Deidara suddenly jumped out from thirty meters away. With a move of his hands, countless spiders and grasshoppers fell to the ground like flying feathers in the sky.

The clay spider began to crawl on the ground, and the clay grasshopper was even more flexible and jumped up very fast.

If you jump hard to Yao Ye, it will explode.

"See it, this is my art! Drink!"

call out!

Boom! Boom! Boom! …

Grasshoppers jumped over wildly, and explosions continued to sound.

But the next moment, Yao Ye began to move quickly, and lightning began to flash from his weapon.

The clay spiders and clay grasshoppers that he chopped down fell to the ground in silence.

Deidara's eyes narrowed, Thunder Escape Master, huh!

Deidara rubbed his hands together, and a clay centipede appeared in his left hand and suddenly burrowed into the ground. In addition, some spiders also got into the ground.

An owl was formed with one hand. This owl was more flexible than the giant bird, but it could not fly as high as the giant clay bird.

Deidara turned over and sat on top of the clay owl, then quickly flew up.

He chewed it twice in his hand and spit out a ball of clay, which Deidara made into a small clay bird.

Then threw it out.

The little flying bird instantly became very flexible in the air and began to fly around Yao Ye, but it refused to hit him.

Here Deidara made another double-winged bird. The double-winged bird was faster than a small flying bird. It drew various arcs in the air, making it difficult to tell where it would fly.

Deidara carefully controlled the two clay birds and saw Yao Ye cleaning up his clay spiders and clay grasshoppers.

Deidara squeezed his hand: "Drink!"

There was a muffled sound on the ground, Yao Ye's feet sank, and a hole was actually blasted into the ground by Deidara.

Yao Ye's Sharingan turned and he began to adjust his body posture in mid-air.

"Such a simple trap?"

Yao Ye turned over and was about to jump out of the hole.

A centipede suddenly emerged from the pit and wrapped around Yao Ye's feet.

Yao Ye thrust his knife into it, and the clay centipede immediately went silent.

Just as Yao Ye stabbed Centipede's body with his knife.

Deidara's two flying birds moved. The small flying bird directly hit Yao Ye's body, while the two-winged bird hit the sunken wall of the pothole.

"Thunder Escape, Thunder Flash!"

"Explosion is art! Drink!"

Boom, boom!

There were two explosions and the pit collapsed instantly.

The moment the smoke and dust filled the air, Deidara was shocked. He pulled the owl and narrowly avoided Yao Ye's knife.

Deidara broke out into a cold sweat. Was that the Thunder Escape stimulation method just now? It was so fast.

Deidara pulled the owl, and it began to rise.

Hum hum, as long as you don't have the ability to fly.

That way I have the upper hand.

Unfortunately, all his information was stolen by Xia Mu early on.

"Thunder Escape, Thunder Spear!"

A dazzling light directly penetrated the clay owl. Once the clay owl was struck by the lightning, it turned into ordinary clay and began to fall down.


Deidara jumped down from the owl, preparing to fight again.

At this time, Yaoye turned his wrist and put away the sword: "It seems that your artistic limitations are too great."

Deidara's nose was so angry that he could lose, but he must not be looked down upon by others: "How dare you insult my art!"

When Deidara fell to the ground, he stepped on the ground and his body began to expand rapidly, and all the chakra began to gather into his body.

"Thunder Escape, Thunder Spear."

Yao Ye stretched out his index finger, and with a flash of lightning, a ray of light directly penetrated Deidara, and Deidara's self-destruction stopped instantly.

Then Deidara also turned into a lump of clay.

Not far away, Deidara's head appeared on the ground.

He was a little angry and yelled at Xia Mu who was watching the show next to him: "You leaked all my information. Hmm!"

Xia Mu watched with great interest from where he was. Yao Ye's fighting posture was really in contrast to his usual arrogant look.

After hearing this, Xiamu spread his hands: "Real art will not be restricted by this information, so if your clay explosion doesn't work, it doesn't work."

"No! Explosions are art! Explosions are the best display of art! Yeah!"

Deidara stuffed a large lump of clay into his mouth and started chewing.

Xia Mu stretched out her hand and hooked her fingers behind her.

An Uchiha tribesman walked out from behind Natsuki, it was Katsura who was publicly executed in the tribe for losing to Sasuke Naruto.

Katsura's eyes opened and the Sharingan moved.

Natsuki pointed behind him: "See, Deidara, this is art!"

Deidara was mixing clay in his mouth, and when he heard these words, he couldn't help but look at Gui.

In an instant, he met Tadashi's blood-red Sharingan eyes.


Deidara rolled his eyes and fell to the ground.

The unfinished clay in his mouth spit out all over the floor.

Chapter 262 Battle Situation

Mountain cemetery.

The fusion of the wood escape cells in Danzo's body has entered a bottleneck period.

The erosion of the wood escape on the body has become very slow.

Danzo now has a Sharingan installed on his right shoulder blade and left shoulder blade respectively.

Obito himself also gave Danzo a Sharingan in his inventory for the sake of experimentation.

Later, Obito discovered that it was not necessary at all.

The right side of Obito's own body is Bai Zetsu's body. With his eye power, he can help Danzo suppress Mu Dun's rampage.

So Obito took out this Sharingan again.

The used Sharingan is worn out and cannot be soaked back into the nutrient solution immediately. It needs to be nourished by the body for a period of time.

Obito temporarily put his eyes into the palm of his right hand.

During this period of observation, Obito also understood the rules of Danzo's wooden escape.

There is no need to stay by Danzo's side all the time.

A figure appeared on the ground, it was Zetsu who had returned from the Kingdom of Water.

"Obito, there is bad news and worse news. Which one do you want to hear first?"

Bai Jue gloated.

Obito frowned: "What's going on?"

Black Zetsu said in a hoarse voice: "There is something wrong with Fei Waterfall in the organization. It may be Kirigakure's Anzi."

"Loquat Juzo and the other three have now returned to Kirigakure."

"And the Uchiha are not really cooperating with Kumogakure, they have a deal with Fei Waterfall."

"Kakuzu can no longer be contacted."

"It should be the involvement of Uchiha people."

Obito thought for a moment, Kakuto was the money bag of the Akatsuki organization, and he actually disappeared.

"What about the other news?"

Bai Zeze couldn't wait to speak: "Yakura is dead, and so is the Three-Tails!"

But the expected outburst did not appear.

Obito just frowned, and then asked coldly: "Who is the person Uchiha sent?"

Bai Zetsu, who did not see Obito lose his composure, was very disappointed.

Black Zetsu spoke on his behalf: "It's Shisui and Itachi."

Obito recalled the pain of being burned by Amaterasu last time, and his eyes shone with hatred.

"Maybe it's time to add two pairs of Sharingan to the collection room."

Hearing that only Itachi and Shisui were on the battlefield in the Kingdom of Water, Obito really got his thoughts on his mind.

Obito ordered: "Take a look here, Danzo is still useful, don't let him die."

Jue was somewhat surprised to find that Danzo hadn't been killed by Mu Dun's explosion yet.

Apart from the change in body color, there is no difference from before, except for the Sharingan eye on the left and right shoulder blades, which looks a bit strange.

Sensing that Obito wanted to deal with Itachi and Shisui.

Black Zetsu said quietly: "I have left spies outside the strongholds of Kumogakure and Kirigakure. You should be careful when you go there. Itachi and Shisui are not easy to deal with."


Obito chuckled.

A vortex rose and the figure disappeared into it.

"Itachi and Shisui shouldn't be Obito's opponents now, right?" Bai Zetsu asked.

Of course Black Zetsu hopes that Obito will kill the two Uchiha.

Otherwise, the future activity policy will have to be adjusted to target Uchiha.

At this time, a White Zetsu emerged from the ground: "Most of the Hyuga clan in Konoha have been infected with the spore technique. Hyuga Kaito's erosion and assimilation is about to be completed."

Black Zetsu said with satisfaction: "There are many masters in Konoha, so be careful, don't launch the spore technique rashly, and try to collect as much information as possible."

At this time, the ring on Jue's hand suddenly fluctuated.

Jue frowned, and his thoughts fluctuated. He put his hand on his head, his thoughts traveled through time and space, and the image appeared in the cave.

At the same time, Scorpion, Deidara, and Loquat Juzo also appeared in the cave.

Payne opened his eyes: "How is the war situation on your side? Why didn't Fei Waterfall and Horn come?"

Loquat Juuzang said naturally: "Feiba and Qilabi were both injured during the attack on Qilabi, and they are recovering from their injuries now."

Pain nodded, seeming to confirm Fei Waterfall: "The Eight-Tailed Jinchuuriki is still difficult to deal with."

Jue secretly smiled inwardly. Ever since Pain laughed at them last time, he had a hint of looking down on him and Obito.

Now he doesn't even know that there is a traitor in his own organization.

I was never prepared to tell Payne, and I was ready to make Payne suffer a big loss.

Then Pain looked at Zetsu. Zetsu's ability to collect information was very strong. Even if the members did not communicate with each other, Zetsu should know the situation.

Zetsu said in a hoarse voice: "Kakuzu and his team member Hidan have been killed by Uchiha people."

"Uchiha sent out three people, including Uchiha Itachi with the Mangekyou Sharingan, and Shunshen Shisui. I don't know the last one, but he is also pretty good."