Chapter 332 The Young Man of Prey

Yin Miao's conjecture was correct. After about a quarter of an hour, a group of people came towards them.

Among the group of people, there was one person who was tall and sturdy. He looked young, wearing a green silk robe with Buddha's head, and his face changed slightly after seeing Xiao Xuan.

"His Royal Highness King Xuan."

The man's expression was still a little cold, and he seemed to be questioning why they came here.

"It's hard for Qing Rui to remember this king."

Xiao Xuan looked at Yuan Qingrui, whose temperament had changed drastically. He remembered that Yuan Qingrui had pure eyes and always followed Yuan Chengan silently. Although he was the adopted son of Yuan Chengan, his eyes were all towards Yuan Chengan. respect.

"His Royal Highness King Xuan is under one person and above ten thousand people, how dare Qing Rui be neglected."

Yuan Qingrui looked extremely alienated when he said this, and seemed to be deliberately enduring something.

"Mr. Mei, you all retreat first."

After Xiao Xuan instructed the group behind him, only Yun Jiang, Yun He and Yin Miao, who did not dare to get off the car, were left in his body.

"Tsk tsk tsk, this young man looks a little difficult to deal with."

Yin Miao said to the auspicious auspicious on her shoulder, although Yuan Qingrui and Mo Yunrui looked similar in age, Mo Yunrui only showed a strong hatred at first, but this Yuan Qingrui was a sinister.

"His Royal Highness King Xuan has something to say. If you just pass by, Qing Rui can let you go immediately for your sake."

Yuan Qingrui said, the implication is to thank you.

Xiao Xuan was not angry after hearing this, and said with regret: "I have had some friendship with City Lord Yuan before, and his matter is indeed a big pity, but I can help you with Qingrui and Xianyacao."

Xiao Xuan's address has changed from "the king" in front of everyone to "I", in Yin Miao's opinion, this is already a low profile.

Or maybe he is lowering Yuan Qingrui's vigilance.

But this trick really worked, Yuan Qingrui's face was already a little serious, he frowned and asked, "Since Your Highness is passing by, how do you know about the fairy tooth grass?"

Xiao Xuan leaned over and took out a sagebrush from the water, and said, "I came all the way from Changling in Tingshi Prefecture. This time the people have suffered in all kinds of hardships. It's going to be trickier."

Ting Shizhou…

Xiao Xuan's words reminded Yuan Qingrui, yes, King Xuan had been rejected by the imperial court before, and even disappeared for more than half a year. Was he actually in a remote place like Tingshi Prefecture during this time?

However, Lin Yannian and others who were whispering in the back made him have to be vigilant, and asked: "Of course we want to solve this fairy tooth grass, but this is not just a matter of talk, if His Royal Highness Xuanwang has any purpose, please directly Speak!"

Xiao Xuan smiled, raised his eyelids and said, "Why is Qingrui being so vigilant, what else do you have in Linghua City worth drawing?"

There are only nearly 20,000 people left to survive, and they can’t withstand this famine and ivy at any time. Why should people with discerning eyes come to this troubled water?

This sentence made Yuan Qingrui look ugly, because he knew that what King Xuan said was indeed the truth.

"Then what is the solution for His Highness?"

Yuan Qingrui couldn't believe it anymore, what can King Xuan, who came here for the first time, do.

Xiao Xuan turned around and replied, "I don't, but the prospective lady in my carriage may have a way to crack it. Why shouldn't Qing Rui let her try it?"


Yin Miao, who was listening with interest, was suddenly called by name. Even though she knew that people outside could not see her, she hurriedly sat up.

Xiao Xuan started to put gold on her face again.

So the group that came to Linghua City was invited to a mansion.

"My parents and Piner hanged themselves in this room."

Yuan Qingrui said to everyone.


Mei Kang and others looked embarrassed, because the officials who came to collect grain at that time were very close to them. Zhao Hongye also brought Lin Yannian and others to persuade Yuan Chengan to turn over the grain reserves in the city as soon as possible.

"Nanxing City has only issued a hundred stone for several months. The people of Xiangyang City have no food to use, and no one cares about the city to the north. I thought that the situation in Linghua City would be better, but now it seems that it is forced to be like this."

Yin Miao came all the way and found that the roadside was covered with ivy grass. Needless to say, there were dead souls one after another under the ivy grass. She even saw a thin child about the size of Brother Han rooting on his arm. There was a fairy tooth grass, and the child sat on the side of the road with empty eyes, not knowing whether it was dead or alive.

There are too many scenes like this. Xiao Xuan was silent all the way. At this time, when Yin Miao said this, his face became colder: "As A Miao said, the court is killing itself."

The words of the two were not behind their backs, Mei Kang was taken aback, but Yuan Qingrui was the most touched, he said:

"Daddy only punished others for his own mistakes, but never let anyone avenge him. The people in the city loved Daddy. He died because of his unwillingness, and others lost hope because of him. These are the emperors of Nanxiao Kingdom. Good job!"

"Bold, the emperor is the real son of the dragon, how can you allow you to be framed like this, you are the crime of beheading!"

Xie Yongshou scolded.

"Master Xie, this king also thinks that what Qing Rui said is not unreasonable. Who can be blameless if he is not a sage?"

Xiao Xuan said lightly.

Xie Yongshou and the others never thought that King Xuan, who was about to return to the capital to meet the sage, would say such a thing, but he still agreed, but his lowered eyes were full of resentment.

Yuan Qingrui personally took Xiao Xuan and Yin Miao to a clean yard, his impression of Yin Miao had changed because of what Yin Miao had just said, so he introduced himself: "In the next Yuan Qingrui, it is the Lord of Yuan City. The adopted son, how dare you ask the girl?"

"My name is Yin Miao, Yin Bowen is my father, oh yes, the Yin family whose whole family was exiled a few months ago."

Yin Miao was not sure if Yuan Qingrui knew about the Duke Yin's mansion in the capital, so she explained it simply.

"It turned out to be the daughter of Duke Yin, please forgive me for being rude."

Yuan Qingrui was surprised for a moment and said quickly.

"It's alright, it's human nature." Yin Miao waved her hand, indicating that she didn't mind.

Yuan Qingrui looked at Xiao Xuan who was on the side, hesitant to say anything, and finally asked: "I don't know how Miss Yin can resolve this fairy grass? If you can get rid of this evil for the people in the city, Qingrui is willing to change it. Repay the girl's kindness as a bull and a horse."

"That's not necessary. We are not sure whether this method is feasible or not. We have to try it before we know it."

After Yin Miao finished speaking, she returned to the carriage and took out a pot of space water, which she had just installed in the space for backup.

She also asked Yuan Qingrui to find the child who had grown on the side of the road, not because she had any self-confidence, but just thought that even if the space water couldn't dissolve the fairy, maybe she could help the child. Some.

"This is the water I prepared. His Royal Highness has tried it on a separate ivy grass before, but I don't know how it will work on a living person."

Yin Miao poured the space water on a separate fairy tooth grass and on the child's arm while explaining. The people around held their breaths, waiting for the possibility that King Xuan said.

(end of this chapter)