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There are aloe-like stones standing on the stone pillars.

On the other side, a figure named Yuan Ting Yuezhi opened his eyes.

It is Tian Dao Payne.

"Jue, why don't you contact me?" Tiandao's voice was still indifferent.

Calm as a pool of stagnant water.

Because Obito had always been hiding behind the scenes and communicating directly with Nagato.

Later, Obito was with Zetsu, and Nagato did not give Obito a ring.

Now that Obito's identity was exposed, Nagato had no intention of giving Obito a ring.

In this case, the ring was positioned and Obito wouldn't want it.

Although Obito can do the Phantom Body Jutsu, generally only Nagato calls, and Obito can only be called.

There is a ring on Jue's body.

Zetsu used this ring today and took the initiative to contact Nagato.

"Chief, Kumogakure may have discovered Kirigakure's weakness and is testing Kirigakure. It is very likely that he will start a war with Kirigakure."

"Is the news accurate?" Payne became interested.

Jue assured: "Don't worry, leader, I personally investigated. Kumogakure should have dispatched all the spies that can be dispatched. Kirigakure is no longer able to resist, and Kumogakure should have found out the truth by now."

"According to Kumogakure's behavior, a fight will probably start soon."

"This is a good opportunity for us."

This sentence is absolutely correct. They are a mercenary organization and they also take over war missions in peacetime.

But most of them are small countries, they are all small and small, and their profits are limited.

If it escalates to a war between the five major powers.

The oil and water inside is very scary.

Hmm... Pain looked like he was thinking.

Jue knew that Pain was already moved, and he continued to encourage: "Chief, the Uchiha's movements are very likely to be cooperating with Kumogakure."

"Now Kirigakure is in danger. At this time, Kirigakure definitely needs foreign aid. It's just the right time for us to go."

"If we can intervene in this task, the organization's funds will be completely sufficient, and we can even start the plan in advance."

Pain thought for a moment: "Obito had allocated so much funds to Kirigakure before, does Kirigakure still have the money to hire us now?"

Zetsu didn't expect this. Doesn't he know if Kirigakure has money?

Kirigakure is now extremely poor.

But this is what Jue said: "Kirigakure's finances are indeed not good, but when it comes to life and death, Kirigakure will definitely be able to spend a lot of money."

Payne nodded and responded.

It seemed easy to be convinced.

"That's fine. Start planning in advance and let the world feel the pain early. Only then can we bring about real peace."

Sure enough, Nagato couldn't resist the temptation of that plan.

Jue thought to himself.

"I will send someone to talk to Kirigakure."

Payne seemed determined to win the mission.

"This time, all members of our organization should be mobilized."

"Let everyone prepare."

Payne left this sentence and broke the link.

Zetsu opened his eyes, and Obito was looking at Danzo next to him.

Zetsu looked at Obito and said, "As expected, Nagato immediately agreed when he heard that the plan could be carried out in advance."

Obito sneered when he heard this: "Don't I know what Nagato is like?"

Zetsu nodded, seeming to agree with Obito's words: "Nagato said he would find someone to talk to Kirigakure."

Obito nodded indifferently, and then thought about it.

"I'm watching Danzo."

"Once a tug-of-war breaks out in the Kingdom of Water, it will be easy for other countries to intervene. During this period, you need to explore more intelligence."

"I'll come to the Kingdom of Water as soon as Danzo is finished here."

"Okay, I'll go now."

Jue glanced at Danzo's old face, Obito, this old thing is useless.

Watching Zetsu's figure slowly sinking into the ground, Obito's eyes flashed with depth.

Yuyin Village.

Pain, who was manipulated by Nagato, opened his eyes.

"Xonan, Zetsu has found out Kumogakure's movements, and he also guessed that Kumogakure would start a war with Kirigakure, and encouraged me to intervene in this war."

Xiaonan chuckled: "That really went along with his wishes."

Nagato and Konan had already discussed with Natsuki to intervene in this war, but Zetsu actually couldn't help it.

Zetsu is just a microphone for Obito, this must be Obito's idea.

"Zeus has already guessed that Uchiha and Kumogakure have reached a cooperation."

"What he said to me is that he should get involved and make enough money to start the tailed beast capture plan in advance. It's a pity..." Nagato sighed a little.

Konan knew what Nagato was feeling, and now both Nagato and Konan knew that the so-called tailed beast super weapon was a scam.

So they no longer wanted to capture the tailed beast at all, and Obito didn't even know that the three-tailed beast was still dead.

I don’t know how long it will take to be resurrected.

At this time, it was impossible for Obito to start the tailed beast capture plan in advance.

I just don’t know how Obito would feel when he found out that the Three-Tails was dead after the war between Kumogakure and Kirigakure.

Nagato was looking forward to it.

"It just so happens that you go give Xia Mu a ring and clothes and bring him the news."

"It depends on when is the right time for us to intervene."


Chapter 224 Preparation before the war

Konoha Village

Although Anko went to arrange the residences of Orochimaru and his subordinates, Anko never went to see Orochimaru.

Anko was a little at a loss for the kindness released by Orochimaru.

Regarding the day when he appeared in the Uchiha clan, his curse seal was inexplicably broken.

Hongdou has always been worried.

Since Kabuto is Orochimaru's man, why would Uchiha stand up for Kabuto.

Or is it that Uchiha doesn't know that Kabuto is Orochimaru's man?

Or Uchiha and Orochimaru were in collusion.

Anko, who was feeling confused, was ultimately worried that Orochimaru would be detrimental to the village.

That night, I asked to see the Third Hokage who was still at work.

"Hokage-sama, I have important information to report."

Anko looked around and then said.

The third generation knocked on the table with his pipe: "There is no one else here, just tell me."

Anko didn't hide anything and told Sandai everything about how she was kidnapped that night and the curse mark on her neck was unlocked.

Finally, he said: "Kabuto Yakushi personally admitted that he is from Orochimaru."

"Since Kabuto Yakushi belongs to Orochimaru, why do Uchiha still..."

The Third Hokage put the pipe aside and pressed it with his hand.

"Don't worry, I know this."

Hongdou said in surprise: "You know?"

The Third Hokage was still very satisfied with Anko's loyalty, but there were some things he still didn't reveal to Anko.

"Yes, I know. I'm glad you can report this information."

"But now you have to pretend you don't know anything. Do you understand?"

Hongdou had a brainstorm and had a faint guess.

"Mr. Orochimaru!?..." Anko covered her mouth in surprise.

Sandai said dissatisfied: "What did I just say?"

Anko reacted, then looked around furtively.

"I understand, Hokage-sama."

A relieved smile appeared on Anko's face.

It turns out that the teacher was from Konoha from beginning to end.

The Third Hokage solemnly said: "Anko, although you have guessed this matter, it is top secret now. If it is leaked, many people will die."

The smile on Anko's face faded: "I understand, Hokage-sama, I will be taking a vacation at home recently and not going anywhere."

The Third Hokage shook his head: "You are originally a disciple of Orochimaru, why are you so different?"

Anko was stunned for a long time, not knowing what she thought of: "I know, Hokage-sama."

Uchiha clan land.

Although Xia Mu has already distributed a lot of authority.

But occasionally there are still some chores, and now Xiamu has developed the habit of carrying a pen with him.

Just because I often have to sign.

The places where Xiamu appears most often now are in the office and the snack street.

Fortunately, Xia Mu has a dream space to practice.

However, it is a pity that the time consumed in dreams is still synchronized with reality.

Natsuki has been practicing water escape for some time.

After finishing the plan last time, Natsuki was waiting for Kumogakure and Kirigakure to start a full-blown war.

Kirigakure never sheds tears until he sees the coffin.

How could he ask for help unless he was hurt by Kumogakure's beating.

Now Kumogakure is ready to take action, Itachi and Shisui are already on their way to Kumogakure's front line.

This time, it must be a ground-breaking move.

The third Hokage in the village still looked very wary.

And delegated some rights to Orochimaru, but Orochimaru was not interested in any of this.

He left everything to Minato, and he just did experiments every day.