But Zabuza hated him, he hated Gotachibana Yagura's incompetence, and he also hated Terumi Mei for not killing Yagura after he succeeded to the throne.

In Zabuza's view, Goju Yagura, who almost destroyed the entire Kirigakure, should die to apologize.

But Terumi Mei didn't kill him, he just imprisoned Yagura.

So Zabuza took a huge risk and went to assassinate Yagura.

However, he failed, he was no match for Yagura.

If Yagura hadn't been unwilling to leave the cell, Zabuza wouldn't have been able to leave alive.

Before he left, Goju Yagura said to him: "It's not that I want to survive, but Kirigakure needs me."

Zabuza left feeling a little disappointed.

Seeing Kirigakure fighting endlessly, Zabuza chose to leave.

He did not believe in the newly appointed Fifth Generation Mizukage Terumi Mei.

Later, Zabuza met Suigetsu, and he went to seek the beheading sword, and met Loquat Juzo.

Now I set foot on my homeland again and understand the current situation of Kirigakure.

Zabuza realized that leaving was a mistake.

Terumi Mei did a great job, she even stabilized Kirigakure's situation.

If it weren't for Kumogakure's invasion, all of this would have changed for the better.

And only now did Zabuza realize how ridiculous it was to assassinate Goju Yagura.

As a member of the Akatsuki organization, and coupled with some of Kirigakure's movements, Zabuza had a vague guess that something might have happened to Gotachibana Yagura.

Even Vulpix Yugao is no longer in the village.

Otherwise, Kumogakure would not dare to invade Kirigakure so blatantly.

This time he insisted on taking Suigetsu back to the Kingdom of Water. In addition to helping Kirigakure in this mission, he also wanted to come back and see what Kirigakure was like now.

If the village becomes better...

While thinking, a sound of footsteps came.

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Jinlian Island.

Kakuzu, who had landed on the island the day before yesterday, lowered his hands on his head.

Fei Ba contacted him and revealed Yumu Ren's whereabouts to him.

Just don't kill him.

The Kakuzu knew the plan to extract the tailed beasts and would not have killed the Jinchūriki in the first place.

"Now that we're done Hidan, it's time to get to work."

Kakuzu greeted Hidan and walked forward.

Hidan followed him with the scythe he had just forged.

He is not an official member yet, so he does not wear the black Huoyun uniform, but still wears his fashion suit.

Be at the forefront of the times.

"I can offer tribute to the evil **** again! Hahaha."

Hidan's face was filled with pleasure.

Since being dug out by Kakuzu, he has been following Kakuzu as a newcomer to the Akatsuki organization.

Kakuzu has many methods, and there is always a chance to help Hidan get blood.

And because Hidan is immortal, Kakuzu can also let go of his hands and feet and use ninjutsu at will.

After several missions, the two quickly established a tacit understanding.

Hidan is responsible for killing people and contributing to the evil god. Kakuzu only needs to replenish the heart and exchange the corpse for money.

In this way, both parties get what they need, and the cooperation is very pleasant.

Therefore, even someone like Kakuzu who completely treats his teammates as cannon fodder and consumables will still accommodate Hidan on some things.

After all, there is only one such suitable teammate.

"I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you. The target this time cannot be killed, only seriously injured."

Hidan immediately felt unhappy when he heard this: "Why are you assigning this task?"

"This is not in line with my sect at all. The Evil God Sect's purpose is to kill, and the precepts stipulate that half-killing is not allowed."

Kakuzu comforted him: "This mission is very important. Yukito is an important combat force of Kumogakure. If we deal with her, this war mission will be much easier."

Hidan held his head in his hands, losing his previous enthusiasm: "It's a mission that violates the commandments..."

Yumu Ren led a team of about twenty people out of his stronghold. These people were all good at movement and fast.

Their mission today is to search for relevant information and bring it back, and then organize Kumogakure's people to capture Kirigakure's stronghold in one fell swoop.

Along the way, they cautiously moved towards Kirigakure's stronghold, but this behavior was just like deaf people listening to a show, and their efforts were in vain.

Because they didn't even see anyone along the way.

After Kumogakure landed on the island, he was endlessly harassed by Kirigakure, and there were all kinds of traps on the road.

But Kirigakure has lost all traces today.

Suddenly, Yumu's heart started to ring with alarm bells!


It was too late, Kakuzu, who had already ambushed him, took action very quickly.

Wind escapes, suppresses harm!

The pressure that had already been filled with chakra was released, sweeping over Yukito and her teammates like a storm.

In a hurry, Yumu Ren could only transform into a half-tailed beast, and he grabbed two teammates in his hands and moved out of the way.

The strong wind whipped up by the pressure directly rolled up all the surrounding trees, and together with the sand and gravel on the ground, it rushed straight into Yunyin.

The remaining ten or so Kumogakure were instantly dispersed.

Except for four people who escaped, everyone else was swept in by the storm.

"Who!?" Yumu Ren shouted angrily!

"The person who wants your life! Hahaha..."

Hidan descended from the sky brandishing his scythe.

A sickle struck at Yunyin. Yunyin drew out the sword, but found that it was not long enough and could only barely knock the sickle away.

Behind Kakuzu, all the four masks of Earthly Resentment, including thunder, fire, and feng shui, have jumped out.

While Hidan was blocking the view of the other side, Kakuzu's thunder-attributed Yu Yu caused lightning to immediately rise from his mouth.

Thunder escape, pseudo-darkness!


The thunder-attributed Grudge released a sharp thunder spear from his mouth, directly aiming at Kumogakure who was fighting Hidan.

Kumogakure didn't expect Kakuzu to attack his teammates as well, and was directly struck by lightning.

Together with Hidan, they suddenly fell to the ground.

In addition, the water attribute Earth Resentment Yu also spit out water bubbles and directly bombarded Yumuren's fireball.


There was a lot of steam coming out of the field.

"Akatsuki Organization!"

The moment I saw Kakuzu's clothes.

Yukito knew that the other side was organized by Akatsuki.

Unexpectedly, he was ambushed by people from the Akatsuki organization. How did the Akatsuki organization know his route?

Seeing Hidan and her teammates lying on the ground, Yukito looked at Kakuzu in anger and disgust:

"He is indeed a traitorous ninja, even killing his own teammates."

Kakuzu chuckled: "So what?"

There are five people left on Kumogakure's side and one Yukito, while on the other side Kakuzu has four Ji Yu standing beside him.

Judging from the power of the ninjutsu just unleashed, the opponent should not be underestimated.

Yukito's chakra boiled violently, and the blue cat demon chakra appearing on his body became larger and darker. Yukito is fully transforming into a tailed beast.

Next to Kakuzu, Feng Dundi Yu suddenly opened his mouth.

Another strong gust of wind blew out.

Together with the corpses on the ground, they were blown away and thrown towards Kumogakure.

Yuukito dodged and rushed towards Kakuzu.

Unexpectedly, there were several screams coming from behind!

ah! …

"Damn it! What is this!"

But Hidan, who was pretending to be dead, suddenly opened his eyes and swung his scythe to cut open the head of a Kumogakure.

The other two Kumogakure were grabbed by the body of Ji Yu who had his horns protruding from the ground.

He was hacked to death by Hidan's two scythes.

Yukito, who transformed into a tailed beast, popped out his claws.

"Earth escape, earth spear."

After the horns were hardened, he took a hard blow.

While walking backwards, he pulled out the Diyu that was sneaking underground.

In an instant, only two Chuunin and Yukito were left in Kumogakure.

The Akatsuki organization also has Hidan, Kakuzu and four Yu clones.

Yumo Yin was plotted one after another, and Yumu Ren couldn't help but roar wildly, and the whole person seemed to have lost his mind.

Hidan just relied on his immortality and hacked the last two Kumogakure to death on the spot.

Everyone brought out by the wooden man died on the spot.

Yumu Ren furiously spit out a huge fireball.


It hit the ground and the whole ground was filled with smoke and dust...

Everything nearby began to shake violently.

Cloud Hidden Stronghold.

All the while crows were circling and chirping in the sky.


Shisui, who had been resting, suddenly stood up.

Samoy's heart tightened: "What's wrong?"

"My crow detected strong chakra fluctuations in that direction."

"Have your people prepared flares?"