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Natsuki also activated the Mangekyō Sharingan at the same time, projecting his Susanoo.

Although the shining golden Susanoo was only fifty meters away, his power was not inferior to Obito's.

Obito looked ferocious, Susanoo waved his hands, and four huge shurikens flew out in an instant.

Two each flew towards Itachi and Natsuki.

A Yasaka Magatama flew from Itachi's side and directly hit a shuriken.

Natsuki's Susan pulled out his sword and slashed the remaining shurikens.

The shuriken was violently deflected, and Natsuki's Susana staggered.

Xia Mu pretended to cover her eyes, and red liquid continued to flow from her fingers.

Obito laughed loudly in Susanoo: "It turns out that your eye power is running out. Even shurikens need Itachi to block you. No wonder you have been reluctant to use Susanoo."

From this point of view, Natsuki Uchiha is much less threatening.

Obito's wild laughter spread out without concealment.

The spies from all the forces below could hear it clearly.

In particular, Morino Hiki from Konoha was particularly interested in Susanoo's information.

Obito glanced at Itachi from the corner of his eye.

Obito also wanted to see how Itachi would defend against this shuriken. Itachi had just thrown a Yasaka Magatama to defend Natsuki.

It was impossible to throw the second one in a short time. Itachi's Susana was much smaller than Obito's Susana, and was not of the same magnitude at all.

It's hard to take down a Susanu shuriken like Natsuki's Susano.

However, Itachi's kaleidoscope continued to bloom, and his eye power continued to increase.

The orange-red Susanoo raised his right hand, and a ball of light bloomed. As if burning with flames, a huge shield instantly appeared in Susanoo's hand.

Itachi Susana's sacred weapon, the Yata Mirror appears in his hand!

The moment the shuriken hit the Yata Mirror, the extremely fast speed stopped abruptly.


Although it made a huge noise.

However, the kinetic energy was completely blocked, and Itachi and Susanoo did not move at all.

Obito's pupils shrank sharply: "This is the Yata Mirror!"

Obito still knows this artifact very well.

In front of the Yata Mirror, ordinary Susanu shurikens cannot cause damage to it at all.

Itachi's Susano actually has this thing!

Phew... Obito took a deep breath.

Since Xia Mutong has very little power left, we must leave him here completely today!

The entire cyan-blue Susanoo's body emitted bursts of light, and Obito raised his eye power to the limit.

As the divine power in his eyes turned, he also injected power into Susanoo's shuriken.

The shuriken trembled slightly under the power of space, and then was thrown violently.

The two shurikens flew towards Uchiha Itachi at extremely fast speeds.

At the same time, a whirlpool appeared on Itachi's Susan, which was the power of Kamui!

If Itachi didn't dodge, a hole would be opened by the power of Kamui, but the route he took to dodge had been blocked by Obito's Kamui shuriken.

The situation is precarious.

But at this time, Natsuki's Susana made a perfect fit and hit Itachi's Susana.

Itachi's Susano moved horizontally, and the divine power only broke one of Natsuki Susana's legs.

Although the flying Kamui Shuriken swallowed everything, Natsuki had already thought of how to deal with him.

It was also the first time that Itachi was able to do this, squandering his eye power unscrupulously and beginning to summon the artifact conceived by his Susano.

Another small hand stretched out from the orange-red Susan's right hand, and a small gourd appeared in the hand.

Susana squeezed the gourd, and when the fire rushed out, it instantly condensed into a sword.

Natsuki's eyebrows jumped. Isn't this the Ten Fist Sword? Itachi was so old that he was able to take care of him.

If this stabs Obito, Obito will be immediately killed.

Itachi and Natsuki were on the left and right, and Itachi's flaming giant sword suddenly stretched out and pierced directly into the Kamui Shuriken.

The Kamui Shuriken violently erupted into a huge vortex, swallowing Itachi's entire weapon directly into it.

And the left side of Itachi's Susanoo body was also torn to pieces.

If Itachi hadn't withdrawn quickly, he would have almost swallowed his own arm.

Itachi's eyes hurt even more. He tried to summon a divine weapon for the first time. Blocking this attack consumed a lot of his eye power.

Natsuki Susana's weapon was longer and hit the Kamui Shuriken directly further away. The Shuriken formed a vortex in mid-air.

Directly annexed Natsuki's weapons.

But Natsuki took Obito's fatal blow.

Itachi and Natsuki had blood streaming from their faces, and both were panting.

Obito threw the Kamui Shuriken, thinking he was sure to win, but unexpectedly, Natsuki seemed to know the characteristics of the Kamui Shuriken early on.

The Kamui Shuriken was detonated very far away.

Let Obito waste a lot of pupil power and chakra.

The three of them were all out of breath, and Obito could not hide his murderous intent in his eyes.

Xia Mu's eyes flickered, wondering how the performance was going this time. Itachi really couldn't bear it anymore.

After fighting until now, Obito still feels that he has a greater chance of winning, because Natsuki's eye power is definitely not as durable as his own.

The Tian Congyun style that poses the greatest threat to him has never been used.

And judging from Itachi's Susan, Itachi's age is not enough to support him. Such a Susan will last too long.

The advantage is mine!


Itachi let out a muffled groan, finally unable to hold on any longer, and fell limply to the ground.

The Susanoo on his body collapsed instantly, and a large amount of blood and tears flowed from his eyes.

Natsuki's expression tightened, Itachi couldn't hold on any longer earlier than he expected.

But that's about it.

Natsuki made some calculations and concluded that the play was over and it was time to send Obito home.

On the other side, Obito looked overjoyed when he saw Itachi fell down. Itachi couldn't hold on any longer!

good chance!

Obito continued to mobilize his remaining eye power, and began to condense the powerful shuriken in his hand.

But there was a tremor in the void, making Obito feel cold all over.

This familiar feeling!

At the same time that Obito's attention was drawn away by Itachi, the weapon in Natsuki's hand had already condensed into the Amazing Cloud Style.

Natsuki's Susana weapon was constantly covered with a layer of light and shadow, and the space next to it continued to tremble and became blurry.

Susana stepped forward and rushed towards Obito with a fierce attitude.

Obito was so cold that he didn't care to attack Uchiha Itachi.

The Kamui Shuriken that was hastily condensed in Susan's hand was thrown towards Natsuki.

Natsuki was already very close at this time.

There were layers of hazy shadows on Natsuki's Susana's giant blade.

He slashed violently onto the Kamui Shuriken.

The power of space in the Kamui Shuriken and the power of Natsuki's space-devouring power suddenly exploded.

There was first a dull sound like thunder in the sky, followed by a sharp sound like breaking glass.

The power of space suddenly exploded, splitting like countless tiny lightning bolts.

Obito and Natsuki's Susanoos were so big that they were hit by the force of space almost instantly.

The moment Susan was hit by the power of space, he was annihilated. Both of them felt like being struck by lightning, flying backwards when Susan was shattered.

The spies nearby were trembling on the ground, not to mention that Susanoo's every move made the earth shake.

This kind of attack containing the power of time and space is unheard of and unseen.

As the captain of the torture department, Morino Ihiki of Konoha maintains a calm heart at all times.

Although the on-site confrontation and the aftermath could shock them to death, Ibiki, who was holding a telescope, still discovered the details.

Whether it was Itachi or Natsuki, both of their eyes were bleeding when they used the Mangekyō Sharingan.

Itachi's condition is even more serious. The blood flowing from his eyes has stained his entire face red, and he is now unconscious.

Chapter 273 Uchiha’s “miserable victory”

Obito was in shock. The aftermath of the collision of space-time power was so powerful that it directly shook his Susanoo to pieces.

Fortunately, he was able to blur away, and he avoided the subsequent splash damage.

But Natsuki on the opposite side shouldn't be too good either.

Obito looked up and was met with a cold smile.

Natsuki completed Susanoo's recovery one step earlier than Obito, even within this short period of time.

Obito's nightmare has already been condensed in his hand.

Tian Cong Yun style!

"How can it be!?"

Obito was extremely panicked, why did Natsuki have more pupil power than me, and why was he not blind yet? ?

Why! ?

This was the first time Obito carefully observed the eyes of Natsuki opposite him.

Judging from the patterns, Natsuki's eyes have no patterns superimposed on them at all.

It should be an ordinary Mangekyō Sharingan.

But in fact, this surging eye power!

There's no way it's an ordinary Mangekyō Sharingan!

Obito observed carefully and discovered a horrifying fact.

The blood on Xia Mu's face didn't come from his eyes at all!

Natsuki was lying to him!

Obito felt a chill in his heart and already wanted to retreat.

A vortex rose in mid-air.

Obito drilled in faster than before.

Obito's heart beat like a drum as he entered the Kamui space.

Not daring to stay where he was, he started moving in the divine space.

Xia Mu here stood on the same spot, the condensed sky and clouds in his hands did not dissipate.

Looking at the vortex where Obito left, Natsuki's right eye began to change.