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Onoki's eyes narrowed slightly: "You want to?"

Xia Mu pointed at the map: "Although these islands are not small, they are too scattered."

"I believe Tsuchikage-sama is very aware of how rich we Uchiha are. I am going to pay you people from Iwagakure to come over and reclaim the land."

Ohnoki couldn't help but be moved. Reclamation of sea and land was such a big deal.

Although Iwagakure's earth escape cannot generate mud and stone out of thin air, it can transform the existing terrain or build on the basis of existing materials very quickly.

As long as there are enough materials, Iwagakure will send twenty chuunin to build a castle for you within a day, which is particularly strong.

Iwagakure usually does this kind of work, but this is the first time for it to be so far away and on such a large scale.

Reclamation of the sea and land cannot be done by just a few Iwagakure, at least hundreds of people are needed, and the strength is not too bad.

With so many people mobilized by Iwakaku, it’s no wonder Natsuki offered it to Onoki in exchange.

Onoki looked at the map, if this Uchiha plan can succeed.

With such a large area, he must be no longer interested in the position of Hokage.

What a deep plot! What a big measure!

Ohnoki was amazed!

"Chief Xiamu, I agree to this matter."

Onoki opened his mouth to settle the matter.

This exchange of interests is what Onoki wants to see.

When Konoha Village and Uchiha split, Konoha Village's strength was greatly reduced.

After Uchiha left, he settled close to the Kingdom of Water.

Kirigakure should also be the one who gets headaches.

In the end, the thing about Deidara seemed like a tack-on.

Seeing Ohnoki agree, Natsuki smiled: "Besides this, Lord Tsuchikage, I have a small request."

Ohnoki nodded: "Tell me about it."

Xia Mu moved his body twice in the air: "I have admired the ability to fly for a long time, and I want to learn the art of super light and heavy rock."

Ohnogi laughed dumbly, Natsuki actually had this in mind.

"My super light and heavy rock art is not so easy to learn. Many people in the village can't even learn the light and heavy rock art."

Natsuki said calmly: "Tsuchikage-sama just needs to give me the ninjutsu scroll. You don't need to worry about whether you can learn it or not."

Ohnoki did not refuse, but said: "Let's settle Deidara's matter first."

Natsuki also has some understanding of Ohnoki's style.

It means that to solve Deidara's matter, just give him the Super Light Heavy Rock Jutsu.

Natsuki also thought about escaping from the dust, but after talking with Ohnoki today, he found that Ohnoki was incapable of entering.

I have always been a little passive in negotiations, and it is impossible to escape from the dust.

If it weren't for the basis of this cooperation, Iwagakure would also benefit, and I'm afraid Onoki wouldn't agree at all.

After the verbal negotiation, Natsuki was not afraid of Ohnoki's default.

Instead, he took out a scroll that he had prepared long ago from the storage scroll and threw it over.

Old man Ohnoki took it and then pulled it away to take a look.

His expression became a little strange: "You actually prepared it early in the morning?"

Natsuki smiled reservedly: "To show sincerity, I prepared it early and waited for Lord Tsuchikage to nod."

This Natsuki has such a deep wit!

If Ohnoki was marveling at Uchiha's ability just now, then Ohnoki is also admiring Natsuki's brain now.

Apparently even his reaction was taken into account.

Ohnoki suppressed what he was thinking and carefully read the contents on the scroll.

Ohnoki is old, but it is just a physical deterioration that has nothing to do with wisdom.

After all, he is also a person who has learned how to escape from the dust. It is impossible if his brain is not working well.

Although there were a lot of words on the scroll, Ohnoki spent half an hour reading it.

Natsuki was flying around in the air, having a great time.

For a person who could only keep his feet on the ground in the past world.

The desire to fly is something that people in this world cannot understand.

"Natsumu, can you make Deidara obey like this?"

Ohnoki was very suspicious, not because Natsuki's writing was too complicated.

On the contrary, Natsuki's writing was too simple.

Just need to change some sentences and the way of speaking to make Deidara obey?

In the eyes of the stubborn Ohnoki, this is simply unbelievable.

Natsuki spread his hands indifferently: "Lord Tsuchikage, even if you do this, will you lose anything if you fail?"

Onoki thought for a while, and it seemed that there was indeed nothing to lose.

Seeing that Onomu thought about it, Natsuki also continued: "Since there is no loss, why not give it a try."

"It's just that if my people cooperate, the effect will be better. After all, I just beat him up before."

"I've made him suffer several times. He hates me now."

Onoki looked at the dark night sky and said, "I'll do as you say, but you have to be careful not to be accidentally beaten to death by me."

Natsuki laughed: "Susanai, who is fifty meters tall, can aim at me who is less than two meters away. I'm afraid you didn't miss."

Chapter 266 Deliberately omitted information

Jinze Island.

Kirigakure who launched tsunami tactics. A large number of elites returned to defend, all arriving at this frontline stronghold.

Kumogakure was not sure whether this kind of tsunami could be triggered a second time. As the fleet dispersed, more small boats were sent out to explore.

Therefore, the effect of this tsunami did not meet expectations, but it greatly slowed down Kumogakure's speed.

At the same time, Konohagakure Iwagakure and other Ninja Village personnel, as long as they are relatively close to Kirigakure.

Everyone used their own methods to reach the Kingdom of Water faster.

The purpose is to get first-hand information and send it back to his village.

Outside Kumogakure's stronghold, there were many Kumogakure people and Kirigakure's spies fighting each other.

Kirigakure wanted to explore Kumogakure's defenses, but Kumogakure set many traps outside.

After Itachi and Shisui left the stronghold, they found Samui who was serving as the scout captain outside.

"Iwagakure is preparing to cross the Land of Fire and attack you, Kumogakure. Our clan leader has already led his clan members to stop the attack. We will be transferred away at any time."

"These detonating talismans are left for you to set up traps. You must try to delay Kirigakure's time and buy time for you two Jinchūriki."

As he spoke, Shisui took out a few stacks of detonating charms from the storage scroll and gave them to Samui.

"So many detonating charms!?"

Samyi's eyes almost popped out of his head. There were cheap and expensive detonating charms. Each one Shisui took out was worth more than four thousand taels.

There must be at least 500 pieces in these piles!

Are you Uchiha so rich?

Zhisui waved his hand: "Our clan leader specially prepared it for this mission. You can use it to set up traps near the stronghold first."

"Itachi and I are going to check Kirigakure's information now. If we are discovered, we will lure away some of the enemies to reduce the pressure on you."

Saying this, he greeted Itachi and disappeared into the vast night.

Omoyi poked his head out from the side, and when he saw so many detonating symbols, he began to mutter:

"There are so many detonating symbols. What if they explode if they are put together like this?"

Samyi became angry when he saw Omoyi. Karui was injured before and is still recovering from his injuries in the stronghold.

No one beats Omoyi, Omoyi lets himself go every day.

He thought about it every day, but he was still the captain, so he couldn't leave him behind even if he wanted to.

Samui whistled, and then many members of the Kumogakure scout force appeared nearby.

Samyi distributed all the detonating charms, asking many Kumogakure to be careful while setting up traps, because Kirigakure might attack at any time.

Seeing Shisui and Itachi leaving, Samyi couldn't help but feel that Uchiha was really competent as an ally.

Even before leaving, you should leave the supplies and lead away some of the enemies.

Itachi and Shisui, who left Kumogakure, took out the rings collected from Kakuzu and began to contact Nagato.

A wave of thoughts intensified, and Itachi tried to use the magic lantern body technique.

Then the thought waves drifted into the distance.

Itachi opened his eyes and was already in a cave.

Opposite is Pain controlled by Nagato.

Itachi saw the Rinnegan on the other side and said hello to Pain: "Hello, senior, I'm Itachi."

Xia Mu had explained this to Payne early in the morning, so Payne just nodded without any more greetings:

"Xia Mu has already told me, what information do you have now?"

Itachi didn't waste any time and told Nagato.

Iwagakure was already preparing to cross the Shikoku Highway and borrow the road from the Land of Fire to Kumogakure, but was stopped by Natsuki.

Next, Kirigakure is very likely to attack Kumogakure's frontline troops, but Raikage has already left the troops in advance and came alone to support.

The chance of Kirigakure capturing Kumogakure during this period of time is low.

So Shisui gave all the detonating talismans on his body to Kumogakure to set up a trap, which could slow down some of Kirigakure's attack speed, at least until the Raikage arrived.

Otherwise, if the Jinchuuriki really died here, then the Raikage would probably have beaten Kirigakure down no matter how great the losses were.

Before Itachi came in, Nagato had already contacted Kisame who was holding the Ring of the Sky.

But Kisame just came in now.

As Kisame's image gradually became clearer, he said, "Sorry, I'm late."

"I am Mikigaki Kisame, and I am currently collecting information here in Kirigakure."

"During this period, I have been working under you, respected leader."


Nagato looked Kisame up and down.

I found that anyone who belongs to Xia Mu is a talented person.

This Kisame is not weak either.

Here Kisame saw Itachi's shadow and grinned:

"Mr. Itachi, you're fine."

Both Itachi and Shisui are old acquaintances with Kisame. They often discuss each other and do tasks together, and they have a close friendship.

But last time they returned to Konoha, Kisame also went out on a mission, and they hadn't seen each other for a while.


When Itachi saw Kisame, his expression softened a lot.