When the Royce artificial celestial body sent important information from the Kanon military fortress back to the capital at the speed of light, the interim president of the Republic of Seth, Shesha, was unable to work normally because of the quarrel among the members of the upper and lower houses. The provisional cabinet was simply out of anger with those members, and Marshal Helu of the military had a disagreement with the government because of the Fourth Fleet. This undoubtedly adds to the current dire situation.

"Damn it! Do those guys only quarrel?!"

Interim President Shesha thumped the desk in annoyance. The huge desk was already full of original documents that needed to be executed. However, as long as those cockfighting MPs didn't keep their mouths shut for a day, these urgent problems would have to continue on him. dust on the desk. Xie Sha felt powerless. He even began to miss the days when President Franz had not stepped down. Although Franz was very happy, and was suspected of taking bribes and manipulating votes in private, at least he could make these **** politicians honestly implement orders and work hard. ! Instead of wasting precious time on unquestionable squabbles.

Liu Xi walked into the red-carpeted presidential office, and what he saw was Xie Sha's distorted look. He seemed to wish he could eat all the documents piled up as high as a hill in front of him.

Behind the silver-framed lenses, his black eyes flickered. As the confidential secretary of the interim president, this slender, handsome young man has a calm and sharp personality and a keen sense of politics. Coupled with decent clothes and elegant manners, as a descendant of Liu Rui, the founder of the Republic of Seth, Liu Xi has a natural advantage. After graduating from the highest school with honors, he entered the presidential palace at the age of 20. After President Franz resigned, he began to assist interim President Chesha as a confidential secretary. This young man has done every job perfectly, and skillfully concealed his ambitions. Just like the gentle smile on his handsome face, he gradually nibbled away the pieces on his path without the slightest aggression. until the moment of success comes.

"Your Excellency, there is important news from the Royce artificial celestial body."

"Oh, important news?"

Xie Sha pointed to the pair of documents in front of him, and said in a mocking voice, "Everything on each piece of paper here is important, but those **** pigs don't take it seriously at all!"

Liu Xi didn't take Xie Sha's complaint to heart, he just picked up the documents that Xie Sha had swept to the ground, flipped through it casually, and chuckled, no wonder Xie Sha was so angry.

"Your Excellency, although you are in a bad mood, the news from the Royce Celestial Body this time is indeed very important, and it may be closely related to the disappearance of the Fourth Fleet." Liu Xi opened the virtual screen of Zhinao, above which is Luo The celestial object was obtained from radar images of the Kanon fortress, accompanied by a classified report from the celestial object commander. After listening to Royce Celestial Commander's report, Xie Sha's face became even more ugly. If some of the speculation in the report is true, the disappearance of the Fourth Fleet may hide a deeper secret. If this is the case, he does not believe that Marshal Helu will let the group of members continue to quarrel.

Grabbing the suit jacket on the back of the wide seat, Xie Sha strode out of the president's office. He didn't intend to endure the group of cockfights who only quarreled all day. Go to his democratic freedom! He wants to make those **** look good!

Liu Xi swept through the pile of documents as high as a hill, took out two copies at random, checked the contents above, and walked out after Xie Sha.

Three days have passed since the opening ceremony. Whether he was sitting in the classroom or walking on the campus, Shang Ping could still detect the strange sight that fell on him, and glared angrily at some people in the corner of the classroom, following him. The icy gaze swept across, and the few people turned their heads awkwardly, as if they finally realized that their whispers or unrealistic guesses annoyed Shang Ping.

Professor Trinide continued to destroy the boys in the classroom with his unwavering voice on the podium, but most people's minds were no longer in this boring γ-planetary development history class. This group of energetic boys, almost Invariably, he focused his eyes on a certain corner of the classroom, to be precise, on Shang Ping, who was sitting in the fifth position from the right in the third row.

Shang Ping broke the light pen in his hand for the second time. He couldn't bear the curiosity on John sitting beside him.

"Shang Ping, you..."

"Shut up!" Shang Ping glared at John, "If you want to ask why Austin South's event luminous body found me inexplicably at the opening ceremony, and inexplicably said that bizarre thing to me, I can make it very clear. I'm telling you, 'Damn, I don't know!'. God knows if that blond guy got his brain hit by a falling meteorite! Who knows why that guy came to me!"

Shang Ping clenched his fists repressedly. If time could be reversed, he would knock him out before Austin Soth said, "I want to know you better!" Even if this will attract the hatred of most people in the Madoff Military Academy! Better than being treated like a diorama now. Looking at the eyes of those guys, it seems that overnight, a guy named Shang Ping turned into an unknown celestial body in the universe, attracting the attention of the public.

"Shang Ping, don't you really know? The arrogance of that woman's face is well known. It's a fantasy to take the initiative to find you like this. What's more, she said that kind of thing..."

"What kind of words?"

Shang Ping's voice didn't change, but John could feel the temperature around him drop by another five degrees. Involuntarily, he rubbed his arms and swallowed the words "like wanting to pursue you" back in his stomach.

The current Shang Ping is too terrifying, he has no doubt that if he angers this black-haired guy, he will be blasted off his head by the laser gun the next moment.

After Professor Trinide announced that the get out of class was dismissed, Shang Ping rarely went back to the dormitory directly or went to audit Professor Kerry's history class, but held John.

"What?!" John suspects that something is wrong with his ears. "I heard it right? Are you going to the one-man fighter practice bay with me?"


Shang Ping loosened his collar. The things that happened these days were too strange. He really needed to do something to vent his depressed emotions. Otherwise, I am afraid it will affect his future life. Shang Ping is not a good gentleman who doesn't get angry when he encounters anything. At least, the weird atmosphere and boring rumors that permeate the whole academy now make Shang Ping feel uncomfortable, and he really wants to catch the guys who are whispering behind their backs. A beating, but because of the academy's rules not allowing private fights, I had to restrain myself.

It's hard.

Shang Ping can finally understand the motives of some poor guys to kill, because he also has this urge now. The target is the guy who caused all his troubles.

"All right."

John scratched his head, grabbed Shang Ping's shoulders, and said with a smile: "Good boy! You should have done this a long time ago! Only fighter jets and space battleships are the favorites of Mars boys! Let those history books and cultural lessons Go to hell!"

Austin South stood at the window, his emerald green eyes could clearly see the two teenagers passing by the window, the tall brown-haired boy wrapped his arms around the black-haired boy's shoulders, and seemed to be saying something in high spirits. He held the brunette boy's arm helplessly, as if uncomfortable because of the brunette boy's too intimate behavior.

Austin watched silently for a while, and determined that the destination of the two teenagers should be the single-player fighter training room in the academy. His long, white fingers wiped his lips, and he turned and left the classroom.