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Chapter 10 Poisonous mushrooms?

Yin Miao did not care whether the friends behind her believed it or not. Along the way, she did find that there were many poisonous weeds and poisonous mushrooms on the mountain, and there were traces of wild vegetables being dug up in some places, but she believed that there must be something else that could be eaten. of.

"Auntie, you guys help pick these flowers here first, I'll go over there to see."

Yin Miao said.

The caretaker Mr. Zhang hesitated for a few seconds, then remembered Yin Miao's footsteps, and obediently agreed.

Yin Miao did not dare to go far, and she specifically instructed the three of them to shout out loud if there was any situation.

"Red umbrella and white pole, after eating, we lay on the board together..."

While admiring the bright red and bright purple poisonous mushrooms, Yin Miao hummed a very suitable song, but the singing stopped abruptly.

Good stuff!

She hurriedly leaned over and squatted behind a tree, and several black mushrooms were pulled down by the soil below her.

Isn't this the most nutritious black boletus in the mushroom world? !

The whole body of the black boletus is black, even if it is broken open, the inside is black. It was probably mistaken by the villagers as a poisonous mushroom. Yin Miao was delighted to find that there were more or less black cattle under the trees nearby. Liver bacteria.

She first put a few plants into the space, and then dug up again.

And after seeing what Yin Miao brought back, Yin He's little face became even more ugly.

This pure black it really not poisonous?

"Hey, go back and I'll cook it for you."

Yin Miao was so happy in her heart that she even walked down the mountain with a lot of briskness.

They also met some villagers on the way, and Yin Miao did not hide. After being asked what she found, she generously opened the cloth bag behind her.

"Girl, this is a poisonous mushroom, be careful to kill your family!"

said an old man.

"I think you are used to being rich, thinking that you can eat anything on this mountain. What's so delicious about this little yellow flower?"

"That's right, let's throw it away, these can't be eaten."

The people in the village said in a loud voice.

"Have any of you ever eaten this mushroom?" Yin Miao asked rhetorically.

"Who dares to eat this, it is poisonous at first sight." Someone replied.

"It's fine if you haven't eaten it before, let's help the villagers try it." Yin Miao said.

Seeing that Yin Miao did not listen to her advice, the villagers dispersed.

It seems that the last household at the west end of the village is really going to die out this time!

Compared with the suspicion and ridicule of the villagers, the family obviously trusted Yin Miao more.

Before the three of Wei's came back, Brother Han squatted and played with mushrooms, while Zhang picked it up and smelled it again: "I think Miao'er said that if she can eat it, she will definitely eat it."

Yin He did not believe what Mr. Zhang said. He felt that in Mrs. Zhang's eyes, everything should be edible...

Yin Bowen looked at the pile of black things on the ground for a moment and said, "I'll take it to wash."

"Second uncle wait a minute, this black boletus needs to be soaked in water, I'll just do it."

Yin Miao is not a chef, but at least she knows how to eat these foods. Unfortunately, there are no condiments such as onion and garlic at home, but as long as these things can be eaten and can provide nutrients to everyone's body, it is enough.

In the dark lacquered stove with smoked walls, Yin Miao unexpectedly found a salt jar. It was probably smoked black together with the walls, so the salt jar was not found.

There was still half a jar of salt in the salt jar. The salt had become lumps of hard salt, but it was still regarded by Yin Miao as the most valuable treasure in the family and put it in the safest place in the kitchen.

A scorching gaze made Yin Miao’s back beside her. It turned out that Mrs. Zhang entered the stove and looked straight at Yin Miao’s series of operations.

"...How about the third aunt help wash these gorse flowers?" Yin Miao said.

Mrs Zhang nodded in a hurry. It took nearly two or three hours to go back and forth to the mountain, and she was so hungry that her stomach hurt again...

Wei Shi and Zhen Shi returned home first. Although they both received needlework from the tailor shop in the town, the price was also kept to a minimum. A needlework that took two days to embroider could only get five cents. It was because of their luck today that they met Lizheng's daughter-in-law in the village. If Lizheng's daughter-in-law did not guarantee them, they would not be able to get this job.

"What can five cents buy?" Yin Miao found that not only did she not know the value of silver coins in this dynasty, but there was no information about the value of a few cents in her original memory.

A lady from a big family is inevitable.

Wei was a little hesitant, but still answered her daughter's words: "We have inquired, the price of a stone of rice in the town costs 700 yuan..."

Wei's voice was low, but everyone in the room heard it.


The room was dead silent, Brother Han was so frightened that he indented into Wei's arms, not knowing what happened.

Tsk tsk, Yin Miao couldn't help smacking her tongue in her heart, it would take at least half a year to buy a bucket of rice if Wei Shi and Zhen Shi alone were the two female celebrities.

"Take your time, at least we have found the food we eat today, and it doesn't cost anything."

Yin Miao only felt that dark clouds gathered above everyone's heads.

"Sister Miao asked us to pick flowers and black mushrooms!" Brother Han also shouted.

Picking flowers? Black mushrooms?

Zhen Shi and Wei Shi looked at Yin Miao at the same time.

"What I've seen in books before, do it now!"

Yin Miao felt that she could not explain for a while, the black porcini should have been soaked by now, so she quickly ran to the kitchen.

In fact, she has no interest or talent in cooking, and when handling food, she also tries to get it out of curiosity. The pot in the kitchen room was a rotten iron pot that the Luo family didn’t want next door, and there was no oil that could be used for cooking, so Yin Miao had to let Yin Bowen burn the fire to a minimum and try to roast the gorse on the iron pot. And the black boletus was boiled into a big pot of mushroom soup by her.

Mr. Zhang looked at the food on the table and gulped.

"I'll eat first, and then you can eat when there's no problem."

Yin He had a sullen face, picked up a small bowl of mushroom soup on the table, and took a sip first with a death-like expression.

Before Zhen Shi and Yin Bowen could stop it, Yin He swallowed most of the bowl of mushroom soup.

"He'er, you're still young, it's your father who's trying it out, why..."

Yin Bowen broke out in a cold sweat.

"Son, do you have any discomfort? Stomach pain or something?"

Mrs Liu also pulled Yin He over and stretched out **** to ask him what time it was.


Yin He drank too much and answered truthfully after burping.

He doesn't seem to have any discomfort, and that mushroom soup is quite delicious?

Seeing this, Mrs Zhang couldn't wait to pick up a bowl and drink it.

The juice in the black boletus has been roasted. After adding Titian's salt, Mrs. Zhang tasted the meat. The delicious juice was in the warm soup. Mrs. Zhang only thought it was her. The freshest mushroom soup I've ever had.

Even if the soup was poisonous, she would die without regret.

(end of this chapter)