definitely be taken to court! He was then put in Sesha's prison and spent the rest of his life.

"Your Honorable Lord, you made the right choice." Diana was still wearing a long dress of the Lady of Mars, sitting sideways on the high-back chair, the blond Austin Soth stood behind her, and Jero Camel Because of the limited viewing angle of the communicator, only Diana can be seen.

"why me?"

Jero Kame finally asked this question, if you just need supplies and weapons, why not choose the six hundred and seventy-eighth star? It was an existence that lived within the territory of the empire, but was independent of the imperial regime.

"Why you?" Diana chuckled and shook her head, "My lord, have you forgotten who is currently leading the Kisanna fleet?"

"Avalanci?" Gero Kamei looked at Diana sarcastically, "I don't know where you heard about Avalanci, but I can confirm that you are definitely not Avalanci!"

"Why? Because I don't have blue eyes?"

Diana gradually put away the smile on her face, ignoring Jello Kame's somewhat surprised expression, and continued: "It has been six hundred years, but what happened to Avalanci back then will never be buried in the universe. It is an indisputable fact that Avalanci lost to Edrich, but, what have you done to Avalanci's in-laws, the Mani family, and the Kamei family, isn't it recorded in the family's documents? This should be a piece of history to brag about, isn't it? After all, you betrayed your in-laws and allies, but after sending each other into the dark universe, you got the galaxy and wealth left by Avalanci!"

Jero Kame stood up abruptly, his pupils contracted sharply, how could this woman know this? !

"Look, Jero Cameron, I don't care what you're thinking, our deal must be done! You don't want to see the consequences of a breach of contract. Of course, you can also expect the Imperial Fleet to kill you before you deliver the rest of the cargo. Kill me—though that's hard."

The signal from the communicator was interrupted, and Jero Kame remained in his previous posture, motionless.

In the flagship of the Imperial Rebel Fleet, the correspondent once again reported that the Tracy System did not respond to the fleet. Greg Harminia frowned.

Capital of the Golden Empire, Ivan Palace

After the court etiquette officer left the room, Shang Ping lay down on the table in front of him. The edge of the snow-white tablecloth is embroidered with golden patterns. The complicated lines do not give people a complicated feeling. On the contrary, every golden flower is like flowing sunlight, spread on the snow-white velvet.

If the court etiquette officer hadn't left, Shang Ping would never have made such a move. But now that the stern teacher is gone, he can at least ease himself.

Solan Edrich walked up to Shang Ping and sat down, picked up Shang Ping directly, and held his queen in his arms like a cat.

The thumb lifted Shang Ping's chin, looking at Shang Ping's brown eyes, his slightly trembling eyelashes, he couldn't help but lowered his head and bit his rosy lips.



Shang Ping moved his neck. Although he was indeed a little tired, he was able to adapt. If you show weakness in the matter of learning, Shang Ping thinks it is not worth it.

Yes, not embarrassed, but not worth it.

The emperor's patience and apology need to be used in other places, such as everything Shang Ping confessed the night before.

"Your Majesty, it's still early. You're not working today?" Shang Ping simply put his chin in the palm of the emperor's palm. He is indeed acting like a lazy cat, but he has carefully hidden his sharp claws. . However, the cat's claws are retractable, so the emperor still needs to be careful.

"Today's work is done."

Solan Aidrich leaned on the sofa and seemed to be a little new to Shang Ping's performance. He even scratched Shang Ping's chin.

"So, what do you think of what I told you the night before?"

"Does it mean that there may be rebels in your galaxy again?" Soran Edrich rested his forehead against Shang Ping, "What do you think? My queen."

As the words fell, the emperor's hand undid the collar of Shang Ping's coat, and his pale lips moved along the line from the tip of his nose to his lower jaw. Shang Ping had to raise his head, like a small animal whose neck was bitten by a beast. , let the emperor **** and bite his neck.

numb, slightly painful.

Shang Ping stretched out his hand and put it on the emperor's shoulder. The hard metal and gems on the epaulette touched his palm, but he felt no pain.

"Your Majesty, I didn't hide anything, I told you everything."

Shang Ping finally couldn't help pulling Solan Edrich's long hair, and his eyes turned to the festive movement painted on the indoor dome. It was a heroic story praising the founding king.

"So, what are you still worried about?"

Solan Edrich let go of Shang Ping, pinched Shang Ping's chin, the deep blue eyes, like a vortex, can **** into people's souls.

"Listen," Soran Edrich approached Shang Ping and said in a voice that was almost icy: "You are my queen, my wife, as long as I don't allow it, no one can hurt you. You belong to me , no one, nothing can change this fact. There is no man in the Edrich family who cannot protect his wife."

"Even if some of my leaders are really involved in this Kisanna rebellion?"


"Even if the law of the empire stipulates that I, as a lord, have the same responsibility?"

"You shouldn't doubt me," the emperor said. "If this galaxy really bothers you so much, then it doesn't need to exist."

Shang Ping paused, moved forward with a smile, and kissed the emperor's nose, "Your Majesty, did I ever say that I really love you?"

Shang Ping's words were exchanged for a kiss from the emperor that seemed to devour him.

Before the air in his lungs disappeared, the emperor finally let him go.

While panting heavily, Shang Ping grabbed the hand of the emperor who was unbuttoning his coat. Under the emperor's puzzled gaze, he pushed the emperor against the back of the sofa, and knelt on the emperor's lap. It slid down the side of the emperor's neck, swiping the jewel buttons on the emperor's coat one by one, evoking the golden tassels hanging down from the ribbon.

"Your Majesty, in order to thank you for your trust in me, I want to give you a gift..." A gift?

Solan Edrich raised one eyebrow, clasped Shang Ping's waist with both hands, raised his head, and met his queen's smiling lips.