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"We have been ostracized since the Nine-Tails Rebellion, and there are people spying on us Uchiha everywhere."

"It has become more and more serious in the past few years. Isn't the tower outside our clan just built to monitor us Uchiha?"

"Chief, it's time to make a decision!"

The fourth elder said sternly: "Uchiha Takuya! What are you talking about! Do you want a coup!?"

The third elder sneered: "Coup? Konoha was founded by Uchiha and Senju together."

"Not to mention the Hokage, there is not even an Uchiha in the elders. What else does our Uchiha have the right to say besides the security team!?"

Others started talking after hearing what the third elder said. Most people agree.

"Yes! We need a voice, we need rights!"

"Lord Patriarch! Please give the order!"

The fourth elder was extremely anxious. Usually his biggest supporter was Uchiha Shisui, but today Shisui was not there.

Fugaku didn't know what it meant. He hesitated to speak.

Chapter 2 Rescue Shisui

Fugaku opened his eyes suddenly, and everyone followed his gaze.

Only then did he realize that it was Natsuki Uchiha who had arrived at the shrine.

Xia Mu didn't know how the identity of the acting elder was implanted.

Now that he is back, for the sake of his own life, he still bites the bullet and walks in front of Fugaku.

Fugaku said: "Natsuki, now that you are the acting elder, you also have the right to speak. I want to hear what you have to say."

"Explanation!?" Xia Mu was stunned for a moment.

"That's nonsense! Shisui is being hunted right now, and you're still having a hammer meeting!" Natsuki said angrily.

Damn it, the knife holder is still grinding here and there on the neck.

Fugaku turned around sharply.

"Natsuki, are you telling the truth?"

Natsuki nodded: "There is no time to explain, Kai, Guangdou, Yuta, you take your team members and follow me!"

"Quan! Follow me too! I may need your treatment then."

Shisui has a gentle temper and has many good friends in the clan. Natsuki ordered those who have good personal relationships with Shisui.

Several people suddenly stood up and ran outside with Xia Mu!

Fugaku sat in the first place with a gloomy expression.

The third elder and the fourth elder no longer wanted to argue.

Although the fourth elder belongs to the dove faction, he is not someone who will not resist even if a knife is placed on his neck.

Fugaku was silent for a long time, and then slowly exhaled.

"Uchiha Takuya!" Fugaku shouted!

"Yes!" The third elder was excited! This is his name.

His seniority is higher than Fugaku. At other times, he must be called the Third Elder.

But once Fugaku calls his name, it means that Fugaku will act as the clan leader!

"You come and mobilize all Uchiha combat members! Get ready for battle!"

The third elder looked stern, as if he had smelled the smell of blood.

Nanhe River


The water splashed everywhere, and the cold river water made Uchiha Shisui wake up for a moment.

But he was seriously injured, and he was still thinking about his family.

Can his own death change everything? Can Itachi fulfill his instructions...

Shisui's world gradually darkened, and his body gradually sank into the rushing Nanhe River...

"Found it! Elder! Shisui is here!"

There was a sound, and two Uchiha jumped into the water and fished out the unconscious Shisui.

"Elder! Shisui's eyes were gouged out!"

Natsuki had already expected it: "Quan, Shisui will be treated and checked immediately. We must let Shisui survive."

Uchiha Izumi immediately stepped forward to treat Shisui. Because of Itachi's relationship, she was also Shisui's friend.

Uchiha Izumi was greatly shocked when he saw Shisui covered in wounds.

Shisui is a master in the clan, but he was injured like this, and his Sharingan was even dug out. This was in Konoha Village!

Time was short and there was no time to call other medical ninjas. Uchiha Natsuki still remembered that Uchiha Izumi knew medical ninjutsu.

Under emergency treatment, Shisui finally stabilized his vital signs.

[Ding, the rescue of Shisui has been completed]

The host obtains the Mangekyou Sharingan eye power and unlocks Susanoo in advance.

Xia Mu finally breathed a sigh of relief. You must know that he rushed back from outside the village and ran all the way. He hadn't rested for half a day.

Finally, Shisui's life was saved.

The improvement of strength is also the guarantee of life. Take Kaleidoscope first.

After clicking to receive, a cold breath flowed into Uchiha Natsuki's eyes.

Is this the Yin Escape Chakra? Unlock Susanoo in advance? I still don’t know what the pupil technique is.

The Uchiha who came together to rescue Shisui, after gathering together, saw Shisui's empty eye sockets, and they all exploded together.

To this day, anyone who dares to stroke Uchiha's tiger beard is simply a shame and a great humiliation!

"You bastard! How dare you **** our Uchiha's eyes!"

"You actually hurt Shisui like this, I will never let him go!"

"Elder! Who attacked Shisui!?"

As Xia Mu's pupil power increased, his perception also increased. He turned his head sharply and looked at the woods behind his tribe.

There was a rapid sound of rushing through the forest, and in the blink of an eye, four ANBU dressed in white rushed out of the forest.

As soon as an ANBU in white rushed out of the woods, he saw a large group of Uchiha standing by the river. The target he was looking for was lying on the ground being treated.

But why are there so many Uchiha people nearby! ?

The man made a tactical gesture and asked the three ANBU behind him to stop!


All Uchiha's eyes were dazzled, what was this organization doing? Uchiha knew very well.

The Uchihas guessed it almost instantly!

Shisui must be being hunted by the roots!

They all pulled out their knives and rushed towards the root.

Captain Nebe, who was at the head of the queue, felt his heart sink. Among the more than ten Uchiha clansmen, three were elites with the Three Magatama Sharingan.

I'm afraid I won't be able to increase the number of people.

Danzo-sama's will must be carried out!

The team leader made a gesture, and the team members behind him also looked determined!

The four of them advanced instead of retreating, charging towards the Uchiha.

The four people kept crossing formations, making it difficult to see their intentions.

Several people quickly approached.

Art fire escape **** fireball!

The two Uchiha formed seals quickly.

Before engaging in combat, launch a feint attack with a massive fireball.

With the help of flames, the figure quickly approached.

The other Uchiha also threw shurikens.

Earth escape, Earth flow wall!

Gen quickly joined forces to raise the earth wall, blocking Gou's fireball jutsu and shurikens. Four people hid behind the wall.

When he jumped out again, he threw out ten detonating charms.

boom! boom! boom!

An explosion at such a close range would basically damage the enemy by 1,000 and damage yourself by 800.

The Uchiha clan members emerged from the smoke in a somewhat embarrassed state.

I didn't expect the roots to be so desperate.

Several roots also felt uncomfortable. They were closer and suffered more damage from the explosion. Four of them rushed out with **** wounds.

Almost suicidal.

At this time, Gen's team leader was cut into smoke by Uchiha's sword!

Oh no, shadow clone!


The ground exploded, roots jumped out of it, and the detonating symbols all over his body sizzled.

He rushed towards Shisui lying on the ground with determination.

"Let's die together!"

At this time, only Izumi and Natsuki were standing next to Shisui, and the other Uchiha had no time to come back to help.

boom! !

The huge explosion blew away all the other Uchiha clan members.



When the smoke and dust dispersed, a golden skeleton was seen, firmly protecting Shisui and Izumi behind him.

The surging chakra spread out in all directions like a whirlwind.

Natsuki stood with his arms folded on his chest, the Mangekyō Sharingan in his eyes slowly turning.


"It's Susanoo, our Uchiha legend!"

"The elder is the Mangekyō Sharingan!"

Gundam is really handsome, Xiamu nodded with satisfaction. If only it were an eternal kaleidoscope without blindness.

Natsuki still cherished Hitomi, and when he saw that the danger was over, he immediately closed the Mangekyō Sharingan.

His pupil power had just been improved, and he hadn't had time to understand his pupil technique yet. Fortunately, he had unlocked Susanoo in advance.

At this time, the Uchiha combat members in the clan gradually gathered.

The hawkish Uchiha all looked enthusiastic, running towards each other, bringing their own equipment and wearing combat uniforms.