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Chapter 331 Linghua City

Yin Miao looked at the confident Xiao Xuan and still had some doubts in her heart, did he have a solution?

"Whether this method is feasible, I don't know yet, I have to rely on A Miao to help later."

Xiao Xuan's words instantly brightened Yin Miao's eyes: "What is the method? Who told you?"

In the face of Yin Miao's serial problems, Xiao Xuan had no choice but to tell Yin Miao about his accidental discovery last night.

"I only tried one plant with space water, and I thought I would pick some ivy to try when A Miao came out..."

It turned out that after Yin Miao went to rest last night, he took the bowl of rooted ivy grass and tried various methods in the space. All kinds of animals in the pasture did not eat it, and even kept a distance from it.

Just when he was about to give up, he suddenly thought of lotus pond water with detoxification effect, so he took a spoonful.

He never thought that the space water would have such a powerful effect. When he poured the water on the fairy tooth grass, the water-soaked leaves quickly disappeared, and then the strong root system gradually turned brown. Black until the whole plant dies.

"Real or fake? Lotus pond water will do?"

Yin Miao immediately took out the bowl with the wooden lid from the space, and then opened her eyes wide, the fairy tooth grass inside was really withered!

"Well, I don't know if it was a coincidence."

Xiao Xuan saw that Yin Miao was happy, and he was also happy.

"That's it, I love you so much!"

Yin Miao carefully looked at the plant that seemed to be scorched by the sun. Space water had a detoxifying and purifying effect, as well as this fairy tooth grass.

Her mission was finally saved, thanks to Xiao Xuan's discovery!

The carriage fell silent, Xiao Xuan pulled Yin Miao into his arms, and said with a smile, "This is the first time A Miao has given up on me."


Yin Miao realized that she had just accidentally slapped her lips. She wanted to explain, but her lips were blocked by a soft piece...

The man's chilling breath was like a slow thunder, and it instantly entered Yin Miao's mind. She opened her eyes wide to feel the experience she had never had before, and the moment she met the man's narrow eyes, the heart in her chest felt As if about to jump out, that Ruyu little face instantly turned into a peach blossom.

I don't know how long it took before Xiao Xuan let go of the person in his arms, he licked his lips, looked at the girl who was obviously frightened by himself, and leaned over again like an addiction...


The girl in   's arms only reacted at this time and started to resist, Xiao Xuan let her go reluctantly.

Yin Miao took a deep breath of fresh air when the carriage stopped.

"Master, someone is blocking the way."

Yunjiang's tone was serious, the people in front didn't look friendly, and they had already turned their knives on them.

After a long while, a slightly hoarse voice came from the carriage: "Ask them what they mean."

"Yes, Master."

Yunjiang Yunhe didn't suspect anything, Xiao Xuan couldn't help laughing at the suddenly vacant seat beside him.

Are people in A Miao's world so shy?

Yin Miao was sitting in the space in a daze at this time, her cheeks and the base of her ears were still hot, were all ancient people so good at flirting?

Should I say it or not, this is her first kiss in two lifetimes...

In addition to the carriage, Mei Kang, who was dressed in official uniform, had also brought people down. He was about to go up to King Xuan to see what was going on, but suddenly a wet mass was smashed on his face, and even his body was also smashed. Splashed with fishy water.

Meikang's face changed suddenly, it was a mass of uprooted fairy tooth grass, and the roots were still tightly wrapped around a dark thing.

Not far away, hundreds of people standing in the shallow water were looking at them with anger.

"You dare to make trouble, do you know who this is?!"

The official Cao Peng yelled loudly.

"Get out of Linghua City!"

"Linghua City doesn't need officials, officials get out of Linghua City!"


After    Cao Peng's angry rebuke, the people in front seemed to be even more angry.

"What the **** is going on here?"

Cao Peng said to himself.

"I've said it all, there's a lot of evil here, we shouldn't have come in."

Lin Yannian said.

"Master Mei, you all step back first, Linghua City does not need officials."

A voice sounded from behind Meikang, and everyone looked at the approaching person in surprise.

The voices of the people gradually faded away, and they still glared at them. It's just that the man who stepped down from the carriage had an extraordinary temperament. Even if the surroundings were surrounded by muddy water, he stood in the water like an exiled immortal.

"Who are you?"

Some people asked in a bad tone.

Xiao Xuan was not angry at all, he looked at the ragged people and said, "I am an old friend of your Yuan City Lord."

As soon as these words came out, the faces of the people in front of them really changed. In addition to their astonishment, many people also showed a little sadness.

Meikang was a little surprised, what do these people mean? Yuan Chengan and King Xuan are indeed old friends, but why are they just like this?

"Since you are an old friend of City Lord Yuan, you can't let you pass by, leave your name and we'll report it."

said one of the men in the middle, and Meikon noticed that he was always wary.

"Just tell him my name is Xiao Xuan."

Xiao Xuan replied.

The man glanced at Xiao Xuan before hurriedly running behind him.

"Your Highness, this..."

Meikang et al haven't figured out what's going on.

"Yuan Chengan, the Lord of Linghua City, hanged himself at home with his wife and daughter two months ago. The suicide note he left scolded the court for disregarding the life and death of the people and forcibly expropriated all the surplus grain stored in Linghua City. People without food, without officials or soldiers."

Xiao Xuan explained slowly, he looked at Yin Miao who was about to get off the carriage, and when Yin Miao saw him, she quickly retracted her already stretched feet.

"Yuan Chengan... hanged himself?"

Meikang's face was full of shock, and then he lowered his head as if remembering something.

Yes, they passed through this place three months ago. At that time, the officers and soldiers sent by the imperial court to collect grain had also arrived in Linghua City, but the two sides were still deadlocked at that time, and the city owner of Yuan was busy writing to the imperial court day and night to refute this matter.

It seems that he is still…

Meikang suddenly became annoyed, and he didn't even have the anger that he felt when he was thrown at the smashed ivy.

Everyone immediately understood why the people here were so angry when they saw those wearing official uniforms.

Xiao Xuan looked at Mei Kang who lowered his head and said nothing, and Xie Yongshou next to him said again:

"But your Royal Highness King Xuan..."

Isn't His Royal Highness King Xuan also a member of the court?

He can guarantee that he will be accepted by the people here after the registration number?

It was just that when he saw Xiao Xuan's eyes, he didn't dare to speak again. After a few days of contact, he still understood that the look in his eyes meant that King Xuan was displeased.

Yin Miao also blinked, it seems that Xiao Xuan also has acquaintances here!

(end of this chapter)