Chapter 333 The man who grows grass

"Thank you sister."

As if feeling that he was being treated tenderly, the very thin little boy said.

Yin Miao felt distressed immediately, she thought of Brother Han who was not so sensible, but was forced to go through this at such a young age, which was really sad.

"This is for you. If it hurts later, I'll call it out, you know?"

Yin Miao took out a piece of cake and put it in the little boy's hand. The little boy opened his eyes and seemed to be afraid to take it, but with Yin Miao's encouragement, he still took it and said, "Sister's medicine doesn't hurt at all. Still cool."

"That's good."

Yin Miao also saw the ivy on the little boy's arm, which had obviously lost some leaves, and the root of the ivy next to him soaked in the space water had begun to slowly turn brown.

What Xiao Xuan said is true!

Yin Miao was overjoyed, and Yuan Qingrui was also extremely shocked. Can you get rid of the fairy tooth grass so easily? What kind of panacea is this? !

Xiao Xuan also breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that the effect he tried last night was not accidental.

"Miss Yin, how many medicines do you have?" Yuan Qingrui didn't ask until the fairy tooth grass on the little boy's arm was completely withered.

"This...because I accidentally mixed it with herbal powder, it depends on how much I mix."

Yin Miao glanced at Xiao Xuan and said nonsense.

"Herbs? Where are the herbs at this time?"

Doctor Duan, who was called at the same time as the little boy, blurted out and asked, it was either a drought or a flood, and the herbs could not grow for a long time.

"Of course... His Highness King Xuan has it. The herbs that the people of Nanxing City are using now are provided by His Highness."

Yin Miao pretended to be proud, she felt like a little daughter-in-law who worshipped King Xuan at this time.

"The disease of wind and cold in Nanxing City? The old man has heard of it. Forgive the old man to be ignorant. I don't know about the supernatural powers of King Xuan."

Doctor Duan had a surprised look on his face. Could it be that His Royal Highness King Xuan, who is rich and invincible, even dabbled in medicinal herbs?

Yuan Qingrui, who had been shocked by the surprise, remembered his rude attitude just now, and felt deeply ashamed, but he still knelt in front of Xiao Xuan and said: "It's Qingrui who has eyes and doesn't know Mount Tai, His Highness punishes me alone. Forget it, ask Your Highness and Miss Yin to give medicine, Qing Rui is willing to apologise with death!"

Xiao Xuan sighed and helped Yuan Qingrui up.

"Leave your life to the people here. We will stay here for a few days and try our best to eradicate this fairy tooth grass."

Xiao Xuan said that the fairy tooth grass is born in contact with water. If it is not removed, he is also worried that it will spread to the surrounding areas.

Yuan Qingrui, a young man of prey, thanked him again: "Thanks to His Highness's unforgettable grace, Qingrui will always remember it in my heart."

Seeing that the fairy tooth grass on the little boy's arm had all withered, Doctor Duan also began to carefully remove it from the wound. After all, it was removed from the flesh and blood. Yin Miao could see that the little boy had endured with all his strength, but he still screamed. come out.

"I just forgot to ask you, what's your name?"

Yin Miao squatted down and asked, there are many root systems of the sagebrush, and Doctor Duan did not dare to remove them all at once, so he could only try to remove them one by one slowly.

Beads of sweat dripped from the little boy, gritted his teeth and replied, "My name is Zhang Yushu."

"Yu Shu is amazing. You will be the first person in Linghua City to be cured of the sagebrush disease. If you get better later, my sister will reward you."

Yin Miao gently stroked the little boy's dirty head, without any sign of disapproval.

"Previously... Uncle Zhao pulled up the grass, but he... is still dead. Can I really... really be cured? But if it is not cured, Yushu will also eat sweet pastries. Thank you. elder sister…"

Zhang Yushu said while trembling in pain.

"All right."

The voice of Doctor Duan came from the side, and everyone was happy, but Zhang Yushu fainted for some reason.

"It's mostly caused by hunger or weakness and pain. It will be better if you nourish it."

At this time, Doctor Duan was not much better. He wiped his sweaty forehead with his cuff. If the ivy was pulled out with great force, the root system would directly bring out a large piece of flesh. Those born on the arm like this are fine, but if it is born on the abdomen, it may even tear off all the internal organs...

"Let's arrange him in our other courtyard, so as to observe the recovery in the past few days."

Xiao Xuan said to Yuan Qingrui when he saw that Yin Miao was worried about the little boy.

"It's entirely up to His Highness and the girl to decide, and Qing Rui will have someone arrange it immediately."

Yuan Qingrui said.

After the two returned to the other courtyard and Zhang Yushu also rested in a room in the other courtyard, Yin Miao couldn't help thinking of what happened in the carriage during the day.

"...Well, why don't you change your clothes first."

Yin Miao pointed to Xiao Xuan's wet clothes and said.

Linghua City is full of ankle-high water, only this city lord's mansion is safe.

"A Miao take me in."

Xiao Xuan saw Yin Miao's embarrassment and simply smiled and extended his hand to Yin Miao.

"No, you get wet."

Yin Miao was angry, she felt that she couldn't get used to him anymore, so she advanced into the space.


Xiao Xuan was the first time he saw Yin Miao who was angry. He knew that he was going too far, but when he suddenly heard those words from someone he cherished, the excitement in his heart could not be controlled for a while...

Yin Miao was not really angry. After entering the space, she started to dump the various bottles and jars that she had collected. The space water would probably be taken out in large quantities in the next few days, so she packed more to be prepared.

"let me help you."

Beside the lotus pond, the girl's slender lotus arm was scooping water into the container with a water ladle, Xiao Xuan's big hand was hanging in the air, Yin Miao hesitated for a while, but handed the water ladle to him.

Xiao Xuan was instantly happy.

"Then you fill up the water here, and I'll go out and find some containers."

Yin Miao left without looking back, leaving only someone petrified by the lotus pond…

Yin Guogong's direct daughter has a solution to the fairy tooth grass. It seems that a huge stone has been thrown into the dead Linghua city. People who were originally desperate slowly walked out of the house. Many people have grown fairy teeth on their bodies. Grass sprouts.

"The third child, where are you going? We are saved!"

A man grabbed the third brother who had wrapped several circles of ivy grass around his upper body.

"Water, I want water, I'm so dry..."

The third child stared blankly ahead, then raised his feet and walked out of the house.

As soon as the high eaves passed, the street was filled with muddy water that did not reach his ankles. The third child stood in the water and then sat down slowly.

Li Wu stood in the threshold with tears in his eyes and looked at the third child like this. He knew that if a person has become this way, he can basically be sure that there is no help.

At this time, the closer he got to the water outside the threshold, the more he longed for the muddy muddy water in his heart. He looked down at the fairy tooth grass that had been wrapped around his neck at some point, and stretched out his hand, trying to pull it away. It, however, the roots attached to the flesh and blood could not be pulled out at all.

"Don't move, it will hurt a lot."

A pleasant voice came from the opposite side, and I saw a rare white horse standing in the water, with a girl wearing a hat on its back.

(end of this chapter)