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The moment the jet-black flames burned, the blue Susanoo came out instantly.

Directly blocking Amaterasu out.

Obito stepped back, instantly canceling Susanoo.

"Why!? Why are you so familiar with my Sharingan."

Obito was shocked. The left eye placed on Kakashi had never used Kamui at all.

Why did Natsuki and Itachi on the opposite side look like they had practiced it many times before?

"Hahaha, it's a joke. The Space and Time Kaleidoscope Sharingan like yours has appeared countless times in the history of Uchiha."

"Only you hide it like a treasure."

Xia Mu opened his mouth and started talking.

Chapter 271 The stage is ready

Tsuren Island, the battlefield of the Kingdom of Water.

"Impossible!" Obito denied it all subconsciously.

According to Uchiha Madara, modern Madara was the first person to turn on the kaleidoscope.

"There is no similar record in the Uchiha clan's classics." Obito couldn't help but said.

Xia Mu said proudly: "Who do you think you are? You are a loser who didn't even hold a position when you left the clan."

"I am the leader of the Uchiha clan, and only I know the most secret books in the clan."

"Do you think that for thousands of years, we Uchiha have only had a few Mangekyō Sharingan?"

Obito snorted angrily: "I don't believe it."


At this moment, Shisui beside him disappeared in an instant.

Obito's expression condensed: "You are stalling for time, waiting for the reverse necromancy to save you!"

Obito shouted, raised his hands, and countless branches flew out, attacking Natsuki and Itachi at extremely fast speeds.

Xia Mu sneered, and blood exploded from his eyes.


Susanoo in the skeleton state instantly grew flesh and blood, and then put on armor again.

Although it is only half a body, its huge size has already firmly protected Natsuki and Itachi.

Although the impact of the Wood Release is powerful, it is useless in front of Susanoo who is wearing Tengu armor!

While Obito was using Wood Release, a handful of black flames suddenly appeared on him.

Obito snorted and projected Susanoo again, blocking the black flames.

Obito canceled Susanoo again and looked at Natsuki and Itachi coldly.

Natsuki will focus on defense and Itachi will focus on offense?

Why didn't Xia Mu use the same trick as last time?

What is his purpose?

It stands to reason that Natsuki's Amazuki Cloud Style poses the greatest threat to Obito.

There is a process for Obito's divine power to distort the space. When Ama Congyun kills him, the entire divine power space will be swallowed up in an instant.

Although Obito has unrivaled divine power that can distort space, in this situation.

If he uses divine power, he must materialize, and the moment he materializes, he must take a hit from Amaterasu.

For him now, Amaterasu can only solve it by projecting Susanoo.

The vortex of Kamui was not formed instantly, which caused his current attack speed to be slower than Itachi's.

This now leads to a very embarrassing situation, that is, he wants to attack Susan who can only break Natsuki with Kamui skills.

When using Kamui skills, he has to attack Amaterasu, and then he can only use Susanoo to resist.

When using Susanoo and using the power of Kamui at the same time, the space distortion speed of the power of Kamui is not fast.

It was enough to make Itachi and Natsuki, who were already prepared, get out of the way.

An infinite loop is formed.

Obito carefully observed Natsuki's Susanoo. The chakra was very stable. Why did he have so much eye power! ?

And Itachi's eyes had begun to bleed.

"I want to see how many more times you can use Amaterasu!"

Obito snorted and chose to rush directly towards the two of them.

At this time, Natsuki saw that Itachi's eyes were bleeding, and he covered his face with his hands, and red liquid seeped down from his face.

After Obito noticed it, he was determined!

Natsuki brought Itachi forward. Itachi had used Tsukuyomi once and Amaterasu twice, and the blood stains on his eyes never stopped.

But Natsuki had formulated tactics against Obito before.

At this time, Itachi can completely squander his eye power at will, and it would be best to inflict serious damage to Obito.

Natsuki had shut down Susanoo by this time.

He took Itachi and Obito to fight at close range, but Obito was a thief.

When they were entangled in close proximity, Obito also turned on the virtualization.

As long as there is a gap in Natsuki and Itachi's attacks, Obito can seize the opportunity.

Natsuki and Itachi's physical skills performances appeared on the scene.

However, Natsuki and Itachi both had knives in their hands, and the two of them cooperated tacitly, and their murderous intent was overflowing!

Obito kept going back and forth between the two attacks.

But the two of them cooperated tacitly, leaving no chance at all.

Once again, Obito was about to materialize and attack Itachi's neck. Natsuki slashed Obito's eyes with his sword. Very cruel.

Several consecutive attacks were resolved by Xia Mu using corresponding means.

Natsuki's control of his body and his reflexes in battle are extremely fast.

This left Obito with no chance to take action.

Natsuki's Sharingan moved rapidly up, down, left and right.

He adjusted his body and made all kinds of incredible movements.

And no matter how outrageous Natsuki's movements are, he can never create a gap.

Natsuki felt the convenience brought by Minato's super speed reflex.

Every opportunity for Obito to materialize was instantly seen by Natsume, who immediately blocked it.

They attacked like this for more than a minute, with Obito turning on the virtualization, but he didn't find any chance.

At this time, Natsuki kicked out and passed through Obito, and sneered:

"Obito, how long can your virtual state last? Five minutes, ten minutes, or half an hour?"

"The virtualization has reached its limit. Do you think you can leave?"

"Today we are the hunters, and you are the prey."

Everything Natsuki said made sense, and Obito knew that although he could remain virtual all the time, he had to become corporeal if he wanted to attack.

The previous approach of using Susanoo to block Amaterasu didn't work.

If you want to pose a threat to Natsuki and Itachi, you can only use Susanoo to fight.

It seemed that Itachi and Natsuki's pupils were limited and their eyes couldn't bear it.

What Obito didn't know was.

The reason why Natsuki didn't use Susanoo or Amazong Unshiki was because he had other plans.

Natsuki's perception is quite amazing, and Tsuren Island is the frontline of the battlefield of the Kingdom of Water.

The half-length Susanoo he had shown before was twenty meters tall, and it was very conspicuous in the dark night sky.

Not just Kirigakure, Kumogakure's spies.

Other spies from the forces that have landed on the island have also arrived.

As for the people who landed on the island in Konoha, Natsuki still knew them, and they were the team of torture expert Ibiki.

Everyone from all walks of life is almost here and the stage has been set.

it's time.

Ibiki also landed on the island only recently.

Now the waves and clouds on the entire island are treacherous and very dangerous.

Therefore, Yibixi did not dare to act rashly, and the people he led were very low-key.

Only when it is relatively safe, collect some information and send it back to Konoha.

Tonight Ibiki and the others suddenly heard a violent explosion, followed by Susanoo's figure.

So the eight members of their team quietly groped over to see what was going on.

When a few people arrived nearby, they discovered Kumogakure and Kirigakure's spies as expected.

Several forces have discovered each other, but the distance is very far, so they can only collect intelligence separately.

Obito, who had been unable to find an opportunity to attack, finally used his Susanoo.

Obito's pair of kaleidoscopes instantly rotated at high speed, and huge pupil power was released.

The blue Susanoo rises from the ground.

With the blessing of Obito's massive eye power, the cyan-blue Susanoo quickly regenerated flesh and blood from his bones and put on the Tengu armor.

An extremely oppressive force appeared on the field.

Moreover, Obito's Susanoo ability is that of a full-body body, Tengu armor form, and the height is maintained at seventy meters.

Although Obito could open Susana wider, he felt that this size was enough.

Susana stands on Tsuren Island like a huge light bulb.

It can be seen clearly from several kilometers away.

Susanoo's weapons are of various kinds.

Obito's Susano didn't carry a sword, but instead generated huge shurikens.

This is his regular weapon, if it has divine power attached to it.

It is the Kamui Shuriken that is indestructible and even Ōtsutsuki Kaguya was defeated.

Chapter 272 The Battle of Susana

Natsuki winked at Itachi, who lowered his eyes in understanding.

The bleeding eyes suddenly opened, and orange-red Susanoo projected out.

Regardless of the pupil's urging, Itachi's Susanoo grew from bones to flesh and blood.

Finally put on the Tengu armor, although Itachi's Susan was put on the Tengu armor.

But with only half a body and a height of only 20 meters, he could only be regarded as a bean in front of Obito Susanoo, who was over 70 meters tall.

Because Itachi is only 16 years old now, his chakra and eye power are completely inferior to Obito who is already 24 years old.

Moreover, Obito also has the blessing of Hashirama Cell.