Therefore, the progress of Kakashi's eye cloning is relatively clear.

"But I don't know if the Sharingan of your Uchiha clan can be cloned. Orochimaru can try it."

"As for whether Orochimaru is willing to..."

Natsuki interrupted Tsunade: "It's okay, he will be willing."

Natsuki seems to have some confidence.

Sasuke asked with some surprise: "Teacher, is what you said true?"

Natsuki touched Sasuke's head. This kid still didn't know about the evolution of his Sharingan:

"Leave this matter to me. I have good news for you. Your Sharingan has evolved."

Sasuke was stunned, then pursed his lips: "It's good news that my brother's eyes are getting better."

Itachi behind Sasuke smiled with his eyes closed.

Battlefield of the Kingdom of Water.

Jinlian Island.

Because it was certain that everyone in Kumogakure had withdrawn into the stronghold.

Kirigakure evacuated everyone on the nearby Tsuze Island and gathered them all here.

Originally, they would launch a tentative attack on Kumogakure last night.

But a battle between Obito and Uchiha attracted everyone's attention.

Kumogakure's people weren't entirely sure who the person on the other side was, but they were obviously here to kill Uchiha.

When their spies arrived, Shisui had disappeared, replaced by the Uchiha clan leader Natsuki.

When Obito finally disappeared, they were sure that this person was Uchiha Obito.

I just thought that Obito was here to seek revenge.

The Kirigakure people were immediately sure that this was Obito.

When I saw Obito coming to the Kingdom of Water again, my first reaction was that Obito was coming to cause trouble again.

Fortunately, Obito met Uchiha immediately.

At the end of the fight, Obito and the Uchiha clan were obviously both losing.

Especially Itachi, who must have been seriously injured.

The Uchiha people also took the opportunity to retreat.

The most likely possibility is that he has already retreated.

After dawn the next day, Kirigakure began a tentative attack on Kumogakure.

Follow the defense map left by Uchiha.

Kirigakure has a certain understanding of Kumogakure's patrol routes.

But Kumogakure's various detonating talisman traps, ground sinking style, silk thread trip hair style and so on.

It also greatly slowed down Kirigakure's offensive rhythm.

Now it's just that Kumogakure is hiding around the outside, and Kirigakure is carefully checking for traps.

After a whole morning, we didn't explore much at all.

Jinlian Island, Kirigakure's stronghold.

meeting room.


Terumi Mei slapped the table.

"This is our only chance. We must take advantage of the opportunity before Kumogakure's follow-up troops arrive to knock down their stronghold."

"It would be best to kill or capture the Jinchuriki."

Qing said from the side: "The injury status of the Jinchuriki is not very clear. We currently have no one who can compete with the Jinchuriki."

Mei Terumi had a determined look on her face: "I will go there personally this afternoon. I must take down Kumogakure."

Ao's face was solemn next to him. Now that the battle has reached this point, it's normal for Mizukage to think about it.

If they don't, it will be difficult for Kirigakure to make a comeback when Kumogakure's follow-up troops land.

Ao turned to look at Kisame standing aside.

"If Kumogakure's main force arrives, will your leader be sure?"

Kisame rolled his little eyes:

"There is no problem at all. The leader is very capable. Even if the Raikage arrives, he will not be a match for our leader."

"You don't have to worry so much about this mission. When Kumogakure's main force arrives, our leader can handle it."

"There is absolutely no need to take risks now."

Mei Terumi shook her head: "We can't just wait, it's best to capture Kumogakure's stronghold."

Kisame stood up and said, "In that case, let's take the lead with a few of us."

Behind Kisame were two people, Juuzou Loquat and Zabuza.

Kirigakure had just accepted them, and they had wanted to do something. When Kisame said this, they agreed.

As for Suigetsu, he has been sent to the rear, according to Mi Mei's words.

Shuiyue doesn't have much fighting power now, so training is his most important thing.

Suigetsu had no choice but to be sent away by Kirigakure.

Chapter 277 Strong on the outside but weak on the inside

Water Kingdom Battlefield

After Yunyin had been guarding for a whole morning.

Everyone knew that Kirigakure's offensive would be even more intense in the afternoon.

So they are all very alert.

Fortunately, Kirabi recovered somewhat.

He can barely fight in his human form, but not in his tailed beast form.

The injuries on his body are not easy to deal with, especially the toxin problem, which has never been able to be eliminated.

"I hope they don't overestimate their capabilities. These guys, stupid guys."

Kirabi was still wrapped in a bandage, and the faint redness inside the bandage did not affect his strong speech.

He looked towards Kirigakure from outside the stronghold.

Yukito's injury is very strange. He has never recovered, and now he cannot go to the battlefield at all.

Kirabi can't fight for a long time, otherwise the wound will burst open again.

But he had to come, and he couldn't let Kirigakure know about his recovery status.

Just hold on until the Raikage appears.

However, Kirabi's idea was obviously shattered, and more Kirigakure tried to attack in the afternoon.

Moreover, several people active on the battlefield were all acquaintances of Kirabi.

Kisame, Zabuza, Juzo.

Three more people acted as sharp knives and quickly swept away the people on the periphery of Yunyin.

The fighting power of several people was very strong and they played a very good leading role.

"Water escape, water body."

Kisame summoned another pile of water to appear.

Go directly to the Explosive Talisman Trap.

There were rumbling explosions all around Yunyin's stronghold.

Extensive use of the water body also consumes a lot of chakra, but Kisame has the same shark muscles to **** it back to him.

Therefore, Kisame is the most efficient at breaking traps.

When Kirigakure was slowly advancing towards Kumogakure.

Juuzou, Zabuza, and Kisame felt a huge sense of threat.

I’ve never felt this feeling before!

Juuzang shouted: "It's the Tailed Beast Tama! Run!"

Juuzang only had time to shout before falling to the ground.

A dark tailed beast jade in the sky hit Kirigakure's team.


The huge sound and shock wave knocked out most of Kirigakure in an instant.

A huge hole instantly appeared in the middle of the team.

There were more than ten people dead on the spot. Almost all those who were close by had injuries to their internal organs, and several of them were vomiting blood in their mouths.

I can't live without seeing it.

The tailed beast jade landed not far from Kisame. The huge power and shock wave sent Kisame flying away.

After Kisame got up, he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

His internal organs were injured by the tailed beast jade.

Fortunately, he kept holding Samehada tightly in his hand.

Samehada had already absorbed a lot of chakra just now.

Seeing that Kisame was injured, he quickly sent chakra to Kisame, and the wounds on Kisame healed quickly.

Loquat Juzo and Zabuza were relatively far apart and were not greatly affected.

He ran over and saw that Kisame was fine.

He quickly said: "The jinchuriki on the opposite side may have recovered from his injuries, so retreat quickly."

Kisame actually knew that the Kirabi opposite him was strong on the outside and smart on the inside.

But today he felt comfortable cutting and could no longer continue.

"Save everyone you can."

As he said this, Kisame Kisaki looked at the nearby Kirigakure and took away everything he could save.

He called the other Kirigakure people and quickly retreated.

Kirabi changed back from the tailed beast state, and his body was covered with bursting blood.

He also murmured: "These guys, stupid guys..."

The person is already unconscious.

Xi hurriedly came forward and said while treating her, "It's so random."

Yumu Ren said helplessly next to him: "If Kirabi doesn't scare them away, our losses will be huge."

Samyi also retreated. She was still on the front line just now. After receiving the news, she quickly retreated with Kumogakure.

Sure enough, a moment later, the tailed beast jade fell from the sky.

Samyi knew Kirabi's condition, and when he came back, he saw that Kirabi was indeed unconscious.

Samyi suggested: "The shocking effect of Kirabi's Tailed Beast Jade will not last long. If Kirigakure attacks again, we will be very passive."

"Why don't we give up this stronghold?"