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There was a loud bang, and a crater was made in the ground.

Every attack from Kirabi is powerful enough to crack mountains and crack rocks.

When it hit the ground, the ground shook like an earthquake.

The stones that were swept away also seemed to be very powerful.

Kisame, on the other hand, fought and retreated, and did not fight Kirabi head-on.

Although he was knocked away every time, Samehada was always able to recover in time.

The Loquat Shizang and the others finally knew why they were not allowed to help.

Kirabi's attack mode after transforming into a tailed beast is a natural restraint for ninjas like them who prefer physical skills.

If they want to attack, they are looking for death.

The reason why Kirabi didn't have anyone with him was because he wanted to create a scene where he could transform into a tailed beast without any worries.

On this kind of battlefield, Kirabi's first choice to transform into a tailed beast was the most correct decision.

Suigetsu gave it a try.

He used his hand as a gun and fired several water cannons.

However, I don’t know if it’s because Suigetsu is still too young or because the Eight-tailed Ox Demon’s skin is too thick.

Sui Yue's water iron cannons were all bounced away.

After a few rounds, although the shark's muscles absorbed chakra, the stool was very huge.

But a limit has been reached.

These chakras are not worth mentioning to the eight tails who have completely transformed into tailed beasts.

Although Kisame was knocked away several times, his fighting spirit became stronger and stronger.

After being knocked away by the octopus tentacles again, Kisame looked at the same shark muscles that had expanded to the limit, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Point **** up.

Water escape, big water blast!


Like a fountain erupting, there is a roaring sound.

Kisame violently spurted a large amount of water from his mouth, forming a huge ellipsoid-shaped water prison, trapping everyone inside.

However, Xia Mu and others are very good at water escape, and there is no discomfort in this water.

Shuiyue was swimming back and forth in the water.

Niugui is originally an octopus, and it is also flexible in water.

"Yo~? Looks like he did something stupid~?, this guy, stupid guy!"

Kirabi swam twice in the water, becoming faster and faster.

At this time, the already stretched Samehada muscle in Kisame's hand gradually melted into Kisame's body.

Kisame's shoulders had slits turned into gills, his arms had fins, and a tail stretched out from his back, making him look like half man and half shark.

"Bi! He has merged with the sword!" Niu Gui reminded him.

"I see it! Yo! It's almost like a human being who is half fish. No, it's a fish like a human. Oh, it's really ugly. This guy, stupid guy."

Kisame felt the comfort of being in the water, and the corner of his mouth cracked: "Then, it will be my turn."

Kisame did not go up directly. After transforming, Kisame also understood the reason why Samehada was shaking with excitement.

The Eight-Tails's powerful chakra is Sameki's favorite food.

Now that the chakra is full, you can use more.

Kisame formed a seal on his hand.

Water escape, thousands of food sharks!

Countless sharks appeared in the water, all of them biting at the eight-tailed ox-demon.

Water escape, shark bullet technique!

Kisame spent a huge amount of chakra and instantly created an oversized shark-shaped water bomb and flew out.

After spending so much chakra, Samehada felt hungry again.

Kisame grinned and immediately swam towards Kirabi.

At this time, Kirabi's tentacles were being attacked by countless sharks, although every time he slapped the tentacles, the sharks could be beaten until they disappeared.

But the sharks kept coming.

And a rectangular shark-shaped water bomb has rushed over violently.

Several people watching the battle felt relieved when they saw the situation.

Feiba was the only one who looked at this scene coldly. He knew that the complete tailed beast was not so easy to solve.

"Yo~? It seems like the other side has no more tricks! This bastard?"

The eight tentacles on Kirabi's body twitched wildly, knocking all the sharks away. Then all the tentacles swirled around themselves.


The giant shark-shaped water bomb hit the eight-tailed tentacles hard.

In an instant, a huge amount of chakra poured in, and the shark water bomb became even larger.

Kisame's eyes lit up, and the next step was a tug-of-war.

Kisame swam forward with sharp fish spines sticking out of his body.

However, at this moment, Kirabi, who was wrapped in tentacles, began to spin at high speed.

Tailed Beast Volume 8!

A huge storm occurred, and even the water surrounding them created strong eddies.

With the whirring sound, Kirabi formed a huge storm.

All the sharks were instantly destroyed, and the shark bombs were completely scattered by the storm.

Kirabi was also moving as he spun, and he collided directly with the half-shark-like Kisame.

In an instant, half of Kisame's body was twisted and flew out.

Poof! All the water in the water balloon was violently shot out.

The flying water directly flattened all the surrounding trees.

The entire terrain has been smoothed away, and the surrounding environment has completely changed.

Although the people in the waterfall were on the periphery, they were carried far away by the current.

Kisame was beaten to the ground, blood spurted from his mouth and nose, and his whole body had degenerated from his half-shark appearance.

The entire right shoulder was completely broken, and the upper body was twisted like a twist.

Samehada screamed while sending chakra to Kisame.

Kisame screamed in pain, and then his body twisted around.

Then a mouthful of blood spurted out: "I thought I was going to die."

Wow la la...As Kisame woke up, Samehada also jumped twice happily.

However, the lack of chakra made Samehada become much smaller, and his vitality was not as good as before.

Kirabi on the opposite side recovered from the dizziness caused by spinning too fast, and then moved this way.

"Thank you for your hard work, buddy." Kisame picked up Samehada.

He is ready to fight again!

Chapter 247 The Power of Tailed Beast Jade

Kisame is still ready to fight again.

But Fei Waterfall has seen that there is still some gap between the current Kisame and Kirabi who has directly transformed into a tailed beast.

In this way, Kisame had a strong fighting spirit, but now he was clearly unable to hold on.

Following a few sounds, Fei Ba and others arrived at his side.

Loquat Juuzang said: "You are seriously injured, retreat quickly."

Although Zabuza and Suigetsu have always been very confident, after seeing the power of Kirabi's complete tailed beast transformation, they feel that they can't beat him now.

Kisame, who was lying on the ground, managed to stand firm with the help of Loquat Juuzang: "Old... teacher..."

Feiwa stepped forward to check on Kisame. Fortunately, Samehada transferred chakra in time, and Kisame's injuries improved.

Kirabi, who recovered from his dizziness, couldn't help but become furious when he saw that the other party wanted to retreat.

"Do you want to just run away~? It's rare that I have such fun~? Stupid guy! Bastard guy!"

Everyone felt huge chakra fluctuations.


Niu Gui's mouth suddenly opened wide, and a huge black ball of light began to condense in the two rows of huge teeth.

As the dark cyclone condensed violently.

A tailed beast jade is fully formed!

What a fast gathering speed! Everyone's heart sank.

The Tailed Beast Jade's flying speed is impossible to dodge!


Several people were shocked and showed their true thoughts in a short period of time.

Samehada's muscles bounced fiercely and he pounced on Kisame.

He desperately input the few chakra he had into Kisame's body.

Zabuza grabbed Suigetsu's hand and threw it aside.

As for Loquat Juuzang, he took out the beheading knife and held it directly across his chest!

He roared wildly: "Zabuza! Formation C!"

Niu Gui's eyes glowed red, and when he lowered his head, a huge tailed beast jade violently erupted!

Under the great light!

The last thing that Loquat Juzo thought in his mind was: It would be nice to die in his hometown... Zabuza, I hope you can survive...

The last thing Zabuza thought in his heart was: Kito Suigetsu, I hope you can see Kirigakure really getting better...

When Suigetsu was thrown away, Zabuza had no time to look back.


Fei Bao sighed, it's a pity that these people died, let's save them together.

The chakra of this shadow clone is not enough to resist the tailed beast jade, so there is no other way.

Curse Seal X4 → Curse Seal X3

Chakra surged instantly. Fortunately, the system produced it without consumption, otherwise the shadow clone would not have dissipated here instantly.

At the same time, the figure of Fei Waterfall stood in front of everyone in an instant.

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

At the same time that the curse seal was activated, Fei Waterfall used the secret water-moon defense technique he had just obtained!

Water escape, black hat x3→Water escape, black hat x2

While the waterfall was covered with curse marks, the huge amount of water instantly formed a huge water monster.

Because the water monster was full of chakra, it continued to grow in size, encompassing all the people behind it.