His puppets have unique advantages in assassination and harassment.

The country of water has heavy fog all year round, which also provides some convenience for the scorpion to hide.

This task can be said to be more suitable for Scorpio.

Deidara had no objection, and was even a little excited.

"Phew! I can finally show off my art, huh!"

He used to like to sit on a flying bird and throw bombs everywhere to cause destruction, and the entire Iwagakure was messed up by him.

Now I can ride a bird and throw bombs again, I don’t know how happy I am.

"Zetsu, come and do some reconnaissance to find out where the four jinchūriki of Kumogakure and Kirigakure are."

Jue said hoarsely: "No problem."

He originally came to find Kirigakure's Jinchūriki, after all, this was his goal.

At this stage of the Akatsuki organization, not everyone knows that the organization's ultimate goal is the tailed beasts.

But Angora knows that.

"Kakuzu, after Zetsu provides the information, the second-tailed Yukito will be dealt with by your team."

It's really a difficult task, so you have to be careful.

This thought flashed through Kakuzu's mind, thinking of his new teammate, and nodded: "No problem."

"Loquat Juuzou, I'll wait for your team to arrive, and then we'll deal with the Eight-Tailed Jinchuuriki Rabbi."

Everyone was still wondering what Feiwa was planning to do, but they heard Feiwa say that he was going to fight the eight tails.

This is tantamount to taking the most dangerous job on himself. It seems that this new member still has two skills.

"Do you have any objections?" Seeing that Xia Mu has already made arrangements.

Pain asked.

Everyone was silent. Fei Waterfall was given the most difficult job, and he really couldn't fault it.

"Then let's go with the plan."

The land of water, Luming Island.

Yumu Ren, covered in blood, returned to the stronghold.

Get ready to change clothes. There are already very few Kirigakure resistance personnel on this small island.

She didn't want to waste any more time playing hide-and-seek with the people on this island.

She was ready to land on the next island.

These small islands are all the outer islands of the Twin Islands.

These outlying islands range in size from large to small. The larger ones are more than ten kilometers in diameter, while the smaller ones are only a few kilometers in diameter.

But these small islands are Kirigakure’s natural watchtowers.

Kirigakure is familiar with the terrain and can gradually disperse your forces on the island, slow down your attack speed, and give teammates behind you more information about the enemy.

Because Uchiha hasn't worked since he arrived, which makes Yukito, who has a proud personality, a little dissatisfied.

After Itachi and Shisui saw this situation, they simply went out to explore some information about Kirigakure.

Natsuki hasn't arrived at Kirigakure yet, and Itachi and Shisui don't know much about the situation on Kirigakure's side.

Uchiha Yōya was the only one left in the stronghold.

Uchiha Yōya is Qiming's elder brother, and he was already the jounin of Sanmagatama many years ago.

In addition to his head-scratching and carefree personality, he is still very strong.

He is good at sword skills, thunder escape and fire escape, but is relatively poor at illusion skills.

It is also Xia Mu's next key training target.

Yukito sounded a little arrogant because he hadn't used Uchiha during this period.

But Yaoye was a little bit stubborn. Hearing that Yumu Ren's words were unpleasant, he had a few words of quarrel with Yumu Ren.

After all, they are allies, and everyone is relatively restrained, but Yao Ye and Yumu Ren just can't stand each other.

So when Yao Ye saw Yu Muren coming back covered in blood, he sneered beside him.

"Why is Lord Yumu so embarrassed? He is covered in blood."

Yao Ye has a very straightforward temperament and is not very capable of yin and yang.

Yukito glanced at him sideways: "It's better than you hiding in the stronghold all the time."

"I'm afraid you'll fall into a trap at some point and don't need us to rescue you."

Yao Ye clasped his hands behind his head, he didn't want to stay here forever.

But he has a irritable personality, and neither Itachi nor Shisui agrees with him going out to collect intelligence.

His hands have been itchy lately.

However, the clan leader had spoken, and it was Itachi and Shisui's decision to take this action. Yao Ye had no choice but to suppress his unhappiness and stay in the stronghold every day.

Yukito was thinking about the attack route to the next island at this time.

He didn't pay much attention to Yao Ye: "Don't worry, such a day won't happen."

Chapter 232 Special Mission

The border of the land of water.


Natsuki stretched after disconnecting the magic lantern body technique.

"Master Feiwa, have you rested? We'll be there in more than ten minutes."

Qingzheng was steering the rudder.

I saw the waterfall rising from the corner of my eye and said hello.

The outline of the black line in the distance can already be seen. At the current speed, it will be there in a while.

Fei Waterfall hummed: "It's ready."

After saying that, we arrived at the coastline in a short while.

Chojuro put the flying boat away.

Feiba looked at the flying boat with interest: "Do you still have this flying boat?"

Qing was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said: "This thing is easy to make."

Then he took the scroll from Chojuro and handed it to Fei Waterfall.

"Master Feiwa likes it, so I'll give this to you."

Fei Waterfall was not polite at all and accepted it naturally.

"Yes, yes, I will accept you little thing."

When Qing saw Fei Waterfall, he accepted it without hesitation, and a smile appeared on his face.

Qing took Fei Waterfall all the way to the Kingdom of Water.

Natsuki had been here a few years ago and was quite familiar with the Kingdom of Water.

At least there's nothing wrong with the big route.

Qing saw Fei Waterfall's unfamiliar yet familiar look along the way, which made him more certain that Fei Waterfall had left the Kingdom of Water for a long time.

Along the way, Qing continued to use the messenger bird to communicate with Kirigakure.

Xiamu didn't know that there were many small islands outside that had been conquered.

However, those small islands can only be regarded as sentries at best, and Kumogakure will not be of much use.

So Kumogakure's division of troops was also within Natsuki's expectations.

After fighting for so long, the reason why Kumogakure's advance is relatively slow is probably because the Raikage hasn't arrived yet.

Kumogakure's vanguard troops are all elites who came to occupy the bridgehead.

The subsequent large forces cannot arrive so quickly.

Although Kumogakure has discovered the reality of Kirigakure, Terumi Mei has never appeared, so Kumogakure is more cautious.

It took about two days for Natsuki to see Terumi Mei again.

Terumi Mei was still wearing the blue tube top dress with a white belt around her waist, and a pair of green eyes hidden under her long brown cross curly hair.

Probably because she has been busy with a lot of things recently, Terumi Mei looks a little haggard.


Xia Mu was a little surprised by the voice coming from his ears, but he planned to look at it later.

"This is Mr. Feitai, I am Terumi Mei." Terumi Mei is still very dignified and mature when she is serious.

"I am Fei Waterfall of the Akatsuki organization, responsible for this anti-invasion war mission."

Natsuki, who transformed into a waterfall, made Terumi Mei fall in love with her with just one sentence.

Anti-invasion, not bad, not bad.

Terumi Mei nodded: "We Kirigakure don't know much about your Akatsuki organization. We can only get on the line with your organization through introduction."

"I don't know how your organization plans to complete the mission this time."

Fei Waterfall's voice was calm and steady: "It's our first time working together, Mizukage-sama doesn't know our strength."

"But our organization is to finish the work first and charge later, so Mizukage-sama doesn't have to worry about us not doing our best."

Terumi Mei had already communicated with Qinghui before, and knew that Fei Waterfall promised to do things first and pay later.

That's why she wanted to use this organization.

Of course, if any organization dares to do things first and charge later, it is a manifestation of strength in itself.

In this world, there are quite a lot of gangsters and gangsters, and the Akatsuki organization is obviously not afraid of you defaulting on your debt.

Feiba continued: "When your subordinates were talking to us before, they didn't decide which method you would use."

"The selection methods are different, and the methods we use are also different."

Terumi Mei waved, and Ao next to her brought the map.

"Mr. Feiwa, the third method you mentioned is to ensure that Kumogakure will not dare to invade Kirigakure again within five years."

"I want to know how your Akatsuki organization guarantees it? Are you going to send experts to station? Or?"

Terumi Mei asked. In fact, she didn't know why Uchiha wanted to support the Akatsuki organization.

He even said that as long as this organization takes action, this war will be over in the shortest possible time.

As a Mizukage, what Terumi Mei wants most is to end this war in the shortest possible time.

Otherwise, as time goes by, other ninja villages may get involved.

Fei Waterfall's hand drew on the map and drew a line on Kirigakure's front line.

"Kumogakure's total strength will not exceed 20,000, and the number of people sent will not exceed 8,000."

"That is to say, the total number of attacks Kumogakure has this time is this much."

"As long as more people die, they won't dare to attack again! As long as more people die, they won't dare to start another war!"

There is undoubted confidence in Fei Waterfall's words.

Feiba paused, "As long as Yunyin doesn't retreat, our Akatsuki organization can continue to kill them until they retreat, and kill them until they dare not do it again for five years."

The tone was full of piercing murderous intent.

Next to her, Terumi Mei's eyes lit up in her heart. She was swayed by the strong confidence of the Akatsuki organization.

If you kill Yunyin for five years and dare not do it again, then how much Yunyin will lose.