The amount of chakra was enough. Natsuki then turned on his full power and activated the water teeth. Huge vortexes and water splashes erupted from behind the flying boat!

Blah blah blah, blah blah...

The sound of splashing water was accompanied by a huge roar of wind.

The bow of the airship tilted up, as if taking off, and headed towards the Kingdom of Fire.

Chapter 240 Jinchuuriki Intelligence

Kirigakure Village.

This is undoubtedly the place Obito and Zetsu are most familiar with.

Zetsuyaichi very smoothly bypassed various detection techniques and detection techniques.

A blanket search was conducted quietly in the Kirigakure Village.

But the result surprised him.

Terumi Mei is not here.

Yugao is not here.

Goji Yagura is not here either.

All three people seemed to be missing.

No news at all.

Moreover, the guards in Kirigakure's village are very weak, and many guards are on duty for significantly longer periods of time.

One look was a sign of staffing shortages.

It seemed that many of the Kirigakure jounin were not in the village.

Jue spent three days here exploring back and forth.

Finally, I got some useful information from Kirigakure who came back from his shift.

Terumi Mei is not in Kirigakure Village, she is in the sea.

Zetsu became curious as to what Terumi Mei was planning.

Not even in the village at such a critical moment.

And where did she get the two Jinchuuriki?

Absolutely use the technique of mayfly to dive directly to the sea.

If Terumi Mei was in the sea, it must be in the sea area between Kumogakure and Kumogakure.

It is very likely that Terumi Mei is plotting against the Kumogakure fleet.

There was so much missing from Kirigakure. Unless it was hidden in the sea, there was no way there would be no trace of it.

The power of the Mayfly Jutsu is that Zetsu can move extremely fast underground, and it cuts off all aura during the activation of the ninjutsu.

Jue sneaked all the way from the underground, and then continued to sneak into the sea.

From Kirigakure to the sea area between the Kingdom of Water and the Kingdom of Thunder.

Zetsu finally found traces of Kirigakure.

At first, they only found some sporadic Kirigakure, but the further they went, the more people there were. Finally, Zetsu also discovered Terumi Mei, the Fifth Mizukage, who was also here.

This is a relatively safe navigation line between the Kingdom of Water and the Kingdom of Thunder, and the water depth is only about two hundred meters.

And in the seabed two hundred meters deep, there are many Kirigakure busy.

It stands to reason that ordinary people can no longer bear the water pressure at this depth.

But each of these Kirigakure is covered with a layer of transparent bubbles.

These bubbles changed into various shapes with the movements of the body, but they did not burst.

After Zetsu's observation, Kirigakure inside the bubble can swim freely under the water pressure of more than 200 meters, and can breathe freely.

So I kept swimming underwater and never came ashore.

"No wonder everyone in Kirigakure Village is gone, it turned out to be here."

I can't help but say to myself.

The Kirigakure here all have powerful auras, and from the chakra point of view, they are all special jounin, or jounin level.

Jue was far away and did not understand what these people were doing.

It was not discovered until Zetsu had detected all the movement directions of these Kirigakure.

These Kirigakure actually arranged formations under the sea!

Zetsu was shocked, there were more than 200 Kirigakure here.

It can be said that most of the elites on the Kirigakure frontline are here.

What formation requires so many people?

Anbu, a Kirigakure under the sea, swam in front of Terumi Mei with a bubble.


Terumi Mei changed into a combat uniform, all gray, which made her very inconspicuous in the water. Most of the other Kirigakure are similarly dressed.

Terumi Mei was a little excited: "How long until Kumogakure's fleet arrives?"

"Sir, Kumogakure's fleet is very fast and will pass us in about six days."

Terumi Mei calculated the time and it should be enough.

As long as this formation is activated...

"How's the situation on the ground?"

The ANBU replied: "Back to your lord, the Akatsuki organization's previous attack on Kumogakure was very successful. Kumogakure killed and injured about fifty people, and many others were injured. Kirabi has already joined Yukito."

"Kumogakure is taking a break for the time being, there is no extra action now."

"We have already found out the detailed information of those two members of the Akatsuki organization. One of them is the rebel ninja of Sunagakure, the Scorpion of Red Sand. The other is the rebel ninja of Iwagakure, Deidara."

"The Red Sand Scorpion has been famous for many years and once destroyed a small country as a puppet."

"Deidara is the third-generation Tsuchikage Onoki's direct disciple. He just disobeyed discipline since childhood and caused trouble for Onoki everywhere. Later, he rebelled against Iwagakure."

"I just don't know why, but they all joined the Akatsuki organization."

Terumi Mei thought deeply, he didn't care where these people were rebel nin, he only cared about whether they could withstand Kumogakure's attack.

The first time he attacked, Kumogakure suffered a big loss, and Terumi Mei looked at him with admiration.

This also made Mei Terumi curious about the leader of the Akatsuki organization.

According to Fei Bao, their leader is quite strong, stronger than everyone combined.

"Do you have any other information about the Akatsuki organization?"

Anbu shook his head: "There is very little information about the members of the Akatsuki organization, and the leader is very mysterious. There is no reliable information yet."

"Also, the Crimson Sand Scorpion and Deidara have disappeared since the last attack, but Master Feihua is back today."

"According to what he said, the Red Sand Scorpion had many puppets smashed by Yumu, which caused his combat power to be greatly reduced. Now the Red Sand Scorpion has gone to replenish the puppets."

"And Deidara seems to have suffered some injuries."

Terumi Mei frowned: "How long will it take for them to attack again?"

"According to Master Fei Waterfall, other members of their organization will arrive one after another in the next two days, and then it will be time for a full-scale counterattack. Please rest assured, Master Mizukage."

"Is there any news about the sword?"

Ken is an elite jounin of Kirigakure and is already a strong man left over from the previous generation.

Because of the tyranny of the Fourth Mizukage, he was disappointed with the village and lived in seclusion.

Later, after Terumi Mei came to power, a series of measures gradually made Kirigakure change.

So the sword returned to Kirigakure from its seclusion.

After Yu Gao defected, Jian led the team to arrest Yu Gao, but there was no trace of Yu Gao.

But later the fourth Mizukage committed suicide and Isofu died.

Kirigakure's situation took a turn for the worse, and Terumi Mei sent several more teams out to look for Yugao.

Although Yugao's combat effectiveness is far inferior to Yagura's, he is also relatively poor at using the power of the tailed beasts.

But Yugao is still a jinchuriki after all, and the tailed beast jade is still very intimidating to ordinary ninjas.

"Give Qing a message and ask Qing to contact Feiba and ask them to help us find Yu Gao. If we bring Yu Gao back, the price can be easily negotiated."


Terumi Mei found that the Akatsuki organization that Natsuki introduced to them was still very reliable.

Anyway, Kirigakure is in such a bad state, and his people can't find Yugao. Let's see if there is anything the Akatsuki organization can do.

"Pay close attention to the sea area near Qiandao Lake and notify me as soon as Isobutsu comes back to life!"


"Bring Yu Gao back? Yu Gao is not in the village?"

"Isobutsu is resurrected? The Fourth Mizukage is dead!?"

The breath of Jue was isolated at the bottom of the sea. But Terumi Mei's words made him stunned.

"How is that possible? Wasn't Yagura alive and well before?"

"Why did Goju Yagura, who was healthy and healthy, suddenly die?"

"Hahaha, no wonder I can't find any trace of him anywhere." Bai Jue said with a teasing smile.

Now that the three tails are dead, the tailed beast plan cannot be carried out for the time being.

Do you want to tell Obito right away?


Anyway, he is still doing experiments, so he can wait and see.

Chapter 241 Reliable Allies

The land of water.

Jinlian Island, Yunyin's stronghold.

Seeing the puppets and other parts brought back by Uchiha Itachi and Shisui.

"Yo, is this the puppet of the Crimson Sand Scorpion? It's quite exquisitely made, you bastard, you idiot."

Kirabi started rapping again.

Present were the Sannin of Uchiha, as well as Kirabi Yuki and Samui of Kumogakure.

Nozomi is very busy right now, with many injured Kumogakure needing treatment.

When Kirabi learned that Uchiha was coming to help, he was very excited and wanted to fight twice. As a result, no trace of Natsuki was found later.

Itachi and Shisui didn't want to fight him at all, although the last Yaoye was willing.

But Yao Ye is just a tribesman who has not even opened the Mangekyou Sharingan, and Kirabi also lacks interest.

After being defeated by Natsuki's Susanoo last time, Kirabi has been brooding about it.

Because he had always used his power to crush others, but this was the first time he was crushed by someone other than his eldest brother.

Now that he was able to use the power of Uchiha better, it turned out that the Uchiha came was not Natsuki.

Kirabi was helpless about this. Hearing that Natsuki had become the leader of the Uchiha clan, he naturally would not leave the clan easily.

Shisui is very humble, Itachi is very cold to everyone, and even though Yao Ye keeps saying that Uchiha is the strongest every day.