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Chapter 344 Puyu

"Miss, we can't accept these."

Xing'er swallowed and stared straight at the plate of dim sum.

Yin Miao smiled: "If you take me as your parents, I will definitely make you worry about food and clothing in the future, or you can just take me as your young lady. It's best if the well water doesn't violate the river water."

Yin Miao finished speaking, Yu An fell to her knees with a plop, and said with bright eyes, "Yuan is willing to swear to follow Miss."

When the others saw this, they also learned to kneel down immediately to show their loyalty, and Yin Miao waved her hand to dismiss the maids in front of her.

Lu Zhong was originally from the palace and was ordered by the emperor. Even if he didn't check his details, she and Xiao Xuan would guard him. These five people were all bought by Lu Zhong. Maybe some of them were unaware, but she didn't bother to check them one by one.

And the servants arranged in Xiao Xuan's room were all dismissed by him on the spot. Several stunning beauties found Lu Zhong crying and crying. Lu Zhong wanted to persuade him again, but after all, this was the palace of Xuan Wang, and he also He had no choice but to use the few maids whom he had worked so hard to find for other purposes.

"Gongyue and the others have already found out Chen Wenjing's whereabouts, and they may be able to pick him up in a few days."

After    Xiao Xuan sent people away, he simply took Yin Miao out of the house. They were planning to go to a jade business. Although it was closed, it became a place that no one cares about because of the famine.

"Just live."

After Yin Miao finished speaking, she opened the window curiously and looked at both sides of the street. In her impression, the capital city was very lively, but now the shops on both sides of the capital city street are closed, and there are very few pedestrians on the road, and there is even no one on some roads. The rain stopped, but the atmosphere was cold and a little weird.

"The price of grain in the capital is 50 taels of silver and a bucket of rice, and few people can afford it."

Xiao Xuan seemed to see Yin Miao's thoughts, and explained on the side that the people's purchasing power was weak, and no one wanted to come out again.

"Ordinary people may save less than 50 taels in their lifetime, but the capital is the capital, and there is still food for sale."

Yin Miao said that the gold and silver in other cities have lost their value.

"As far as I know, not everyone is eligible to buy food."

The capital does not allow refugees to enter, so it has been blocked for more than half a year. Although there are some people in the capital, the news cannot be spread. These are also things that have been inquired about by the dead in the past two days.

"Do you still need conditions to buy such expensive food?"

Yin Miao was very curious about the conditions.

"Well, there is only one grain shop in the capital that is still selling grain. If you want to buy grain, you must have a laborer in the family who works as a free laborer in the grain shop for a year before you can buy grain."

Xiao Xuan said with a strange expression.

"How can there be a grain shop that needs so much labor?"

One year is not short, Yin Miao felt that the conditions were too harsh.

"Many wealthy families can use their servants who have a deed to pay for it, but ordinary people can only meet this condition first, so that the grain store claims that the labor force will not be requisitioned until the weather is better."

Xiao Xuan said.

"The imperial court actually allowed it?" Yin Miao asked.

"This is where the contradiction lies. This grain shop is willing to sell grain, and many powerful people have begun to make good friends. In addition, the requisition of labor has not yet begun to work, so this kind of transaction has been tacitly approved."

Xiao Xuan looked at the familiar street outside, they had already arrived at the jade business.

Although Yin Miao still had doubts in her heart, it was clear that the jade firm was more attractive to her at this time. Today was the rare rainless weather. Yin Miao jumped out of the carriage and looked at the simple two characters on the plaque in front of her. Even more curious.

"Puyu, it's a good name, simple and generous."

Yin Miao said.

"It was taken at will by my husband."

Feeling being praised, Xiao Xuan's expression actually showed a little smugness.

"...Then go in and have a look?"


Xiao Xuan then let Yun Jiang, who was beside him, open the door of the shop and walked in with Yin Miao.

As soon as she entered the door, Yin Miao was attracted by a large jasper-colored screen in front of her. The screen was at least two meters high. The light outside the door penetrated through its edge, and the surroundings suddenly became shiny. It is not carved with patterns on it, and it just reflects the name of the firm - Puyu.

"This is the first time I have seen such a large piece of jade."

Yin Miao praised.

"Well, it's really rare, but now it's a different matter in my eyes."

Xiao Xuan said that in the past he regarded jade as a collection, but now jade is no different from the gold and silver used for consumption in his eyes.

He led Yin Miao around the screen and walked forward. The sight behind the screen suddenly became clear. There were two wooden cabinets with ceilings on both sides against the wall. The wooden cabinets were filled with all kinds of exquisite jade ornaments. They all look expensive.

Going forward, there is a long passage, with vermilion wooden arches on both sides of the passage, behind each arch is a spacious and bright room, there are tables and chairs, incense burners, and various exquisite shapes. flower pot.

"These places are used to taste jade and drink tea."

Xiao Xuan briefly explained that there is a jade master in each wing, and those who want to buy jade will have a separate space to discuss jade with the jade master. Of course, the tea is also charged.

"It's a pity for such a good place."

Yin Miao said regretfully, this looks like a gathering place for all kinds of literati, and Xiao Xuan spent a lot of effort to build it.

"It's not a pity, after A Miao takes away all the jade objects in this place, it will be able to reopen."

Xiao Xuan laughed.


"Did you mean to..."

Yin Miao guessed the answer, Xiao Xuan intends to do the opposite, turning the place for selling jade into a place for collecting jade.

"Well, in the words of A Miao's world, special treatment in special times?"

Xiao Xuan took Yin Miao to the end of the corridor again. It turned out that there was a large courtyard going forward. The courtyard was surrounded by two-story rooms. Yin Miao approached a room and looked at the listing above. It reads "Blue and White Jade".

"Each type of jade has its own display room."

Xiao Xuan also introduced that it is equivalent to a classified warehouse for various jades.

"Tsk tsk tsk, so many rooms, it seems that I have to be busy today."

Yin Miao's heart was elated. No wonder Xiao Xuan had mentioned the jade firm in the capital many times.

But she was also worried about their next move.

The so-called jade collection is nothing more than that they exchange food supplies for the guests' jade articles. Now that the gates of the capital are blocked, and the emperor is sitting on the throne, what excuse do their supplies have to show up?

"It's better to use the secret way like Anmucheng."

Xiao Xuan has also considered this issue. He grew up in the capital since he was a child, and even if a secret passage suddenly appeared, it was easy to be accepted.

(end of this chapter)